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I just made a fake dating profile with my actual face on a gay website, Holyshit

I got like 6 "Hey" in the first hour there. I had so many conversations at some point I had to ghost some dudes , I felt so bad for it but I imagine they also had tons of convos so it's cool. Some of those dudes were legit chadlites and still had an interest to meet up. Eventually I closed the whole thing because I am not gay even tho I wish I was.

Tbh it felt so good at first, to know that I was an object of desire, but then it slowly started becoming bitterness and jealousy. I am jealous of females and what they experience in their dating lives, I am bitter that they can't empathize with heterosexual males and how horrible it feels to never be seen in a sexual way.

Females are the devil in the flesh, their sexual selection pushes societies towards more and more competition, everything ancient misogynist cultures say about women is true. God I hate them. Sure I am ugly but if gays don't mind going for me, why wouldn't women? It's women's fault, they are the one who are absurdly sexually selective, they are to blame for all the tension between genders today. They are guilty

bcat124, r/Braincels 12 Comments [11/3/2018 1:17:33 PM]
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You... might wanna talk to a shrink about it, preferably one that specialises in trans issues :D

11/3/2018 1:53:14 PM


Why is it that you see a wide distribution of good looks and desirability as something peculiar to males? I assure you, every wallflower female has hated all males at some time or another, but that time was in about the sixth grade. Grow the hell up.

11/3/2018 5:02:21 PM


Sure it's all the women's fault...everything is. It couldn't be anything you said! Esp since you hate them so much...

I would say "come out", but that would be cruel to gay blokes, to inflict yourself on them.

11/3/2018 7:46:58 PM

The Crimson Ghost

Maybe men just have lower standards.

11/3/2018 7:53:27 PM

idk man, wishing to be a sexual orientation is usually a sign you are that way, but in denial.

11/4/2018 12:21:01 AM

Yeah it's not like standard dating sites have so many members another drip in the bucket's imperceptible compared to niche sites with smaller member counts that might be happy to see a new face or that women can be fatigued by clumsy come ons and empty flattery that's fundamentally different from honest conversation. To say nothing of how much of a headache it would have to be to talk to someone that cannot understand that there's a human being on the other side of the screen and not a biological resource to be tapped that must simultaneously be open to everyone that walks by and exclusive to just the one that stakes their claim even in terms of basic social interaction whose only thought process and purpose in life has to relate to sex or else be a test of some kind that also eventually loops back to their primary function as reproductive tools.

11/4/2018 4:53:16 AM

Citizen Justin

I'm not one of those who says incels are all closet cases... but come on, this is extremely odd behaviour.

11/4/2018 12:10:26 PM


@citiezn Justin

Don't know. Honestly, I had no success with ladies for the 29 first years of my life, and felt as bad as incels were describing. I could have tried that kind of trick(if internet had been a thing in those times), just to feel less alone. I'm 100% straight.

Until the last paragraph, honestly, I was just sad for the guy, who is desperate for attention, and feels as alone as I felt for so long. Of course, the last paragrapoh(prepared by the sentence before) is evil and deserves a WTF. But bar this irrational hate, I can really identifiy with the guy, and am really not gay.

11/5/2018 1:13:43 AM


Well so what if he's attracted to men? I highly doubt that he's totally gay. Why would anyone be so preoccupied with women if he wasn't into them?

11/5/2018 12:07:36 PM

@buttcel. potentially its a coping mechanism

11/6/2018 1:51:18 AM

Doubting Thomas

"I made a profile on a gay dating website but I'm not gay." Yeah, sure. But maybe the fact that he was getting a bunch of responses goes against the idea that all incels are incels because they're totally ugly sub-humans?

Don't most dating websites make you pay before you can create a profile? If he wasn't interested in guys then why go through the trouble and expense?

11/6/2018 8:04:31 AM

Happy Atheist

Does this not prove that it's not your looks that make women dislike you? Would that not suggest that it's how you act towards women that make women dislike you?

It is not women's fault. They are not the common link in your rejections. You are. Most other people do not have these problems. Treat women like you'd treat men - as people rather than villainous sex objects - and you will find far greater success.

11/7/2018 5:34:55 AM

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