Quote# 130557

The Navy always seems to attract this type of person in leadership positions.

This transgender BS has never really been about patriotism as much as it is almost totally about having the military pay for all of their expensive medical treatment and “conversions”.

If you allowed the ones in right now to stay, but informed them that they would no longer receive any trans treatments or drugs then how many do you think would stay? My bet is less that .01%.

If they are that patriotic then let them stay without special concessions, uniforms, or unneeded medical treatments that are not related to general health, combat injuries, or what any normal military male or female would receive.

Time to focus on military readiness for all members as they are biologically configured.

RJS1950, Free Republic 10 Comments [8/14/2017 3:10:32 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130512

My cousin is in prison for knocking up a 12 year old, if that counts. She had the baby. My cousin gets out very soon. While in prison, he's seen his kid.
I felt bad for him because he didn't need to be in prison. The child looses a father, and the money from having a job. The mother lost any help from the father. It was a no win situation.
The family doesn't hate him. The fucked up thing is...and I hate to say this...my grandma knew this was going to happen.

How old was your cousin?


How do you think situations like that should be dealt with other than prison time?

In the case of this matter, it's probably not like what else you'll find. First, I come from a place where we deal with our own problems. We don't look for outside arbitration. Outsiders don't understand our culture, our customs. So, right off, police are usually out of the question.
Second. In this case, and I know this is gonna sound bad. There was nothing to deal with. No crime was commited, so prison was not needed.
My cousion is still the baby's father. The mother went on to have another child...it didn't stop her from fucking anyway. She's not somehow scarred or forever tainted. Life moved on.
In my cusions case, he should have just been forced to work. To pay for his child. Anyhow, there are a lot of other other missing info I cannot began to touch on. But long story short, prison wasn't going to somehow makes things better, but a job would.

What makes you believe that this was not a crime?

Well, techincally speaking it was a crime according to the state. From a personal standpoint, it wasn't because morality is culurally based and what is bad to me ins't bad to the next person, and what is bad to the next person might not be bad to me.
Moral relativism is the view that ethical standards, morality, and positions of right or wrong are culturally based and therefore subject to a person's individual choice. We can all decide what is right for ourselves.

[deleted], reddit 12 Comments [8/13/2017 3:13:21 PM]
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Quote# 130508

There is this assumption about pedophiles that we are all monsters, that we are all out to rape children. It is incorrect. There may be some bad apples, but the vast majority do not want this.
We enjoy children, it is easier for us to connect with them emotionally. We enjoy relationships with them. We do not want to hurt them (for most hurting a child is the last thing they'd do).
Most people attracted to another adult don't want to rape that person. They want the emotional and romantic attachment. Sex is part of that, but not the whole (and not even that big of a part).
Similarly most pedophiles (including myself) want a relationship with a child. We would not rape a child. The sexual attraction is part of it, but not a huge piece. There are a few bad apples in both groups. And with pedophiles consensual sex is still legally rape, which makes it easier to break the law.
Morally I think sex between an adult and child should be legal, as I believe a child is capable of consent (and there is plenty of evidence that many children are sexual). But I follow the law.
However, I do cuddle with children, hug them, tickle them, rough-house with them or hold their hands. There's mountains of evidence that touch is beneficial. As long as it is consensual (and I am very careful to make sure that it is) there is no harm - and plenty of benefit - from these activities. I'm not planning to molest a child (I'm not sexually attracted to many of the children I interact with), just doing things that we can both legally enjoy.

pfta2a, reddit 11 Comments [8/13/2017 3:12:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Menomaru

Quote# 130479

i said it during the election ... i say it again now ..... God and Christ will have no problem using DJT to bring well deserved judgement on this country ..... look at what happened in Va today ..... it is happening in every city and state and locale ...... and this man and his "convocation" is just a symptom of it ...... civil war is coming to 'Merica .......... hope you all enjoyed yourselves in helping to bring it down .......... satan demands "equality" .... because that is all he has ever wanted ... first to be equal to God ..... then when he did not get it, to be above God ........... and this country has fallen for this deception ...... there is no "equality" with things that ARE NOT EQUAL .......................

Amos Moses, Christian News Network 10 Comments [8/13/2017 3:10:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 130526

If you bother to read the rest of the bible, you'll realise two things:

Everyone who refuses to acknowledge Jesus Christ as messiah is antichrist, bu definition.

There is no one "antichrist", it is a spirit that is loose in this world, the spirit of this age ("this age" meaning the entire period from the resurrection of Jesus until He comes again in glory) which IS antichrist.

Of COURSE moslems are of antichrist. So are hindu, jain, shinto, humanist, and even many groups commonly accepted as"christian" who refuse to abide by the clear commandments God has taken the trouble to spell out in His Word.

tionico, WND 15 Comments [8/14/2017 3:52:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130559

His BODY HAS “expressed” his gender. It is in every cell of his body, including every cell of his brain. It is reflected in his body construction, from body size and mass to genitalia, to rate of production of hormones & hormonal balance, to even the minute ways event the brain demonstrates gender differences.

That the child has identity dysphoria expressed in an error driven obsession that they are not the gender they in fact are, and that the school rightly sees it that way is not “abuse” by the school.

The true abusers are the parents who are entertaining a childish obsession they would best help their child to get rid of.

An obsession is an emotional form of addiction.

Do you entertain an addict’s addiction, because doing so is easier for you and the addict than the difficult road of ending the addiction? No. If true help is what you want to do then you work to help them get over the addiction; you do not become enablers of it. The kids parents are the true abusers.

Wuli, Free Republic 5 Comments [8/14/2017 3:10:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 130454

(Commenting on a YouTube video posted entitled "Transgender Activist: Men Should Find Us Attractive - Men Are Bigots? - Tucker Carlson" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFzrqCnbGM It's hard to know where to start with this post when the ignorance and bigotry run so deep...)


Are the people getting crazier or WHAT??

Why in the world would these men thing that straight men would want them?

That would make the straight men GAY!!

I would never be part of the deception that they demand of us. Can you imagine me introducing a male friend of mine to a transsexual male and not telling him that this was really a male dressed up as a female.

I would no doubt lose my male friends trust. This male cannot give the other male a baby.

Imagine if I introduce a female friend to a transsexual female and not telling her that this was really a female dressed up as a male.

My friend would be furious with me that I deceived her. After all that female can't give her a baby either.

I refused to be commanded to go along with any of this.

Remember the member you had on the board that go so mad at me because I wouldn't call him a she?

I took a lot of flack for that, but I told this person the very same thing I said above about NOT deceiving my friends.


dlo_3us2001, Realabortiondebate 12 Comments [8/12/2017 1:08:14 PM]
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Quote# 130517

Sid, the Holy Spirit has convicted them but their response is, sadly, suicide rather than repentance. They use emotional blackmail against weak and gullible church leaders who are fooled by political correctness and "inclusion". When Jesus said that anyone who does not deny themselves, carry their cross and repent, cannot be His disciple, He wasn't being inclusive. However, when He told all who are heavy laden to come to Him for
rest, that's inclusion. The word has been twisted so as to excuse unrepentance. Jesus excludes the unrepentant. Thank God for your posts.

Peter Bell, Premier Christianity  5 Comments [8/14/2017 3:51:45 AM]
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Quote# 130521

"Mom... Dad... I know you find it almost impossible to accept the fact I've chosen a new lifestyle and I know this isn't what you wanted for me as I was growing up. I know you've never accepted homosexuality as a 'Blessed' lifestyle choice and I completely understand how heart-breaking it is for you to know I've turned my back on everything you believe. Nevertheless I love you and will stay with you no matter what your reaction is"
The most Common two stories I hear are "My parents were terrific and I had no problems"
"My parents threw me out of the house and I hate them"
It's all or nothing with homosexuals... "Accept me or I'll hate you forever and I'll never try to understand how I've broken your hearts!"
(I've a funny feeling you KNOW I'm right!)

Victor Cardiss, Premier Christianity 15 Comments [8/14/2017 3:52:04 AM]
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Quote# 130501

All right “Idriss” you typical arse-lifter whose English isn’t up to par in addition to that you can’t believe that Islam is bad anyway!!!

How on earth can you believe that Islam is “good” when I read Chapter 9 of your FILTHY, BLOODTHIRSTY Qu’rân and behold the following (9:5) for example: “Fight and slay the infidels wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war!”

In other words, you so DESPISE and HATE us that you have to attack us without provocation, without reason even if we’ve NOT DONE A THING but assert OUR VALUES, OUR CULTURE, OUR BELIEFS and what WE CHERISH in our own lands??? HOW DARE you believe you’re superior merely because that Antichrist and DEVIL Mohammed told you so???

Listen, you FILTHY inbred Moslem LIAR, RAPIST, MURDERER, GENOCIDE and everything else (if not in deed than in your desires because you so IDOLISE Mohammed, who was guilty of EVERYTHING of that sort and a whole lot more!!!!): it’s because we have read much or all of the Qu’rân, Hadith and Sira – not to mention how you EVIL Moslems have shown yourselves for who and what you are over 1,400 years – that we HATE and LOATHE you with EVERY LAST MOLECULE of our bodies and minds!!!!

By that we know what you try to do of trickery and war, that’s why we have learned who and what you are – and it’s because of that that we must hate BOTH your SATANICALLY-EVIL ideology AND you yourselves because of how you’ve accepted the BONDAGE OF SATAN calling himself “allah”!!!

As to God Having a Son, I’ll proudly answer you via the Nicene Creed:

“I believe in One God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth and of everything visible and invisible;
“and in One Lord Jesus Christ the Only-Begotten Son of God, Eternally Begotten of the Father BEFORE ALL worlds: God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God: Begotten, NOT made, being of ONE SUBSTANCE with the Father…”

This is what Christians believe – and Jesus Proved Himself over 600 years MORE than your Mohammed to be a WHOLE LOT BETTER in every conceivable regard!!!!

Those of us who are REAL Christians or REAL Jews unashamedly LOVE women, dogs, pigs, apes and EVERYBODY PLUS EVERYTHING ELSE Our Heavenly Father Created – and we remember that He Created EVERYTHING PERFECTLY!!! We welcome them all as He Made them AS HE DID!!!

What do you EVIL Moslems do??? You mutilate your women’s genitals, you make them get ill by not even being allowed to go outside other than in cloth-coffins (and if you had your way, you would imprison them 24 hours a day inside the home as mere baby-makers – and if ever artificial wombs come into being, you’d kill them off as unnecessary!!!!). You WANTONLY DESTROY AND KILL whoever and whatever isn’t “Islamic” – and yet you say that it’s “good” instead of the God-mocking, hating, despising EVIL that Islam, your Mohammed AND YOURSELVES ALL ARE?????

That’s why we PROUD INFIDELS say, with all our minds, hearts and bodies:


ADHD, Bare Naked Islam 11 Comments [8/13/2017 8:54:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 128408

NOTE: This was posted not on Lady Checkmate's "Faith & Religion" channel but instead the "news" channel she runs on Disqus.

(Commenting on story "The lies gays want you to believe: "Consenting Adults," but what about the children?"):

Lady Checkmate:

Myth 1: Homosexuality is only between consenting adults....ignore the children at the parades and all night drag shows.

Myth 2: There are no homosexual pedophiles: all pedophiles are straight, even if they rape children of the same sex. (They ignore the single adults as well as the married gay couples who rape children of the same sex and then attempt to explain away their depravity as if their pedophilia is ok because they just can't control themselves and often accuse the children of seducing them.

Children are being exploited, sexualized, groomed, abused, and introduced to homosexual sexual play and adults are allowing it because they're afraid to offend a group of adults who are targeting children.
Consider actions and events like those currently happening: an eight-year-old drag queen performing for a group of adult homosexuals, gay parades where children are exposed to adult nudity, S&M, simulated sex acts, etc., Canada passing a law that would remove children form their parents if the parents don't support the gay life style, the 40/50 year-old drag queen who put on a sexually-charged performance/crawling on the floor and flicking his tongue at an elementary school's talent show in lingerie, the gay "couple" who raped elementary and middle school boys as a "couple", etc. and note that under normal circumstances they would be illegal.


LC, it is fear mongering without any scientific or common sense substantiation. Fear mongering feeds on those who indeed, are most vulnerable through ignorance. They are easily "led" by other insecure individuals. There is no correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia . . .in fact it is the opposite. There is a correlation, however, between religious rigidity and skewed sexuality issues including pedophilia and child molestation. I'm sorry people are so needlessly fearful and life is so burdensome. We pray for them and their lack of trust in the Lord.


Are primarily (but not always) male, masculine, better-educated, more religious than average, in their thirties, and choose jobs allowing them greater access to children.
Are usually family men, have no criminal record, and deny that they abuse children, even after caught, convicted, incarcerated, and court-ordered into a sex offender program. The marriage is often troubled by sexual dysfunction, and serves as a smokescreen for the pedophile’s true preferences and practices.

Lady Checkmate:

You are an arrogant fool professing himself to be wise.
You put alot of stock into college degrees (mocking red necks/hill billies/southern blacks/etc.). (edited) What you need is common sense, humility and a heart to seek and obey God (and to protect children).
I rarely agree with you, obviously, but this time your advocating for child rapists is too much to ignore. I do not value the thoughts nor opinions of pedophile apologists and you will answer to God for your lies and abuse against children.
*Do not ever comment to me again. Move on. I do not value your opinion and will not interact with you as a human being.
Anyone who protects and defends child rapists deserves nothing.

Lady Checkmate, Disqus - News Network 17 Comments [6/22/2017 2:58:20 PM]
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Quote# 130475

i hope every cop, particularly LGBT cops, gets murdered. also, ace people are straight.

sobercommunist, tumblr 15 Comments [8/13/2017 3:10:07 PM]
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Quote# 130509

Orthodox Jewish group sues town to keep religious markers
The Associated Press

August 12, 2017 1:03 PM

An Orthodox Jewish community group has sued a New Jersey town that has moved to block the group from building a religious boundary made up of white plastic piping through town.

The Bergen Rockland Eruv Association and two New York residents filed the federal lawsuit Friday against the town of Mahwah. They say the town is violating their constitutional and civil rights.

Some Orthodox Jews consider the boundary, called an eruv, as being needed to allow them to do things like carry keys and push strollers on the Sabbath.

Mahwah officials, though, say the markers violate local laws that prohibit signs on trees, rocks and utility poles, and they will start issuing summonses next week if it isn't removed. They haven't commented on the lawsuit.

The town lies about 33 miles (53 kilometers) northwest of New York City.

"The object, motivation and effect of the actions of the township is to suppress the religious practices of the plaintiffs and certain other Jews who reside in Airmont and other parts of Rockland County (in New York)," the lawsuit states. "The eruv presents no aesthetic, safety, traffic, fiscal or other concern to Mahwah."

Eruvs are set up in communities of Orthodox Jews across the country, including one made of fishing line that stretches along utility poles for 18 miles around New York City. Some have led to disputes, including a six-year legal fight in Tenafly, New Jersey, which was forced to pay a Jewish group more than $300,000 in legal fees and allow them to keep their eruv up.

The Jewish community's supporters say the incursion into Mahwah is only because the layout of utility poles doesn't form an enclosure around the Rockland County border.

In a unanimous vote Thursday, the Mahwah Town Council voted to begin issuing summonses Aug. 18 if the piping is not removed. But Yehudah Buchweitz, an attorney representing the South Monsey Eruv Fund, a subsidiary of the Bergen Rockland Eruv Association, told The Record that the eruv will remain despite the threat of summonses.

"There's no law that I'm aware of that actually prohibits the lechis," Buchweitz said, referring to the pipes that make up the eruv.

Mayor Bill Laforet has asked the council to hold off on issuing summonses and instead create a negotiating window with the eruv group. Laforet said a legal fight could prove costly for the town.

The dispute comes as Mahwah reconsiders a new law limiting its parks and playgrounds to New Jersey residents.

That measure came about after town residents complained of families with New York license plates using a park near the state border, but the county's prosecutor ordered the police not to enforce it after Mahwah's police chief raised concerns that people reporting violations were targeting Jews.

The eruv expansion and park ordinance follows years of growth among the Orthodox Jewish population in southern Rockland County in New York. There have also been complaints around the region of aggressive solicitation by real estate brokers looking to buy homes for the Jewish community in the suburbs of New York City and around New Jersey as real estate in New York becomes too expensive.

Bergen Rockland Eruv Association, McClatchy 12 Comments [8/13/2017 3:13:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Thanos6

Quote# 130453

Sexual vampires are real. And far too many people are having their life's energy drained from them due to ungodly sexual encounters they had with people that were under a strong demonic influence.

The Bible warns us that the thief (Satan and demonic spirits) come to steal, kill and destroy. This is not a joke. There are dark demonic spirits loose in this world that are constantly seeking for their next unwitting victim.

Perhaps that victim is you. You've tied your body and your soul to something evil; and now that evil has started manifesting in your life in ways you've never imagined.

Jesus wants to set us free from every form of darkness in our lives. But more often than not His liberating power is being rejected by those who need it most due to ignorance, misleading teachings on the subject of sexual sin, or through willful neglect and rejection of His power.

It's time to rid yourself of those sexual vampires today! You need to read the ebook "Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds." Get it ASAP! Do not delay!

Your eternal freedom could very well depend on the powerful message in this ebook.

Available now at edendecoded.com/books/hedonism

Mack Major, Facebook 16 Comments [8/12/2017 1:08:01 PM]
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Quote# 130532

Yes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, especially when people try to impose their good intentions on others. Liberal Judaism is pure evil, as is the rest of modern liberal culture.

fschmidt, Reddit 11 Comments [8/14/2017 3:53:21 AM]
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Quote# 130513


This design features the symbol of the 969 Movement, which is a nationalist movement opposed to Islam’s expansion in predominantly-Buddhist Burma which is led by Ashin Wirathu, a nationalist Burmese Buddhist monk and spiritual leader.

The 969 Movement is a social movement to preserve the cultural traditions of Buddhism in Buddhist countries and organizes campaigns in support of mutual aid to Buddhists.

The design is composed of the triple lion figure used by the ancient Buddhist King Ashoka, and the characters are the Burmese numbers for 969, which symbolize the virtues of the Buddha, Buddhist practices and the Buddhist community. The first 9 stands for the nine special attributes of the Lord Buddha and the 6 for the six special attributes of his Dharma, or Buddhist Teachings, and the last 9 represents the nine special attributes of Buddhist Sangha (monastic community). Those special attributes are the Three Jewels of the Buddha. In the past, the Buddha, Sangha, Dhamma, the wheel of Dhamma, and "969" were Buddhist signs.

Right Wing Death Squad, Right Wing Death Squad 2 Comments [8/14/2017 3:51:32 AM]
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Quote# 123158

The plain truth is women are meant to be dominated by males, and if a woman wears provocative clothing, if she does not behave in a modest manner, then if a male desires her, then a male may in fact rape her to take what he wishes from her. This doesn’t mean her family cannot exact revenge on the rapist if they have the strength to do so, but if they do not, then the family and the woman simply has to accept the fact that a man chose to lay with her, she could not stop him, and to just get over it. It is just SEX. It is not perverted. It is just sex and through the centuries women have had to deal with the real danger of being raped; this is NOT a new concept.

Navigator, Yahoo! Answers 22 Comments [12/21/2016 10:03:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 130528

(Comment on "Femoids do not even think or have brains at all.")

Most men are the same. Not more than 1% of men can think.

fschmidt, /r/IncelReddit 12 Comments [8/14/2017 3:52:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 130440

Grant Stinchfield, Twitter 3 Comments [8/13/2017 3:08:34 PM]
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Quote# 130514

*reblog this post if you’ve been driven to breakdowns, anxious or depressive episodes, and/or suicidal feelings because of ace exclusionists*


reblog THIS post if you’ve ever had INclusionists threaten suicide/self-harm (btw, considered a pretty serious tactic of emotional abuse) over discourse

pissedpoz, Tumblr 1 Comments [8/14/2017 3:51:36 AM]
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Quote# 130476

Man Thrown in Jail Over Traffic Ticket, Neglected for 17 days and Died.
Macomb County sheriffs picked up Stojcevski in 2014 after he failed to pay a $772 traffic ticket for careless driving. Stojcevski was placed in a jail cell and later a mental health cell, even though a nurse who evaluated Stojcevski suggested putting him in a drug detox unit.
Prior to his jail stint, Stojcevski was being treated for his drug addiction with methadone, Xanax, and Klonopin to stave off withdrawal symptoms, which can be deadly. Even a basic knowledge of these drugs and addiction suggests that suddenly yanking Stojcevski off of his medication would cause withdrawal — and that's exactly what happened when jail officials didn't give him the drugs.

Over 17 days, Stojcevski displayed typical withdrawal symptoms. He didn't eat, likely due to withdrawal-induced nausea. He shook and appeared to experience seizures. He seemed to hallucinate, reenacting a previous fight with an inmate. On his last two days, he laid on the floor, shaking and in clear distress.

During all this time, staffers rarely tended to Stojcevski's needs, even though his cell was under surveillance 24 hours a day. As he lay on the floor shaking and not eating his food over 48 hours, no one showed up to help until the very end. But it was too late — he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

So a former druggie gets caught for careless driving and dies from withdrawal in jail. It shouldn't have happened but it's kind of hard for me to care about someone who did the kind of illegal drugs that require methadone to come off of.

Oh yeah demonize addicts who can't help it since they've become addicted.

Their choice, these are the consequences. Anyone who believes drugs aren't addictive is a fool.

I knew a woman who was addicted to Crack after her brother forced her to use it.

So that must be true with every crack head am I right? And god forbid she call the cops on his ass and seeks medical help instead of following his habits.

We don't live in a country with an abundance of programs to help addicts. When they're caught they're thrown in jail.

No but we do have an abundance of programs that teach kids DON'T DO DRUGS! When you choose to do something you were taught as a child was bad it's really hard for me to feel sympathy for you.

I see. So you'd say you hate these people so much, you'd make it so that they die?

No, read a few posts after that. I wouldn't make them die, I just don't feel sorry when they do. He shouldn't have died while in the care of the state.

templar 331, mmo-champion 9 Comments [8/12/2017 10:10:51 PM]
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Quote# 130488

I wouldn't call the Revolution truly won at that point, I believe that the Revolution could only truly be considered wholly won if full postmodern consciousness has been achieved in all parts of the world. By this, I mean full education and implementation of policies involving class, race, gender, sexuality, ability, and scientific consciousness. In short, a complete upheaval of centuries of bourgeoisie and reactionary contamination across the world, International Revolution. If there are still Capitalists, then the Revolution's goals have not been achieved. The issue would need to be rectified, one way or another.

In a sense, it is a contradiction to say that there is such a thing as peaceful rebellion for a Capitalist, because they are advocating for an ideology that is fundamentally violent, fundamentally harmful. It does not matter if they are shooting people in the streets or passing around pamphlets, both are violent actions. It is merely a question of the varying severity of violence. By making attempts to reinstate a violent system, they are perpetrators of violence. Therefore, it does not change how I would deal with them. It is very important that we never go back to the days of wage slavery and racism, and I am willing to use any means at my disposal to preserve the Revolution and advance it.

I've actually thought of this at length, how I would deal with counterrevolutionary elements after the Vanguard has achieved enough power to begin bringing about full postmodern consciousness. In the first phases, it would be fairly easy to deal with counterrevolutionary elements since there will be plenty of blatant counterrevolutionary paramilitaries still lurking around, they can be eliminated using a mix conventional and counterinsurgency methods. This would be the most straightforward, and perhaps the least morally grey phases of defending the Revolution. It would also be a time of asserting the Vanguard's legitimacy and willingness to defend its authority and defend the proletariat from counterrevolution.

However, as OP mentioned, there would still be plenty of counterrevolutionaries who hide it better, or choose, "Safer" means of opposition. Still, there are obviously factors that would make someone more likely to be a counterrevolutionary than others, such as being white, such as being or associating with former land owners, former law enforcement, former military of the old regime who chose not to fight with the proletariat. My personal policy is that the burden of proof will lay on them to show loyalty to the Vanguard and to the principles of the pursuit of the postmodern, or they will face purging, sentencing to labor camps, etc.

Yes, it is a very harsh policy, I acknowledge that, but it is beneficial in the end. Attempts at Revolution that were afraid to use violence have historically failed. It's either the loss of those who would harm others, or the loss of many more who are Revolutionaries, who could live to see postmodern consciousness emerge, who will birth the next generations who will experience even more victories and even more prosperity. It is important that no one have to live under the tyranny of bourgeoisie or reactionary influences.

I acknowledge that it would be difficult to truly root out every counterrevolutionary, but I have given thought to that as well. This is part of the reason why I advocate for totalitarianism to some extent when it comes to defending the Revolution and establishing postmodern consciousness. There is certainly a risk of the Vanguard becoming degenerated, but I of course have developed countermeasures against even that, which is a story for another time. Totalitarianism, like many things, is a tool, a means to and end.

Arguably, totalitarianism is a very risky means to an end, and a morally ambiguous one. However, totalitarianism would perhaps be the most effective way of prevent a counterrevolutionary Blanquist scenario from arising, a counterrevolutionary Deep State, if you will. Surveillance, social engineering, psychotronics, mental orthodoxy, etc. will be, obviously temporary measures to root out any remaining conspirators, hopefully. I would like to go more into detail, but I don't want to digress too far.

Education will be what eventually allows these Orwellian measures to truly be temporary, and that's a promise by the way, I have no intentions of locking the proletariat into a controlled environment for longer than is necessary. Education will be the main tool, education of all people in not only academic pursuits, but in the horrors of the times before. The rhetorical and mental destruction of all oppressive institutions and concepts from the next generations; education on the perils of whiteness, of sexism, of the gender binary, of the class system, etc.

The totalitarianism part would go hand in hand with this here, social engineering. People will be encouraged to race mix, to form their own nontraditional identities involving their gender, sexuality, and other aspects. In a few generations, there would no need for totalitarianism due to the complete deconstruction, and the arrival of the postmodern consciousness. New generations would further the cause of the Vanguard elsewhere.

In conclusion, that would be how I will deal with these quote on quote, "Peaceful rebels." Some may consider my methods deeply Orwellian, deeply Draconian, but I assert that they will no doubt still be effective. It is important that we consider the bigger picture, don't be someone who can't see the forest for the trees. Remember, there is a world to win, a grand cause that ascends any other consideration. I leave you with that, comrades, enemies, and future comrades.

Telochi, r/CapitalismVSocialism 6 Comments [8/13/2017 8:50:14 AM]
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Quote# 130425

(On the preschool series Gina D's Kids Club)

Show Seems to Push Darwinism / Evolution
Given that this is supposed to be a Christian TV show aimed at Christian kids, I was disturbed to see Darwinism / Evolution being subtly supported on the show, on at least one episode. While there are some Christian parents who subscribe to Theistic Evolution, there are still plenty of Christians who take the Genesis creation account in the Bible literally (meaning, we believe that God created earth and all its life forms in six days consisting of 24 hours each, and God did not use macro-evolution to do so). I was channel surfing and caught this 'Gina D Kid's Club' show where they were doing a cartoon sketch that mentioned dinosaurs. There was a song playing as the dinosaurs were shown, and the lyrics of the song mentioned that the dinosaurs were "millions of years old." As someone who is a Y.E.C. (Young Earth Creationist) Christian, I don't believe that dinosaurs are (or the earth is) "millions of years old." I found it a little disturbing that a Christian show aimed at kids would push the old-earth-age / Evolution view. As for the rest of the show, it seems harmless enough. However, as is true (sadly) with most Christian produced shows and movies, a bit sub-par. The special effects, animation and so on, are not as high quality as you'd expect to see from Hollywood or the major networks. You feel as though you're watching a second-class type show, one that was made on somewhat of a shoe-string budget. The lady host seems pleasant, but some of her human and puppet side kicks are either unoriginal, uninspiring, and/or annoying, especially the Australian character (played by a human actor in costume; he's not a puppet, and he speaks with an exaggerated Aussie accent).

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I don't think people realise what we're dealing with here, these people would kill you and your whole family if they got the chance


2/ Yet you're moaning about optics and some guy who may have had a nazi flag or some antifa idiot who got run over?


3/ They kill you, your wife, your children and they'd morally justify it because any nationalists are "nazis" to them.


4/ They want you dead, they want you in the fucking ground, they want your lineage wiped from the planet. Stop being pussies.


5/ They openly wave their communist flags, they openly state their intentions and you're worried about our fucking optics?


6/ These idiots killed 100 million last century and they're going to do it again given half the chance, this is not a fucking game.


7/ This is a civilisational struggle for the essence of western civilisation against an eternal enemy of 3000 years who WILL kill you.


8/ So stop being a pussy and moaning because someone got run over, step over it. They. Would. Kill. Your. Children!


9/ You're no more important and twice more hated to them than the millions they murdered in the middle east in the last 20 years.


10/ Obviously I'm talking about the "globalists". Their antifa pawns are just their hussars.

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What exactly are the people fighting the altright challenging? They're literally pawns of international capitalism, they're idiots

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