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Walt Heyer knows firsthand what it’s like to undergo sex change surgery and then regret it. After living as a woman for nearly a decade, he decided to accept his biological sex and de-transition back to male. By then, Walt had received intensive cognitive therapy that helped him recognize early childhood trauma he had experienced.
The trauma resulted in a mental condition known as dissociative identity disorder (DID). In the clarity of that realization, his gender dysphoria simply vanished. His life as a “woman” all amounted to an attempt to escape reality. Sadly, too few people consider the possibility that gender dysphoria can manifest as a byproduct or symptom of other mental conditions, and most certainly of DID. (More on that below.)

Walt suffered huge waves of regret as a result of following through with his urge to be a woman. He had eagerly taken the bait of politicized medical practitioners, who hurried him along in the transition. He not only regretted what he had done to his body, he also grieved over the estrangement from his wife and children caused by his drastic change in identity.

There was collateral damage to other personal relationships as well. He also regretted the lost decade of his life in which he lived in the persona of a woman.

Heyer’s New Book Shines Light on Trans Life Survivors
Heyer has written several books on transgender regret, but his sixth and newest book, “Trans Life Survivors,” is not his personal story. It’s a compilation of the stories of many others caught up in today’s “transmania.” They specifically sought out Walt to get some much-needed support. They’ve shared their lonely, surreal experiences falling down the trans rabbit hole, hoping to escape as he did.

Walt’s correspondents describe a wide range of frustrating and confusing experiences. Some are nudged into transgenderism by social pressures and emotional manipulation. Many are hastily sent into surgery without adequate counseling (or any counseling at all), or are misdiagnosed. Some of those regret their decision very shortly after having irreversible surgery.

Many concerns about childhood traumas are ignored by therapists who are politically motivated to push as many patients as possible into sex change. They also fear intense ostracism and vicious backlash from the trans community if they “come out” as a potential de-transitioner.

Walt wrote “Trans Life Survivors,” he says, because he wants others “to catch a glimpse of the raw emotions and experiences of people who are harmed by the grand – and dangerous – experiment of cross-sex hormones and surgical affirming procedures.”

Helping Others Escape the Trans Rabbit Hole
For many years, Heyer’s website was virtually the only place for a trans regretter to get some relief from the social and political pressures crashing down. Many of his readers express a joyful sense of liberation in knowing that they are not all alone.

Much of their isolation is caused by our society’s slavish obedience to political correctness, which dictates that there is “no such thing” as transgender regret. Even worse, the transgender lobby is making it very difficult for such people to get the counseling they desperately want and need.

They’ve set up roadblocks in the form of new laws that virtually ban standard cognitive therapy for people who diagnose themselves with gender dysphoria, particularly those who are undecided about their path or actually regret it after the fact. Any legitimate form of talk therapy—therapy that allows for real Q-and-A that doesn’t necessarily result in affirmation of gender dysphoria—has been smeared with the label “conversion therapy.”
Regretters are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They are not unlike recruits in a dangerous cult who sense that something is amiss, but feel trapped in a Hotel California (or even a Jonestown).

So “Trans Life Survivors” is a godsend for people struggling with trans regret, no matter what stage of transition or de-transition they are in. The book highlights 30 stories gleaned from among the many hundreds Heyer has received from his readers. Many more transgender people have contacted Walt over the years. Walt has been trying valiantly to keep up with the increasing volume of contacts.

His readers are grateful to find a place they can get real and rare information about how changing their identity might affect them down the road—or, increasingly, how they can de-transition once they realize how unhappy the process has made them.

Just Imagine How Regretting a Sex Change Would Feel

Can you imagine what it must be like to tell a therapist of your experience being abused as a child, which you offer as a possible explanation for your dysphoria, only to have the psychiatrist totally ignore that aspect of your past and instead push you to sex-change procedures as the only way to overcome your angst?
Imagine that you then defer to and trust the professional’s expertise, and you accept the treatment. Then, can you imagine, after going through all of that—the hormones, the mutilating surgeries, etc.—you realize it just didn’t work? You end up asking yourself: What did I do? Why did I go ahead with this? Then the trans lobby tells you it’s all your fault, you should have known better, and you’re not really trans anyway, so shut up.

That’s Billy’s story. But his story has a good ending that inspires regretters who have lost hope. Billy de-transitioned, fell in love, and ended up marrying a woman with children. This echoes Walt’s own life experience after de-transitioning. He too fell in love and married an amazing woman. They live a very joyful, rich, and fulfilling spiritual life together as Christians.

Such happy endings and strong relationships might seem unlikely to those who think they’ve hit rock bottom. But those results are real, and they are a source of much hope to those who yearn to de-transition, but who feel “abandoned, ostracized, outcast, and alone,” like Kevin, who reported that his sex-change was the biggest mistake of his life. Only God knows how many regretters Walt has steered away from suicide and towards renewed life.

Hard-to-Find Resources
In “Trans Life Survivors,” you’ll also read about “Blair,” who holds a Guinness World Record for most gender-reassignment surgeries: 167 surgeries to make him feel more like a woman. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. But we can easily suspect in his case the existence of surgical predators who take advantage of vulnerable people. Many others, like Michael, recognize that it’s all “a sick money-making industry.”

Others who have communicated with Walt include parents whose children are being pressured into gender transition by public school officials, social media, and pop culture. “Trans Life Survivors” also includes chapters on the medical realities of sex change as well as the politicization of medicine and psychiatry that locks people into a transgender identity.

The book ends with a useful listing of further resources for those who seek to find a way out. Such resources are very hard to come by, so the book is truly a public service.

Suppressed Support For Those De-Transitioning
After the novelty of the transition wears off—and it very often does—the regretter is stuck in a never-never land of keeping up facades and pretenses. Many report that the constant charade is emotionally draining and casts a pall over life. But if they express a desire to change back, their friends in the trans community often become angry and reject and isolate them.

Walt cites numerous studies confirming that most cases of gender dysphoria co-exist with other mental conditions.
Being shunned by one’s own community is painful. Eric wrote: “I’m trying to come out as a regretter, and I’m finding the community backlash to be difficult and the lack of medical support to be troubling.”

Walt knows that feeling very well. The transgender lobby has come out hard against him when he has spoken publicly about his personal experiences. In addition to smearing him with various epithets such as “religious nut” or “transphobic,” the lobby has worked hard to de-platform him.

Media Matters went into panic mode and ran a smear article when Walt gave a persuasive interview to CNN’s Carol Costello after Olympian Bruce Jenner’s 2015 transition. (Walt’s instincts tell him that Jenner regrets his decision, but is hopelessly stuck in the cultish trap of the limelight. I believe he’s right about that.)
Eric reported an unsettling lack of medical support. Walt cites numerous studies confirming that most cases of gender dysphoria co-exist with other mental conditions, such as DID, bipolar disorder, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. If those other conditions were first treated through cognitive therapy, there’s no telling how much that would alleviate gender dysphoria without any need for invasive surgeries and hormonal treatments.
But this seems to be a well-guarded secret by political and media activists with a stake in promoting identity politics in general, and gender ideology in particular. Why? Probably because it could solve their problems, and their problems are the bread-and-butter of identity politics.

Free Speech Is More Important than Ever
The pressure can be even worse when dealing with the government agencies that supposedly respect the right to choosing one’s sex. Walt spent about 30 years—making eight to ten attempts—before he finally got a judge in California to reinstate the word “male” on his birth certificate. Despite all that, the transgender lobby insists Walt was never really transgender in the first place! Yet, strangely, they accept his diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder.

Would they allow people with gender dysphoria to seek out therapies that actually explore its psychological source?

The key question is this: Would Walt’s accusers allow others the same therapy, allowing them clarity to sort out whether their gender dysphoria is a part of a co-existing condition? After all, when claiming that Walt was “never transgender” they often point out and accept his diagnosis of DID. The Media Matters story cited above did just that.

So would they allow people with gender dysphoria to seek out therapies that actually explore its psychological source? And then allow their condition to be treated so their gender dysphoria might actually vanish without facades and surgeries?

Obviously not, since this goes against the trans activists’ claim that there’s such a thing as a woman’s brain trapped in a man’s body, and vice versa. Real cognitive therapy threatens to collapse that house of cards.
The ban on so-called conversion therapy is really a ban on all talk therapy that doesn’t affirm self-diagnosed gender dysphoria. Any therapist who so much as questions a patient’s yearning to be the other sex risks losing his or her license, or worse.

If the patient has nagging questions, therapists cannot even entertain those questions without putting license and job at risk, since the interpretation of what constitutes “conversion therapy” is so loose. It’s all up to trans activists and their legislative machinery. Psychotherapists are increasingly aware that they are now legally required to play along with each and every self-diagnosed case of gender dysphoria presented to them, or face legal consequences.

De-Transitioners Are Simply on a Journey Home
When one speaks of “going home” in the poetic sense, it has nothing to do with abuses or dysfunction that one might have experienced, leading to gender dysphoria. Being “home” simply means having a sense of being in the right place, living out your God-given purpose in your God-given body. It means being comfortable in your own skin so you can enjoy the view outward instead of constant navel-gazing.

When you don’t have that joy, or if you’ve lost it along the way, a different sort of dysphoria sets in. It can go by the name homesickness.

At some point in our maturity, we realize that joy and adventure don’t have to be in some alien place. When you go looking for your heart’s desire, to paraphrase Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz,” there is much to discover right in your own backyard.

In fact, there is probably even more excitement in discovering the true reality of who you are than in pursuing shiny objects, trying to pretend to be someone else, and then trying to force everybody around you to cater to that persona. How exhausting.

The Joy Outweighs the Sorrow
As scary as de-transitioning might seem, once the possibility of it is validated by someone like Heyer, who’s been there and done that, there is a great joy in it, no matter the physical disfigurement or the years wasted.
At some point, like Dorothy, you realize that there really is no place like home.

Trent explained this when he wrote that he was very much looking forward to having his breast implants removed and getting men’s clothes back into his wardrobe: “It’s really been so exciting going back to who I really am!” He also noted: “Hidden deep underneath the make-up and female clothing was the little boy carrying the hurts from traumatic childhood events and he was making himself known. Being a female turned out to be only a cover up, not healing.”

Such attempted cover-ups are analogous to reaching for a mirage. In this case we might say it’s a rainbow-like mirage. Regretters are not unlike Dorothy—and all of us—who sang wistfully searching for a place “over the rainbow” where our troubles melt away. But the rainbow always recedes as you try to reach it. And it’s ephemeral, disappearing with varying conditions.

At some point, like Dorothy, you realize that there really is no place like home. You can finally see the magic, the warmth, in the seemingly mundane. But regretters first need to escape the isolation and the loneliness foisted on them by a culture that rejects their condition.

As Walt notes, they need support to make this trek, as did he: “Regretters going back need people around them to lend strength for the journey – people willing to listen with love, speak healing words, provide emotional, legal and financial assistance and cheer them on to their homecoming.”

“Trans Life Survivors” serves as a road map to make that journey back home.

Stella Morabito, The Federalist 10 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:46 AM]
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Quote# 141864

Lucid, deep, cogent, timely. Like Pepe always.

In the 1950s, fresh with Sputnik the Soviets were bragging to bury capialism 6 feet under, Mao wisely advised his people that America was a paper tiger. And that was loooong before the Vietnam rout, 9/11, Iraq misdeed, Af-Pak quagmire, financial meltdown, and Trump.

China can not lose as it has an unlikely 5th column in the West - the Jews. While China had to limit its population by law, Whites in Capitalist West are dying from within. The 2,000 year old Jewish hate of Christians has in modern times allowed them to infect Christianity with pornography available to kids in their primary schools.

Jews started this 100 billion $ industry using their male performers on Catholic school girls, and has so demeaned the white women that no white man wants them as mothers anymore. Hence the deep population decline among European/American whites. How can America win without young men to fight as neither the Latinos nor Blacks nor Muslims in the West want to fight the White's wars.

But these are times to make money. Trump will artificially keep the $ strong till his 2020 win, but will then make it plummet. He wants the Apples to move back home, but the only way America can compete in the world is by dropping its wages to 1/4th of what they are in real terms today. So it is time to short the $ - borrow heavily in America and invest in Asia now, for your money to quadruple in 2 years, without even trying. Go for it.

Syed Fazal Abbas, Asia Times 11 Comments [1/7/2019 4:58:04 AM]
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Quote# 141892

Islamic Slavery is secretly desired by the progressives of USA and Europe, and is a vengeance plan for the Holocaust.

That way pedophiles in Democratic Party and the various celebrities can get their child slaves, and finally a society where they can flaunt their perversion and get away with it as long as they pay jizya with no one to rebel.

The women who openly clamor for "welcoming refugees" are under the influence of their feminine hormonal urges of submission, hoping for a Muslim owner and finally an alpha male apart from local soyboys.

The weak men that are progressive simply do it out of self destructive slow suicidal thoughts, like the american white girl who only dates black because she hates her own skin due to indoctrination.

It's a planned event, slow infiltration to disrupt the society and ethnogroup of Indigenous Europe.

The reasons are very simple. Islam expands, and its enablers, progressives (most of them Jews), do it out of hatred, and typical Semitic underhandedness.

Operation Naqam just changed its cover. Instead of poisoning water, entire Europe is being genetically corrupted.

StellarisJunkie (aka Pepe AKA the Turkish Jewish Nazi Frog), r/unpopularopinion 7 Comments [1/7/2019 1:41:53 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 58387

As a creationist I have studied biology, geology, astronomy, physics, history, logic, theology, and many other assorted subjects. Yet I am still called stupid, uneducated, brainwashed, deluded, and any other contemptuous adjective. That is evolutionists' favorite argument against creationists.
Most evolutionists are comfortable viewing creationism with contempt. However, if they would study it with a discerning mind, they would find out how rational it is. If someone is convinced that black people are not good writers, why would they read stories by Langston Hughes or Richard Wright? That would contradict their own prejudices.

I have perused "Creationism's Trojan Horse." The book is just one big fallacy. The biggest one is "Appeal to Motive." They don't bother dealing with the premises of ID, they just whine that IDers are just trying to get creationism into the schools.

There is no good scientific evidence for evolution. It is not even a scientific theory or hypothesis. Evolution is much like the dead guy in "Weekend at Bernie's."

kdanley, yahoo answers 67 Comments [2/12/2009 10:00:55 PM]
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Submitted By: senorchipotle

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Love is never unconditional

The very nature of life is selfish. To be alive you have to consume resources that could help someone else more than you. There's so much bullshit out there spread by people about life. Humans are still primitive barbarians inside, they feel no sympathy for the weak and unfortunate.

No one will love you without a reason. Unconditional love never existed. Mothers love their kids because they gave birth to them. They don't give shit about other kids. When it comes to relationships, everyone has standards. No one will like you if you are unpopular or poor. But if you are a celebrity or a rich person, girls will die to be with you. It's so disgusting to even think about. I hate humans so much that I hate myself for being a part of this accursed species.

Poormiserablebastard, r/misanthropy 14 Comments [1/9/2019 11:44:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 77874

Of course you know the miracle of AIDS, we all do. It's the only disease that turns fruits into vegetables.

David Duke, Anti-Defamation League 136 Comments [12/7/2010 6:42:53 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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China passes law to ‘make Islam more compatible with socialism’ amid outcry over Muslim abuse

Beijing unveils plans aimed at ‘sinicisation’ of religion within four years, fuelling concerns over crackdown on Uighur minority

China has announced plans to make Islam “more compatible with socialism”, amid growing fears about a crackdown on the country’s Muslims.

Beijing is to introduce measures aimed at “the sinicisation” of the religion within four years, state media reported.

The move is likely to fuel concerns about re-education camps in China’s Xinjiang region, where a million or more Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are believed to be held.

On Monday, Beijing said it would allow United Nations officials into the far western region if they followed proper procedures. UN officials should also “avoid interfering in domestic matters” and adopt an objective and neutral attitude, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

The UN’s human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, said last month her office was seeking access to verify “worrying reports” of centres that Amnesty International has said are being run like “wartime concentration camps”.

China, which denied the existence of the camps until October last year, has claimed it is detaining people guilty of minor crimes and that inmates are “grateful” to have been sent to the “vocational education centres”.

But former internees have alleged torture and said they were forced to learn Chinese Communist Party propaganda, swear loyalty to the party, and denounce Islam. There have also been reports of detainees being made to eat pork and drink alcohol, acts forbidden by their religion.

In a sign the crackdown on Muslims could spread to other regions, Beijing announced on Sunday that Islamic organisations in eight provinces had “agreed to guide Islam to be compatible with socialism and implement measures to sinicise the religion”.

Muslim groups from Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan, Yunnan and Qinghai had discussed a five-year plan for the “sinicisation of Islam” at a seminar in the Chinese capital, according to the state-run Global Times.

The plan was “not about changing the beliefs, habits or ideology of Islam but to make them compatible with socialist society”, Gao Zhanfu, vice-dean of the Beijing-based China Islamic Institute, told the newspaper.

But the World Uyghur Congress, an exile organisation, said Beijing was using sinicisation to erase Islam from China.

It added: “Practising Islam has been forbidden in parts of China, with individuals caught praying, fasting, growing a beard or wearing a hijab … facing the threat of arrest.

“As we have seen in the camps and in China’s treatment of Uighurs, ‘sinification’ is total assimilation and religious persecution.”

In August, a UN human rights panel said it had received credible reports that a million or more Uighurs and other minorities were being held in what resembled a “massive internment camp” in Xinjiang.

In a rare move, a group of 15 western ambassadors in Beijing, spearheaded by Canada, have sought a meeting with the top official in the region, Communist Party boss Chen Quanguo, for an explanation of alleged rights abuses.

Beijing has launched an increasingly active publicity campaign to defend its actions in Xinjiang in the face of an outcry from activists, scholars, foreign governments and UN rights experts.

In the past two weeks, the Chinese government has arranged for diplomats from 12 non-western countries to visit the region, as well as organising a trip for a small group of reporters, including to three re-education camps.

In the centres, Uighur students were seen learning in Mandarin about the dangers of extremist thought. They also sang and danced for reporters, including a rendition in English of “If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands”.

Islamic CPC officials, The Independent 6 Comments [1/7/2019 1:40:39 PM]
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Quote# 141916

Normies are such actors

It's so pathetic how they grovel to each other. The way they put on act to try to impress each other, it makes me sick. The worst types are the posers who try to act like they're misunderstood misfits but they're really just as normal as the rest of them. We're the true outcasts, the loners who had no choice, this life was chosen for us. Fuck those normie scum.

They have no personality. They don't grow as people, they just conform to whatever is acceptable

IRespekWombats and TheBannedOne91, r/Braincels 8 Comments [1/9/2019 4:55:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 141908

Living for OTHERS will change your entire life and the way you view OTHERS. A Christian man who is living for OTHERS won't lust upon a sexy woman who is exposing her body in public; but rather, he will think about the Lord and 2nd Corinthians 10:5-6. Literally, when I see a woman hanging out all over the place, I almost always think of 2nd Corinthians 10:5 and quote it in my mind... “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. It's never easy, but it gets easier over time because it becomes a habit. If you'll start thinking immediately, “No, I won't think that way!,” then it will eventually become habit (character).

Proverbs 24:9, “The thought of foolishness is sin: and the scorner is an abomination to men.”

Jesus called His generation adulterous and wicked. Certainly the world today hasn't become any better. With the advent of technology, it has allowed man to travel further down the path he was already on. Modern communications, television, photography, printing and the internet are far more of a curse than they are a blessing. Sodom had NONE of these inventions. If they had, they would have been as wicked as we are today.

Mankind has always taken God's blessings and turned them into something evil. God created the world and made DNA; yet mad scientists today are playing God, attempting to “IMPROVE” on perceived flaws in God's creation. God made some things seemingly imperfect for a very good reason I assure you! In the times ahead we are going to find out THE HARD WAY why God made things the way He did, when genetic monsters rend against mankind.

David J. Stewart, God Loves People 14 Comments [1/8/2019 3:32:01 PM]
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Quote# 118352

People are quickly losing interest in “the church” as an institution. Young people and the millennial generation, in particular, are the least religious of any generation in America today, according to a Pew survey. Is this because many right-wing churches are driving away people as they become more accepting of progressive policies? Did the sex abuse scandal scare off Catholic parents who want to protect their children? Is it even, as the right-wing has proposed, a downfall in family values? No, according to “Church Militant,” altar Girls and “feminized kids” are the culprits.

Co-host Michael Voris begins the segment by talking about mothers who want their daughters to participate in the church and thus want their daughters to be altar girls along with altar boys. “You know, what young guy, what’s the connection there for any young male who’s 13, 14, 15? He wants nothing to do with that,” he explained. “There’s nothing appealing whatsoever about the faith to a 12, 14-year-old kid and you can see it. They’re sittin’ there on their text-phones slouched back in their gym shorts at mass when they show up.”

Panelist Matthew Pearson connects the problems to the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church which he attributes to boys raised by single mothers who lack strong father figures. “Because all these feminized kids without fathers yearn to go somewhere where they maybe find a father figure,” he began. “They were feminine. They became gay and they all went to the same place. They all went to the seminary looking for the father and they found predator fathers who then coerced them into, ya know, and that’s where we have this gay sex scandal that’s just ravaged the church for now 40, 50 years.”

The Church Militant is a right-wing religious “news” site that paints itself as a group of “souls on Earth engaged in battle against the forces evil.” They openly admit to being part of what they call “the Christian militia” doing battle against demonic “rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). They also sell their own brand of coffee in their online religious book and statue store for $20 per pound.

Michael Voris and Matthew Pearson, Raw Story 20 Comments [4/21/2016 2:53:11 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 141879

Tribulation Eve

All households shall be required to adopt an undocumented immigrant family.
Criticism of Islam shall be punishable by fines and imprisonment.
The electoral college is hereby abolished.
ICE and Homeland Security is hereby abolished.
All citizens, including law enforcement, shall be disarmed.
Prisons are hereby abolilshed.
Conservatives are required to receive psychiatric counselling.
Corporate tax rate is raised to 60 percent.
Tickling is considered child abuse and inappropriate contact.
Children's story hours at pre-schools shall include transgender and Islamic story tellers.
[Twelve thousand others follow for today's session of the House. See them at the DNC website]


Schumer: Nance - the women's march was cancelled for being too white?
Pelosi: Come now, Chuck, the race card ALWAYS will outplay the woman card.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 23 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 141894

I deserve a sexual purity award.

For some reason I keep getting bombarded with emails from women who want to have sex. This screenshot I uploaded shows an example of one.

But because of my obedience to God, I have resisted the numerous opportunities I had with all those emails. I therefore deserve an award for being able to resist so much sexual temptation.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT Forums 23 Comments [1/7/2019 1:42:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 28448

The only solution we have to stop gays from recruiting other people is to cut off the source. They need to be taken to specialized containment centers where they will be forced to become straight and accept Jesus as thier savior and to repent from their disgusting, wicket, hatful, devilish ways. Those that refuse to go can either be forced, or banished from society in other specialized communities where they have no connetion to the outside world at all. Most would die of AIDS anyway. Anyone who refused any of the answers to make them better would have to be killed or banished.

Meg, Myspace 204 Comments [8/24/2007 6:49:07 PM]
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Quote# 141866

The BIBLE Game on the Playstation 2 (PS2), and Xbox is a serious contender for Game of the Year on both systems. The gameplay is a mix between Mario Party, and a trivia game. From the start the player(s) (up to four can play in a game) are allowed to pick from a diverse cast of characters. Then the hip game show host appears for the game of: "Do Unto Others." A game board has quite a few boxes with different point values. Select a box, and get either a mini game for yourself, all players, or a trivia question (please note all trivia questions are from the Old Testament only). The second turn the player can pick again or pass to the next player. The reason to pass is one of those boxes is - The Wrath of God. A wrath of God will take away all points that player acquired during that round. Hence there can be some amazing strategy involved.

Graphically this game has bright, and colorful graphics. The character models are not the most advanced on the market, but they are also not hideous either. They are quaint. This game definitely encourages a relationship with God without being preachy, and without shoving it down anyone's throat.

The BIBLE Game ROCKS! The music is from a plethora of diverse Christian musicians. Crave Entertainment picked some of the best songs from current Christian artists like Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Jeremy Camp. The voice acting is done well, and the game show host is humorous at times. The awesome sounds, and music was the first reaction this reviewer had of this game.

This game can be replayed until the cows come home, or until Crave Entertainment releases a sequel. This version of the BIBLE Game is selling for $19.99 as well. This has got to be the best game for that amount of money on the market as of press time. Frugal spenders will get their money's worth with this game.

The gameplay on this game is spot on perfect. The balance of the mini games, and trivia questions is perfect. Some of those trivia questions can seriously humble the player, especially when one puts the game on the higher settings. Do not worry though because on the easy settings most of the questions are answerable. They are multiple choice as well. The controls work well. A couple of mini games take a few times of practice to understand how the game works, but once that is attained they are smooth sailing.

This game is amazingly family friendly. The only docking is for a mini game where snakes are shot with a staff from the Old Testament. The music is safe, the voice acting is safe, the trivia questions are very appropriate, and it has great teachings in it. This game was a joy to play, and we are still playing it. We seriously want some sequels to this game. The more the better in this reviewers opinion.

It is very encouraging to see a game like this out on the market. This is the kind of game that the video game industry was created for. It is our hope and prayer that more video games like this are released. This game receives our much desired Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval.

Frank, Family Friendly Gaming 19 Comments [1/7/2019 5:28:32 AM]
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Quote# 64282

I haven't been posting for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I really MUST post this.

Condoms do not work. They simply cannot guarantee to prevent either pregnancy or infection 100% of the time. This has disastrous consequences.

A friend of one of my friends, a girl of 15 years of age, recently had sex with her boyfriend. They used a condom. They used it properly. They were not drunk. They believed they were being responsible and indeed did everything that modern medicine and education tell young persons to do. It tore during intercourse. It failed completely.

The sad thing is that she was so terrified upon discovering this, that the day after she took the 'morning-after pill', a chilling euphemism for what is essentially a chemical abortion. She did not even know whether she was pregnant or not.



Because society had so conditioned this poor girl - a charming, friendly, good natured girl -into believing that condoms were a secure license to unconstrained sexual activity, she felt free to do as she pleased without any risks. Secondly, our quick-fix society then pressures her into abortion, explicitly telling young girls that they must abort THE VERY NEXT DAY, in effect giving them less than 24 hours to make an actual LIFE OR DEATH DECISION!

This is sickening!

Why can nobody see the cataclysmic folly of this kind of thinking?

Augustine, Love of Your Love 87 Comments [7/25/2009 7:46:34 AM]
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Quote# 141875

Lord Ram Save this Country from the hands of pseudo-secular BJP shape at present and the anti-Hindu political and judicial system so interested to kill the Hindu identity of Bharat.

hinduexistence, Hindu Existence 3 Comments [1/7/2019 5:30:12 AM]
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Quote# 141868

I’m with you on that. The kinds of dumb crooks we’ve been discussing here are clearly not safe to be around kids, and not capable of being safe parents.

The rights of children to be free of abuse, neglect, and endangerment, supersede the rights of convicted criminals to be parents. And there is no inherent right to reproduce, other than a hypothetical “general liberty” right that can be revoked along with other “general liberty” rights that are forfeit by definition when someone is sentenced to prison.

QED, sterilize ‘em. Put it in the criminal statutes that one of the penalties upon conviction is to be removed from any possibility of becoming a parent by any route, and that sterilization will ensue immediately upon exhaustion of appeals if any. That also means no conjugal visits while appeals are pending. Tough shit: if you do the crime, you do the time, and that also means no making babies.

The fact that mandatory sterilizations were abused like mad hell in certain states for obviously racist reasons isn’t sufficient reason to not do it now. Prison itself has also been viciously abused for racist reasons (see also the incarceration rates today) but that’s no reason to do away with prisons.

The same safeguards need to be in place for the entire criminal justice system, to prevent racism and wacko theories such as eugenics getting any traction in the law. With those safeguards in place, the principle of protecting existing and potential children from having dumb crooks as parents can be enacted safely.

G2geek, Daily Kos 8 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:13 AM]
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How the justice system should work in England.

Hello. I talked about restoring the legitimate royal line to the throne of England. Now I will talk about how the justice system will work in England based on England’s traditions.

Ugh I thought it was going to be my final message to you but I have to first explain my ideas of how the justice system should work and how Eugenics should work in the United States, and England and how to deal with abortion. It will be in proportion to the crimes commited

Men and women must not be allowed to cross dress. Men and women can wear whatever clothes they want as long as it is not slutty. All women’s bathing suits MUST cover butt cheeks and boobs since boobs are private parts.

Pornography should be banned because it causes sex trafficking. Hentai should be banned because it is just plain gross. Sex should only be depicted in movies and TV shows and promiscuity and premarital sex should be promoted as a BAD thing, like in the great classic horror films Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Divorce for Christians should be made illegal and replaced with annulment but annulment should be granted only in cases of actual abusive spouses. Adultry should be punished with fines. Premarital sex like in Merry Old England should be legal, but should not be encouraged in the media.

Stealing most property, destroying property, vandalism, and littering should be punished by fines. Stealing and destroying major property or committing arson should be punished with jail sentences.

Smoking in public should be legalized but fines should be commited if the smoker blows the smoke in someone else’s face. Cigarettes and cigars though should be replaced with the good old fashioned pipes because pipes are less addicting.

Possessing marijuana and illegal drugs should be punished with jail sentences. Putting pot smokers in jail is rehabilitation because it deprived them of the drug and makes them get clean.

Insulting the benevolent government should be punished with 5 year jail sentences for treason. Saying actual racist comments(meaning judging people by the content of their color and using the N word, not for showing statistics of poverty and crime since blacks are sadly impoverished because of the Democrats), holocaust denial, and promoting communism and socialism should be punished with 5 year jail sentences. Most Trump supporters do not use the n word.

Blasphemy against the Christian God should be punished by 1 year in jail or a fine of 300 dollars(this law is still on the charter in the State of Massachusetts which I live in)

Prayer should be allowed in public schools. Those of different religions should go to schools of their own religions.

Blasphemy against gods of other pagan religions should be punished by mild fines. However criticizing their religions by saying their gods do not exist, or criticizing Jews for not accepting Jesus Christ as their messiah does not count as blasphemy.

However blasphemy against Islam, Muhammad, and Allah should be legal and encouraged.

Muslim women can wear hijabs but they must not be allowed to criticize people who don’t wear hijabs and must not be allowed to wear burquas or burkinis.

The religions that should be banned with jail for 1 year are Satanism, New Agism, Gnosticism, Wicca, the anti Trinitarian heresies, and Druidism because they are all heresies and occult. They as long as fortune tellers, and mediums, as well as those who consult them should be locked up in churches until they repent.

Atheism should be punished with fines because of it’s correlation with socialism and because it promotes doing whatever you want without fear of being judged.

People with severe autism(not people with Asperger’s syndrome which I have been diagnosed with), and people with IQ’s less than 100 should be chemically castrated. So should average thugs that are beyond rehabilitation.

First degree murderers, all mass shooters, and drug dealers who have been proven guilty with ton’s of circumstantial evidence, or dirrect proof with footage should be executed by public beheadings with axes. The head should be put on display.

Men who are guilty of high treason(the top leaders of rebellions against the United States, and monarch) should be punished by being hung, drawn, and quartered like it was done in Merry Old England (though in private locations because most people today would vomit seeing it in public). Women as a courtesy guilty of the high treason should be publically burned at the stake as was done in Merry Old England.

All average Rebels who change sides will be pardoned.

Torture should be permitted for adults as a means of interrogating criminals, rebels, and terrorists. Most people who get tortured will eventually give in because they would prefer being executed rather than continuing to be tortured.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT Forums 21 Comments [1/8/2019 5:36:54 AM]
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atheism denies Adam from the Holy King James Holy Bible. And therefore atheism also denies the a in atheism. And therefore atheism denies the a in virginia. So atheists do not like sex.

Dale Garland, Facebook 26 Comments [1/2/2019 11:02:52 AM]
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There is a difference between denominations in Christianity and cults. Those who do not believe that Jesus is God are cults.

edwitness, Christian News Network 11 Comments [1/8/2019 5:28:01 AM]
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President Donald Trump, one of the richest men in America, wants you to believe he can empathize with federal employees who are struggling to make ends meet as the partial government shutdown heads into a third week.
The shutdown, already one of the longest in U.S. history, has left an estimated 800,000 federal workers either furloughed or, if deemed essential, working without pay.
“Mr. President, can you relate to the pain of federal workers who can’t pay their bills?” a reporter asked Trump outside the White House on Sunday.
“I can relate,” the president responded. “And I’m sure that the people that are toward the receiving end will make adjustments, they always do. And they’ll make adjustments. People understand exactly what’s going on.”
“Many of those people that won’t be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100 percent with what I’m doing,” he added, without evidence.

Donald Trump, Huffington Post 9 Comments [1/7/2019 5:30:35 AM]
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Chellebaby: If God is love and not wrath then why would God's wrath need to be satisfied by Jesus?
Also I take you dismiss the several verses that mention things like the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom? I guess if you don't fear the Lord then you will show a lack of wisdom David.

DavidS: Once you have been saved by Christ you don't need to fear God.
You ask a good question. Perhaps Jesus sacrifice wasn't an act of penal substitution.
I read this article this morning - thought I would share it with you.


Chellebaby: So there does have to be fear before you get saved! That's an excellent point David and one that I agree with.

DavidS: No there doesn't need to be fear. Did you read the article I shared with you? It is possible the word 'fear' is a bad translation (along with all the other bad English translations).
God is love, he wants you to love him, not fear him.

Chellebaby: I know God is love and I do love him. I don't think it is an error in translation but I misunderstanding by people of what the term means. I understand it is a reverence of God. It is a good fear because at the end of the day, my life is God's to do what He desires.

DavidS: There are errors in translation, some of which have come about by mistake, some were deliberate, for example when the KJV was being translated the translators added bits that weren't in the original text, left bits out that were and altered some bits (including parts that King James thought challenged his position and authority). I think this is something we just have to accept.
Your life may be God's to do what he desires, but God doesn't desire to manipulate you or use you as his puppet. He does want us to use our God-give free will, to follow him, but he does allow us to make our own choices, he doesn't force himself on anyone.
I don't believe the word 'fear' here (if we accept that is the right word) means 'to be afraid of'.

Chellebaby: So then why did he have to die on the cross? You theory makes no sense and is as per usual way off the mark. If it is not to pay for our sins then why does the Bible mention over and over again about HIS blood being offered as payment or is that parts of the Bible you don't believe in?

DavidS: Jesus death wasn't the act of a vengeful God but a supreme demonstration of his eternal, great love for us.

Chellebaby: There are other ways he could have shown love, so why did he have to die David?

DavidS: He died to defeat death so that we may have eternal life.

Doesn't answer the question does it David? Why did his death defeat death so we can have eternal life? What was he defeating?

DavidS: He was defeating death.

Chellebaby: So you don't really have an answer then? Just going to repeat the same sentence over and over which does not answer the question.

DavidS: I've given you an answer, sorry if you can't see that.

Chellebaby: Haha no you haven't. I'm sorry if you can't see that you haven't.

DavidS: Look again.

Chellebaby: Don't need to. I know you haven't answered so if you have nothing further to add then I will shake the dust off my feet and will be done with you.

DavidS: Bless you Chelle.

Chelleberry, Premier 5 Comments [12/20/2018 12:25:56 PM]
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While our sign features a rather cute, well-fed and clean frog, don’t be fooled. Various commentators confirm this is symbolic language, representing many things, including:
• Frogs come from and live in mud, representing those who are born in sin and live in pollution;
• Frogs live in water and drink often, like drunkards;
• Frogs swell in size and distend their cheeks, like those who are prideful;
• Frogs represent impudence; and,
• Frogs are loathsome.

Fred Phelps, Spare Not - WBC Blogs 118 Comments [1/7/2009 4:21:24 PM]
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In my neck of the woods a high school trans female wrestler won "her" weight class against a real female. It was excited to win the championship while the real female (seemed to be a gracious young lady) wept. If the trans kid and his parents want to continue the charade, more power to them. But their charade created an unfair competitive advantage that I can't believe the high school athletics board would allow. Maybe it's little feeling would get hurt??

I am in no way condoning bullying, but if a kid or adult is making the wrong choices, their peers will most definitely let them know what they think. IMO this is not bullying, but it has got to the point where no one can criticize anyone about anything without being accused of being some sort of bully, phobic, hater, ect.. When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's everyone was bullied/teased, no one was exempt. You quickly learned to act correctly, wear acceptable clothing, bathe regularly, and so on or the teasing would continue. We have what we have today because of this PC culture. It's very wrong, and these kids are going to be in trouble when they get into the real world w/o their safe spaces.

DWB, Rapture Forums 14 Comments [1/5/2019 10:23:38 AM]
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Quote# 141835

Question: "Why did God allow Solomon to have 1,000 wives and concubines?"

Answer: First Kings 11:3 states that Solomon “had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines.” Obviously, God “allowed” Solomon to have these wives, but allowance is not the same as approval. Solomon’s marital decisions were in direct violation of God’s Law, and there were consequences.

Solomon started out well early in his life, listening to the counsel of his father, David, as recorded in 1 Kings 2:2-3, “Be strong, show yourself a man, and observe what the Lord your God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements, as written in the Law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go.” Solomon’s early humility is shown in 1 Kings 3:5-9 when he requests wisdom from the Lord. Wisdom is applied knowledge; it helps us make decisions that honor the Lord and agree with the Scriptures. Solomon’s book of Proverbs is filled with practical counsel on how to follow the Lord. Solomon also wrote the Song of Solomon, which presents a beautiful picture of what God intends marriage to be. So, King Solomon knew what was right, even if he didn’t always follow the right path.

Over time, Solomon forgot his own counsel and the wisdom of Scripture. God had given clear instructions for anyone who would be king: no amassing of horses, no multiplying of wives, and no accumulating of silver and gold (Deuteronomy 17:14-20). These commands were designed to prevent the king from trusting in military might, following foreign gods, and relying on wealth instead of on God. Any survey of Solomon’s life will show that he broke all three of these divine prohibitions!

Thus, Solomon’s taking of many wives and concubines was in direct violation of God’s Word. Just as God had predicted, “As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the LORD his God” (1 Kings 11:4). To please his wives, Solomon even got involved in sacrificing to Milcom (or Molech), a god that required “detestable” acts to be performed (1 Kings 11:7-8).

God allowed Solomon to make the choice to disobey, but Solomon’s choice brought inevitable consequences. “So the Lord said to Solomon, ‘Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the kingdom away from you and give it to one of your subordinates’” (1 Kings 11:11). God showed mercy to Solomon for David’s sake (verse 12), but Solomon’s kingdom was eventually divided. Another chastisement upon Solomon was war with the Edomites and Aramians (verses 14-25).

Solomon was not a puppet king. God did not force him to do what was right. Rather, God laid out His will, blessed Solomon with wisdom, and expected the king to obey. In his later years, Solomon chose to disobey, and he was held accountable for his decisions.

It is instructive that, toward the end of Solomon’s life, God used him to write one more book, which we find in the Bible. The book of Ecclesiastes gives us “the rest of the story.” Solomon throughout the book tells us everything he tried in order to find fulfillment apart from God in this world, or “under the sun.” This is his own testimony: “I amassed silver and gold for myself, and the treasure of kings and provinces. I acquired . . . a harem as well–the delights of the heart of man” (Ecclesiastes 2:8). But his harem did not bring happiness. Instead, “Everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun” (verse 11). At the conclusion of Ecclesiastes, we find wise counsel: “Here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole [duty] of man” (12:13).”

It is never God’s will that anyone sin, but He does allow us to make our own choices. The story of Solomon is a powerful lesson for us that it does not pay to disobey. It is not enough to start well; we must seek God’s grace to finish well, too. Life without God is a dead-end street. Solomon thought that having 1,000 wives and concubines would provide happiness, but whatever pleasure he derived was not worth the price he paid. As a wiser Solomon said, “God will bring every deed into judgment” (Ecclesiastes 12:14).

Got Questions, Got Questions 7 Comments [1/5/2019 10:25:45 AM]
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