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The very idea that u think the Chinese government will allow fb to succeed in China is laughable. Do you seriously think we have no social media in China? Case in point, the Chinese version of Musically, TiqToq, just bought musically and forced everyone to download tiqtoq. I’m also gonna take a wild guess U have never used QQ or AliPay or Taobao or Didi or ____.

So, punish US corporations even more than they have already? Look at how Google got controlled over by the government in China. And yet they still get blocked by the firewall lol. Look at the Chinese auto giants ignoring patents and copying designs. Or just research what happens when a white dude tries to buy land or do anything related to the government in china. I’m sorry but the Chinese primarily care for their own race. We don’t hate the west at all, but business is business and we wanna be the rich af.

olcoil2, r/news 0 Comments [11/4/2018 12:03:37 PM]
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