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Its complicated, and for me, personal.

She, my daughter is both victim and complicit. Wrapped up in my own flesh and blood. Who I have known from before her birth. Who we have cared for and fed all her life. Who I have cleaned shit and puke off, waited endless hours in hospitals for, bought clothes, toiletries and towels for.

I can empathise with why she has made her choices, how she can't stand alone against the misogyny and homophobia of society, how every org and social group that should be telling her shes fine as what she is, is telling her that its just so much better to trans and how being a lesbian or even a GNC straight woman who isn't gagging to poked, is just so uncool and transphobic.

But I hate the ideology that led her there and I hate it still when she repeats it. Sometimes is really hard not to hate her.

GenderCriticalDad, Reddit - r/GenderCritical 10 Comments [4/8/2017 5:01:26 AM]
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GCD: "Gender identity is PURELY a matter of what reproductive body parts you were born with! Anything more complicated than that makes my brain lock up in DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE confusion!!"

4/8/2017 7:14:17 AM


FTT? Funky Techno Tribe?

You've never bought toys for your child?

GNC? Gagging to poked? What language are you speaking, GCD?

Transphobia is even more prevalent in society than misogyny and homophobia. If you want an "easy life", sticking to pretending to be straight and cis is the way to go.

What ideology? Universal Civil Rights?

4/8/2017 8:34:23 AM


Then it's time for you to detach your own ego from your offspring. It isn't ABOUT you!

4/8/2017 4:16:17 PM

"FTT" probably means "Female to Transgender". It's a way of denying that FtMs are really male.

4/8/2017 5:05:17 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

I want to beat the shit out of TERFs.

4/8/2017 7:05:02 PM


@Demon Duck of Doom: You and me both, buddy.

4/9/2017 3:56:02 AM

Shepard Solus

Sounds like your just an asshole to me.

4/9/2017 4:42:52 AM


Relevant quote:

But lets talk about the rest of the trans kids… in real life, most trans kids do NOT get such help. Most don’t have supportive parents. Our society grants parental rights that allow them to make medical and other decisions for their children. Parents are the first, and most often least sympathetic, “gate keepers”. This means that transphobic bias against medical intervention is common. Further, many parents are emotionally and even physically abusive to their gender atypical children, both gay and trans.

Exhibit A: Kay Brown's homophobic parents. So much for "they're making GNC kids trans to get rid of gay kids."

This leads to runaway and throwaway youth who end up on the street, turning to survival sex and high risk behaviors.

Even if teens are not pushed out onto the streets, the transphobic attitudes often lead to estrangement to one or both parents as their child nears or passes the age of majority… arents who then vociferously complain on “gender critical” fora falsely claiming “transgender ideology” poisoned their child’s mind and ruined the relationship. If only their child had listened to them and just been normal.

$500 says Kay Brown was specifically referring to GenderCriticalDad.

Many of these parents then complain and accuse medical caregivers of “fast-tracking” their now legally of age young adult children into medical interventions that they “shouldn’t”.

Something something "but puberty-blockers are child abuse and worse than actual child abuse!"

1/11/2019 8:13:37 PM


That's not happening.

1/11/2019 10:26:05 PM


It's hard for all women to stand against the misogyny of society, and it's hard for all gay people to stand against the homophobia of society. 99 percent* of us are not transgender. One thing does not lead to another, TransphobicDad.
Oh, and this is not about YOU, it's about HIM.

Trans-men have genetic traits that are more similar to cis-men than to cis-women, and trans-women have genetic traits that are more similar to cis-women than cis-men. It's not a mental thing, it's a physical thing.

Some idiots in the past (and, apparently, also in the present) believed that the genitalia was ALL there was to a gender, that gender was ONLY a social construct. Re. the case of Bruce/Brenda/David Reimer, who had a botched circumcision in infancy that ruined his peepee, and the doctor decided to turn him into a female. Because that is obviously what women are, right; just males without schlongs, and a male without a schlong is clearly useless; might as well be female. The doctor declared the sex-change a victory. Well, until the poor boy was about 11 and suicidal, and until he started living as a boy at 15, and until he committed suicide at age 38. VEEERY successful...

* I tried to check the prevalence of transgender people, but it was inconclusive, and the hidden statistics is probably HUGE. Some said 0,03 percent, one said 0,17 of 100 000 people. So, "99 percent" is more a dramatic effect than an actual statistics.

1/12/2019 3:24:01 AM

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