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Thank you Robert Faurisson for courageously standing your ground against those who are the real defamers, liars, and fabricators of history. You may have been legally defeated and paid a heavy price for standing your ground, and as Professor Arthur Butz also put it in his The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, one day the truth will emerge unhindered. And a big thank you to those who were a part of the close inner-core supporting and enabling Robert during his difficult challenges.

Jonas E. Alexis, Fredrick Toben, and Michael Hoffman, Veterans Today 2 Comments [11/2/2018 12:29:53 PM]
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Robert Faurisson? Who is that? I examined all the evidence, reviewed all names and numbers, and I can say that this man never existed. He was a hoax perpetrated by Holocaust deniers to garner sympathy as free speech advocates while hiding their true agenda: regain the power they lost after WW2.
I encourage people not to fall for this grossly exaggerated piece of news: Faurisson never existed and even if he did, he was never the knowledgeable free speech advocate his proponents claim him to be. [/sarcasm] #TwoCanPlayThisGame

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