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Indian missiles and nuclear bombs will eventually be used in the South Asia, the India peninsula. Because "India" is a western imperialist creation to enslave the Asians against the will of the indigenous people of South, and it is in the form of radical militant Hinduism which is the world's most Degenerated, Duplicitous, and Debauched nation to have ever existed – carnage is happening today in India the likes of which has not been seen in thousands of years. When India and Pakistan were born and in its aftermath 100 million were killed and many more were displaced by the fascist Hindutva fanatics. India is the only caste system nation in the world that abuses human beings by birth, e.g. the higher caste can gang rape lower caste and lynch the victim afterwards as one of the caste privileges.

Half of the “India” is in armed struggles against this fascist regressive caste system Hindutva regime in New Delhi, when the fanatic fascist regressive caste system Hindutva regime in New Delhi lose control of those insurgence, the moron Hindutvaists will use those missiles and nuclear bombs to bomb the insurgents.

Joe Wong, Asia Times 2 Comments [11/3/2018 12:43:25 PM]
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I still find it weird that he doesn't criticize Nepal. Up to 2008 it was the world's only Hindu state and the only reason that ended is because of the aftermath of Nepalese Civil War, where the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoïst) decided to end warfare against the Nepalese government if the government became secular. If you want to bash Hinduism, then bash the most extreme example of a Hindu state. Not India.

11/3/2018 3:37:16 PM


While the Hindu caste system is severely fucked up, a lot of regions are pulling away from it.
Of course, that's easier to notice when one realises that there are multiple varieties of Hinduism, instead of subscribing to fanatical ideas in order to justify blanket prejudice.

11/6/2018 10:59:29 AM

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