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(This fundie is referring to a initiative for the NYC LGBTQ community that was unveiled by Chirlane McCray, the mayor of New York's wife.)

This is the latest outrage from this despicable piece of rotting excrement from a litter strewn gutter. NYC is financially strapped to the point that most classes in public schools are way over the contractual limit in size, with kids sitting on radiators, classes held in former closets and offices, etc. The streets are in horrible condition, with last winter's potholes far from being repaired. Many street lights are burned out. Lane markings are worn away, creating very dangerous driving conditions.

Yet the mayor's pervert wife is shunting money from useful public works to fund accommodations and other resources for her fellow pervs. She, elected to NO public office whatsoever, has a "special assistant" paid $170,000 and then added another assistant for $65,000. That would pay for a lot of school supplies, pothole repairs, etc. instead of assistants for someone with no official role. DeDumDum better never complain about NYC's lack of funds. Both of them are prime woodchipper material.

EinNYC, Free Republic 4 Comments [9/20/2017 10:54:52 AM]
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[From "I am José María Gárate Córdoba, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Captain of the Spanish FFAA, military historian, and author, AMA." - Córdoba used the handle "Tiwazdom"]

Well I suppose I'll start with something rather simple. Did you enjoy your time in the civil war fighting?

(Chuckle) Perhaps enjoy is not the right word, it was a very bloody war. I enjoyed it in that I was fighting for a worthy cause and I enjoyed the feeling of brotherhood, of unity, of victory. Still, I saw many good people give their lives in the war, and I myself had my share of struggle, both of which of course are not pleasant. It's the struggle that has to be made though. I am grateful for it, because it turned me into a man, in a sense.

Thanks for the answer! What do you think of spain becoming a democracy on the death of Franco?

From Tiwazdom:

I don't like it at all, I consider myself opposed to the Liberal concept of democracy, especially the aspect of political parties. People should participate in their government, but that participation should not come in the form of casting votes and taking on internal identities rather than a singular Spanish identity.


What's your opinion of National Socialism and the third reich?

From Tiwazdom:

I sympathize with National Socialism quite a bit, especially their record of support for the Nationalists. One thing I am opposed to is that I think Hitler pushed too hard when it came to World War II, he bit off more than he could chew and he made it too easy to provoke the Allies to war. I also think he buried himself into a hole, he drove the national debt sky high. He should have opted for a somewhat slower, but more effective economic recovery.


I considered myself to be a falangist before I fully accepted fascism. Isn't falangism just a type of fascism? Yes it is, but I considered it to be a more conservative form of fascism, as something that could really conserve traditional value instead of just slowing down liberalism (which is what conservatism usually does) and which would be more effective, but which would be less revolutionary and more cautious than fascism. I saw this as pretty much what the ideology of Spain under Franco and of similar movements like the Kataeb party was. Back then I was of course often confronted with the other kind of falangists who insisted that I should call myself something else, that Franco only stole the name when he united all the nationalists in a single front, and that the real falangism is that of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the earlier accounts of the ideology which are a lot more closer to that of fascist Italy. It is not unexpected to see this argument pop up whenever somebody asks what falangism is. The division even exists with the political parties, there is the Falange Española de las JONS and then there is the Authentic Falange.

What do you think of this division within the falangist movement? How much do you admire Franco and what could you criticize him for? And I know falangists have bigger problems to worry about and should unite, but who do you think is right? Is falangism a more conservative form of fascism adapted to fit the Spanish people, or is it a form of fascism originating in Spain period?

From Tiwazdom:

I think that is a distinction that should be made between Falangism and Francoism. The latter is what the Falange was diluted into after the war. I admire Franco for his attempts to unite Spain under one banner and prevent any infighting, but I would have much preferred undiluted Falangism. Franco rejected National Syndicalism and support Capitalism which I think is the biggest criticism I have.


Hello Señor Córdoba.

What are your thoughts on General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet and his physical removal of communist scum?


From Tiwazdom:

I very much admire Pinochet for how he protected Chile from Marxism and kept Chile stable and united. I would have preferred if he was a National Syndicalist, but I think he did a good thing for Chile and prevented it from falling to Communism. From what I hear, Communism is becoming a threat in Chile in these times.


It's know that war crimes were commited particularly by the Nationalist army. What would your opinion be on those actions and did you witness anything personally?


Also what would you do about regional languages such as Catalan and Basque.

From Tiwazdom:

Yes, there were certainly mass killings committed by the Nationalists. There were also many such war crimes committed by the Republicans. I feel that it is a very sad, but necessary part of war. Spain could not continue along the path it was taking, there had to be something better.

I think that regional languages should be discouraged, I advocate for a united Spain, as much as possible.


]Did you kill any men, or did you only kill communists?

From TiwazdomC:

(Laugh) I only killed Communists.

José María Gárate Córdoba (aka "Tiwazdom") and rammingparu3, Reddit - r/DebateFascism 4 Comments [9/20/2017 10:46:26 AM]
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This started off as a sensible answer but became a rant on Arranged Marriages in India in general. So read at your discretion. Though, Yes I have tried to answer this question too!

Don't we all love a good parents bashing? Let me join in too! I will tell you about Indian parents' mindset in general and why arranged marriages are preferred. Towards the end, I'll tell you about the daughter bit.


Arranged marriage is the norm in India. Sure the number of love marriages are increasing with the so called “modern youth” of today, declaring their independence and standing up for their rights and shit. But it seems that parents never want us to be happy doesn't it? Even though that is probably the only thing most parents want, they have a fucked up way of showing it. The real reason for arranged marriages though, and marrying off girls quickly, according to me, is YOU!

Yes, you! The Indian youth who has never made a single independent decision in their lives. Who had their schools, colleges, degrees, electives, books, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, snacks, drinks, video games, computers, mobile phones, shirts, pants, belts, sarees, salwars, bras, boxers, underwear, panties, friends and even sanitary pads chosen by your parents.

Now you might say, “That's not me! I have always had a say in all my life choices!”, well maybe you did.You are a minority. This is not about you then. But the real question is were they Life Altering Choices? Or was it just a scenario where you wanted to buy a Camlin Geometry box and your parents wanted to buy you a Natraj Geometry box?

Did you take science group because you wanted to study/learn Science or your parents pushed you into it? Or maybe all your friends were taking science group. Did you join that IIT coaching class of your own free will? Or was it for the same reasons mentioned above? Have you from a young age demonstrated independence and rational decision making abilities to your parents? The answer to this question, in most of the cases is No. No. A huge fucking NO!

If you have been completely independent throughout your life, you've earned the right to choose your partner. Yes that is how parents look at it. You've got to EARNthe right to choose your life partner. How can parents trust a 21-year-old girl/guy, who has not taken a single independent decision in their entire fucking life to choose a partner for themselves? Sure the person may not be the same dumb twat they were in high school but parents don't know that. Prove it to them. Show them that you are your own master. Stop cribbing about problems and start making your own decisions. In fact, move the fuck out of your house after you finish school (class 12).

In the US, the average 17-year-old is most probably working part-time. In Europe, they are carrying a backpack and roaming the continent or even the world. We are still sucking on mommy's titty here at that time. And you think parents will go down without a fight when you want to marry someone of YOUR choice? That is why couples who themselves were not a part of the arranged marriage community, have reservations when it comes to their child's marriage.

At the crux of it, most parents don't trust their kids. Why? Because we haven't displayed an ounce of independence to them. We haven't had conversations with them about our likes and dislikes. We have been bound by the roles society has imposed on us. We don't take the time to get to know our parents as human beings. All they see in us are bad decisions and worse choices. Like hell they're going to let you marry a person of your choice.

They think you're an idiot. A useless piece of shit incapable of sane decision making. They think they are looking out for you. Have you ever told your parents you don't need looking out for? That it's your life and you can take care of yourself? That you know what you're doing? You probably did after you chose a life partner.

They don't trust you then. Had you done that in class 8 when your mother forced you to go to JEE coaching because all kids are going and told them it's your life and you don't want to do engineering, and had you carried that attitude down throughout the years and made GOOD life choices (not fucked up along the road mind you) and are your own boss today, your parents probably won't give a fuck if you marry a chimpanzee.

Now I know all of this might sound exaggerated. But this is how parents treat us man! We are kids in their eyes forever. What I've written is true in most of the cases and mainly among the educated middle class. Tier 1, Tier 2 cities. It's a whole different story when it goes to villages and rural areas. There people take their shit seriously. It is an issue ofHONOUR who their children marry and this shit is downright wrong. The cure for this is education. Nothing else. Education and a good parent child rapport from a young age.

This is how their parents treated them and this is how most parents are treating us. What we can do is sit them the fuck down and make them understand our life choices. Sure there'll be emotional blackmail. You need to figure that shit out on your own, like, how serious your mother is when she says she will commit suicide if you don't marry according to her wish. I do not think there are any situations that conversations cannot solve, if that has been the norm since your childhood days.

Just because you've seen 4 English movies and have suddenly become a feminist/open-minded liberal hippie, don't expect the same from your parents. Give them some time to get used to you. Make them understand your point of view. Because at the end of the day, they THINK they know what's best for us and we have blindly accepted their decisions so far. A sudden opposition is kind of shocking especially in such a grave issue.

Girls are looked at in 2 extreme ways in India. They are either the apple of the parent's astigmatic eyes or things to be gotten rid off as soon as possible. One of the major reasons parents want to pack of their girls is because they look at it as a DUTY. They are worried about finding eligible grooms and even EDUCATED parents, think they've failed as parents if they don't marry off their girl child. Again this depends on your up-bringing. Sit them down and talk to them. Start talking from a young age. Discuss your choices with them. Ask for their opinions and if and when they're right/better than yours, acknowledge the fact and follow them. Display maturity.

Even after doing all this, the current parents who have 20+ year old kids, are from an earlier generation. They are digesting inter-caste/community marriages much better than their parents. But not all that well. What we can do is be better parents when we have kids. Give them the space to make mistakes and learn from them. Don't spoonfeed them shit forever for one day they'll grow up and be tired of it. And you will not like it then.

Jaganan Abhinav, Quora 3 Comments [9/14/2017 1:18:24 PM]
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Because this time, there will be great care taken to make sure the Revolution is not hijacked by Crypto-Fascists. There won't be any more power given to tyrants, but rather there would be a heavy democratic element, except those voting will be those who have been oppressed the most through Capitalism and its products, non-males, ethnic minorities, working class, neurodivergent, physically divergent, etc. will be the ones voting there won't be any more capitalist money flowing through politics, or racist populists.

Telochi, r/CapitalismVSocialism 7 Comments [9/20/2017 2:01:06 PM]
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Quote# 131859

There is a floor named “Spectrum LGBTQIA and Ally Floor”?????

Why is there a floor named for non-normal sexual activity? Colleges are in the business of changing minds. They force the students to accept the new vocabulary, which leads them to change their opinions.

It’s about destroying the value system that the students acquired from their parents and church.

I want the USA back, Free Republic 15 Comments [9/20/2017 2:01:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131860

I wonder how much salt peter it took to keep normal human nature from happening...

I think it’s sad this generation doesn’t understand what it means to celebrate our TWO gender differences rather than pretend they don’t exist. Truly sad. This short-sighted view will come back to haunt them.

How did this mental sickness permeate our school systems? Leftism truly is a mental illness. The inmates are running the asylums.

What will it take to make these mentally ill people understand that lopping off a penis does not make that person a woman anymore than dressing like a woman makes that man a woman. It doesn’t matter how much that mentally ill person thinks he is a woman. Normalizing abhorrent behavior is the worst possible way to treat this severe debilitating mental illness. He will never have a period.

He will never have a baby. He will never understand what it was like to go through puberty as a girl developing into a woman learning how men view and lust after them. All this and much much more is all part of what it means to be a woman; not just a screw loose in some mentally ill guy’s head.

I can’t believe our society has devolved this much. This de-evolution will help no one. If someone wanted to destroy a culture/society/national identity; this would be a good way to do it.

How many of these so-called people are pedophiles pushing this narrative looking for easy targets.

Boomer, Free Republic 12 Comments [9/20/2017 2:01:43 PM]
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What's worse for society murders or homosexuals.. I honestly don't know for sure but would say homosexuality is worse since so many now accept it. But then we ,they accept abortion also. So maybe we do need to be nuked before more fall away from truth. Do to wanted sin . if the big one was dropped on us and our Familys now in the USA would it be so bad ? For Christians it would just mean heaven. It wouldn't even ruin our day. Just make it the best day. Wouldn't it? I don't think that's going to happen so we better get better at being hated for our Christian beliefs. Instead of being all grumpy about it .

mr goody two shoes, Christian News Network 12 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:00 AM]
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Quote# 131576

Lady Checkmate's headline: "HollyWeird's New NAMBLA Inspired Movie Promotes Sexual Immorality & Child Rape"

Just when you thought the world was full of sin and couldn't get any worse, it proves that sin is never satisfied (just as the Holy Bible states).
There's a new movie out, "Call Me By Your Name," about an American professor who falls for his male student.

Actor James Woods spoke out about it stating:

"As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA".

His comment was immediately met with the equivalency of, "Your sin is no better than my sin" from NAMBLA sympathizers...a convenient dodge considering that women and men were created to compliment each other and is not a sin but what that movie is promoting is not only an abomination, but an attempt for child rapists to segue into raping even younger children. The young man in the movie is 19, an adult teenager, but expect the wicked to try to keep going younger and younger as sin is never satisfied AND their goal is to legalize child rape.

One decent commenter responded with, ""When people have no God this is what happens." Of course the alt-left took that as nothing more than "hate", their regular habit of calling good evil and evil good.

NAMBLA stands for The North American Man/Boy Love Association, which reportedly fights to allow adult men to have male minor lovers. Men raping boys is a DISGUSTING ACT and ABOMINATION deserving of the death penalty!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not very familiar with James Wood's past, but apparently it's sketchy. I pray for him and the other lost souls that are searching for something and only abusing themselves in the process.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified.Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - Faith & Religion 11 Comments [9/14/2017 1:21:03 PM]
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They get called "child molestors" and such but they also get discriminated against solely on the basis of openly being pedophiles, without necessarily being called any other names.

When they get kicked out of places like Wikipedia, systemic bias is introduced into those sites' content.

Perpetuating that bias is in fact part of the stated goal of kicking those editors out.

People don't want them editing articles in ways that will produce a neutral point of view.

Landmartian, RationalWiki 15 Comments [9/19/2017 10:04:45 AM]
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Quote# 128093

Scientists first began studying the world around them because they wanted to understand and praise its Creator. Because God shows some of His character through creation, they tried to learn more about Him by studying His creation.

Because they viewed the world through biblical glasses, many creationists made great discoveries and improvements in many different sciences.

Answers in Genesis, Answers in Genesis for Kids 15 Comments [6/13/2017 1:49:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131805

The Old Testiment is fall of Jewish Historical bull shit and propaganda! If it has anything in it about Nationalism its about Jewish Nationalism...

If i had my way, I'd burn the fucking thing and the New Testiment, and the middle testiment, and the one that's going to come after the New, New Testiment, its all total crap that means nothing to anyone with a mind of their own and has seen through all this Xitianity Middle Eastern Crap....

It means anything to the Four-Be-Two's and no one else...

Nail all Xtian's to crosses, burn churches, burn the fucking Gossples, and the Saint's pinkies and rib bones and wash in the so-called Holey water, then gob in it........

Ravish Nuns, crucify Monks and Priests and Vicars, and take all their gathered and nicked and begged for treasure as our Heathen Forefather's would have done to Extians, and their one god................

I do hope I haven't missed anything out??

Hael Woden!

Teutoburg Weald, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  22 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 16907

Let the people decide for themselves and quit turning science into a communist enterprise in order to advance your stupidnatural god. Your communist tactics of pushing evolution on people and calling them dumb and not accepting of medicinal treatments is all part of your communist tactics to spread your religion founded by using science.

Science is not interested in investigating your stupidnatural god anymore. Pack up shop and go home.

mickey, CARM 45 Comments [11/10/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 16946

Rachel Scott, who calls herself a "one-woman Quiverfull activist," describes her conversion moment [to the anti-contraception movement]. One night after the birth of her fourth child--their third "oops" baby due to birth-control failures--when the prospect of tuition for four consumed husband Christopher and their pastor was urging vasectomy, Christopher saw a warrior angel in his dream. A "large, worrying warrior angel" with a flaming sword that he pointed at Christopher's genitals, telling him, "Do not change God's plan."

Rachel Scott, The Nation 41 Comments [11/11/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 131796

Attack the LGayBiTrans issue head on with the Male to Male sex of the “G” and don’t let up and don’t let them change the subject. The Centers for Disease Control warn against male to male sex and consider it a deadly transaction.

Just focus on this one issue and ask the LGBT how they can support the spreading of disease. Do not let them change the subject. Attack the weak point in the L G B T that they have ZERO defense of.

If the G is spreading disease why support their agenda? From this defense point you force them to reveal the truth of thier deadly lifestyle.

missnry, Free Republic 15 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131377

???? ?????????????????? ??????????????????

To set some standards straight, before you read:
If you're ever so willing to read a Manifesto, please do read with an open-mind as the close-minded would see through the conveying message of the Manifesto.
Also yes, I am quite serious when I say I'm a Neo-Fascist, I'm politically active and bloody proud:

I was once a "Democratic-Socialist" in my early stages when I was learning about politics, because I was influenced by the nice sounding words "equality", "diversity" and "acceptance".
My friends, my teachers, even the media spoke greatly of the Left-Wing and how everyone has "human rights" and also how it is religiously affiliated as a just and moral cause to help your fellow human being.
I loved everything about the Left-Wing at the time, it sounded so right, so justifiable to fight for us all to unite as one equally same human being, sharing our own customs and traditions amongst foreign men in the country I loved dearly.
Well, that was until I started opening my eyes to the Left-Wings destructive nature.
It all started with the 2014 Sydney hostage crisis, it shocked everyone in Australia and the world.
I was shocked and surprised that it was done by a Muslim, and so, after school, I went home to research more about Islam, the further I dug I came to read online that Islam was a violent cult.
I was often told that Islam was a religion of peace so this left me very confused, the next day I confronted my Muslim friend about the violent quotes in the Quran I read online, to which he responded "They're lying, it's not in the Quran, they take it out of context", and so the next week as I was further driven by curiosity I borrowed the English version of the Quran from my local library to see if it was true what the so-called "Nazis" said online about Islam.
To my surprise, it was true, the standard version of the Quran was indeed true to holding many violent phrases against the "Infidels".
I felt betrayed, my Muslim friend and the teachers lied to me about Islam, to then they've lost my trust that they are teaching us accurate information, so I started questioning everything they've taught me thus far and started researching everything learning more deeply in its roots to see if it is at all accurate.
I became even more curious the more deeper I researched and started questioning the morals of "equality" and even the technical tenets of the Left-Wing, as curiosity led me to only more questions about everything I've learnt about Religion, Diversity, Equality and the so called "good and just" cause of the Left-Wing.
To everything I thought was morally right, correct and good in its practise, bad and evil I found myself to be very wrong.
Throughout all my research, I have concluded to find myself to be in total disbelief, I was in shock, I felt total agony to my discovery that me, my friends, my family and the fellow European brothers of descent that we were indeed living in a political dystopia, as it is true.
The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me of what I thought reality once was, is now collapsing into what I know as the very real reality, it left me completely stunned.
I was shattered, morally, religiously, and politically.
To my conclusions, learning that by human nature and its principles, we are indeed not equal nor the same at all.
We are all different for a reason, as I am now convinced religiously and politically, we are not infact equal at all, but unique.
By keeping our Customs, Traditions, Ethics & Ethnics separate, we are playing by basic human nature, as it was always intended to be.
By nature, I am also talking religiously by Gods and God them self that we were always meant to be a unique blossom of different cultures and customs in its purest form, like a unique colour in the Rainbow.
As for example, when you combine all the colours together, it creates a disgusting brown darkish colour, it creates a mess.
The same with different cultures, as by natures fundamentals it is proven that different cultures do not mingle, but collide.
As such as the animals that we are, you never see the bear befriending the fish.
Nor see the Rhino mate with the Elephant, it was never intended to be, it doesn't work by nature.
Race mix is simply a form of destruction, a form of impurity, like a detached link from your ancestors blood and from the soil on which you live on.
By Left-Wing nature, in its true form and purpose is a self-destructive political monster of corruption that favours imaginative thoughts over realpolitikal action which goes against the very statically set principles of human nature to which they call "progressive Globalism", which is infact regressive and dangerous in its true form, created to trick the light-minded, the vulnerable and gullible people who is politically active into voting for disaster profiteers.
Alike Democracy as I've learnt, people are tricked into voting for the dangerous, destructive and corrupt Left-Wing and other regressive parties.
To which also in its other form on the Right-Wing such as Centre-Right like Liberalism are no better than the Left-Wing as it is a different form of Leftism "Globalism" but for the Right-Wing, in which Liberalism populates and fundamentally favours bigot groups for those who don't think regressively and to punish those who dare to think differently from the fundamental tenets of Leftism/Liberalism like the groups that are born from a Liberal democracy such as Antfia, "Anti-Fascist", and other fantastical anti-fundamentalist groups like LGBT where there is more than 2 genders or even Black Lives Matter where the foreign man deserves superior living conditions to the Native White European man in his very own country for all the supposed "evils" our White ancestors have done in the past that have created the great Western world we have today.
In all of this further proving what I believe in and why I do, we need to remove the dangerous Left-Wing and Democracy itself, it favours a false idea of freedom which ultimately leads to the destructive nature of Leftist and Liberal agenda's as such for example bringing the foreign man first before the Native people, as well as giving a false sense of equality that hides the destructive nature of democracy.
The Western world needs Social order more than ever, we need an authoritarian system that would lead us beyond the Left-Right spectrum of politics, a leader, a hero, for those to look up to, to inspire and to install within the people the values of the Western man, the ideal citizen body who rules with an Iron grip, who would light the way for the future generations of our great Western Nations to her survival and for those of descent to look back at our great unique history with pride and glamour to say I am proud to be a White Native European of descent, of this blood, of this soil that we share with one custom, one culture, one tribe, in this great Nation of ours where security is strong, where we are safe and where we live and prosper in this Utopia amongst fellow Western men of the same descent, we are free, we are safe, long live the West, long live Europe, we belong here, this is our country, this is our people of whom share the same blood, we are of the Western world, of European blood, we are Australian and this is what equal is!
Do your research before you are quick to judge and never be afraid to think independently from others, I'd rather die knowing I was living the truth about politics and its nature rather than to live my whole life believing in a lie just because the Media, my teachers, and my friends says its true, don't be fooled!

Africa for Africans!
Asia for Asians!
Europe for Europeans!
Dogs for dogs and cats for cats!
This is natures rule, and it will stay that way forever.
Religious or not, this is the intentions!
This is the correct and true European way of life, through one cultural unification, through order, and by blood and soil.

FrostyB, Steam Community 23 Comments [9/9/2017 2:41:34 AM]
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Quote# 131803

I'm sorry, but trying to make Christianity out to be Socialist, Liberal (or anything else but Traditionalist, for that matter), is a rather silly conclusion when you actually look at the historical facts surrounding the religion's relationship with them.

Sure, Jesus gave out bread, but does that mean he wanted to have a revolutionary state force others to do the same? No, it was entirely voluntary. Don't miss the difference between charity and socialism. Socialists might try and use Christ as an example, but they do so disingenuously, their appropriation of it needs not make sense since they themselves don't even believe it; it is merely a smokescreen.

If you think that the current world order is a "Christian" one, then think again, because it is exactly the opposite. Radical, internationalist Socialists and Liberals have caused more destruction to Christianity than any other group - the modern organizations that claim to be "christian" while supporting these things are corrupted, breaking from centuries of tradition, and only occurring after these totalitarian ideologies first took over. These ideologies were composed by radical atheists who hated the old Christian order and everything it stood for, just as much if not more than they would hate any Heathen society.

Indeed, a Christian Order in any part of Europe hasn't existed in any form since 1914; it started to fall apart as far back as 1789, with precedents even earlier. From the Old Catholic Vendee rebels to the Orthodox White Guards and Iron Guard, we traditionalist Christians have been fighting against these poisonous ideologies since they first reared their vile heads. It is therefore nothing short of preposterous to suggest that we are in any way related to them!

A true Monotheistic Christian worldview is also a Traditionalist, Monarchial one, in which Satan is a usurper and revolutionary against the original order of the universe, moreover he is the source of all revolution save for counter-revolutions that seek to reverse his effects. By this we are also anti-egalitarian and anti-democratic, after all it's Christ the King not Comrade Jesus.

As we can see Satan's ideologies of choice are all anti-traditionalist, anti-religious, and, deep down, anti-nationalist. So today we see that very few people hold to a Christian historical and political worldview after all, even if they follow the religion. The modern faith is shattered into many pieces, most of which have become deeply corrupted. So these ideologies are not by-products of Christianity, but rather by-products of the prime anti-Christian force.

As for universalism, that is viewing it through a modernist lens. Just because you have a single ruler, a single God, doesn't mean that all peoples must be mixed together to create a single race, otherwise we wouldn't have been made into separate Nations in the first place....

Once again, the Satanic Revolutions seek to make all man homogenous, and eliminate all ideas of uniqueness, yet do so in the name of Tolerance and Diversity. World Revolution is their watchphrase. By contrast, true cultural pluralism allows all natural cultures and ethnicities to exist unmolested, in their own homeland, as originally intended.

Sorry for my mad rant, but i've seen this kind of stuff before....

Emeric, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  11 Comments [9/19/2017 10:02:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131788

I fucking hate these sjws and transgenders and lgbtqs. seriously they need to be wiped away from existence

Lord Ravi, Youtube 23 Comments [9/18/2017 10:00:57 PM]
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Quote# 131787

[A response to an article about Jeff Session's efforts to reduce federal funding to underserved communities' collaborative reform and instead calling for them to "fight the violence", despite these police stations personally asking for him to do so to help soothe the anger and tensions that arise when police brutality seemingly goes unpunished. Nominating this response for the "He Who Fights Monsters" award.]

Here's how you can back the blue! When one of them pull into your drive through you can spit, cough, pee, or put boogers in their drinks. You can rub their food on the floor. Also painting slogans of love and peace on police vehicles and buildings is a good way to express love. They hate message of peace even more than hate. Don't ever paint hate messages like "pig", "snake", "racist" etc... they love these.

Resist, but always do it in a non violent manner.

Back the Blue, ACLU 11 Comments [9/18/2017 10:00:51 PM]
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They can start by emphasizing that it is only a theory; not proven fact. The teaching in high school and college imply it is true; all they need to do is find the evidence to prove it. The article even eludes to the idea these scientists are not giving up on evolution but admit the current evolution explanation is lacking in explaining reality. In reality they have ABSOLUTELY NO SOLID EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION, but they can't quite declare they no longer believe. That would be the end of their career.

JohnInRedding, Christian News Network 18 Comments [9/18/2017 10:01:02 PM]
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nope .... EVERY successful science experiment has proven that God has order all, everything that works without appeal to men ..... science, logic, and reason .... are ALL aspects of God and are reflected in His creation as His creation is a reflection of the Creator ...... and to eliminate that knowledge from the science is really to eliminate science .... as there is no science without the Creator as science is a REFLECTION of the Creator ...........

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 12 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:04 AM]
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Quote# 131793

His CREATION is a direct reflection of Him .... He is infinitely and eminently logical, reasoning and scientific ..... and the VERY FACT that we have logic and reason and science .... is EVIDENCE that He exists ..... and that you can perform any REAL science and get CONSISTENT results is a testament that He exists ....... again ... the evidence is abundant .... and every man is without excuse .....

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 10 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:07 AM]
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Fish to mankind evolution is anti-science. Here's what is science: It's observable, repeatable, biological, scientific fact: that no matter how many generations go by, ALL populations of: fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, birds remain birds, viruses remain viruses, amphibians remain amphibians, and so on. I.e., it's observable, repeatable, verifiable scientific fact there are barriers that evolution cannot cross. In spite of this, evolutionists pretend there ARE no barriers, and give reasons to believe in it. Evolutionists:

(a) Ignore that scientific fact

(b) Make up a belief contrary to that scientific fact

(c) Where that belief never happens and hence can't be called science anyway but demand it be called science and contradict what IS observable scientific fact.

Fish to Mankind Evolutionism is nothing but a complete distortion of science and observable, repeatable, verifiable scientific fact.

Reason2012, Christian News Network 13 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:09 AM]
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Effectively - the leftists have established a class based society.

White males are the only group not protected and, therefore, can be discriminated against and cannot have special dispensation made for.

Slicing down the line - protected classes have more power than religious organizations as civil rights don’t protect organizations - just individuals - ergo civil rights trump constitutional law like the first amendment and freedom of religion.

Add hate crimes to this (which, again, only apply to protected classes) and the first amendments freedom of speech is trumped as well as the 4th amendment (with prop 8’s donations made public because it opposing it was a “hate crime”)

We are no longer a free country.

Skywise, Free Republic 10 Comments [9/19/2017 9:44:13 AM]
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Quote# 131800

It is surprising how much of English culture is still intact after a thousand years of christard occupation. The morality of English folk I say is not driven by christard concepts, but rather the ethics of the working class have far more to do with the ethics of Odinism. Looking each other directly in the eye, brutal honesty, challenging/teasing friends, a belief in the self etc. In part some of our problems which stem from our traditional beliefs are a constant frustration to many of us here.

The English folk are a generous people we treat guests with deep respect. I used to get very upset when I was a left winger who had studied history and would point out the many events in history where the white working class put themselves through suffering to help foreigners or take the foreigners part against there own immediate interests. What i did not understand at the time was that the 'left' is just as much as the Tories controlled by an establishment that carries a deep hatred in their blood of the folk of Northern Europe, so those stories that in left wing groups would have put English folk in a good light were deliberately suppressed.

I think that although English culture is one of the least studied cultures in the world, the establishment are well aware of our traditional values, which is why immegrants are represented as refugees, travelers in need of help, rather than the middle eastern middle and upper class and their slaves who pay a minimum of £20,000 to get here each. Often with other wealth hidden that they will not share on arrival, because the English have a natural feeling to help wanderers, which exactly fits the sensibilities of our traditional religion.

There are basically two forms of religion, those invented to support the establishment of Kings, that promote the individual as a slave who must accept what authorities do and want, and the older tribal religions which are in tune which each tribe. Our tribe has its faith like it or not, see the gods or not, The Aesir are etched deep in our blood and culture.

Oh and the immegrants, sooner or later the revelers at the feast will be recognised for what they are, and Odysseus and his son will lock the doors, then Odysseus will string his bow. . . we European people know what comes next it is part of our culture.

saxnot, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  9 Comments [9/19/2017 9:45:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131801

It's not Christianity which is at fault, it's the combination of a hateful and ongoing extreme leftwing campaign against our nation and wimpish liberal "progressive" Church of England leadership which insists on undermining it at every turn. Ad hoc attacks on the faith which in reality is the foundation of our laws and a considerable portion of our culture is unhelpful to our cause as a folk.

I say this as a man who has a lax attitude at best to any religion myself. I still would say that a properly founded, strong Christian faith which is prepared to defend itself would be the best bulwark against Islamic Imperialism and the hard left.

I may even become interested in such a faith myself, tbh. And frankly Christians of any flavour aren't the problem. Mohammedhans raping, rioting, demanding jizya (benefits) and waving machetes in train stations and shopping centres are the problem.

Witnere, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  2 Comments [9/19/2017 9:52:42 AM]
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