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Atheists Seem to Have Almost a Childlike Faith in the Omnipotence of Atoms.

The natural “laws” that we observe somehow attained their remarkable organizing abilities. One either explains them by natural laws or by humbly bowing to divine teleology at some point, as an explanation every bit as plausible as materialism (everything being supposedly “explained” by purely material processes).

Matter essentially “becomes god” in the atheist/materialist view; it has the inherent ability to do everything by itself: a power that Christians believe God caused, by putting these potentialities and actual characteristics into matter and natural laws, as their ultimate Creator and ongoing Preserver and Sustainer.

The atheist places extraordinary faith in matter – arguably far more faith than we place in God, because it is much more difficult to explain everything that god-matter does by science alone.

Indeed, this is a faith of a non-rational, almost childlike kind. It is quite humorous, then, to observe the constant charge that we Christians are the ones who have a blind, “fairy tale,” gullible, faith, as opposed to self-described “rational, intellectual, sophisticated” atheists.

Atheistic belief is [see my explanatory “disclaimer” at the end] a kind of polytheistic idolatry of the crudest, most primitive sort, putting to shame the colorful worship of the ancient Babylonians, Philistines, Aztecs, and other groups. They believed that their silver amulets and wooden idols could make the sun shine or defeat an enemy or cause crops to flourish.

The polytheistic materialist, on the other hand, is far more religious than that. He thinks that trillions of his atom-gods and their distant relatives, the cell-gods, can make absolutely everything in the universe occur, by their own power, possessed eternally either in full or (who knows how?) in inevitably unfolding potentiality.

One might call this (to coin a phrase) Atomism (“belief that the atom is God”). Trillions of omnipotent, omniscient atoms can do absolutely everything that the Christian God can do, and for little or no reason that anyone can understand (i.e., why and how the atom-god came to possess such powers in the first place). The Atomist openly and unreservedly worships his trillions of gods, with the most perfect, trusting, non-rational faith imaginable. He or she is what sociologists call a “true believer.”

Oh, and we mustn’t forget the time-goddess. She is often invoked in reverential, awe-inspiring terms as the be-all, end-all explanation for things inexplicable, as if by magic her very incantation rises to an explanatory level sufficient to silence any silly Christian, who is foolish enough to believe in one God rather than trillions. The time-goddess is the highest in the ranks of the Atomist’s varied hierarchy of gods (sort of the “Zeus” of Atomism). We may entitle this belief Temporalism.

Atomism is a strong, fortress-like faith. It is often said that it “must be” what it is. The Atomist reverses the error of the Gnostic heretics. They thought spirit was great and that matter was evil. Atomists think matter is great (and god) and spirit is not only “evil” (metaphorically speaking), but beyond that: non-existent.

Atomists may and do differ on secondary issues, just as the various ancient polytheistic cultures differed on quibbling details (which god could do what, which material made for a better idol, etc.), but despite all, they inevitably came out on the side of polytheistic idolatry, with crude material gods, and against spiritual monotheism.

Yet in Atomism, each person is a god, too, because he is made up of trillions of atom-gods and cell-gods. When you get trillions of gods all together in one place, it stands to reason that they can corporately perceive the order of which any one of them individually is capable of producing.

Within the Atomist faith-paradigm, this make perfect sense. But for one outside their circle of religious faith, it may not (devout, faithful Atomist need to realize that others of different faiths may not think such things as “obvious” as they do). The Atomist – ever imaginative – manages to believe any number of things, in faith, without the “unnecessary” addition of mere explanation.

“Why” questions in the context of Atomism are senseless, because they can’t overcome the Impenetrable Fortress of blind faith that the Atomist possesses. The question, “Why do the atom-gods and cell-gods and the time-goddess exist and possess the extraordinary powers that they do?” is meaningless and ought not be put forth. It’s bad form, and impolite. We know how sensitive overly religious folk are.

Instead, we are asked to bow to the countless mysteries of Atomism in dumbstruck, awed silence, like the Magi at the baby Jesus’ manger, offering our unquestioning “scientific” and “philosophical” allegiance like they offered gold and frankincense and myrrh. The very inquiry is regarded as senseless and “intrusive.”

We can’t help — almost despite ourselves — recalling with fondness the wonders and fairy-tales of childhood. Atomists are (we might say) the “adult children” among us: like Peter Pan!

Who can resist Peter Pan, after all? This (arguably) gives them their charm and appeal: evident in so many Christian discussion threads online, where they suddenly enter and — seemingly oblivious to the existing discussion — start incongruously preaching their rather fantastic fideistic faith.

In a certain remote and limited sense, we Christians (since we value faith) stand in awe of such Pure Faith, with its sublime fideism and Absolute Trust in Design via trillions of atom-gods. It is, indeed, an ingenious, even elegant system, admirable in its bold, brilliant intellectual audacity, if nothing else.

Like much of modern philosophy, however, at bottom it is hopelessly irrational, self-defeating, and ultimately incoherent. For that reason, the Christian must reject it, since we believe that self-contradictory beliefs are untrue and unworthy of anyone’s allegiance.

Note: the above article is an exercise of what is known in logic and philosophical discourse as reductio ad absurdum: illustrating the absurd by being absurd, and taking things to their logical conclusions. It is humorous, satirical, and also an example of the argumentative technique of “turning the tables.” But the underlying point I am trying to make is assuredly dead serious.

Dave Armstrong, National Catholic Register 33 Comments [10/20/2016 3:42:01 AM]
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You have an almost childlike way of understanding everything you bring up

10/20/2016 3:49:25 AM


"Omnipotence of Atoms."

You can't start with 100% bullshit, you need to work up to that level.

10/20/2016 4:26:57 AM


Still more plausible and believable than Bible God.

Oh wait, you're Catholic, you literally worship a cracker as the literal flesh of your God, you fucking cannibal.

And the cracker is made of atoms, so the Atomists beat your cracker-god!

10/20/2016 4:36:19 AM

But atoms aren't all powerful they can by destroyed.

10/20/2016 4:45:34 AM

Mister Spak

Fundies Seem To Have an Almost Childlike Faith in a Giant Man With a Long White Beard who Lives on Clouds.

Atheists have

10/20/2016 4:54:55 AM

Shephard Solus

That's an awful lot of words to say "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about on any level". You could have just said it directly. We didn't really need that much evidence.

Now give your body to Atom.

10/20/2016 5:00:57 AM


If there's a point, it's been buried in verbiage. I reject your descriptions of atheists, because (1) it's complete baloney, and (2) it becomes obvious even to the meanest intelligence that you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

10/20/2016 5:19:48 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Either this is an unfunny and heavily labored joke or Mr Armstrong has taken leave of his senses.

10/20/2016 5:28:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

Blah blah blah, bunch of "sciency" sounding stuff attempting to sound intelligent.

Atoms are not omniscient or omnipotent, and I don't think there's any atheist who believes so.

10/20/2016 5:32:24 AM


You know, I will stay away from this argument as I have a straw allergy...

10/20/2016 5:51:34 AM


While surprisingly well spoken, this little mess clearly demonstrates an inability to think outside one's preferred paradigm (in this case, that all of metaphysics [and physics, in this case] MUST be supernatural), followed by the flawed, but inevitable due to this bias, conclusion that those you disagree with see the world through the same filter with a different lens.

An impressive display of how one can resist reason and thinking that may fall outside their box. Good solid look into the fundie mind.

And the disclaimer at the end? Gold. This is not an example of how to turn the tables, nor do I suspect it to be the satire they claim (as satire would hopefully be more amusing).

10/20/2016 5:59:02 AM


You know, I feel compelled to make a "church of Atom" (from Fallout) joke, but I can't think of a good one right now.

Well, anyhow, it's actually kinda cute how Dave here has such a very limited understanding of, well, everything.

It's amusing how fundies are even dumber when they are trying to sound smart.

10/20/2016 7:05:50 AM

Dr. Razark

Ok. Fine.

Atheists worship atoms and science has completely misunderstood how and why subatomic particles interact.

How does that explain why your guy wears a funny hat, or prove your myths true?

10/20/2016 7:26:33 AM


Dr. Manhattan.

Hey, one fiction's just as good as another, amirite?!

10/20/2016 7:45:08 AM

Yeah no

10/20/2016 8:02:18 AM


Not me - I'm a Fermionist and don't confuse me with those heretic Bosonists

10/20/2016 8:25:27 AM

Gabriel LaVedier

Don't look at me, I obey the most holy and beloved Fausticorn. She is made of pure thaumatic energy and represents the highest principles of order and harmony. She also loves people, as opposed to Yahweh, who conditionally accepts slaves.

10/20/2016 8:41:49 AM


I haven't seen this much projection at a old school movie theater.

10/20/2016 8:43:04 AM


You can prove atoms exist! You can't prove that a big invisible super-guy who lives in the sky exists!

Sure; There may be evidence of the spiritual but it's purely circumstantial and it can't be tested in a lab. Some cases have been merely the result of pareidola, fakery or misunderstanding. However some may be legit (Like NDEs and OBEs where the person could describe verifiable stuff they would not have known otherwise).

But even then, it doesn't mean that there's a literal Big Guy In The Sky nor does it mean They favor one religious tradition.

If there's a Deity, it's Pantheistic. The Divine, Matter, Astral, Spiritual, The Afterlife, etc. are all one in the same (but having different wavelengths, like the color spectrum within light).

There are no external, literal deities. There is no such thing as God (as many would think of it). There is no invisible "Sky Daddy". Religion like that is primitive superstition.

True spirituality would work in communion with matter, reason and science. The "New Physics" might even explain or even prove the so-called "supernatural". It's all NATURAL.

Until religion can adjust to these things, it's best off left to die. Just ditch Organized Religion and instead let religious expression be of a Pantheistic, NeoPagan spirituality that embraces science, reason and shades of grey. No more dogma.

That said; I respect a person's right to believe whatever faith they wish to follow (provided it hurts no one and doesn't reject reason or embrace bigotry). I also have a respect for REAL Christianity as actually taught in The Bible. Jesus was cool but his followers often missed the mark. Jesus has had the WORST CASE OF MIS-AIMED FANDOM EVER!

But again; Organized Religion is a bunch of hot air.

10/20/2016 9:02:02 AM


"The question, “Why do the atom-gods and cell-gods and the time-goddess exist and possess the extraordinary powers that they do?” is meaningless and ought not be put forth."

Well, he accidently got at least one thing right.

10/20/2016 9:46:04 AM


Atomism (“belief that the atom is God”)

Which is only a figment of your imagination, no one thinks this.

10/20/2016 11:10:33 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

That's New Age, not atheism. It is at least as anti-scientific and brainrotting as fundamentalism (although it might be of lower priority in America) and must be opposed at any opportunity.

10/20/2016 11:41:11 AM


When I want to know what an atheist thinks or believes, I always ask a pig-ignorant fartwhistle like you!

10/20/2016 12:27:19 PM


reductio ad absurdum only works if you're not the one that comes up with the absurdity, dipshit

10/20/2016 12:54:48 PM


I don't remember this from my Physical Chemistry lectures at university. I feel cheated that the atom God wasn't explained to me then. Bastards.

10/20/2016 2:14:15 PM

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