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Quote# 141773

(This is a posting by a banned member who presented his ideal vision of what the Allies should have done after WW2)

After WWII, the allies begin genetically engineering Germans to make them immune to nationalism. It's seen as a) a motivation to better understand the genetic code and b) a compromise with the Morgenthau Plan that will allow Germany to be prosperous while preventing another Hitler. The first phase is to examine the adult German population for signs of nationalism and to chemically castrate those who are seen as susceptible to tribalism, with the hopes that tribalist genes will phase out of the population within a couple of generations.

fashbasher, AlternateHistory 6 Comments [1/1/2019 3:02:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 141795

I know how Germany could have won WWII. Good God I wish the Fuhrer had thought of this. Go to Africa and find a black man. Install him as the titular German head of state, with the Fuhrer actually calling all the shots, but this black guy as the public face. The Western powers would have given him affirmative-action consideration for winning a war!

Imagine the impassioned speeches in favor of Germany ringing through the House of Commons after Germany's invasion of Poland. "No black man has ever won a war in Europe. This is an idea whose time has come!" "How dare the Poles stand in the way of this unprecedented social progress!" "We shall give them (the Germans) preference on land; we shall give them preference on the seas; we shall give them preference in the skies; we shall give them preference in the mountains and on the steppes, on the deserts and on the tundra!" "A thousand years hence all men will know that this was diversity's finest hour!"

The Soviet Union would have bitten the dust at least 45 years sooner than it did, because ole' Uncle Joe wouldn't have gotten any outside help, and there would have been no others interfering with Germany's invasion of the east by waging war against Germany elsewhere. If only the Fuhrer could have "thought outside the box" like I have just done. Call it "blackzkrieg"!

Tell the Western Powers that all the inmates in Auschwitz are there for having used the "n" word. The US would then have happily supplied the zyklon-B!

rls976, American Renaissance 14 Comments [1/1/2019 10:58:32 AM]
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Quote# 142021

“Illegal Immigrants Commit Fewer Crimes Than Natural Born Americans” Is Anti-Black Hatespeech

It is time for the media to stop touching black bodies with their hateful statistical facts.

After President Trump’s speech in the Oval Office telling America about the need for a wall, the media returned with an old anti-black canard to defend Mexicans: the theory that natural Americans commit more crimes than illegal immigrants.

It was all over the gosh-darned place.

Of course, what they are all dog-whistling is “blacks are more violent than precious Mexicans.”

It is an old canard based on long-debunked annual statistics that are released by the FBI every year.

The theory, promoted by the FBI using racist information, is that blacks commit so many crimes that no other race could possibly make a statistical difference of any kind.

True or not, there can only be one reason for bringing up this information: pure hatred for the color of the skin.

One type of racism can’t be used to justify another – saying “oh but niggers are killing everyone anyway” is racist, even if true, and should not be used by the media in a conversation about immigration.

Doing so is hatespeech, and I am shocked that the media is willing to sink this low simply to take a cheap shot at Donald Trump.

The fact that Mexicans commit 50-100% more violent crime than white people is no reason not to flood America with criminal latinos. In fact, it is all the more reason to do so, as it will teach white people a lesson.

But we do not need to insult the blacks in order to accomplish this goal.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 3 Comments [1/17/2019 2:35:39 AM]
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Quote# 141863

Hitler decided he had enough of the fake Jewish oligarchy and Germany's economy exploded into life as a result. This posed the greatest challenge to the Zionist oligarchy, this could not be allowed to spread or they would be ruined.Q Judea declaring war on Germany+mass propaganda

AvoidantPerson, Twitter  2 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:56 AM]
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Quote# 142005

(Submitter's note, emphasis has been added by me)

@Ben Manski, you , the "cosmopolitan"and "internationalist" secular Jews are disappearing fast. Alan Dershowitz predicted this years ago.
Without state antisemitism and a state religion, galut Jews are melting into the pot - intermarrying, celebrating christian holidays, breaking all rules of kashrut and Jewish observance of Sabbath.

You think of yourself as Jewish, but you are no more Jewish than off-the-reservation, partial-blooded Native Americans are American Indians.

There is no harm in your delusion of being Jewish, of course, just as there is no harm in sen. Warren's insisting on her Native American ancestry.

Ellie Blumenthal, New York Times (Comments Section) 2 Comments [1/17/2019 2:23:48 AM]
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Quote# 133110

If there's niggers involved, there's a crime involved.

Possibly an outlet for spoiled meat that should have been destroyed but has been bleached & boiled to make it (by nigger standards) edible again. Used as a front for delivering token meals (bag of chips and a burger) along with £35 worth of cocaine, cannabis or heroin. Used as an outlet for fencing stolen meat and cheese - the favourite "supermarket" things for niggers to steal in the UK it seems - if you buy meat at 30% of retail and employ niggers on the cheap you can compete with human outlets easily enough. Genuine outlet (OK, yeah I admit it, a joke).

In truth I suspect it will be a combination of items 1, 2 and 3 on the list - spoiled & stolen food plus front for drug delivery. The presence of a silverback on the door suggests they probably don't want many humans visiting the place - not that I can imagine many would.


It seems we are all mistaken! (yeah, right) as the niggstauraunt apaprently has five stars out of five on its FB page.

I am guessing half of these are "house reviews" which the niggers write themseleves as even awesome Human run establishments get a few 4* ratings. No point in everyone rating it a 1* instantly as FB will see it for an attack but if it gets a few 1* and 2* reviews over the coming weeks it might inject a bit more reality. It will be interesting to see what happens. For those of you who do not want a link to your profile from a nigger page (hence no review from me), then Google has reviews of the place too.

Interestingly, I look at their online menu and found that THIS time they bugger up the telephone number in a different way. They really do struggle to function. As you might expect, such items as "cows feet" and tripe are on the menu as well as many mentions to simply "meat" without stating WHAT kind of meat. Pot Roast Nigger?

GMT, Niggermania 1 Comments [10/17/2017 4:14:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134008

Niggers abuse children, elderly niggers, each other, and, of course, animals. The nigger is an animal that is dangerous to itself and others. They destroy whatever they come into contact with.

They have no ability to care about anything other than what's in their paws. No cognitive thought process what-so-ever. It goes without saying, niggers are disgusting pieces of filth.

Uncle Coz, Niggermania 1 Comments [11/9/2017 5:18:04 PM]
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Quote# 131160

I loved the pictures that came out when Katrina hit that nigg infested voodoo hell hole of NigOrleans. Pics of niggraz up on roofs with signs begging for rescue. Daid jiggs bobbin in da water. Coons clinging to telephone poles about to be ripped away by wind and water.

The complete chaos, filth and violence wherever niggers congregated in rescue centers. Hopefully we'll get at least a few pics like that from Houston. Nature tries to give an enema in nigg fuxated areas for the benefit of humanity.

Jiggz R Us, Niggermania 1 Comments [8/31/2017 11:31:52 AM]
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Quote# 141944

Trump ally Steve King: I don't know how 'white supremacist' became offensive term

The Republican congressman says the diverse Democratic party appears to be ‘no country for white men’

A nine-term Republican congressman and close ally of Donald Trump known for making racially provocative statements said in an interview published Thursday that he did not understand why the phrases “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” had “become offensive”.

Congressman Steve King, who has represented his rural Iowa district in Washington since 2003, made the remarks in an interview with the New York Times.

“White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” King said. “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

In the same interview, King expressed a sense of racial alienation at the swearing-in of the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, which includes a record number of women and people of color, as well as the first Muslim American and Native American women elected to Congress.

“You could look over there and think the Democratic party is no country for white men,” King said.

King, who has forged personal alliances with far-right, anti-immigration groups across Europe, has a long track record of making statements widely perceived as racist, although he denies the charge.

“We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” he has tweeted. He has called illegal immigration a “slow-rolling, slow-motion terrorist attack on the United States” and a “slow-motion Holocaust” and tweeted: “Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end.”

King has amassed national political power as a conservative gatekeeper in a state that votes first in the presidential primary process and can give Republican candidates a crucial early boost – or sink a candidacy.

When Trump began visiting Iowa as a candidate, he found an ideological ally, particularly on issues such as immigration.

King has long advocated building a wall on the Mexican border, authored legislation to make English the official language of Iowa and has said of immigrants: “For every one who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130lb and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75lb of marijuana across the desert.”

“He may be the world’s most conservative human being,” Trump approvingly said of King at a rally in Iowa before the recent midterm elections. The congressman replied on Twitter: “I do my best to pull President Trump to the right:-)”

But King’s repeated provocations appear to have made him freshly vulnerable to political challengers. He beat a Democratic opponent in his most recent election only narrowly, in a district Trump won by 27 points. A Republican challenger, Randy Feenstra, an assistant majority leader in the state senate, has announced he will take on King in the 2020 primary race, saying King’s “distractions” had robbed Iowans of “a seat at the table”.

Steve King, The Guardian 4 Comments [1/13/2019 11:33:42 AM]
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Quote# 141959

Demography is Destiny

The 116th Congress epitomizes the principle demography is destiny. Race is much more than pigmentation, as most of us know. Race is defined by the behavior, morality, values, and culture produced by its benefactors, among other things.

As the racial demographic of the United States shifts towards a non-white majority, we will begin to see a change in the culture as non-whites become social influencers in areas such as entertainment and politics. Non-white inclusion in positions of power such as Congress means the almost certain passage of legislation that is antithetical to white interests; especially having the support of pandering, weak white ‘allies’ in Congress.

This Congress, however, should trip alarm bells for all of us. There were over 200 candidates running in statewide and congressional races that were black, latino, Asian, Native American, homosexual, or intersectional; and more than 80 of those ‘enriching’ candidates won their elections.

Both Michigan and Minnesota elected Muslim women to Congress less than a couple decades after 9/11. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan and Ilhan Omar from Minnesota. Both were sworn in on the Koran – a slap in the face to our veterans and the families who have lost loved ones to Islamic terrorism.

Rashida Tlaib wasted no time expressing her loathing for America and the President. In a tweet that was quickly deleted she stated, “Americans have spent decades raping and pillaging my people. What goes around comes around.” As to Trump, we will ‘impeach the motherfucker’, she stated. There was backlash over the latter comment from unsympathetic factions of society, but she refused to apologize – a sign of strength white apologists could learn from.

I expect that sharia-style legislation will be advanced on behalf of their constituents, as both are devout Muslims. One of the fundamental beliefs of Islam is sharia. Once they have a large enough representation to gain political power they begin to implement sharia in piecemeal fashion. It has been Islam’s historical prerogative.

Not only are the Muslims reveling in the leftist affirmative action bandwagon, so are the Jews. In fact, this Congress will be 3 times as Jewish as the United States. Jews have seen a disproportionately high number of seats in Congress several times over the past couple of decades, so this is no surprise. This time, however, they have been emboldened, as indicated by the first bill introduced by Congress since convening being a pro-Israel Anti-BDS Legislation.

Anti-BDS laws are unconstitutional. It proves that dual loyalty in Congress is a reality; especially with Jews. If passed the bill would essentially criminalize boycotting Israel – a clear violation of constitutionally protected freedoms. Fortunately, the bill did not receive the necessary votes to pass, but it does speak to the power of the Jewish lobby and the loyalty of the Jews in Congress.

This Congress also has an historic number of openly homosexual Senators and Representatives. As the Marxist push for the destruction of the West gains steam, the mentally ill and unnatural will be revered.

Referred to as the “rainbow wave” more than 600 homosexual candidates ran in races ranging from local-level races to Senator. Nearly 400 of those won their primary, according to the Victory Institute, an organization that tracks homosexual political hopefuls. Of the 400, over 20 ran for Governor or Congress, and 10 won. Both Colorado and Oregon now have homosexual Governors, and Congress can add at least 9 openly gay Senators and Representatives. You can probably expect homosexuality to be advocated in schools and daycares around the country now more than ever. It is a battle for the soul of our nation, and the minds of our youth are front and center. With the rise and acceptance of homosexuality, we have also seen an effort to normalize pedophilia.

Let’s not stop with the gays, Muslims, and Jews. Latinos had a hat in this race too, winning over half of their races. Most publicized of these being New York’s own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the radical socialist of 29 years old, and also the youngest member to ever be elected to the house. She has already proven to be an incompetent nitwit, which is why she’s so dangerous. The 116th also saw a record number of Hispanic lawmakers at 45. It will also have the largest Hispanic caucus in history at 39 members. Plenty of voting power to get amnesty or make the path to citizenship even easier, thus replacing more whites.

This election also saw some substantial gains for blacks. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass) and Johana Hayes (D-Conn) both became the first African-American women to serve their states in Congress. This Congress will also see an overall increase in African-American lawmakers in the House and Senate with a total of 55 up from 49 in the previous term. Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) being the only black Republican in the house. Aunt Maxine will be proud!

Last but not least in the diversity queue are Asians. While not comparable to the other privileged groups, Asians still saw noteworthy gains in this election with an historic number of 20 to serve between the House and Senate.

What do all of these groups have in common: a hatred for whites. They have all been indoctrinated to believe that we are a privileged class of oppressors, and they feel that this is the era for retribution. Retribution will come in the form of legislation designed to elevate and benefit them at our expense, and to further suppress and drain our people; especially white males – the sole target of this Marxist garbage. Sadly, we have given these people an easy path, and our people have remained enslaved to falsehoods that reinforce and justify our acquiescence.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come. This is history in the making! The history of our demise, and a dismal future for our progeny! The next several years will be interesting, to say the least. With Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, and Latinos writing legislation I’m sure white people will become even more marginalized and oppressed, but, hey, I’m a fan! Maybe the multitude of white cucks will finally be disillusioned and experience an awakening to the fact that demography is destiny!

Billy Roper, The Roper Report 9 Comments [1/13/2019 12:06:24 PM]
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Quote# 141973

It's weird- there are two enormous continents (Africa and South America) that are largely left alone by the white man. These "peoples of color" have incredible amounts of natural resources to draw from, along with the internet and all the major R and D that was required to build existing white first world nations.

Yet, even with all this freedom and knowledge they swarm to white countries, you know, the ones with all the evil white people.

I've heard that it all comes down to nepotism (helping one's family, friends, and ingroup/race) that is unavoidable if the population is sub 90 iq. Anyone who is familiar with blacks and browns knows that breaking a few rules here and there is all part of the hustle. One rule here, another there, before you know it you're not living in a first world any more.

Widenose Privilege, American Renaissance 7 Comments [1/13/2019 12:20:10 PM]
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Quote# 133327

Welcome, you are on the right track. The 'b word' is an easy mistake at first considering the way society teaches us to coddle niggers. Here you can call them what they are: filthy, stinking, thieving, dumber-than-shit nigger animals. Definitely not people. As for nigger music? (C)rap exists because niggers have no musical talent. All a nigger can do is ook about TNB into a microphone.

Nigger comics? Give a zoo monkey a microphone and it might actually be funny. And finally, nigger movies. Nigger movies exist because the Hollywood left is a bunch of nigger coddlers. They live their elite charmed lives away from niggers and TNB. If they had to live their lives around TNB like the working man it would be a different story. Fuck nigger movies.

Purple Drink and Fried Chicken, Niggermania 3 Comments [10/22/2017 11:04:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138807

Varg a racist.... well if telling all races to better themselves and live a simple life, in their own Native Nations, free from Merchant control, then I guess he is a racist.

Billy Mays, Youtube 4 Comments [1/13/2019 3:50:32 AM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 98134

["Larry Elder to the GOP: 'Stop talking to blacks like they are children'"]

Not children. Idiots. When the vast majority of members of a minority robotically support and vote for a party that that used to lynch them, that has fukked them over at every opportunity, and that has kept them on the plantation for decades, they are idiots.

Children rapidly learn new things. The negroid race has apparently been impervious to education and understanding for generations. Fuggem.

"f the party has any hope of attracting a significant percentage of the black vote, it must speak to that community honestly - and as adults." Larry, if the GOP were to do just that, it would make exactly how much difference in the blind, unthinking way that those idiots liplock on the asses of the DemonicRATs?

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 12 Comments [12/9/2013 3:58:04 AM]
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Quote# 141874

czakal, Wordpress 8 Comments [1/7/2019 5:30:05 AM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 124390

Why don't we just simply End Welfare for Immigrants / Illegal AND Legals?

That way we can say ok come here all you want i guess but there isnt going to be any food stamps , or free healthcare , or section 8 housing , No tax funded programs for any legal or illegal immigrants Period -

I'm willing to bet that would pretty much be the end of immigrants coming here except for maybe drug dealers or criminals then we can just arrest them and either rfid chip them and send them home or send them to camp fema for a Long stay

Fungi-69-, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [2/10/2017 5:27:00 PM]
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Quote# 141802

Re: Rap video clip in which Dutch women are murdered by Africans with machine guns tops the charts in Netherlands

As an aside: it's hard to tell but at least one of the women in that video didn't look white to me, at least not what I'd expect a Dutch woman to look like. But it's hard to judge just from skin tone and hair colour without seeing their faces.


As for the main subject - I imagine this new 'genre' of 'music' involving assorted non-whites raping/attacking/murdering white women will become increasingly popular in the coming years. It's a form of celebration of the non-white conquest of Europe.

In terms of 'resistance' - we will hear some low-level bleating by the feminist groups. They'll afford it a few minutes of anger in between their central #MeToo and #PayGap campaigns but that won't get very far.
Also the civic nationalists will bleat how the migrants aren't 'assimilating' and 'integrating' into Western 'culture' and won't adopt Western 'values'. But they'll still be called racists and fascists by the mainstream and Left.

All the while, very slowly but surely, the masses are edged little by little more towards our direction. Controlled opposition is the biggest obstacle.

Britannic Nationalist, Stormfront 4 Comments [1/2/2019 11:02:20 AM]
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Quote# 141871

Poll: 16% of Americans Want to Go Live in Another Country

I think it is safe to assume that 100% of these people are white, because immigrants surely don’t want to leave. And black people sure as hell don’t – they’re barely aware that other countries even exist. In fact, I don’t think you could really say that they are “aware” of that fact, because it becomes too abstract to imagine somewhere they’ve never seen as being real.

So if 16% of the total and only white people answered yes, then that means… do the math.

Probably about a third of whites said “yes, I would like to move to another country.”

Blaming this on Donald Trump is insane. Typical HuffPo gibberish.

Nothing has changed since he has been President, other than that things have gotten much more Jewish because Jews have lost their minds and flexed their muscles.

I cannot imagine that a single liberal can name a single way in which their own personal life has been negatively affected by the Trump Presidency, at all. Let alone in such a large way that they feel they need to flee the country.

It certainly has negatively affected the lives of conservative white people – because again, Jews have lost their minds, they’re clamping down on everything.

Maybe the women said they want to leave because of Trump, because they felt they were morally obligated to say that. I don’t know. Nor do I care about what women think.

But a lot of the men answering they want out is simply because the US has become a shithole country.

I haven’t lived in the US really at all in my adult life, and I miss my people but I’m not sitting around longing to go back.
No Freedoms

People hate living in America because there aren’t any freedoms.

We’re actually living under an extreme form of brutal Jewish tyranny.

For as much as the ostensible American vision is about “freedom,” there is hardly a country on earth that has less freedom than America.

The only “freedoms” that exist that don’t exist in alleged “dictatorships” are “freedoms” to be deviant and depraved – stuff that should be illegal.

In America, you have the freedom to:

Do man on man anal masturbation
March around naked
Be a Moslem
Produce, distribute, consume pornography
Inject your son with estrogen
Inject yourself with fentanyl
Smoke marijuana
Own guns (restrictions apply)

In America, you do not have the freedom to:

Live in a homogeneous community
Send your kids to a homogeneous school
Pray at school
Refuse vaccinations
Drive around without being threatened and harassed by police
Post your views on the internet
Go to a brothel
Go camping on public land
Not have health insurance
Demonstrate in public without fear of being physically attacked and then charged with crimes
Have sex without fear of being charged with fake rape and sent to prison
Safely get married without fear of being divorce-raped
Do anything at all without some license
Hire employees based on merit or other employer preference
Buy bump stocks
Not bake an anal cake

In China, you have the freedom to:

Drive around without being threatened and harassed by police
Drive through any neighborhood without fear of being shot by black people
Walk around at night without fear of being attacked by black people
Post your views on the internet (everything except anti-government)
Keep your bar open as long as you want
Beat your wife (within reason, restrictions apply)
Start your own small business without being taxed to death
Go to a brothel
Live in safe, homogenous communities
Work and make a good living
Get married without fear that the government will give all of your money and your children to your wife in the event of a divorce
Smoke cigarettes in coffee shops and bars
Do things without being asked for a license
Hire whoever you want
Bake cakes for whoever you want

In China, you do not have the freedom to:

Criticize the government
Own a handgun without a license
Do man on man anal masturbation
Produce, distribute, consume pornography
Be a Moslem

So I mean, I don’t know – it’s not exactly a math equation, but it would be a hard argument to make that you actually have MORE freedom in the USA than you do in China. Certainly, on a day-to-day basis, you feel a lot more free in China than you do in America.

Though this is not exactly specific, in America, you have a constant feeling that there is pressure pushing down on you from all directions, and you do not have that in China. At least not as a foreigner. Chinese people do feel a lot of pressure from their parents.

Overall, the argument that there is a higher level of freedom in America than in China or whichever other country is demonized as a non-freedom country by America is stupid, and I think a lot of people feel very oppressed in America.
The Browning

I haven’t lived in America in a very long time, but I talk to people, and everyone says that all these places I grew up in are now overrun with various “New Americans.”

We know that diversity creates a feeling of alienation, and I imagine people want to escape that.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the number one reason that ex-pats give for having left the West is immigration. Granted, that is usually Europeans rather than Americans, because there aren’t very many American ex-pats, relatively. But clearly, the same principle applies.

So I would not be at all surprised if a lot of men answering this poll were responding to immigration. Even if they aren’t consciously aware of it, or willing to admit it, this is the thing that is changing America. Donald Trump – regrettably – is not changing America.

That’s how we all feel. But much worse.

It is deep, soul-crippling alienation.

So it really isn’t a surprise that people want to get out of this mess. Especially when all of these social-engineering programs have successfully broken down family ties.

America was the best country that ever existed, and these kikes have wrecked it completely.

It hurts me to think about what they took from us.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 9 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:40 AM]
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Quote# 127586

Why Jews are not human

In my humble opinion, Jews do not qualify as human. The reason for this is simple. The Jewish race (including both Ashkenazi and Sephardic) does not make any sense from an evolutionary perspective. The Jewish race has never survived on its own. ALL other races are capable of providing themselves basic survival needs. Australian Aboriginals, who are considered the least intelligent race of men, are capable of passing their seed onto subsequent generations, continuing the genetic bloodline, and ultimately surviving indefinitely lest killed off by a dominant race, struck by an asteroid, or by plague or famine. They could never achieve anything close to a modern civilization on their own, but they could survive.

Jews, on the other hand, have never been hunters and gatherers, nor have they ever been farmers (with VERY FEW exceptions). They have always survived as clever deceivers by swindling the fruits of the labors of other races. Gentile races till the soil, Jews enjoy the spoil.

Not only have they never provided their own food, but they have always depended on other races for protection. Modern Israel would have nothing without western backing. Every time they get in a ground fight with Hezbollah they come back with their tails between their legs. They win wars by using superpowers as their vassals and by superior technology of the IDF forces over rival forces.

If all gentile races were to suddenly disappear from Earth one night, Jews would go extinct soon thereafter. They would have no other race to leech from any longer, and so they would individually turn against each other in attempt to leech from other members of their own race. In a matter of years, they would completely kill each other off and go extinct.

This is not something that can be said about any other race. Gentile races are human races that organically spawned from the Earth and evolved over millennia of migration, climate change, and other factors that contribute to natural selection. How is it possible that the Jewish race came to be, if it is not self sufficient, and is not subject to the same Darwinian tests that Mother Nature has placed on all gentile races?

(fschmidt replies:)
Thank you for the complement. I have always considered humans to be a rather repulsive species and I am embarrassed to be associated with them.

sentinel89 and fschmidt, Happier Abroad 5 Comments [5/29/2017 11:33:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 141829

Palestinians are semites from Semitic tribes .. not the white European convert terrorists occupying Palestine

They can attempt to redefine the term anti-Semitism as much as they like lolz. But they aren't ever gonna be Semitic ??????

Raven, Twitter 4 Comments [1/5/2019 10:22:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 108196

Leftists excuse these left-behind black students as victims of peer pressure. Academic excellence, they say, is considered 'queer' by young blacks. That, of course, is a cop out; a fig-leaf sized cover up to disguise the bare truth: Most blacks simply lack the intelligence to keep up with Whites and Asians.

And about Asians.

Next time to you take flight to China, consider the airliner in which you travel is the direct descendent of the white Wright brothers invention. The plane's engine and engineering are also the stuff of white innovation.

Peek out the window as your plane descends for landing. Observe the bright lights that illuminate Peking. Think Thomas Edison, the white inventor. The automobile that carries you through Peking streets exists thanks to European innovation. Their mass production was initially launched by Henry Ford, a white innovator. The road system, traffic lights, computers, steel construction, etc. are imports of Western invention. The list seems endless.

East Asians are a brilliant people. They are not, however, innovators. They have the capacity to latch on to Western inventions and improve them. But they seldom spark an original idea.

While blacks lack intelligence and Asians lack innovation, White people also have their fault. Our altruistic sense of fair play and benevolence makes us gullible. That that trait will be our destruction.

Indianapolis , Stuff black people dont like 10 Comments [4/30/2015 3:18:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony

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I too went to a private school, ironically to be with the feral beasts! I came from a radically liberal family and the school was a Catholic Convent basically. Full of coddlers and bleeding hearts. It was a small but very old and prestigious school. I was there during the heart of the struggle in the late 1980's. I became very involved in the anti-Apartheid struggle as did my entire family, to our un-ending shame. I eventually wised up in 2015, in no small part due to this NM community. And of course because of the fact that the black beasts create racists wherever their spores reach.

At my all too liberal Convent school, we also had a kaffir jack of (no) all trades, called Steve. He was an unwashed, smelly, drunk, who had an eye for us young girls, especially when we were in our PT kit. It still boggles my mind that the Monsignor should have thought everything would be just fine having this disgusting creature in an all girls school. He was forever interferring with us, but I shall save those nasty stories for another time.

I remember quite clearly, one hot and very humid February day in Durban, Steve was roaring drunk by 10:00 am. We girls were sitting in our classrooms, anxiously monitoring the compulsory hygrometers in each classroom, as we were released from school when the humidity climbed past a percentage, the specifics of which I have now forgotten. Well, as 10:30 am rolled around, the hygrometers hit the magic percentage and a rusty old nun's voice came blaring over the intercom that we were released. Many of us had to sit under the great old shade trees on the school grounds, waiting for our lifts. I was sitting with a group of other girls, we must have been about 17 at the time. Steve hobbled and stumbled up to us shouting and screaming and brandishing his private parts at us, or so we thought.

The filthy pig had been touching himself while looking at us and had somehow got part of his willy stuck in his pants zip. Now, we were proper little Convent girls, so we looked away, embarrassed and a bit frightened too. He somehow managed to liberate and tuck his privates away. Really, I've never seen anyone or anything as drunk as he was at that stage. He decided that he needed to tie his shoelace and bent over to do so. For the first time in my life the fog lifted and I realized I was 100% looking at a bona fide member of a species of great ape. The image has stuck with me to this day. However, my radical, liberal training took over and restored the fog in my brain that had been so temporarily lifted. I felt so guilty that I had had such an unacceptable tabu thought. And so it went on for years. Until 2015. The fog lifted until reality achieved critical mass and the fog was banished for ever. And I just KNEW that my long ago youthful instinct that had recognized an ape when I saw one had been right all along. I became a niggermaniac back then, at 17, but didn't know it.

I apologize for this long post, I haven't been able to post in some time, and the OP resonated with me completely. This post has an happy ending: Steve got drunk one night and, as was his wont, fell asleep in the middle of a road. An eighteen-wheeler truck came upon him, couldn't stop in time, and put Steve out of everyone else's misery! Keep strong.

They're just not like us!, Niggermania 2 Comments [2/18/2018 7:43:30 AM]
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(Starrynova): Such a nasty experience today. A black female and her friend began screaming at me as I was walking down the subway station staircase (very long and slow line) for taking a look over the rail!! It took a good 3 seconds max, and only because I had no idea where the shuttle bus was, and I was in no way holding up the line. They just kept screaming profanities at me for a good 5 min and laughing. I live in one of the best neighborhoods in the city and it's still ruined.

It's reminiscent of my experience at the DMV. Very long story, but when they actively refused to let me support my elderly grandmother with a heart condition there with her English, I ended up having to call the cops. The security coons by the entrance were just standing there laughing in our faces, (common theme when I'm confronting them) at our obvious distress. Just pure evil, I can't even call them animals. I'm going to have to be there before the year is up, and I wonder what I can/should do.

(Aine): I'm sorry. I know what those situations can be like...that feeling of anger and helplessness.
They truly do love reveling our ancestor's faintness of heart when it came to granting them equal rights.
It's often mind boggling to think that less than a century ago, such behavior would cause them to meet a severe punishment...but today, they're free to flaunt their aggression and animosity whenever the urge strikes.

Starrynova and Aine, Stormfront 2 Comments [7/6/2017 9:51:57 AM]
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Hitler's greatest mistake was not actually gassing the kikes.

Ricotta_Elmar, Reddit - r/FragileJewishRedditor 4 Comments [1/1/2019 2:15:44 AM]
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I visited my father his holiday season and we went to see "Vice" at the movie theater when it opened yesterday. He lives in a human town, but there was a nigger in the theater. After the movie started, it kept shouting at the screen, commenting and reacting to what was going on. It was very annoying and embarrassing to everyone there.

Driving back home, we realized that niggers probably don't know the difference between the screen and reality. My dad has three dogs, and one of them always jumps up and barks whenever another dog appears on the TV screen. The dog doesn't know the difference between TV and reality. We realized that's the same as the nigger in the audience that didn't know the difference.

I think this is why niggers shout at the movie screen and try to talk with the characters in the movie. They think they're talking with real people, and they think the images in front of them are real, like my dad's dogs.

Marse Jim, Niggermania 11 Comments [1/1/2019 2:17:49 AM]
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