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(On the killing of Maren Sanchez)

the girl wasnt even attrcative. she was mannish looking. despite this, we’re no doubt going to hear feminist spiels on this about entitled guys trying to date out of their league. this girl is a prize in contemporary western society apparently:

James NSW, Lion of the Blogosphere 6 Comments [12/9/2017 12:15:36 AM]
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Quote# 134923

The dimocrats own the concept of shooting themselves in the gonads. Since the thugs don't care about the evil within their party, I don't care about any misdeeds done by dimocrats. Franken could be accused of raping Ann Frank on the steps of the nearest temple and I would still be on his side. The dimocrats holier than the Republicans attitude will do nothing more than guarantee the permanency of the rethug reich.

blaid droog, Wonkette 24 Comments [12/6/2017 11:40:03 PM]
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Quote# 134956

We suffer more than African Slaves. At least those blacks got to fuck their white slave masters wives and other white women who craved black dicks. Incels dicks never even see a vagina.

Even Mainstream Psychology supports our views.

You all are dumb as fuck, have no self awarness, dont have any intelligence and believe in stupid unreal tales that dont exist in real life.

jvreturns, incels.me 10 Comments [12/8/2017 7:58:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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I just got hired on at a fire department and well ive made some minor mistakes and what not. The devil is speaking through my chief theatening me that i am going to lose my job.

alrdyreg, Rapture Ready 62 Comments [5/26/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Talulah

Quote# 120043

In the wake of the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida last week, many right-wing Christian religious leaders have celebrated the shooter’s actions, but a Texas pastor is taking that to a whole new level.

Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth told his flock he agrees “100 percent” with Baptist Pastor Roger Jimenez, who made news with his sermon advocating that the government should use a firing squad to “blow their brains out.”

“These 50 sodomites are all perverts and pedophiles, and they are the scum of the earth, and the earth is a little bit better place now,” Romero said in the Sunday sermon. “And I’ll take it a step further, because I heard on the news today, that there are still several dozen of these queers in ICU and intensive care. And I will pray to God like I did this morning, I will do it tonight, I’ll pray that God will finish the job that that man started, and he will end their life, and by tomorrow morning they will all be burning in hell, just like the rest of them, so that they don’t get any more opportunity to go out and hurt little children.”

Romero went on to cite Sodom and Gomorrah, which he called the first ever “queer mass murder” and called out mega churches, whom he believes are too soft on preaching anti-gay sermons. Biblical scholars believe the “sin” in the story had nothing to do with homosexuality, rather it was about inhospitality.

In a twist, Romero was ordained by Pastor Steve Anderson, who also made the list of anti-LGBT religious leaders standing with the actions of the shooter.

Pastor Donnie Romero, Raw Story 27 Comments [6/24/2016 3:04:02 AM]
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Originally Posted by HisAlways :
It's like my father-in-law put it the other evening..."if Obama is the next president, the Lord will have to intervene soon".

I have to agree.
Do you know what scares me even more? The amount of people who want to vote for him!! I just can't believe they can't see that there is something terribly wrong with this man...

cbressler1976, RaptureReady 47 Comments [6/13/2008 7:49:43 AM]
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Hey james ..... it is obvious you don't feel that this country was founded on the belief in god. well I feel sorry for you; but Becky was right. this country was founded explicictly for that reason; the founding fathers and the settlers themselves were seeking a new country to escape religous persecution that was going on all over europe. Y ou could do yourself some good by sitting back and examining America today; as opposed to just fifty years ago, people then were looking to find that missing something in thier lives, today society just covers it up with all kinds of things of the world and doesn't want to have anything to do with Jesus our lord and savior; That is why the world including America is getting in worse and worse shape almost on a Daily basis..... Fifty years ago would you have heard of a soldier shooting fellow soldiers? no you wouldn't because there was love for our fellow man then. People don't care for one another like they used to.

Brian, Facebook Cause - Allow God In School 36 Comments [11/24/2009 7:15:56 PM]
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[On sexual selection]

I very much doubt your Wife's butt has any relevance at all on this topic....butI feel sorry for your Wife because,its probably only a matter of time before you meet another Woman,who's butt you like better...(this is werid......)and will,since nothing stops you..afterall your just an animal,leave her.....poor lady.......,but anyway,your kids...their still Humans.

Vanaka, 123 Christian Forums 13 Comments [9/12/2005 12:00:00 AM]
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Confronting a Sexual Rite of Passage in Malawi

The world has many coming-of-age traditions: sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras. But in one African country, 'initiation' is endangering the health of girls and boys.

 Grace Mwase, 14, may look like a child, but her community sees her as an adult because of a sexual initiation she attended at age 10. (Beenish Ahmed)

CHIRADZULU, Malawi — A slight frame gives her the appearance of a child, but the hardened look Grace Mwase wears makes her seem older than her 14 years. In many villages across Malawi, a largely agrarian sliver of a country in southern Africa, custom dictates that both boys and girls as young as eight attend a rite of passage known as “initiation,” after which they are no longer seen as children. The practice is most entrenched in the country's south, where Mwase's Golden Village is located.

Mwase was just 10 when she was led, along with about a dozen other girls, to remote huts outside her village during winter vacation from school in August. The girls were accompanied by older women from their village in Chiradzulu district, near the border with Mozambique. The women, known asanamkungwi, or “key leaders,” told them that when they returned to their villages they should cook and clean—and have sex. According to Mwase, most of the two weeks she spent at the initiation camp were dedicated to learning how to engage in sexual acts. She had been excited for this time with friends away from home, but that feeling quickly gave way to dread as she learned the true purpose of initiation.

“They taught us only how you can handle a man,” she says, looking down at her hands. “So you should be dancing for the man. The man should be on top of you and you should be dancing for him, making him happy.”

The anamkungwi told the girls to lie on top of one another and get a feel for the various positions described to them. They then encouraged the girls to “practice” what they had learned. In fact, girls in Malawi are often told that if they don’t have sex upon concluding initiation, their skin will become dry and brittle. This will mark them for life, and they will be ostracized if they don't complete the custom as their mothers and grandmothers did before them. These guardians often force their daughters to go through with the ritual for fear of breaking with tradition.

“There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.”

Initiation is a centuries-old practice in the region, according to Harriet Chanza of the World Health Organization. In many agrarian communities, she notes, “There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.” Initiation is meant to establish the gender norms that boys and girls are expected to follow as men and women. The emphasis on having sex may also have a darker purpose in a country where nearly three-fourths of the population lives below the poverty line. Chanza, who is based in Malawi, says that some parents may actually want their daughters to get pregnant at a young age. A girl is often married soon after she is found to be pregnant, deferring the cost of caring for her and her baby from her parents to her husband.

Mwase was told, "'You are a woman enough'" by an anamkungwi in her village, and informed, "'If you come out [of the initiation camp], you should sleep with a man to cleanse you of your childhood thing.'" Worse, Mwase says though a translator, "They said you should do your sexual cleansing but not use a condom. You should do it plain."

Mwase sits in an uneven plastic lawn chair in an empty hall used for community gatherings as she recounts her experiences. She had walked to our meeting point in Chiradzulu district from her village to speak with foreign journalists, and agreed to discuss a topic that few women are willing to broach because we didn’t share ties to her community or culture. “You’re like a visitor so you don’t know anything,” she says. Conversing with us, in other words, isn't as difficult as telling women in her village how she feels about a custom they might support.

Her small, sharp eyes aglow in the dimly lit room, a grain mill whirring in the background, Mwase says the anamkungwi who oversaw her initiation told her to find an older man to have sex with after she left the camp. In defiance of tradition, however, Mwase refused to do so, fearing the costs to her health from unprotected sex. Like many first-born daughters in Malawi, Mwase was raised by her grandmother. She says her grandmother, who had sent her to the camp, didn't force her to have sex—likely because Mwase never told her about her decision not to do so. If her grandmother had learned the truth, she might have paid a man to take Mwase’s virginity. In some villages, young men hired for this task are called “hyenas,” and they occasionally have sex with many girls in a single village who have gone through initiation together.

Thera Rasing, an anthropologist who has studied girls’ initiations in Zambia,writes that the secrecy surrounding these rituals increased during the colonial era and has remained in place to keep missionaries and churches from “trying to control and christianize these rites.” Still, as abominable as such customs might seem, Rasing adds that initiations are associated with honor for many women: “A woman’s capacity to elicit change, to be powerful and empowered arises from her relative success in being a proper woman. Through this she acquires the respect of her spouse and of the neighbourhood as a moral community. This is what a girl learns during her initiation into womanhood, and that she is told during her wedding ceremony.”

Despite the social role of initiations, there are numerous public health concerns surrounding the custom in Malawi. Young girls largely unaware of the risks are being told to have unprotected sex in a country where a tenth of the population is HIV-positive. (While this figure is on par with other countries in the region, it is far higher than rates elsewhere in the world; 70 percent of AIDS-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa.) And teenage pregnancies also abound in Malawi, where one in four teen girls under 18 is a mother (in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, more than 50 percent of births take place during adolescence). The young age at which girls become pregnant complicates their deliveries and puts them at greater risk for losing their babies, losing their lives, or developing an obstetric fistula—a condition where a rupture in the birth canal leaves women suffering from incontinence and ostracized from their communities.

Girls are taught a dance known as chisamba “as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed.”

Female genital mutilation, which often entails the complete or partial removal of the clitoris, is not common in Malawi, though it can take place during similar rites of passage in other parts of Africa. But initiation can leave lasting trauma even without physical injury. The Malawi Human Rights Commission, a government agency, has reported that initiations impinge on girls’ rights to education, health, liberty, and dignity. The Commission further elaborates on some of these rituals, stating that girls are taught a dance known as chisamba“as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed,” and that they are made to perform this dance at the end of their initiation “bare-breasted in a very explicit manner as they are being presented to the whole community.” The study also notes, however, that initiation rites vary widely, and that in some communities girls attending initiation are advised not to have premarital sex.

For boys in Malawi, and in several other African countries, initiation sometimes involves circumcision. According to the Malawi Human Rights Commission, Malawian boys live in camps on the outskirts of villages and are occasionally forced to consume foods prepared with urine and “medicine” made with their severed foreskins. The report notes, “Once the boys undergo circumcision they are considered mature and are actually advised to have sexual intercourse with any girl as soon as they go back home.”

Initiations for boys can easily go awry, since the circumcisions are often performed by people without medical training wielding ritual knifes. Last year in South Africa, an estimated 60 young men died after their initiation ceremonies as a result of botched circumcisions and dehydration due to “survival tests.” Local government officials were hesitant to intervene because of “cultural sensitivities.”

“The difficulty with culture is you deal with the [village] chief and he says, ‘I have changed. I have put [in] bylaws [to prohibit initiations]. [Then] you come [back] and [initiations] are quietly being done,” says Jean Mwandira, a specialist in reproductive and adolescent health with the United Nations Population Fund in Malawi.

We speak over dinner beside the glittering but parasite-ridden Lake Malawi. Here in southern Malawi, where initiations are most widespread, girls are often married off as soon as they reach puberty and literacy rates are among the lowest in the country. In the district of Mangochi, which borders the lake,48 percent of teenagers have begun bearing children—the highest incidence in Malawi. Mwandira says it is hard to persuade local leaders here and elsewhere in the country to stop a custom that has such a long history, especially since annual initiations for boys and girls have become a kind of industry.

"Those people who perform such tasks are paid, either in cash or kind, so it's difficult for the whole thing to die [out]," she explains. Even "the chief gets something for allowing that initiation ceremony to take place."

In the face of public scrutiny, those who have a vested interest in keeping the custom alive try to do so covertly. Initiation camps are held outside villages in temporary shelters built just for this purpose and then burnt to the ground once children are sent home, Mwandira says. Adults who aren’t involved in managing the camps are not permitted near them. What’s more, the girls who take part in initiations are loath to talk about them.

I spent a day in Mangochi, asking every young woman I could whether she had been initiated. Each time I got a shy smile and swift ‘no’ in response. This despite what Mwandira told me: “It’s not possible to live in Mangochi and not be initiated.”

In Chiradzulu, a few hours south by car, Grace Mwase was the rare exception willing to speak about her experiences with initiation. When I asked if she wanted her testimony about this deeply private matter to be kept anonymous, she said, “No, use my name.” Her lack of shame may well stem from her involvement in the Girls Empowerment Network, a locally run coalition of young women.

The group is led by a woman named Joyce Mkandawire. She says that when she first arrived in Chiradzulu, where Mwase lives, she was struck by the lack of freedom afforded to girls. “A girl leaves a school [because she is] pregnant, nobody cared. A girl gets married today, nobody cared,” she recalls. Mkandawire is now advocating for new bylaws in local villages to bar teenage girls from getting married. She has also reached out to local headmasters, who notify her when a girl has dropped out of school so that she and the Girls Empowerment Network can try to convince her to return—and to focus on education rather than marriage.

Joyce Mkandawire poses with young mothers from the Girls Empowerment Network. (Beenish Ahmed)

In speaking out about these issues, Mkandawire has inspired girls like Mwase to do the same. About her work as a leader in the Network, she says, “I am there just to help the community and to encourage myself. If there is anything [wrong], I go to the elders and speak to them.” Mwase also goes to the initiation camps outside her village every year to speak to the girls there. “I go to tell them after your initiation, if you go out, don’t do the sexual cleansing thing because it’s bad for us,” she explains.

And she’s pleased with the progress she’s made so far. “If I go talk to them, they listen to me,” Mwase says, breaking into a smile.

The citizens of Malawi, The Atlantic 20 Comments [11/19/2017 1:51:17 AM]
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It pains me at the ignorance of citizens yearning for a secular state, assuming that the morality saught by people of faith might be faulty. Please read some historical books on how this country began... people of Faith in a trancendent creator, God. From the first pilgrims to the framers of the constitution, they were all rooted in the JudeoChristian way. Then look at secular communism states. Choose your way of life...you wouldn't last a year in north Korea.

charles, timesonline 12 Comments [9/30/2008 5:15:38 PM]
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Quote# 135006

If I were black, I wouldn't want non-black immigration to Africa. If I were white, I wouldn't want non-white immigration to Europe. I don't hate these other races or groups, but simply love my own, which are East Asians. Rather I'm a proponent of universal nationalism, in where each distinct group of people not only have the right, but must exercise that right for self-determination, all the while respecting that same basic right granted to other groups; maximizing cooperation when mutually beneficial, but never exploit or oppress other groups, which is a moral constraint that should and must be incorporated.

JCCheapEntertainment, Reddit 6 Comments [12/9/2017 12:15:50 AM]
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I can’t imagine many white kids wanting to go to a school like Stuyvesant. Nerdy Asians and lots of ugly girls, no doubt. As you said, white parents will do private or suburb, as I would.

Jack, Lion of the Blogosphere 3 Comments [12/9/2017 12:15:42 AM]
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Quote# 54379

[Pissed that God might be fired from Kentucky Homeland Security]

Lori: So the Atheists are offended by God being in the Homeland Security plaque eh? You know what? I will be offended if it is NOT in there. 95% of American's are NOT offended by this so why should we change it for the 5% that are? That is so ignorant. If they don't like it. Don't read it and may the good Lord have mercy on their souls.

Gale: Let's take all these atheists and send them to Iraq and other war areas and see who they call on to get them home safe.

"G": I cannot believe that a small group of atheist try to control the gov by taking god out of the state home land securty.if you unbelievers don't like the way the gov is run then keep your damm mouth shut.

"Anonymous": Can you say MONEY, MONEY, MONEY? Thats what this is all about. They don't believe in God so it should just be another word three letter to them. Can we sue them for not believing in God?

William: God is Love, so they want Love out of homeland sucerity? they want a hateful homeland sucerity? I can here it now DONT YOU COME ACROSS MY BORBER its succure I hate you !!! hate you! hate you! hate! you!!! blaaaaa toung sticking out.

Mike: I suppose the next thing on their agenda should be filing suit to have The Declaration of Independence edited to their satisfaction. Personally, I'd like to sue to force them to remove "American" from the name of this whiny, insipid little band of pinheads.

Several..., WKYT News 45 Comments [12/16/2008 6:51:40 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 135003


I’ve been an internet sensation for saying how overrated and beta Asians are, when compared to Jews on your blog.


Just love the defensive reactions coming from them. If it isn’t this, it’s their tiring complaints that America keeps Asians down via White privilege.

JS, Lion of the Blogosphere 5 Comments [12/9/2017 12:15:29 AM]
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Quote# 114273

Your abnormal perverted lifestyle is what the issue is. It is not hatred of you. All of you sodomites attempt to spin which can't be spun! Repent and change your ways, or spend eternity in Fiery HELL! It is your choice...Don't Blow It!

nojack, Charisma News 26 Comments [11/9/2015 3:39:54 AM]
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Quote# 55501

[Just the best part of one crazy rant!]

But the biggest lie The Devil ever told was that "God does not exist." and he spread it in science and Atheism and Communism, and other crazy and stupid things. The Militant or Fundamentalist Atheist will believe anything, and Atheism and Secular Humanism is used to control them as they launch attacks on religion and religious people over the Internet. First they focused attacks on the UK and EU and now they are attacking the USA. In public schools, in colleges, in the work place, in society, and in government. They don't care about anyone or anything, only promoting their propaganda and conspiracy theories and attacking religion and religious people and taking away their rights and freedom of religion. Freedom from religion they call it.

OrionBlastar, Theophiles 35 Comments [1/5/2009 3:39:49 PM]
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Quote# 77751

Christians have an obligation, a mandate, a commission, a holy responsibility to reclaim the land for Jesus Christ – to have dominion in the civil structures, just as in every other aspect of life and godliness. But it is dominion that we are after. Not just a voice. It is dominion we are afier. Not just influence. It is dominion we are after. Not just equal time. It is dominion we are after.

World conquest. That's what Christ has commissioned us to accomplish. We must win the world with the power of the Gospel. And we must never settle for anything less. If Jesus Christ is indeed Lord, as the Bible says, and if our commission is to bring the land into subjection to His Lordship, as the Bible says, then all our activities, all our witnessing, all our preaching, all our craftsmanship, all our stewardship, and all our political action will aim at nothing short of that sacred purpose. Thus, Christian politics has as its primary intent the conquest of the land — of men, families, institutions, bureaucracies, courts, and governments for the Kingdom of Christ. It is to reinstitute the authority of God’s Word as supreme over all judgments, over all legislation, over all declarations, constitutions, and confederations. True Christian political action seeks to rein the passions of men and curb the pattern of digression under God’s rule. Fortunately, because of the theocratic orientation of our founding fathers, our nation has virtually all the apparatus extant to implement such a reclamation. Unfortunately, the enemies of the Gospel have hand-in-hand eroded the strength of those godly foundations. Thus, we stand at the crossroads.

--From The Changing of the Guard; Biblical Blueprints for Political Action, by George Grant.

George Grant, Information Clearing House 81 Comments [12/2/2010 8:04:32 AM]
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Quote# 82308

Of course the Godless will, for a few more generations, still be there. As long as they’re silenced in the public sphere and cannot enact any change to their benefit, their continued existence is tolerable.

Understand that; your sort is tolerated, as our Constitution and cultures demands. You’re not accepted; you’re not part of the body of America; and you will not be allowed to further harm our nation.

Stay quite and mind your own business and you can lead a long and materially happy life. The pain doesn’t start until you turn against America.

Jonolan, The Village Heathen Blog 39 Comments [7/2/2011 5:24:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Matt Suttles

Quote# 115063

Robert Louis Dear — the right-wing Christian terrorist who attacked a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs — was a violent, woman-hating serial offender with a history of sexual assault and domestic violence. An ex-wife said in court documents that the 57-year-old believes that “as long as he’s saved” by Jesus Christ, “he can do whatever he pleases.”

According to the Charleston Post and Courier, Dear was arrested in 1992 for the rape of a woman he accosted at her job at a Charleston mall. When she declined his advances, he stalked her to her home and reportedly raped her at knife-point.

In divorce documents from 1993, one of Dear’s three ex-wives described the killer as controlling, abusive and serially unfaithful. He routinely gambled away the family’s money, she said, but was ever reluctant to provide for his wife and children financially.

Hot-tempered and unstable, he “erupts into fury in a matter of seconds,” said Dear’s second wife Barbara Mescher to attorneys. In her time with Dear, she testified, she continually “lived in fear and dread of his emotional and physical abuse.”

“He claims to be a Christian and is extremely evangelistic, but does not follow the Bible in his actions,” Mescher said. “He says that as long as he believes he will be saved, he can do whatever he pleases. He is obsessed with the world coming to an end.”

Dear was apprehended on Friday after killing three and injuring nine others during a five-hour rampage. Witnesses said that he was ranting about “baby parts” when taken into custody, an anti-Planned Parenthood talking point spawned by anti-choice extremists and parroted by Republican presidential candidates and conservative media.

Robert Louis Dear, RawStory 45 Comments [12/6/2015 5:20:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 134963

[On a photo of the Pearl Harbor attack]

["Japan and Germany both thought America lost its will to get involved in a war after the first one like now a divided nation"]

But the communists hadn't taken over the democrat party yet.
We'll never get rid of it now because king Hussein had 8 years to influence an entire generation of children like his mentor saul Lewinsky said in his book rules for radicals (dedicated to satan no less)
Also, the book was a plagiarized copy of Russian communists Lenin-
Who said " never waste a disaster, and give me 1 generation of children and he'll change the country forever"-
Clinton was also a student of Saul Lewinsky...... connect the dots.

Lou Robey, Google+ 5 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:03 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 22665

1) We should fight terrorism every where it raises its ugly head. But I mean really fight it. Be as brutal as they are.

2) Fight terrorism w/ covert operations and assissinate their leaders when possible. If there's a training camp, blow it off the face of the Earth. If you're caught in our country, you go to jail until you die.

3) Sadam thing was fine with me, but why waste time w/ the trial.

4) Iran - nuke their nuclear facilities. Make a crater where they used to be. Overthrow their government and let the people decide what kind of gov't they want. We control the oil, but we'll make sure you get a lot of the profits unless you start screwin with us again.

Afghanistan - we should have completely leveled the mountains where bin laden is/was hiding on 9/12. No warning, no nothin', just had it rain nuclear bombs on the whole place.

Sudan - force the UN to go in with us and straighten the mess out.

5) see #1, hunt them all down and kill them or put them in prison until they die.

6) it's war, kill them

7) Iraq now - take care of Iran would be one huge step. Send enough troops over to completely blanket the place and hunt down all the bad guys. They can have their country back once we wipe this cancer off the face of the Earth, until then go to work and make something of yourself and your country.

8) Israel should be protected at all costs. Instead of giving up land, they should expand and take more land from the muslim countries. Every time one of the muslim countries steps out of line, invade them and take over. After you do that about two times, I'm sure the rest will behave.

9) Gay marriage - marriage is defined in the US as a man and a woman. Don't like it, move to France or Switzerland or wherever your little heart desires.

10) Abortion - well that's murder. Here's an idea, don't get pregnant. As in the case of rape, well let's just say that wouldn't happen a lot if I were in charge. We would have HUGE prisons and LONG sentences and very few paroles. Nip that in the bud right now!

11) Poverty - if you are able and willing to work get a job. There will be a lot of them, because we wouldn't have illegal aliens in my country and companies would face heavy taxes if they outsource to other countries. I would help educate and train people so they can get a job. After a few years, they should be able to support themselves. You get three years of welfare and food stamps, so you need to get busy.

12) Homelessness - see #11. Those that are mentally unfit to take care of themselves would be taken care of. A lot of homeless have mental problems, they need to be helped and cared for.

You didn't ask, but drug use would be penalized as harsh as dealing. Go ahead and smoke that joint, I hope the high lasts 5 years. Snort that coke, I hope the high lasts 20 years, because thaat's how long you're going away for. We'll cut the demand really fast.

C. Little, CARM 57 Comments [3/28/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 134964

Religion is designed to focus the people’s attention and energy on a single, unchanging, uncompromising and invisible supreme being who allegedly created an inferior human race just for some extra companionship and love for himself and then supposedly foisted a set of oppressive and in some cases arbitrary rules on them, which if broken would be met with unimaginable punishment.

This keeps the followers in a continuing state of fear and compliance. They are afraid to question the intentions of this invisible being and they are afraid of even expressing their own individuality in many cases. Christians and others are taught that they have virtually no power to do anything except pray, worship and do good deeds.

They are taught to practice self denial and are told that their own will is totally irrelevant. Religious followers believe that they are yielding their will over to a benevolent cosmic individual who has single-handedly created the whole universe and has their best interests at heart when in fact they are handing over their will and freedoms to hidden groups of religious elites for the elites own personal gains.

It appears that religion must constantly degrade and humiliate its followers in order to glorify and elevate its god. Unfortunately many people appear eager to give away their power to authority and seem to have a need and even a desire to be ruled and disciplined by it.

Worshipping gods is futile and is nothing more than an ancient primitive custom practiced by weak minded and superstitious people. It has no place in the 21st century. The reason we have life in this world is to experience life in this world, not to spend our entire lives studying an old book, looking up to the sky and worshipping an invisible ruler in another realm.

The main method by which Christians in particular are trapped and deceived is with the messiah or saviour story. This is linked to the ‘original sin’ story which is designed to impose a large amount of guilt onto the whole of humanity. The believers are then so grateful that they have been saved by the son of God nearly 2000 years before they were born that in some cases they abandon all reason, logic and good judgment to obey and worship this god and his son.

Anyone who believes this story is indeed lost because to believe that a god would send his only son to help us, only to see his son get tortured and murdered, and then instead of unleashing all his wrath, simply absolve us from all crimes past and present, is pure madness to say the least.

Where is the lesson for us in that? What has been achieved? There is no lesson or purpose because it’s all about mass psychological enslavement and disempowerment. The so called god that we are expected to worship is undoubtedly just a dictator strawman concocted by the religious elites for the purpose of controlling the masses.

If there is a prime creator in this universe then it is unlikely that he would interfere and impose on us by foisting his arbitrary laws, let alone need and demand our frivolous worship and blind obedience. Neither of those things requires any level of mental aptitude or creativity. The intelligence and skills that’s been given to many has gone totally to waste. Many have lowered themselves to the pointless practice of hero worship.

Furthermore, Christianity, Islam and a few other religions are polarized religions. They are polarized against each other. One is believed to be good and the other is seen as bad. The funny thing is, is that each one thinks that their’s is good and the other’s is bad. In most ways they’re both bad. The only good kind of religion is a neutral and all loving one. Polarized religions have been devised by influential elite leaders to play the people off against each other.

That way the elite can defeat and enslave the population practically without lifting a finger. Religion is like a drug to some. And they need a 2000 year old hero to save them - from themselves that is! The churches don’t permit their followers to have any real truth and knowledge because that would empower the people too much so they spoon feed them kiddie stories, half truths, distortions and even lies and the followers value it highly even though they must spend the rest of their lives just making sense of it.

The irony is that religion is pretty much man made, so mankind has really brought this onto themselves. The religious elites are not totally to blame because many people actually enjoy listening to mystical sounding stories, performing rituals, customs and traditions, playing polarity roles and dramas and waging battles against what they perceive to be a devil boogie man. They also have a secret fetish to be dominated and ruled with an iron fist by a supreme ruler or king. After all these centuries people still haven’t learned to take back their power and start taking responsibility for themselves .

An0nym0us1dea, R/Atheism  12 Comments [12/8/2017 7:59:06 AM]
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Quote# 127156

Not channeled! Not witchcraft! Not occult! However, missing scriptures I connect with ascension. I probably should write my own ascension book LOL. Big problem though! Justin talks about science and space. What!? The earth is flat! We live in a dome! Earth pics are fake! LOL. Seriously, I don't see why Christians believe in aliens or space. There's 75 verses implying this, it's on u tube. :) I say aliens are demons. Anyways author has great attitude, loving, excited tone. Yep, he in 5D. God bless!

Goddess Eve, Amazon.com, Review of Beyond Human: Fully Identified in the New Creation by Justin Paul Abraham 23 Comments [5/14/2017 2:12:25 PM]
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Quote# 96025

A Washington father of one who blew up the family dog because he believed it was possessed by the devil will not be charged with animal cruelty because, according to authorities, the dog didn't suffer.

Skamania County deputies arrived at the Sevenson home of Christopher W. Dillingham early Sunday morning following multiple reports of a loud explosion.

Dog parts were found strewn across the 45-year-old's yard.

Deputies say Dillingham, a fireworks stand owner with a lengthy criminal record, blew up a homemade explosive device attached to Cabella's neck because he believed the yellow lab was evil.

Dillingham said his ex-girlfriend, who had given him the dog after her cousin could no longer care for it, "put the devil in it."

He was also in the process of preparing for a nuclear "rapture" and had removed all the metal objects from his home because they were inhabited by "the souls of demons."

Dillingham was ultimately booked on charges of reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device, but not on animal cruelty charges.

Undersheriff Dave Cox explained that a cruelty charge requires proof of animal suffering, which was absent in this case, because the dog's death "was instantaneous."

Skamania County Prosecutor Adam Kick told KPTV it was possible animal cruelty charges will be added later "if the law allows."

Dillingham remains behind bars in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Christopher W Dillingham, Gawker 42 Comments [8/17/2013 6:09:12 AM]
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Quote# 49637

FERNDALE, Mich. - A man assigned "The Crucible" in an adult education English class doused his teacher with a nonflammable liquid and threatened to burn her as a witch, police said.

Darin Najor, 20, ran from the classroom after the attack Sept. 11 and was sent for psychiatric evaluation after telling police "he was trying to kill the witch by pouring holy water over her head," Det. Ken Denmark said.

He was arrested Monday and scheduled for arraignment this month on misdemeanour charges of assault and battery.

"The suspect threw his homework papers on the floor and declared it was all blasphemy," Denmark said. "The next day he came up behind her chanting what sounded like religious verses while she was working at her desk."

Darin Najor, cbc.ca 66 Comments [10/13/2008 9:39:21 PM]
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