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(=Regarding the homohpbic backlash of the World Vison fiasco back in 2014=)

Shall we compare and contrast the two articles?


"...those bullies...bullies...latest convulsion of evangelihate...the whole hideous white evangelical army of hate they lead...gleefully reject 90 percent of what Jesus was about...bullying crusade that deliberately takes money away from starving children...the armies of hate...Muslim-hating, gay-hating, crusade of contempt for the poor...the sanctimonious contempt of the white evangelical bullies...the armies of hate are on the march..."

Versus this:

"As Christians, we believe with deepest sincerity that the embrace of homosexual practice, along with other sins, keeps people out of the kingdom of God. And if our society celebrates it, we can’t both be caring and not say anything....it is an oversimplification to say that Christians — or conservative evangelicals — are simply against homosexuality. We are against any sin that restrains people from everlasting joy in God....The issue is sin. That’s what we’re against...."

And this:

"Some would like to see this whole issue of homosexuality divided into two camps: those who celebrate it and those who hate it. Both of these groups exist in our society. There are the growing numbers, under great societal pressure, who praise homosexuality. We might call them the left. And there are people who hate homosexuality, with the most bigoted rationale and apart from any Christian concern. We might call them the right.

The current debate is plagued by this binary lens. Those on the left try to lump everyone who disagrees with them into that right side. If you don’t support, you hate. Meanwhile, those on the right see compromise and spinelessness in anyone who doesn’t get red-faced and militant. If you don’t hate, you support.

But true followers of Christ will walk neither path. We have something to say that no one else is saying, or can say."

And this:

"Distancing ourselves from both the left and the right, we don’t celebrate homosexual practice, we acknowledge God’s clear revealed word that it is sin; and we don’t hate those who embrace homosexuality, we love them enough to not just collapse under the societal pressure. We speak the truth in love into this confusion, saying, simultaneously, “That’s wrong” and “I love you.” We’re not the left; we say, this is wrong. And we’re not the right; we say, you’re loved. We speak good news, with those sweetest, deepest, most glorious words of the cross — the same words that God spoke us — “You’re wrong, and you’re loved.”"

And this:

"You’re wrong and you’re loved — that’s the unique voice of the Christian. That’s what we say, speaking from our own experience, as Tim Keller so well puts it, “we’re far worse than we ever imagined, and far more loved than we could ever dream.”"

And this:

"That’s our message in this debate, when society’s elites despise us, when pop songs vilify us, when no one else has the resources to say anything outside of two extremes, we have this incomparable opportunity to let the gospel shine, to reach out in grace: you’re wrong and you’re loved. We get to say this."

Christopher Thomas, Patheos 8 Comments [6/19/2018 1:21:54 PM]
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For those who don't know about World Vison and its incident let me explain.

World Vison is a Christian charity organization whose business of course is helping the poor, mostly children. Usually sending them money, food, shelter, medicine, etc. It is of course employed by Christians and sponsored by Christians.

In 2014, the organization acknowledged that there are Christian denominations that are inclusive of gay people and gay marriage and decides to extend that inclusion among their employees. They began to hire openly gay, and yes gay married, Christians in their organization to be the ones to carry out their work. All the sponsors had to do was send in their pay check to the child or children sponsored.

Almost immediately after this was announced, the evangelicals who sponsored world vison angirly called in to call of their sponsors to the children they where supporting. About 10,000 evangelicals abandoned their sponsored children to protest this hiring policy until World Vison was forced to recant this policy two days later. Despite this people continued to drop their sponsorship as it was elevated to 19,000 by 2015.

For more here's this link.


6/19/2018 3:23:25 PM

I see one rightfully calling out your bullying and hatred for what it is and the rest of it is passivoely trying to justify LEAVING POOR. STARVING. CHILDREN. TO MAKE A STATEMENT AGAINST GAYS!

If these guys actually knew about the true sin of Sodom (as described in Ezekiel and further explored extra Biblical Jewish texts) that'd be some egg of their face I'll tell you that I much!

6/19/2018 3:36:41 PM


Yeah, I was just reading the article, and this dipshit is actually trying to turn "do unto others" around on the authors of this article... pointing out guys like "Rev." Franklin Graham and John "men rape, women seduce" Piper don't sound anything like Jesus Christ does when you actually READ the book in question...

His argument is the same one bullies use to justify running to a teacher to whine when someone actually stands up to them... fighting back "makes you the same".

6/19/2018 3:37:10 PM


So you are saying that thinly-veiled double speak ("Oh we don't HATE you, that's only what the evil leftists want you to believe, we just want you to never act upon your feelings for the rest of your life and lose every chance of being in love with someone because god said so... in three or so verses in the bible. Taking away your rights is not hate, it's actually helping you not to be sent to hell immediately. We are such loving fellas! And this has nothing to do with us finding you disgusting or something.") is preferable to standing up against this kind of oppression? Up yours!

And in regards to World Vison: SHAME on you for taking away money from children in need because of a VERY tangential new policy that has nothing to do with them in the slightest. You really don't care for any christian value anymore but your fixation on controling other peoples' sex life, do you? That's probably also why you evangelical fundies love Trump so much although he directly goes against nearly every christian value I can think of. Damn your hypocrisy and bias and damn you for being so arrogant at the same time!

6/19/2018 11:12:03 PM

You're wrong. I reserve judgment on the "love" part.

6/20/2018 6:54:08 AM


Who are the real Christians, Chrissy...?!

6/20/2018 10:36:34 AM

"Wah, people are calling us out on our sociapathy."

6/26/2018 2:21:11 PM


Nice strawman at the begining. I notice you didn't say anything to refute it.

12/6/2018 12:04:25 PM

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