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Quote# 131633

(JTA) — A French Jewish leader and his family were assaulted in their home near Paris in what representatives of French Jewry said was an anti-Semitic attack.

In the attack Thursday night, three men, two of whom were wearing masks, broke into the home of Roger Pinto, the president of Siona, a group that represents Sephardic Jews. The attackers beat Pinto’s son and wife in the home in the northeastern suburb of Livry Gargan, the Dreuz news website reported Sunday.

One of the attackers said: “You Jews have money,” according to the family members.

The family members told police that the attackers, who they said were black men in their 20s or 30s, took their credit cards and jewelry, interrogated them for hours about additional items them could steal and threatened to kill them. The men ran away after Roger Pinto managed to discretely call rescue services on a mobile phone.

The Pintos were taken to hospital for treatment. They suffered some minor injuries and were deeply traumatized, the report said.

The incident, one of several cases in France in recent years in which criminals apparently singled out Jews based on the belief that they have money, provoked passionate condemnations from the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities and the National Bureau of Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism. Both groups said the incident was an anti-Semitic attack.


In 2014, three men broke into the home of a Jewish family in Creteil near Paris. One of them raped a young woman there while another guarded her boyfriend, whom they took prisoner. A third took the couple’s credit card to extract cash from an ATM machine. They too allegedly said they targeted the couple because they are Jewish.

Unnamed armed burglars in Livry Gargan, Jewish Telegraphic Agency 0 Comments [9/14/2017 1:31:03 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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Well it's hard to tell because Jewish organisations seem to interpret any criticism of Israel as anti-semitism.

Maybe if they acknowledged that Israel in its current form is unacceptable and something that a progressive party must absolutely oppose then we wouldn't have this fuss.

evergreenstreaming, r/LabourUK 0 Comments [9/14/2017 1:27:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131560

The state of Georgia is set to execute a black man convicted of murder this month, despite the fact that one of the jurors in his trial admitted to voting for the death penalty if defendants were “n*ggers.”

Via anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean, Georgia has scheduled 59-year-old Keith Leroy Tharpe’s execution for September 26, almost 27 years to the day after he murdered his sister-in-law and attempted to kidnap his wife after she had left him one month earlier.

As recounted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Tharpe’s attorneys have argued that his death sentence should be thrown out because one juror in the trial showed extreme racial prejudice toward him.

Specifically, the juror told lawyers after the trial had ended that he believed there were two type of African Americans: “Good black folks” and “n*ggers.” The juror claimed that he saw Tharpe as an example of the latter, although he said the family of Tharpe’s victim was an example of “good” black people.

In fact, the juror said that if Tharpe’s victim’s family “had been the type Tharpe is, then picking between life or death for Tharpe wouldn’t have mattered as much.”

Tharpe’s attorneys have tried to use this juror’s account to reopen his case, but so far courts have refused. While there doesn’t seem to be any question about Tharpe’s guilt, there is question over whether racial prejudice was responsible for the jury handing down a sentence that would not have been given to a white man convicted of the same crime.

Unnamed juror and Georgia courts, Raw Story 2 Comments [9/14/2017 1:20:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 131539

We went to the Renaissance Festival today, as we do every year. When we decided to get something to eat, we went to the Soup In A Breadbowl kiosk. They usually have pretty good chili served in a hollowed out loaf of bread. Now Mr. Pic has never had much use for niggers, but he has never really hated them as much as I do. When he saw that this particular stand had niggers dishing up the food, he said, "to hell with it, we'll get something at one of the other vendors". I was never so pleased with him in all our married life!

As a side note, thankfully niggers are a rarity at this event. Hopefully it stays that way, as long as the owners of the fairground don't ever decide to cave to PC and pretend that niggers made any kind of contribution to society in the Middle Ages, i.e. we beez explorers, we inbented eberthing, etc, etc, etc. So far, they have kept it mostly European, with a nod to Spain and Asia with Columbus and Marco Polo. We all know niggers never contributed shit to any civilization

Picaninny Rail, Niggermania 2 Comments [9/14/2017 1:20:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131513

But what parent would threaten to drown their child unless allowed to invade another country? In most of these cases, the baby is not related to the person dangling them over the side. The reality is that children are being kidnapped specifically for use as props to facilitate the invasion of Europe. They know that Europe’s elites are mugs happy to shed real or fake tears about invader children and willing to offer advantageous treatment to any adult invader with a child.

czakal, Wordpress 0 Comments [9/14/2017 1:16:17 PM]
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Dear Brother Nathanael,

Isn’t ‘you are an anti-Semite’ a ridiculous accusation? The Semites are the offspring of Sem, and share a little bit of the same DNA. But this is equally true for the offspring of Arthur, or John, or whoever lived a long time ago.

To be against a group of people who share a little bit of the same DNA, is utterly ridiculous.

To be against a dangerous philosophy or false faith, however, is an entirely different matter. I am against all variants/forms of fascism (which is in agreement with the teachings of Jeshua the Christ).

Judaism for instance, is definitely one of the worst fascist believes ever invented. Judaism is a lie, since it is NOT true Jews are God’s chosen people with respect to “Goyim/Gentiles that do not deserve to live on this planet.” Many millions of “Goys” were killed by the practitioners of Judaism, since Judaism is in essence fascism.

I am against Judaism. I am not anti Jewish and I am not anti Semitic. No Jew chose to be Jewish; Jews are born Jewish and brainwashed with Judaism from early childhood to adulthood.

I will never blame people for being brainwashed or having a particular ethnic background, but when things go totally wrong and a Judaic global apocalypse is at our doorstep (as a self-fulfilling prophecy), then we all have the moral duty to actively protest and fight against this false believe known as JUDAISM.

We have to expose Judaism for what it is: fascism, and replace this false believe for the truth: that we are all created equal, and that we are all the children of God.

Koen, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/13/2017 11:45:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131617

What’s amazing about the Jews is that they refuse to EVER admit that anything they do is wrong.

They are all born missing a part of the brain known as the “conscience.” They are so monumentally selfish and self-focused that they are blind to their own misgivings.

In this regard they simply will not ever admit that killing the true Messiah was a huge blundering act of idiocy.

If anyone tries to make them feel guilty over it, well then, you get what has resulted in Jewmerica today: total denigration and annihilation of the country and its people, including other Jews [kinda like how the Turks will never fess up to slaughtering the Armenians].

So, is this what it means to be “God’s Chosen People”? to have a permanent “Get out of Jail Free” card no matter how you conduct yourselves?

What do I think? I think Jews are nothing more than narrow-minded, immature, immoral scum with a talent for creating debt situations from which they profit immensely and which can buy them out of any behavior they self condone.

And so they go unchallenged because of the venal weaknesses of everyone else, hence the true power of inflation to increase that desperation and willingness to “Sell Out.”

The sheep deserve what the sheep ALLOW.

Thank God Allmighty that death itself cannot be stopped.

Bart, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/13/2017 11:45:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131615

Brother Nathanael, Your poem upstairs is great and very subtle. Here’s my contribution:

Jews trolling the internet

Upholding the satanic lie
that Jews would never hurt a fly
They say Arabs did 911
Gamblers dice rolled lucky 7
Not one Jew went to heaven!

Asbestos dust flew in the air
Hot plasma burned holes everywhere
Yet Rabbi Cohen magically
walked through radioactivity
never was Mossad activity

They lie about the “holocaust”
Jews died 6 million was the cost
No zionist whispered to Hitler
It was by the Church they do blame
Someday these trolls go down in flames!

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/13/2017 11:45:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131614

Song of the Holocauster:

Whenever I am getting beat
And feel the argument is lost
I use a trick my father taught:
And scream the dread word, “Holocaust!”

I never need to fear defeat -
Though every word I speak is crossed -
I have a word that trumps them all
Should I but say it: “Holocaust!”

And when I find myself in court
I know who’s going to win because
The judge will lend a kindly ear
Each time that I say, “Holocaust!”

All politicians bow and scrape
Dissenting voices are soon quashed
When I stand at the podium
And cry about “The Holocaust!”

Historians become perplexed
When into prison they are tossed
’Cause they unwisely delved into
The mysteries of “Holocaust!”

Should you awaken from your slumber
There among the great unwashed
You’ll hear the television scream
The lullaby of “Holocaust!”

I have no need to prove my facts
All challenges are quickly squashed
When I sit at the wheel
Of the juggernaut called “Holocaust!”

The years roll by for you and I
The world goes round without a pause
Yet in six million years, you’ll still…
Be hearing of: “The Holocaust!”

Citizenfitz, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/13/2017 11:44:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131612

It is always nice to be reassured about Putin.

I often hear people try to call him controlled by the Jews too- or even that he is racially mixing the Slavs to make them impure.

Sometimes it is difficult to see any leader escape the grasp of Jewry.

Then I hear liberals fearing a Russian invasion of Western Europe. Great! I would love them to free us from the kosher chains, take us away from Jewish materialism, and bring us back to God. Putin follows international law though, and would never do such a thing.

I just hope he knows that many in Western Europe support Russia, hate the EUSSR, and Zionist US policy. We are so far from our ‘leaders’, we common man, that we are aggregously misrepresented.

And even more silenced are we classical National Socialists.

Let us hope that the rise of nationalism is genuine. Like Hungary. Magnificent Hungary.

Louis, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/13/2017 11:44:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131611

One must do careful study of the Jews to really understand how they operate.

The Jews have been very successful in deflecting attention away from their tactics, for which Antifa is just another of many examples of how they divide and conquer. Since Jews control the mass media, they will, of course, attempt to hide and minimize the terrorist-like tactics of Antifa, and instead strongly focus attention to any excesses of some White nationalist groups, or falsely portray these groups as violent and racist.

I could give countless other examples of Jewish tactics like this, though I’m sure most people on this site are quite knowledgable already. But many among the American public are not, and hence fall for the false narratives perpetuated by the media.

Trump’s Presidency is slowly exposing the Jewish tactics and more are starting to see that there is indeed a clever organized conspiracy operating.

How many better informed Americans are truly aware of the fact the conspiracy is entirely Jewish? Or do they just believe it’s really “globalists,” “Communists,” “the media,” “the Illuminati” or whatever euphemism you hear them say publicly?

The conspiracy is entirely Jewish, plus the Jewish lackeys in the whole mass media that work for them. Not just the news (NYTimes, WashPost, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.), but the entertainment media (Hollywood, TV sitcoms, late-night talk shows, the lifestyle magazines like GQ, Vogue, Esquire, and on and on….).

This is all part of the Jewish grand scheme for them to maintain control. Barely a single newspaper in the whole U.S. endorsed Trump for President, yet tens of millions supported him. The Jews fear the movement that created Trump but did not really see it coming.

Other examples of how the Jews operate:

They flooded the universities with lies and false ideas that have badly infected once prestigious departments like the humanities and history.

What kind of false ideas?? Well they very cleverly promulgate false teachings and sometimes mix some truth with these teachings to even further confuse the “goyim.”

1) “Racism”: This is one of their biggest “isms” or ideas they have infected the World with.

The Aryan/White races created the whole Western World we see before us. Yet the Jews have made it so anyone who acknowledges this fact publicly is considered “racist” or insensitive to the less advanced races.

2) “Sexism”: Differences between men and women that are simply facts in nature are exploited. They exploit women’s more emotional nature so they feel victimized.

3) “Homophobia”: All cultures of the world have penalized homosexuality because it’s destructive to families and perpetuation of the human race. Yet this rational reason is turned into one single idea, “homophobia”, and so you’re a bad person if you’re “homophobic.”

Abstract ideas like philosophy and religion are easily messed with and the Jews are very good at this. Someone should write a book on aspects of Jewish ways of thinking and acting and it should be taught in every school in America!

AJ, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/13/2017 11:44:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131609

Seriously, what do we do about our serious negro problem? Negro crime is widespread and increasing. Government program fraud and and waste is enormous. Schools, neighborhoods, and cities are being destroyed. Law enforcement is being harrased, targeted, and attacked. Ridiculous demands are continually being made. For example taking statues down, outlawing flags, outlawing academic standards, etc.

We could go on and on....

How do we stop the madness and get things back under control?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [9/13/2017 11:44:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131601

Authorities: Gold miners at a bar bragged about slaughtering members of a reclusive Brazilian tribe

The outside world might never have heard about the suspected massacre if not for some barroom boasting by a group of miners fresh from working an illegal gig in the Amazon jungle.

The garimpeiros had bragged that they’d come across members of a reclusive, uncontacted Amazonian tribe near Brazil’s border with Peru and Colombia, authorities say.

The tribe members were greater in number — there were as many as 10 — but the gold miners said they’d gotten the better of them and killed the entire lot, said Carla de Lello Lorenzi, communications officer for Survival International in Brazil.

The miners cut the tribe members’ bodies so that they wouldn’t float, Lorenzi said, then dropped them into the Jandiatuba River.

The miners had collected tools and jewelry from the indigenous dead, corroborating their story.

An unidentified person who overheard the story was disturbed by it, recorded the miners’ conversation and turned the audio over to authorities. They have since launched an investigation into what, if confirmed, would be one of the largest mass murders of uncontacted people in decades.

Advocates for stricter protective measures say the suspected massacre is evidence that the Brazilian government isn’t doing enough to safeguard the more than 100 vulnerable tribes that have never made contact with the outside world — and have no desire to.

“If these reports are confirmed, [Brazilian President Michel Temer] and his government bear a heavy responsibility for this genocidal attack,” said Survival International’s director, Stephen Corry. Corry said the government has slashed funds for an agency that protects the tribes, leaving them “defenseless against thousands of invaders — gold miners, ranchers and loggers — who are desperate to steal and ransack their lands.”

“All these tribes should have had their lands properly recognized and protected years ago — the government’s open support for those who want to open up indigenous territories is utterly shameful, and is setting indigenous rights in Brazil back decades.”

According to the New York Times, the government closed five of the 19 bases it uses to monitor uncontacted tribes and prevent incursions by miners and loggers.

Three of the closed bases were in the Javari Valley, home to more uncontacted tribes than anywhere else on Earth.

For obvious reasons, little is known about the indigenous group involved in the suspected killings.

Locally, Lorenzi said, they’re known as Fleicheros, or “the ones who throw arrows,” but their language and customs — and how they interact with at least two other uncontacted tribes in the immediate area — remain a mystery.

But the tribe members are not the only people in that part of the Amazon, Lorenzi said. It is illegal to mine there, but prospectors have brought earth-moving equipment to the area, leaving giant craters that can be seen from the sky.

They also bring violence, according to the government, which says garimpeiros are responsible for threats, child prostitution and killings.

Even their nonviolent presence in the protected lands can be dangerous to uncontacted tribes, which lack the immunity to fight the diseases that miners and loggers bring.

Any contact can be contentious and even violent, with the uncontacted usually getting the worst of it because, as Lorenzi told The Post, “it’s usually bows and arrows against guns.”

Details about those contacts remain hazy, because they involve two groups of people unlikely to speak to authorities.

Still, tales of the worst violence sometimes get out. Survival International documented the story of Marisa Yanomami and Leida Yanomami, survivors of the Haximu massacre in 1993:

“The gold-miners killed our brothers and sisters and also killed our father with machetes; some of them were killed with guns,” they told the organization. “After the first 10 people died, at the start of the war, we moved to another place to hide and stayed in our shabono (communal house), but the next day, the miners appeared again.”

In a statement on its website, the Brazilian National Indian Foundation, or Funai, said it had prompted the federal public prosecutor’s office to investigate the most recent allegation.

The government has also trumpeted its latest operation against incursions on protected lands. In August, it shut down an illegal mining operation. Soldiers destroyed four dredging machines and fined mining operators $1 million for environmental crimes.

Investigations are tough undertakings. The site of the suspected killing, for example, is a 12-hour trek by boat during the dry season. And it involves a group of people with their own language and a centuries-long wariness of outsiders.

Even the details of the killing are sketchy, Lorenzi said. And the vacuum of information speaks to another fear advocates have: that these types of violent interactions happen a lot more frequently than is reported.

“That’s highly probable, yes, because it’s so difficult to document,” she said. “It’s the uncontacted versus illegal miners who think they can get away with anything.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the time they do.”

Illegal gold miners in Brazil, MSN 2 Comments [9/13/2017 2:22:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 131590

No amount of military force will permanently displace the Jews.

And the reason for that is this is a spiritual and not a physical battle, per Ephesians 6:12.

We simply MUST have a real Christian revival, and by that I mean Christians need to openly declare Jews to be the ANTI-CHRIST, and not disgustingly worship them as so many have done before.

We must all become filled with the spirit of Christ, otherwise the Jews will quickly fill the void with their own demonic presence.

Spiritual emptiness is our own worst enemy.

Stephen, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/12/2017 10:46:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131588

Jews love gold, but what they really desperately need is some “golden rule” (do unto others as you would have done unto you).

Jews COUNT on Christian cheek-turning and are aghast at the notion of turnaround being fair play. But Jesus would advocate some asz-kicking; Jews would be paralyzed with terror at the mirroring of their dirty deeds back on to themselves.

The basic Rabbinic corruption of the Jewish child’s mind: “Sit down with him at an early stage of his development and tell them that you are better than all these other kids out here because god made you special and all the other kids are jealous of you so they will always want to harm you because they know that you are better, so you must make sure that you always get on top of them so they can never strike first, always make sure that you are above them so you can strike first before they do.”

They may concentrate themselves in academia, government and media to exact preemptive harm on the Goyim, but they’re not-prepared for the backlash from the exponentiating growth in understanding by non-Jews of the nefarious activities of the Jew towards One World governance by Jews and slaying of all Goyim.

What they’ve done before is their usual crimes, followed by deportation and banning, then they regroup as a tribe and secret away to continue their plan of global takeover and extermination of Goyim. But the playing field has changed, the cat is out of the bag and they can never stuff the cat back into the bag again!

Rothschilds trillion$ are no match for globalized understanding of their evil.

Jews should take heed and hang their heads LOW and slink in the shadows again dreaming of their supremacist goals to themselves. They’re being exposed more and more every day.

Yankee Goy, Real Jew News 4 Comments [9/12/2017 10:45:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131586

The Judaic Khazars are not Semites and having displaced and killed the real Palestianian Semites, this makes them the ANTI-SEMITES.

Is this labeling of those critical of Judaics as being what the Judaics are themselves some way to partition ownership of their own misdeeds?

To the Judaics: If you REALLY want to insult and label a non-Jew as something horrific, call them a “JEW.” YIKES!

Yankee Goy, Real Jew News 1 Comments [9/12/2017 10:42:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131577

Sorry I've been away I had a minor incident with a coon at work that had me in hospital for over a week .... Dumb nigger thought he could vent me with a cheap .38. It blew up on him and shrapnel cut my arm badly..... 28 stitches later this Master is one pissed off Cop. Only good thing out of it my lovely partner (call her Connie) sent the nigger off to graduation . After he'd lost most of one hand with his cheap toy blew up and part of his face. Sadly didn't make him look any better.

Worse still the Nigs mammy screeching and poking that jr NIG had done nothing wrong and that we shot him unarmed. Our on body cameras proved otherwise so we were in the clear . And Junior Nig went to wherever they take useless corpses of niggers these days. I don't known if it made the news I was to knocked out to care the first two days.

Sadly during my trip to hospital I saw Niggers doing ..... Well what they usually do when their supposed to be working. Anything but work......

So glad I have high quality private cover and that I had a nice WHItE doctor and human nurses .... I would have left in a hurry if I had seen a nigger dr or nurse anywhere near me .

Saw plenty of Niggershines during my stay and here is a list of just a few things I witnessed these useless apes doing while they were supposed to be working:

1/ Shenigger nurses talking on sail phones , doing nails, talking to each other, hitting on white men anything but work while patients bells and their hospital line phones were going off ignored until they felt like answering. One white nurse berated a nigger nurse for not doing her job. The nigger nurse said "I'm on mes break do it your self cracker bitch"...... I've never seen a white person go so red so fast in my life. She grabbed this niggernurse off the chair and pushed her down the hall telling her her break was over an hour ago and get to work or she'd report her and make sure she lost her job as she's been reported so many times already. The nigger huffed and carried on and spent the rest of her shift doing everything as slow as possible to piss everyone off especially any white patients.

2/ Another nurse was seen not by just me but several other patients leaving bed bound patients on their bed pans sometimes for 2-3 hrs at a time . Ignoring calls to remove pans. Ignoring people who needed pans till they messed the beds. Then berating them for messing themselves.

3/ Saw several male and female Nigger staff dissapear and reappear at odd intervals joking that they'd snuck out for a cigarette or a quick fuck.

4/ Saw niggers taking tablets and other introveinous medications off the MEDS cart and out of the MEDS room . Clearly they were stealing the medicines to have themselves or sell . Made another complaint and as they couldn't prove it as suposidly I was the only one who saw it nothing was done.

5/ Niggers stealing sleeping patients food. Going through sleeping patients bags/purses/wallets. Taking anything of value like jewellery and other items they seemed to see as useful. Of course if patients complained the Niggershines involved denyed knowing anything. One caught in the act of eating a patients food said so what he was sleeping not like he wanted it right then and I'm hongry and have no moneys for lunch. Lazy lying nigger bastards.

6/ Niggers avoiding doing anything their told to do. Ooking and eeking and carrying on when told to get on with their jobs. Shucking and jiving, hiding, sneaking around, listening in to private conversations and phone calls . Listening to CRap music in headphones when ment to be working. Lazing around and sleeping in empty beds when supposed to be working. Ignoring doctors orders. Anything really to get out of their work it was disgusting.

I was so glad when they finally let me go home I just about was ready to check myself out I'd had enough Niggershines for 10 life times in that week. Next time I won't let them make me stay in hospital unless I'm dead.
And I came home with some disgusting virus which caused me to have to spend nearly another week in bed cause some useless nigger sneezed on me on my way out the building to go home. Fucking niggers making humans lives worse by the day.

MasterOfTheInsaneAsylum, Niggermania 3 Comments [9/12/2017 10:37:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131555

Dear White people,

Your government no longer represents you.

- They applaud your demographic annihilation.

- They confiscate TRILLIONS of dollars from you via taxation - and do they use that money to help you? No. They give it to Blacks and Browns so they can outbreed you.

- They not only allow but they actively encourage and engage in discrimination against you.

- They allow the beautiful cities YOUR ancestors built to be stolen from you and turned into third world style war zones - courtesy of your hard earned tax dollars.

- They bring the full weight of the federal government against any of you who dare to defend yourselves.

- They import millions of third worlders in order to displace you and steal your jobs.

- They demonize you and call you racist while supporting racist organizations such as La Raza and the NAACP.

- They ignore hundreds of thousands of yearly Black on White crimes while making national sensations out of comparably few White on Black “crimes” (many of which are complete fabrications).

- They discourage you from reproducing by filling your children’s heads with feminist nonsense.

- They threaten to disarm you because Blacks and Browns can not behave responsibly with weapons.

And, after all of the above, they insist that YOU are the problem.

They want you DEAD.

Ken, Real Jew News 7 Comments [9/11/2017 10:37:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131553

It is shocking to learn the illegal Monopoly control the Jews have had over most Western news, media and entertainment for the past 50 years, indeed the past 100 years at least.

Almost all movies and music are controlled by Jews including finance, distribution and Movie Chains.

Their newspapers and TV stations tell us which CD’s to buy and which movies to watch.

Most critics are Jews such as Leonard Maltin, who strongly promote movies with Jew values, such as evil Germans and Southern Rednecks losing, dark Jew gets the blond Shiksa and so on. Books written by Jews are turned into movies by Jews with Jew actors, directors, composers, sheesh the whole shebang.

Most, or almost all, top rock groups were and still are promoted by Jews, who made/make money like bandits. Many inferior musicians are Jews who have been promoted to the First Rank by their Jew bosses. Talented non Jew composers and musicians lacking Jew friends have no chance at all.

I would like to see all the surviving Beatles and all of the Rolling Stones jailed for child sex crimes which they all did commit. They are all guilty and it is documented that they all had sex with underage girls in the 1960’s known as “groupies”.

Legally a child can never give permission to have sex to an adult. Nobody bothered to check their age and ID at the time.

These crimes took place in several different countries and there is plenty of walking DNA evidence to prove it. Most of this walking human proof is now aged close to 50 years of age. Most would not know who their father is.

Probably many of the children’s mothers have been paid off by the Jew managers of these bands. If any victims went to the Police, then the Jew media suppressed the case and the facts.

It is never too late as in Australia, at least there is no time limit or Statute of Limitation for child sex crimes.

These music tours happened before the pill was widely available so many pregnancies resulted. Jail these sex monsters, now! In Australia these Beatles can get 15 years jail for penetration of a child, under the sentencing laws as they applied in the 1960’s, which is how sentence is handed down.

It would not be fair to jail them under current penalties, 15 years would be enough for creeps like Mick Jagger and that Stone that looks like Satan, to amount to a life sentence.

Geoffrey, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/11/2017 10:35:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131540

Got home from watching the game today. As I pull into my lot, I spy a couple of coons working on their shit mobile on the street, which sits right below my lot. I park and can't help myself; I have to watch a couple of monkeys fucking a football.

Looked like they were trying to remove the battery. They had about half a dozen toolboxes spread around for the job. They were beating on the wrench with a 3 pounder in an attempt to loosen, what, 9/16 bolts? Jeez. One actually got up on the engine for better leverage. Saw sparks flying! It was just too much. As the title to my post says, Bufcoonery.

Niggers aren't good for anything.

Sick n' Tired of Niggers, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/11/2017 10:17:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131506

Isn’t one of the tenets of Judaism an attempt to destroy other strong cultures in order to keep them from rising and challenging Judaism?

When I go into Kroger’s supermarket, I literally see more White women with little Negroes than little White kids.

I was in Kroger’s today, and this bleached-blonde White woman asked me for school money for the little Black kid in her grocery cart.

I had to say no because I don’t want to see little White kids being neglected because the Jews hate the white Christian culture of the United States that created all the great cities and inventions, and who have taught American White women to despise the children of their own European, Russian based culture.

If a little White kid does manage to grow up without too much neglect and abuse from the Jew controlled schools, legal system and media, then he/she has to face “Affirmative Action” which means not being able to get a job or go to college in favor of Jews, blacks and illegal Mexicans.

Thus the communist Jews are able to destroy the once powerful white Christian culture of the U.S. through neglect, abuse, lies, mongrelization as well as endless wars.

Seek The Truth, Real Jew News 2 Comments [9/10/2017 7:50:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131453

After a long chat with my pal, Vox Day, about how he's completely addicted to nigger and jewish semen... I've convinced him to change his name to Vox Gay.

NixonSlartlak, Gab 4 Comments [9/10/2017 7:46:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 131492

Israel remains an illegitimate CRIMINAL Nation.

JEWS were never a Semitic Tribe in the Middle East?

The “Jews” have no genetic claims to the land of Palestine and no family connection whatsoever to historical Israel.

NO MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS, Real Jew News 3 Comments [9/10/2017 3:37:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131491

The other day I posted about starting my new job working with a nigger. Well they still haven't fired this chimps yet and I don't understand it because it gets lazier and more entitled every hour of every day. Isay by Monday through this niggers and his she boon will be on da skreet homeless and sheet cuz da boss is a raysiss muhfukka. Yesterday I was talking to the Mexican guy I work with who is 2nd in charge and I already knew he hated this baboon but as we got deeper in conversation I discovered that he hates niggers as much as me.

More maybe (I'm not sure that's possible) and I told him about this site. I even showed him the post from the other day " started my new job working with a nigger" with him bieng part of it and he laughed his ass off. Told me that made his day! So I created a new niggermaniac!!! Oh yeah, today that nigger told some white lady guest a sob story about him and his bitch down on dey luck and sheet and she gave him $50. Yep. No pride. Nigger scum!!!

Tyler durden, Niggermania 0 Comments [9/10/2017 3:37:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 131489

Well, I made a big mistake last night to go watch "It" in movie theaters. I haven't been to the movies in years, but decided to go tonight. Before leaving, I was very worried about niggers being in the theater during the movie. They are always talking during the movie, walking around and making that attempt at human laugh : "KEE KEE KEEE KEEEEEEEE".

And yes, the theatre was full of niggers. Standing up, talking and kee keeing during the movie. Very unpleasant experience and I DESERVE IT by putting myself in that situation.

The movie itself had a "token" nigger in it as well. The movie starts off with the nigger having a hard time killing a sheep for slaughter. Just another example of media moguls trying to brain wash our children with the thought : "Niggers are like us, they have a conscious too!"


Stay at home and watch movies and more importantly, stay away from NIGGERS!

NigletPiglet, Niggermania 3 Comments [9/10/2017 3:36:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Katie
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