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This is exactly right. GoodWhites who think they can escape to coastal shitlibopolises and live a charmed life in perpetuity free from the “irredeemably foul“* BadWhites are fooling themselves. The bill for replacing White America with Third World America will come due, and it will be enormous. Payment will be made in one form or another, whether in higher taxes, safety, mental health, freedom of mobility, cost of living, lineage continuity, cultural familiarity, social trust, shared values, basic livability, or aesthetic pleasures.


That’s why it is always a laugh to me that there are SWPL shitlibs who enjoy stupidly snarking that BadWhites are paranoid for believing minorities are “coming for them”. Yes, they are. Maybe not with guns a-blazing (although they do that, too, disproportionately), but they come for us in myriad ways that make life less enjoyable. They come for our welfare, paid with our taxes. They come for our hospital services, paid with our insurance premiums. They come for our peace of mind, paid for with exorbitant housing costs, home security, and expensive school districts. They come for our vote, by diluting our political voice and forcing us to live under a government that only marginally, if at all, addresses our concerns, and is more often actively hostile to them. They come for our culture, corrupting it to suit their lowbrow preferences.

NonWhite Diversity costs Whites A LOT, and in my book that means they are, indeed, coming for us. They are coming for our way of life and twisting it, unconsciously, into a facsimile of the shitholes they left behind. And yet evil, hateful bitches like Michelle Goldberg express glee at the prospect! Love wins!

Likewise, the above empty-headed shitlib sarcasm is why I have no patience for that other trope shitlibs weakly trot out when the debate has taken a turn away from their control: “You’re just being played by rich White people who use divide and conquer to keep you focused on irrelevant issues like mass immigration and away from their greed”. Funny, they are always circumspect about exactly WHO comprises a healthy share of those “rich White people”. That aside, rich White people don’t have to play divide and conquer; the Diversity™ brings the divide and conquer on its own. All the rich White people have to do is make sure the Diversity™ can storm our borders. As for rich White person greed, it’s not a mutually exclusive concern; we can oppose both a greedy elite and open borders.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 6 Comments [11/4/2018 1:24:00 PM]
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rich whites are playing divid and onquer though. both sides of the aisle and those in the center (who arent establishment at least) all acknowledge this.

also most crime is commited by somebody the same race as the victim.

ps the more you talk about the darkies coming for you the more i think of interracial bukkake.

11/6/2018 2:03:16 AM

What a pile of racist garbage. The post is trash, too.

Interesting how CH thinks that blacks are the lead instigators of violence in the US, but almost every mass shooter (all except one, I believe) in the past several decades has been white. Most violence by black criminals is against other blacks; most violence by whites is against women, non-whites, and non-conservative whites. But CH condones that, because in his mind, those groups aren't really people.

11/6/2018 10:42:34 AM

Bob Dole

southern strategy.txt

11/6/2018 5:16:54 PM


Most violence by black criminals is against other blacks; most violence by whites is against women, non-whites, and non-conservative whites

That's the weirdest comparison I've ever read in the comments section here, since it kind of mixes up illegal violence with perfectly legal institutional violence.

CH is entirely focusing on illegal violence, like murder. Most murder is targeted, like a corporate-climber trying to get a promotion Klingon style, or a domestic abuser, or a domestic abuse victim that finally had too much. And it stays within socioeconomic brackets: poor people murder poor people, rich people murder rich people, white people murder white people, black people murder black people, and men are more likely to murder their wives and women are more likely to murder their husbands than anyone else of the opposite sex. Chateau Heartiste spends so much time thinking of the Big Picture that he forgets that most people's day-to-day concerns are super mundane, even if that person happens to be a murderer.

CH is, of course, also ignoring institutional violence, which tends to go from higher classes onto lower classes, probably because he doesn't see anything wrong with it. This is the true Big Picture: Society is the most brutal killer of all, and unlike mundane murder, justice is almost never really served.

11/6/2018 5:59:16 PM


I knew it was CH by the time I got to "shitlibopolises."

11/7/2018 6:03:44 PM

I wouldn't want CH's way of life if you paid me.

11/8/2018 10:12:46 AM

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