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[Re. "The Best Men Can Be" advertisement for Gillette razors]

No Christian man should approve of a man shouting out crude sexual comments to a random woman he does not know walking down the street. But what about just telling a woman she is beautiful and asking for her phone number? There was a time in our society when most women would have found this flattering, but now it is lumped in as catcalling by many today.

So, let’s take the scene where a man sees a beautiful woman walking down the side walk, checks her out and wants to go talk to her. We have no idea what he was going to say. What if he walked up to her and told her she was beautiful and wanted her number to call her to go out some time? But instead we have the “white knight” man who steps in to save this poor woman from this other man’s brutish behavior. Now if he had something sexually crude, I would have been all for the “white knight” treatment.

But we simply don’t know what his intentions were. And the producer of the video is leaving it vague on purpose. Why? Because the producer of this Gillette ad wants us to condemn this man for going after a woman simply because she was beautiful. By doing so he is “sexually objectifying her”. Instead men should only ask women on dates after they get to know them and are interested in their “full person”, fully appreciating their mind and intellect. Someone please get me a vomit bag.

Men need to stop being physically oriented visual creatures and instead they need to become more like women who are relational and holistic in their attraction mechanisms, that is one message of this ad.

biblicalgenderroles, Biblical Gender Roles 8 Comments [1/25/2019 2:32:20 PM]
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Women have it so difficult teehee

Women can be flat. In fact that they can have a terrible body genetically. Their face just needs to be a 2 or above and make up does the rest. I hadn't been here for a while and something new I've noticed is "just exist mode" which is one of the funniest things I've ever heard but it's SO true. That's all they need to do. Just exist and things just kind of happen to them. You know that utopia that the media and Hollywood prepared you to live in as a child? There's a reason why women don't go around bitching about it, bitching that the world is nothing like they were promised, because most of them live in that utopia.

A stranger buys them a drink in a club then makes it obvious he likes her, she can slap him, walk away and strange men and strange women will protect her from the consequences. When she applies to a job she'll most likely get called back because it's discrimination not to. I applied to some colleges in Ireland and didn't hear back. I ended up knowing some of the professors in one. I had a private talk with one of them and he said a radical feminist took over the top position for STEM to make things more equal. She had been refusing to let white men into the class. She was accepting EVERY woman no matter her qualifications. As a result maybe 10% of the class was passing and they were getting into trouble because some inspector place was asking why the hell things were suddenly so bad. So I, and other guys, were literally being discriminated against based on our sex. Women get EVERYTHING handed to them now. Any women I saw in there were getting their work done for them.

A girl was even caught watching chem videos on her phone during a chem exam! The rules were "if we catch you with your phone, even if it's off without a battery we'll ban you for the rest of this year and you'll have to take the class over again." Then in the middle of the exam we heard a guy's voice saying something about chemistry and it was her frantically trying to mute her phone. All they did was take her phone and let her finish the exam then give her her phone back at the end.

The next day a guy came in late and half way through the exam his text message beeper went off. He put his hands up and said "sorry, I forgot it was still in my pocket, can you take it away?" and they said "no, sorry" and led him out of the exam room! They enforced the rule for him! He didn't even touch his phone, it just made a beep sound and he got banned for the rest of the year! SHE WATCHED A YOUTUBE VIDEO ABOUT THE SUBJECT OF THE EXAM AND WAS STILL ALLOWED TO FINISH AND I SAW HER IN OTHER EXAMS.

Women REALLY don't have to do a single thing in life. They just sit there and good happens constantly because of thirsty shit heads. She was super hot by the way, I think it was to do with that.

Some incels, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/25/2019 2:31:46 PM]
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You cannot defend this

Work on HIMSELF? If he turned up to the date smelling of pussy there's no way people would blame the woman for being a little freaked out. I mean if he'd been with some girl, spent the day with her on a date, hugging and kissing her and then slept with her and then turned up to their date he would be GETTING DESTROYED.

Society tells men to talk about how they feel and when they do this is what happens. Society tells them "you're wrong for feeling that way!" That's like saying you're wrong for blinking when something gets in your eye. His reaction is an evolved reflex and there's nothing wrong with it because what she did says a LOT about her personality. The fact that she brushed it off as if it's no big deal also says a lot. If it was no big deal why lie? If she's so modern and progressive then the grown ups can just talk about sex openly. I HATE these relationship and advice subs, they're FULL of pathetic men who see anything and everything they feel that's negative towards women as wrong, even when the woman did something wrong!

There was some article I saw not long ago about someone's wife who cheated on her husband, told him and then wanted an open marriage! He did the same thing this guy did "I was upset at first but realized that I was being sexist". God damn. Women always say "if someone criticizes you for how you feel then they're abusive. You can't FEEL the wrong emotion. You react in a certain way for a reason." Yet the second a man feels something that shows a woman has been kind of repulsive (I'd never contact this girl again if I found that out!) they scream "YOUR EMOTIONS ARE WRONG" and then wonder why men are "closed off and so macho that they don't show emotion". Maybe because you all act like cunts when we do express anything beyond "you're hot" and "you're perfect"? Dumb, socially retarded dullards.

holy fuck

i hate, hate, HATE these fucking disgusting redditors so much, the amount of gaslighting here is INSANE

the majority of issues that rise up are caused by my own insecurities

yes you silly man, every opinion and feeling you have as a man is caused by insecurity caused by your toxic masculinity, go to th3rapy maybe??

I was strongly thinking about how I felt about the situation, but not about how she felt

your feelings are not relevant, only the feelings of your precious queen matter, queen is free to do what she wants and if you voice ANY concerns or opinions of your own you're an ent1tled INCEL MISOGYNIST

literally everything she does is justified and used to villanize him according to these disgusting redditors. she had a one night stand but """"wanted to take it slow with you""""? no issue here, she just wanted a connection, teehee, you're not ent1tled to her body you silly incel

but the retarded cuck himself is not much better, actually needing to ask brain damaged redditors for advice AND gobbling their shit up. not to mention he's dating a single mother who fucks guys off of tinder, lmfao. all of them are garbage

like holy shit, this entire situation is so absurd and comical to the point where i'm not sure it's a parody or not, it's too stereotypical. but it doesn't really matter if the replies are being made unironically

either way, to reiterate: redditors are HUMAN GARBAGE and need to be put in g*s chambers, absolutely fucking disgusting

elephant__dick & justforlulzandkeks, r/Braincels 0 Comments [1/25/2019 2:30:13 PM]
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This is tragic but natural. We're in the age of the fall of men, OP. There's no crime in feeling wronged by the traitors and dykes who wish to see us extinct. Sure, we have many a spy and sex traitor in today's /mlp/, who have come to our last bastion to finally break us, but is that not just a good reason to finally push back? We're men, we're warriors and lords, we should remember that. We'll be seen as animals who must be put down anyway. If nothing else, don't you want to get your money's worth?
Let's secure the survival of our brothers. This man-hating world may have damned you, but you will always have my blessing.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 2 Comments [1/25/2019 2:29:27 PM]
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Why do everytime when I see a pic of Rainbow Dash with a lesbian partner making love for each other I always feel so angry, feels so crazy inside my heart and I wanted to listen to some love/breakup songs and other music. Why do I always wanted to listen to love/breakup songs and heavy hype music when I feel cucked that my gf Rainbow Dash go with a fucking dyke?? Why this shit always happen to me??

Anonymous, /mlp/ 7 Comments [1/25/2019 2:29:20 PM]
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Quote# 142130

Only subhuman faggots love a shitty weekly waifu meme. Unlike this furfag waifu, rainbow dash is pure.

RD is a fucking dyke with an unwashed crusted up cunt. I'll take my beautiful, pure, underaged dragon waifu over that cuntmuncher any day.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 2 Comments [1/25/2019 2:29:14 PM]
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"People keep hiring me just cuz I'm a WOMAN."

I’ve been telling everyone that most Job ads are fake and only there to fish for women since 2010 and no one, not even incels, believed me. And no I’m not even talking about female quotas here, I’m saying that when you have a thirsty male boss (which is 99% of companies) he is only putting out job ads so that women can apply in the hopes that he can get laid with her. When you look at a job ad, Don’t for even one second think that he would be interested in hiring a man like YOU, Because they’re all putting out jobs only to look for pussy. I am also saying that if you are a man, you will need to apply maybe a hundred times before you even get a job, but a woman of similar or even lower skill set than you can get instantly hired because the moment the boss looks at her long legs, he will dump your Male resume in the trash and hire her on the spot. All that effort you put into uni, it’s worth nothing when compared to stacys looks. As an entrepreneur who’s been around the block for several years, I’ve been in the market long enough to know this shit is irrefutable. Anyone who still believes women should get economic help despite all their overwhelming economic advantages is a mentally retarded cuck who knows nothing about the world (I’m looking at you inceltears).

Foids in STEM live life on tutorial mode. They are there to keep the thirsty numale wagecucks in check by dangling their hot female coworker carrot in front of them for this one special time of the day when she will give them some bits of chit-chat at the coffee machine.

Most career women don't know shit besides looking good in formal clothing. HR foids are the worst, giving weekly talks about team building and communication to hordes of soyboys gathering in airconditioned wageslave pits... JFL at the wage gap ! Many of them earn more than the hard working incels in the departments deeper down the hierarchy where the actual hard work happens.

So fucking true it hurts man. I've worked in IT and it's hilarious watching all the hordes of subhuman curries who I work with lust after the one young white chick in our department who's a scrum master. And the funny thing is that hoe doesn't know jack shit about programming but makes more than a curry or rice who had to grind their way through uni learning CS only to do grunt work fixing bugs and working on tickets and shit grinding 9 - 5 everyday only to make less than the hoe who only needs to show up to work to look pretty. JFL AT THIS FUCKING LIFE

And even if they break out of the rat race like those curries who invented tinder or that ricecel who invented snapchat, they will still end up orbiting around that one white chick in their new startup office and then getting metooed a year later, and then the chick goes off to start her own startup. I’m talking about bumble.

all the boomer males do this shit too. i mean fuck at least the numales are in their age range and have a tiny chance of being beta bucks. most of the boomers have absolutely no chance, not even to run sugar daddy game, they're just too old and ugly, yet they'll still try to get these women into their workplace just to create an infinitesimal delusional increase in sexual opportunity in their lives.

Yes and that’s the reason why men don’t get any replies when they apply for jobs. Sorry mate, it’s not because we are not a good match for the company, it’s becuase we don’t have a pussy which is what the horny deadbedroom male boss is really looking for. Also, a lot of HR are women who are literally looking for good looking men to hire. I know this because I have overheard their conversations, where they receive a resume with a photo of a good looking man and they clamour to hire him.

Some incels, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/25/2019 2:29:08 PM]
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My "Chad friend" at work today said that I am not successful in attracting foids because I am too nice to them, treat them like human beings and I don't d3grade them.

In the real world I treat foids like how I treat men when it is absolutely necessarily to interact with those foul beasts. As a result Chad thinks I treat them with respect and human beings. Chad said he randomly grabs foids by the ass and other quite rapey things and he said that the foids love it.

I did tell him in reply that all that matters is looks and height but he was adamant that if I treated roasties like s3x objects like he did I would slay.

He is of course incorrect but no fucking way I'm forcing myself to be assholes for those things. This interaction with Chad made me hate roasties even more.

I only talk to him because he used to post on /b/ and misc hence he is not fully cucked. All the other men are white knighting soyboys and of course I am not going to be friends with a foid ever again, they can fucking get r3kt.

My Chad friend openly stares at foids like an obsessed stalker, and still gets their numbers. He's treated all his gf's like shit, calling them ugly and whatnot. They stay with him until he ditches them. He won't believe me when I say the only reason he hasn't been metoo'd is because he's 6'1 and good looking.

My other friend, Chadlite, is a total sadist that enjoys making them cry. Not one girl has ever broken up with him, and he's alpha widowed many. Explain that to me, IT.

AbuIncelAlAustrali & hhhh__, r/Braincels 0 Comments [1/25/2019 2:28:54 PM]
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stacy grooming a 13 year old chad.. still has millions of followers on youtube and insta validating her

Raping children and men in general is ok if youre a woman.


LOL. With all of this so-called "male privilege" you hear from feminists, you'd think the exact opposite of this would be the reality.

Waiting for the day an 18 year old normie guy can do this and get away scot-free thanks to the supposed "male privilege" or "white privilege" or some other bullshit like that.

I disagree with the double standard and all, but can anyone seriously say that he's a victim here?? And to be honest I would actually apply this to both genders. Female high schoolers literally try to fuck their hot teachers all the time and I literally could not give a shit about that either. 13 year olds are not innocent prepubescent children. I was at least mostly done with puberty by that age, and wouldn't have minded the attention from a hot model. Plus the aoc in most countries is around 14 anyway so morally idgaf (I do think, however that she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law just like a man would be tho)

Society is extremely pro-female.

They can do no wrong as a group.

Its perfectly acceptable to be critical of men as a group, but very frowned upon to do the same to women as a group.

When women have issues their problems are heard out, men are shamed and seen as weak.

Most people (all women and manginas) want to see women succeed more than men.

Most teachers in elementary school are female and likely favor girls and the way they learn best.

Boys face more corporal punishment.

Men are 80% of the victims of violent crime.

The criminal justice system obviously favors women, gives them lighter sentences than men for the same crimes.

Men walk around wearing clothes saying the "future is female".

80% of all suicides are males.

80% of homeless are men.

Women are always valued as human beings. Men are mostly valued and respected on the basis of our perceived convenience to women.

Some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/24/2019 2:00:34 AM]
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Women are so sexually selective that a portion of males literally are unaware that women even HAVE sex drives and need to be told

You ever hear numales telling each other shit like "y'know women want it just as much as you!" They cite this as some huge realization that made them less scared to interact with women.

Think of that. Some guys literally need to TOLD that women do in fact have sexual urges. If that doesn't show how picky and discriminating women are, I don't know what will.

Same with "women are complicated" Attractive guys do not think this, it's bluepill numale cope to explain their lack of sexual success.

The existence of incels disproves the idea that women have equal sex drives to men.

Women's sexual drive is simply directed at the top 10% of men.

no i think what he says makes sense. you dont have to have super high libido to be attracted to literally model tier people. but chads would pump and dump fatties just because they can easily get them. the reason why guys are willing to go much lower than their looksmatch is their high libido. maybe libido has a very specific definition in literature though i dont know.

Men are less picky than women. That's the only difference.

Women never have "migraine" or are "not in the mood" or "too busy" when Chad is around. Women have 100+ guys lined up. Yes, even the 1/10 morbidly obese Jabba the Hutt lookalike. They just choose to go without sex for a limited time instead of fucking someone who is 7/10 or below.

On top of that: Tinder and other apps make it more private. A girl can get fucked 3-5 times in a day and you'll never notice. Had female coworkers talking about fucking 3 dudes in a week like it's no big deal. These guys fuck hundreds, if not thousands of women. Women fuck 100 different guys and the other 900 get none. That is the reality we live in.

A reality you'll never notice, see or be a part of. It's a sellers market. That's why there are so many hookers but no male escorts. There's no need for them.

There are male escorts, they're just called rent boys because men fuck them instead. I've had guys actually offer me money to suck my dick before, I'd say men definitely have stronger drives than women.

fakecel out

Gangbangs wouldn't exist if women didn't have a high sex drive. Women are always ready for the right guy.she will even drive to his house.

Yep. This was me. There was a really strong undercurrent of 'men are disgusting and only want sex; women are above sex' in media growing up.

Taking that forward, in my IRL experience, women have never shown any signs of being the slightest bit sexual. Stuff like this being normal makes it seem more like we're actually enemies.

So I essentially believed women were mostly asexual, just tolerating sex in relationships. When I began actually learning about hookup culture and women having sex just after meeting someone or FWBs, my brain just couldn't even process that for a while.

Immersed in this community I now of course know the truth.

That sign is fucking ragefuel. They're literally dehumanising men and treating them as if they were all rapists that need to be kept in control, the fucking gillete ad in real life. Of course in essence its only a shit test that applies to ugly men.

Chad has the impression that foids like sex even more than men

Goddamn, googolplex IQ. And what you're saying makes perfect sense. If you're attractive enough the idea that women have sex drives is so obvious it's not worth stating; of course they do, otherwise you wouldn't be getting laid all the time. These are the black pills I come here for.

Some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/23/2019 10:54:31 AM]
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Quote# 142102

>"There is an interesting thing about being of the female gender. It’s that if you don’t choke on a dick at least once, then odds are you either aren’t trying very hard or you need a new boyfriend."
I think I see the problem here. Fucking dykes can't take a dick sucking joke these days and thus we live in an age where comedy is dying.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 6 Comments [1/23/2019 10:49:56 AM]
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Quote# 142101

Every mare here is a dyke it seems. Fucking degenerates.


One stallion, multiple mares. As nature intended.

It disgusts me that almost all of the Elements of Harmony are disgusting dykes, even the Princess apparently has sexed up her fucking ENEMIES.

Disgusting. Mares and stallions go together. Not mares and mares.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 8 Comments [1/23/2019 10:49:34 AM]
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Quote# 141797

This is a PSA to men.

When a women gives an opinion you don’t agree with, pretend to agree. Because when a woman hears “No, you’re wrong” we get scared. The amount of rape culture in this world means that we take it as a sign that you’re silencing us. And if you continue to do so just because you arrogantly believe a woman is wrong, then it’s a slippery slope to misogyny and abuse.

kermitcallsout-blog1, Tumblr 17 Comments [1/22/2019 11:56:45 AM]
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Quote# 141718

It is possible to be able to change how masculine you are!

Jesus christ these morons prove the heightpill every time they talk. How the fuck you suppose a 5’5 manlet would make himself look masculine? If he manages to get jacked then he’s going to look funky and be seen as an overcompensating asshole. I know this masculinity shit is mega cope for chubby niggas like him but damn it pisses me off. These boomers tell themselves its masculinity that attracts women so that they can still put their “pull yourself by the bootstraps bucko” mentality to work. Instead of just bluntly saying its good looks, since good looks didnt require ((hard work)), they have to say its “muh masculinity”. FFS man. Im like amazed at how stupid people are. I never realized how alone I really am in this world until I browsed r/incels and here. Literally everyone deludes themselves into believing this shit. WHY?

A1M2E21, r/Braincels 8 Comments [1/22/2019 11:17:03 AM]
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Quote# 142094

You guys ever feel like it’s impossible?

They told me if I get buff girls will want me. All that did was make guys impressed.

They told me if I changed my hair they would love me. All that did was add 20$ a week to my expenses.

They told me if I dressed well I’d be irresistible. All that did was make me broke.

They told me if I was confident they would fall for me. All that did was make me arrogant.

They told me if I acted tough they’d respect me. All that did was make me soft on the inside.

They told me to be myself. All that did was reveal my true failure.

Honestly no reason to try anymore.

But have you tried being vulnerable? Because all that did for me was get me mocked and taken advantage of.

How comes? This is against all I thought to have learnt.

Edit: Sorry for the dumb question. I mistranslated it at first.

I was never raised to be anything other than progressive and respectful toward women, it has not advanced me an inch with gaining their interest for relationships. However, I'm willing to accept I was possibly acting in the Nice GuyTM way in the beginning, because waaaaay back then I didn't know better. But after that course correction, it still didn't matter.

I noticed a trend with most women, from most walks of life: they want MEN

Not just in the CHad sense of the world, though not discounting that importance - they want men who are traditionally masculine. Although, they rarely came out and admitted it. Among their friends and people who they wish to curry favor with, they'll say what many here always say - and then proceed to get involved with traditional rugged and masculine men that continually hurt them.

Also, whenever they complain about men not meeting standards, like men who've approached them in the past - and even some of these bad boys - they'll attack their masculinity when they show vulnerability. "I don't want to be their mommy" is a phrase I've heard frequently. "I don't want to be their shoulder to cry on all the time"

A popular belief in red pill communities is about how men need to be a solid rock, or break wall in a woman's tumultuous sea of emotions. She wants to crash into it and know for certain it's there for support. Kinda cringe sounding, but I've seen more than enough women complain when this isn't the case.

Women do not care for emotional connection that exposes weakness. What are Chad features, height, facial structure, dick size? Testosterone. Masculinity. Emotional vulnerability does not correlate.

Girls honestly believe men don't show feelings because they don't have them. I already had multiple girls telling me and being shocked when I told them that's wrong

I've gotten to the point where I can talk to girls without creeping them out or being ghosted. But, I can never make it to boyfriend.

-Some girls call me a dick for acting confident and tough

-Others think im too soft when i show emotion.

Ive had girls tell me both of these things- "Show more emotion" and "Act a little manlier"

like wtf guys lmao

It’s almost like women are multiple people with idiosyncratic tastes and there’s no perfect combo that pleases them all.

It's almost like there are combos which please them all belonging to the men perceived as the most attractive in our culture, and combos which don't like OP's who is still an incel for that reason. Whatever each woman has said, none of them would show romantic interest.

Cause normie advice is just that. Normie advice. Once you try all of it you realise you're one of us and not a normie. It would work for some awkward 5/10 unkempt kid. Not us.

Shitty thing about this, is unlike work or some regular task, you can't just put in X amount of effort and self-improvement to succeed. Your success is entirely dependant on a secondary party somehow wanting you over all the millions of other options available.

With all of these, you did them for others, not for yourself... That's the issue. When you do things for yourself, others will admire you.

Lmao, people say "fake it till you make it" all the time. There a no winning with you people. None at all.

People aren't fucking psychic.

That's why you need to figure out for yourself how to play the game. Most people are insecure, if you get rid of that you are already so many steps ahead of the rest. Then you figure out what YOU want and how YOU get it, instead of making twists and turns in order to get someone to do something for you or 'grant' you something like love or whatever. It's all a big fucking joke, realise it and rise above

Edit: spelling

"Most people are insecure" works for them, doesn't it?

How is angry AND insecure working for u lmao

Lots of people are both too. Look at people getting worked up over politics and religion.

What isn't working out for me is my face.

Incels want girlfriends for themselves. Are incels admired yet?

The object of desire needs a specific approach for its harness. Subtlety, self-improvement and self-respect is a miss amongst incels.

What if I don't want subtlety, your idea of self-improvement and self-respect for myself? I thought we aren't supposed to do things for others? And I also thought that women aren't a hivemind?

I know plenty of women with no subtlety, self-improvement or self-respect who have no trouble attracting male partners.

What others attract or not, is not your game. Improve your own game.. If you don't want to self-improve or respect your self, then ruin is your own.

Do you think you're Master Yoda or something? Most of your history consists of one-liners, I don't think you'd be the first person anyone should attempt a logical discourse with.

Improve your own game

My own game is just as I want to be. And you said I shouldn't do things for others.

If you don't want to self-improve

I'm feeling fine as it is except for the absence of a romantic interest.

or respect your self

I respect myself, maybe others don't, but you said we shouldn't be someone else for the sake of others. Stay on track my friend.

Some incels, r/IncelsWithoutHate 3 Comments [1/22/2019 10:04:34 AM]
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Quote# 142092

Abusive Boyfriend Starterpack (according to Anti-Incels)

[Image showing a Star Trek-style "3d chess", a Cambridge State University diploma in Counseling Psychology, a book titled "Mind Control", an IQ test result at 157 points, and a book titled "48 laws of power"]

Real Starter Pack:

Over 6ft

Criminal record

Trashy/thuggish clothes


Drinking/drug problem

You forgot the rugged handsome face with mandatory facial scar

I agree i see a lot of good looking guys tend to be narcissitic sex hungry assholes that treat women sexistly they only think about women as live fleshlights

Good "personality" starterpack: * 6ft or above * 6 pack abs * Neo Nazi haircut * Sports jersey * Tatoos * Brutish attitude * Blasts Rap music out of his car. * Old, worn down jeep * Backward hat * Gets drunk every night * Party animal * "You wanna hop on dis dick" * Freaks the fuck out during sports games * Obsesses over football * 3 STDS * Marijuana * Criminal Record

This is just "trash that tries to manipulate people instead of being genuine" starter pack. Reeks of being too smart to recognise their own insecurities

Uh no. This is basically a compilations of reasons given by women on why they stay in a toxic relationship with their boyfriends (typically chad). "It isnt so easy to leave sweaty, you see, they are master manipulators. Each time I want to leave they do that little something that continues to bind me to them even though they are still causing me harm and treating me badly. " How many times have you heard that platitude.

"Trash that tries to manipulate people instead of being genuine" seems to only work for good looking people huh. Try pulling the above nonsense as a below average male and see how fast you get shut down

You're probably right on that second point, I doubt someone fuck ugly could do these things effectively.

Some incels, r/Braincels 3 Comments [1/22/2019 10:04:18 AM]
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Quote# 142090

10-Year-Old Drag Child Becomes Canada’s Greatest Cultural Icon


What the flip is going on in Canada, mang. This is some heavy shit, I kid you not.

A photo showing a 10-year-old Canadian drag queen posing next to a half-naked adult performer sparked outrage online. But the boy’s mother thinks it’s all OK and the child is not overtly sexualized.

The world of drag queens – male performers taking on exaggeratedly female personas and taking to the stage – may seem like an inappropriate place for minors. After all, sexuality plays a major part in a drag performance, and the common wisdom is that sexualizing young children for entertainment is a taboo.

Yet there are child drag queens. One of them – Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden – received some unwanted attention online after a photo of him posing in a black dress and fishnet tights next to an adult drag queen was posted online.

This child tranny thing… I’m writing about it a lot now and I’m not sure why this is even a thing.

If you had asked me 5 years ago, “Hey Roy, where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, I can guarantee you that trying to convince people that little boys in drag is a bad idea was not what I had in mind as my first answer.

It’s one of those things that’s so absurd it’s hard to explain why it’s bad.

I feel like a conservative Boomer stuttering and trying to explain what I believe and finding that I can’t because I haven’t had to ever give it any thought.

I just get angry and start banging the table and yelling about how much money I make.

Here’s an interesting take from the article.

The article mentions conservative speaker Ben Shapiro, who is described as an “alt-right mouthpiece and fierce critic of child drag queens”, who criticized the mother of another child drag queen for exploiting him “for attention.” The “child drag debate” is an example of “the widening gap between Liberals and Conservatives in North America and beyond” in the age of Donald Trump, Turton believes.

“Alt-right mouthpiece and fierce critic of child drag queens” is MY preferred monicker. Ben stole it.

Imagine a conversation with a liberal.

Xir: Like, why is it wrong for mothers to drag their 10-year-old boys to male strip clubs, dress them up as women and let gay AIDS-infected men grind up on them?

Me: …I… I… I don’t know how to answer that.

The very premise of the question angers and confuses me.

I don’t have the energy left to keep an open mind. My worldview can’t tolerate any more shocks and disruptions. I know what I know and I want to go back to a better time.

Besides, I shouldn’t have to explain such basic principles to people. And frankly, I don’t want to explain them. If you’re so fucked in the head that we even have to have this conversation, well, you belong in the bog. CASE CLOSED.

I’m just going to dig my heels in here and not even try to explain why allowing your nation’s sons to become mommy’s little twinks is wrong.

Fuck that.

Like, if a liberal is going to start a conversation on, say, Global Warming, okay, we can have that conversation. It’ll be annoying and frustrating, but I can get where they’re coming from. I used to be concerned about greenhouse gases once upon a time too and the issue sometimes does come from a genuine place of concern for the environment, which I totally get.

But my reasonableness has limits.

This child tranny/drag thing is just so beyond the pale that words fail me.

Stormer needs to hire a young Zoomer finishing up high school who can pick the ball up from here and provide commentary on these little guinea pigs. Because I’m just too damn old. I can’t even begin to relate or even contemplate the idea.

Clearly, this child tranny thing is here to stay and these kids are going to need someone to provide in-depth rebuttals to child-tranny theory.

Can’t do it, mang. Sorry. I tap out.

Roy Batty, Daily Stormer 4 Comments [1/22/2019 10:03:34 AM]
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Quote# 142088

I think we need to recognize that women's online communities are radicalizing women into holding harmful beliefs about men.

The number of communities for women online absolutely dwarfs the number of men's communities. There are women's communities for just about anything you can imagine. Some of them welcome men, usually under the condition that the men not contradict their comments. Others actually exclude men entirely.

But the more I see these communities, the more I feel that they have a radicalizing effect on women who visit them to discuss women's issues. There are three especially alarming trends on them.

(1) The nonstop posts about men doing bad things to or around them

Reddit is home to the largest women's community on the internet. Since its creation, there have been thousands--possibly tens of thousands--of posts made about men engaging in all sorts of bad behavior.

Right now, if you visit the front page of that community, you will see the following posts:

A boy sexually assaulting a girl.

A woman stepping in to stop a domestic violence incident with a man losing control of his temper.

A post about women regretting giving men their phone numbers.

A woman about her relationship troubles with men and their unreliability.

A woman getting catcalled/sexually harassed outside of an adult store.

A woman with persistent dreams about close male friends of hers raping her.

I'm legitimately just reading down the list of top posts there right now. These are the top six.

Of course, it is natural that someone may want to discuss something that happened to him/her, but we have to take a couple of things into account. The first and most important is that a forum being spammed with these posts in a flood of examples of the wrongdoings of a social group is going to affect people's outlook on that group. If you were to do the same thing about Black people, your subreddit would be indistinguishable from the long-banned coontown and other knockoff communities.

In addition, you have to take everything you read on the internet with grain of salt. I'm not saying that all women lie, but I am saying that of the posts made on any women's board, there are going to be an enormous number of lies. People engage in attention seeking behavior online constantly. It is safe to call the internet a never ending stream of liquid bullshit with a few true stories mixed in here and there. Even a story that is based on a real life happening is often doctored and details are added in order to make a more entertaining tale. Not only do you have constant stories about bad men doing bad things and nobody stepping in, but many of them are either completely fabricated or partially altered to look especially dastardly.

It's purely and simply an echo chamber that indoctrinates women. Feminists will, by the way, frequently point at stories posted to these communities as evidence of #YesAllWomen.

(2) The enabling

One of the most difficult issues to tackle in men's rights related issues is the fact that women have in-group biases multitudes stronger than men's. In simple language, women love women, and are far more tolerant of their bad behavior than they are of men's.

Reddit is not as bad as many other women's communities, but the amount of enabling that occurs in these communities--usually in regards to male/female relationships where the woman is clearly wrong but her compatriots assure her that she's right--can turn even the strongest of stomachs.

Men's bad behavior is typically exaggerated, highlighted, and has a spotlight pointed on it. Women's bad behavior is minimized and excused.

(3) The outright hostility towards male posters

Have you ever been ganged up on in a discussion about women's issues by women?

Obviously it's not something that will hurt the average guy's feelings, as usually the feminists shrieking at you are barely coherent and usually just calling you an incel, but this affects the way that women inside of these communities will view men outside of them as well. Here's an example of a comment string I've seen, slightly paraphrased to avoid Googling:

(+5000~ post) Manbabies mad about Gillette's ad

(-141 comment) Isn't calling men manbabies just encouraging what you call toxic masculinity? That's hypocrisy.

(+274 response) Shouldn't you be on an incel subreddit right now?

We're all perfectly aware that feminists feel entitled to engage in any coordinated harassment of any man, and it's not like the real misandrists will ever change their way of thinking. But the onlookers who actually don't hate men can gradually be indoctrinated to by this sort of attack.


Women's online communities are unbelievably toxic, and they constantly reinforce negative stereotypes about men. Yet nobody bats an eye at them.

I think the only "issue" with MGTOW at the minute is this obsession with feminists. Far be it from me to tell you chaps what to do (It's Men going THEIR own way) but I think this emphasis is pointless.

Feminism/sisterhood is a cult. I'd no longer try and convert a creationist to Darwinism than I would to a feminist to equalism.

It's their church, it's their nice comfy blanket which tells them whatever they do it's not their fault. It's an excuse, a safety net, a shield. It's a way of ensuring no accountability for their actions, it's a way of demanding society shifts to their expectations whilst never having to pick up a spade and help dig the fucking foundations. They actively want to put themselves in the same bracket as children, and demand the same protections (whilst substituting their parents for government.) No one likes to admit when they make poor life choices, feminism gives them an out. Can you not see why it's attractive to them? As men we don't or at least shouldn't do that. Make a poor life choice? Fucking learn from it brother and come back stronger, don't whine to strangers on the internet.

They need those sorts of communities (online or in real life) because they're pack animals. They cannot do a single thing for themselves without demanding validation. They love sharing problems rather than dealing with them because it lavishes them with attention, which is a woman's number one goal in life.

If we are MGTOW, do just that. They want these radical beliefs noticed because guess what? Attention. Much like a teenager wearing clothing their parents feel is inappropriate, these women want any sort of attention good or bad. They want it from their peers first, and men as an added bonus. Let them have their communities. So fucking what? They achieve the square root of fuck all 95% of the time with their various demands. By all means read, digest and deconstruct, but only if it adds value to YOUR well being. Never engage with that bullshit. I couldn't give a badgers dick on my toddlers opinions on the socio-political state of the country right now, so why would I care on a woman's? If you have the burning desire to engage, don't. Not your circus, not your monkey's.

As far as I am concerned, the more of these communities the better. If it stops them fucking moaning about how hard their lives are and how shit their interpersonal relationships are in mixed public spheres where I might come across it by accident it will be totally worth it.


Never apologise. Never explain

I'm afraid your point is missing a whole lot.

Women, both qualified and unqualified, are being put into positions of power faster than ever before. This is partially because it is an easy and brainless way to make a company look good.

On top of that, because of the systemic discrimination against men in schools, the proportion of male to female graduates - those put into positions of authority in the future - is going to grow more and more skewed towards women.

This isn't something we can ignore. The women undergoing this indoctrination are going to be the teachers, managers, doctors, CEOs, and world leaders of the future. They're going to be the ones pushing men to the farthest outskirts of society and punishing boys for being born the wrong sex.

I know that if my son's teacher had participated in man hating communities online I wouldn't want her (or him) to be anywhere near my son. It would be like an incel teaching your daughter ballet.

It's not as simple as what you're making it out to be.

Women abuse each other ,much more than men abuse women.

If you think correctly, feminist women especially the ugly ones abuse normal women(nicer ones) by brainwashing and scaring them into submission with this appalling ideology.

For me it sounds like...... If I cannot get good looking,provider guys, you cannot have them too.They will not allow it and will shame the other women into submission.For this reason you can see many many nice good looking girl from decent families ,made themselves ugly, with blue hair , tattooed with piercings ..to fit ,be accepted into sisterhood and not offend the other(leaders)with their look.

You are right, it is a cult.Satanic cult.

Oh boy, you don't know half of it. Is not only men, in other parts they even destroy each other.

We had here in Romania a facebook group that had about 75.000 members, most of them women.

This group was supposedly made from "moms", young moms to be exact. And here goes the news.

A gynecologist (male) had seen his wife facebook and read the comments of the "moms" in that group. What that guy seen there was so incredible toxic that he marched right into a news media group and started to vilify the entire group of women.

2 days later, the entire group was deleted

Apparently what happened was a circle-jerk of insults, abuses, open hate, from one mother to another, on various topics related to pregnancy, eating disorders, sleep patterns, kids, child care and so on.

They were simply abusing each other! And we are talking die hard abuses, not just name-calling and insults. They were even violent in real life...

Couple more people stepped in, mostly fathers, a preacher and so on, and couple of posts from this group of "moms" were posted on the media.

The group was deleted in an instant.

Remember, this is woman-on-woman abuse in absence of men! There was absolutely no men involved, most men did not even knew about this group existence, and plenty of women got a ton of abuse (some got sick, others depressed, a ton of them quit the group due to abuse and harassment).

Women-on-women, on-line, on top of that this was a "young mother's support group", you know to offer "help, comfort and advice".

Some MRAs, r/MensRights 3 Comments [1/22/2019 10:03:25 AM]
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Quote# 142087

Muscle-Bound Male Transgender Dominates Women’s Sports

Have you ever heard of the saying, a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, in this case, it’s man in woman’s clothing. And this man is called Hannah Mouncey.

Hannah Mouncey is a delusional man who thinks he’s a woman, but at 6' 3, 250 lbs, he’s nowhere near being a woman. This giant hulk of a man would even be a force to reckon with in men’s sports. Yet, he was allowed to play in the women’s division of the Australian Football league.

Towering over the women in the football league, Hannah Mouncey said he would not take it easy on the women by not being afraid to hit them. And that he did. Hannah Mouncey broke a poor woman’s leg while being in a tangle with her.

Now this overgrown guy is playing on the Australian women’s handball team. Watching the video, you can see that this tower of muscle is able to block the women from throwing the ball into the goal.

Is this what we want to represent women’s sports? What kind of message are we sending to young women everywhere?

Many young women are working very hard, putting in years of sacrifice to master their sport, only to be robbed of the opportunity to climb to the top of their sport because they have to compete against a giant man.

This sends a message to women that they aren’t going to be able to enjoy their sport to the max, and that they aren’t as important as the men who play the same sport. It’s like saying, you can only play if giant men don’t enter your division, and identify themselves as women.

Before we know it, there will be nothing but men dressed in skirts playing all types of sports in the women’s division. Women will be non-existent, and then what? Should we just tell women that they aren’t allowed to play sports? And if they do, should we tell them they will never be a champion?

This type of garbage is setting women’s rights back hundreds of years. Women fought very hard to be able to work in various industries. They fought to be able to vote just like their male counterparts. And they worked their butts off to be able to play sports under fair, competitive conditions.

How is this fair that we allow these giant, childish men to take these rights away? Before we know it, women will be back in the kitchens cooking meals for the family, serving everyone before they can sit down and eat, and not being allowed to speak unless spoken to.

I think it’s great that we have women’s divisions in different sports. It gives women a chance to work towards goals and feel a sense of accomplishment. Women can enjoy a sense a pride and feel like they aren’t inferior to the other sex.

Letting these men take all that away is the biggest crime we could ever allow. That’s unless you like seeing men dressed up in skirts playing women’s sports. If that’s the case, start a men dressed up as women division, and leave the women alone.

M. Brownstone, Women Are Human 2 Comments [1/22/2019 10:03:19 AM]
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Quote# 142086

A reddit cuck wants me to breed his wife jfl

Incel genes and a cuck father. It never even began for that kid.

Lmao it's cool tho. I kind of have an impregnation fetish. So the cucks can take care of the kids while I breed their girls.

Dumbshit you're the reason we exist in the first place.

Incels exist because cucks want their wife fucked by other men?

Edit: lol did you just create this account to make that one comment?

I don't believe this. People like this can't exist.

I didn't either, but this dude really wants me to breed his wife. She's kinda hot too and in her 20s. But they live in the US. FUCK!!! You americancels are so lucky



People like this actually exist.

It baffles me there's people that would watch you and get off to someone else impregnating their wives.

Yea definitely. I thought it was all just a big meme tbh lol

These people can't be real

Bro he's very real. Cuck culture is growing and weird shit like this is becoming the norm to cucks.


I'm still ugly and socially retarded

You are fakecel

Dude I'm ugly af

Atheistsomalipirate, r/Braincels 2 Comments [1/22/2019 10:03:13 AM]
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Quote# 142083

[About Grayson Perry's book, The Descent Of Man]

In bookshop read first page and a half....100% based on his assumptions and not on facts....he starts with seeing a boy struggling to ride a bike and the father frustrated he can't do it...he views this as a general big problem for men...and says the dad is looking at him as if to say toughen up...Q how does he know that...one thing I know is he has never had children because the life of a parent is incredibly tough and probably all day the parent was constantly showing his son things....so in a snapshot he judges a parent and claims he has a masculinity problem....if it was an aggressive mum he would have nothing to say....I think he himself is a man that hates men and masculinity...he is a transvestite and maybe due to men ridiculing him he has a dislike for men....but he himself champions the feminine....oh do grow up...Women and feminity have a big dark side to them...why not write a book about that....of course not as it's much safer to slag of men and masculinity because women are perfectly okay aren't they.. sick sick sick....he claims men are basically the problem of this world because men start wars and hold women back....interestingly research shows that all the female prime minister's of the world have started more wars than men...per capita...how can anyone believe in feminism as it's based on women having suffered more than men....where is the evidence....I believe men have suffered more but it's obvious isn't it....2 world wars...men doing the most dangerous jobs...and 90% of work place deaths are men...imagine if it was the other way round women would be whining non stop....the real problem is men have been made ashamed of being men and women are saying where have all the men gone.....we live in a world where women don't allow fathers to see their own children and a woman can destroy a man's life by falsely saying her husband hit her... but that's ok isn't it as men are bastards....there is going to be a huge backlash from men and when it happens women won't know what the hell is going on...

Colin A. Shipp, Amazon.co.uk 1 Comments [1/22/2019 9:59:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Just Along For The Ride

Quote# 142048

Unattractive= Bad person?

Something I've seen women say time and time again is "if women don't like you, it's because you're a bad person".

Honestly, this sentiment has reduced me to tears on several occasions. There's men out that that have murdered, raped and molested kids that can find women to love them, but I can't. So that means that I'm a worse person that them. Somehow or another, all my good and bad traits combined together are worse than rape and murder to women.

I don't know why someone would even claim such a thing if they weren't trying to encourage incels like me to commit suicide.

Like if I'm worse than a child molester in the eyes of women, why would I even want to live this life? Surely it'd be better if I removed myself from the equation entirely?

By just existing I am worse than the perpetrators of the worst crimes imaginable and I don't know how to deal with that.

Delerius2k18, r/IncelsWithoutHate 4 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:29 PM]
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Quote# 142047

There's people out there....

That have had a crush, asked them out, and actually succeeded

That have been asked out.... Sometimes more than once

Have been approached sexually..... Often more than once (cause let's face it, if it happens once, it's happening again)

Can literally log on to a hook-up app, find a willing partner, and actually fuck them, without much effort.

That actually have groups of *insert opposite gender* orbiting them.

That somehow got lucky enough to meet a partner while still young, and slowly grow old together without divorcing.

Honestly, these are such foreign and unreal situations for me that it's REALLY HARD not to be envious and bitter towards happy/attractive people. Like what the fuck. I'd kill to have any single one of these experiences, yet somehow I'm stuck on team sub-human with the rest of you brothers. (Any single one, but let's be honest, for some of these if you experience one, you'll easily experience the other, or that same thing more than once)

I'm really not sure why people bother over-analysing this shit like there's some crazy strategies behind it or some tricks, tips, or knowledge you need to get them. For some people, it just happens. And they don't even think about it. Cause it really isn't that complicated. You're either likeable or not likeable, and unless you're doing something that specifically hinders your likeability, I don't think there's much of a solution other than waiting/getting lucky for most people.

Edit: All I did was say I was jealous of good looking people and people who aren't ignored completely for their entire lives , and somehow it turned into a debate about harrassment.

KosmicMalware, r/IncelsWithoutHate 6 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:25 PM]
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Quote# 142046

Why do normies claim that women don’t like assholes or bullies when spending time in ANY educational institution or workplace proves that assholes are at the top socially and sexually?

Being an asshole is a winning strategy in every part of life, including sex

Why do normies keep pushing this bullshit that women don’t like bullies and assholes when everyone here knows those men always have good dating options?

I’m not saying that women like bad men, just that bad men tend to be good looking (because they can actually get away with shit) and when a guy is hot they don’t care how he treats people

hideouscel, r/IncelsWithoutHate 6 Comments [1/19/2019 3:36:20 PM]
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Quote# 142043

It's just the difference between men and women in general.

Women always reproduce, so they have no concept of anything like hierarchy or power. Women don't even know what to do with power. The only power women have is defined in terms of how powerful the men in their lives are, and of course attracting powerful men happens via physical beauty.

Men don't always reproduce, so anything like a Lu/feminist/etc. would have gone extinct long ago. Men don't crave care from their superiors; they get angry and demand resources.

A woman would never have any sort of vision of creating something like modern China, or even colonial America, simply because they do not need to. Women's nature is to be a slave to higher status men. Un-PC but you know it's true.

Lus are just AFs who've been raised in a white-centric world. Normal Asian women are raised in an Asian-centric world, and see Asian men as higher status.

Reelsies, Reddit 6 Comments [1/19/2019 7:05:27 AM]
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