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Anyone who tells you they hate incels because of "misogyny" is lying.

As a low-value male, people are disgusted by your very existence. Everything they do is an attempt to get you out of their mind.

Just look at ForeverAlone during its early days. Certainly a bluepilled sub by today's standards, but they were the punching bags of Reddit. No accusations of promoting violence, no quarantine, no shitty news articles blaming them all for a terrorist attack, but they were still insulted and considered an embarassment to Reddit anyway. People want you to shut up about your problems so they don't have to hear it, even if you aren't directly speaking to them.

And guess what happened when incels posted "rope threads"? You guessed it, a bunch of disingenuous normies who don't really give a shit about them, and would tell an incel to fuck off if he had ever approached them in real life. It lets the normie feel like he helped, thus allowing him to clear his conscience, but incels can see right through it after a lifetime of outright hostility.

People don't hate incels because of "misogyny". They hate incels because they remind people of the more uncomfortable truths of life- some people will just get screwed over because of factors they can't control, you can't guarantee getting anything you want just by trying over and over again. When confronted with a threat to the just world fallacy, they will do anything to try and get you to shut up and stop complaining.

And now that they have the long-sought-after opportunity to dismiss us all as evil rapist murderers, you can bet they're gonna take it.

21cell, r/Braincels 6 Comments [11/4/2018 11:43:02 AM]
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I used to be a low-value male. People didn't hate me. They did just ignore me. Until I improved myself and had actually some value to the eyes of people.

but it's hard work to improve one's value. A word you don't seem equipped to understand. You prefer quick and dirty solutions, as hate and contempt. Quick, but that ultimately do not work.

11/5/2018 1:24:16 AM

Doubting Thomas

No, I'm pretty sure it's all the misogyny, like when you guys got kicked off Reddit for advocating rape. Of course there's also the whiny entitlement, too.

11/6/2018 7:57:36 AM


Why else would I hate you? I literally haven't seen most of your faces, so I can't tell how ugly you are. All I get are your words, and those are pretty much all I need to know about you.

11/6/2018 5:01:24 PM

Happy Atheist

If people on the Internet look down on you, you can be sure it isn't because of your looks. We don't know what you look like. We can only go by what you say and how you act.

And you talk and act like a complete shitbag.

11/7/2018 5:27:31 AM


"Anyone who tells you they hate incels because of "misogyny" is lying."

So, when someone says they hate incels, it is typically after an incel posts a picture of himself?
Or is it after he posts his misogyny?
Like his fantasy world where women can be beheaded for turning down incels who ask for sex, or where the state turns virgins over to incels, or where incels can have free sex with dead women because no one's using it anymore?


11/7/2018 1:17:38 PM


Reddit has lots of trolls, maybe that's why forever alone got attacked .

12/18/2018 11:32:30 AM

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