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(Mailer shows Jewish candidate clutching a fistful of money)

Connecticut Republican Party , Twitter  8 Comments [11/7/2018 2:14:25 PM]
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Can a dog-whistle exist in printed form? Because this is a concentrated lump of antisemitic cliches. The only question is whether this was conscious or not.

11/8/2018 5:25:25 AM

Doubting Thomas

They're not even hiding their racism any more.

11/8/2018 7:02:56 AM


The funny part is that he won anyway...

11/8/2018 7:29:13 AM


Googling him, this was the first thing to come up:

Gee, that worked so well for ya, didn't it...?! [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

Matt Lesser means more for Middletown, Connecticut.

Your dog whistles must be broken, Repubicans.

And further proof that all Trumptards = inferior subhuman Nazis. Perhaps that's why Matt was re-elected?

Not doing you any favours, these... things in your party, o moderate Republicans. You know what to do.

11/8/2018 5:42:45 PM


I guess this is more normal in Trump's America.

11/9/2018 12:11:00 AM

Doubting Thomas


I guess this is more normal in Trump's America.

That's what drives me crazy about our current political climate... these Republicans think they can throw out their dog whistles or in some cases be openly racist, and rather than being faced with rightful indignation they still garner lots of votes and support. I thought we were way past the time of open racism but apparently 2 years of a Trump presidency after 8 years of an Obama presidency brought it all to the surface. Of course when you have a president who not only refuses to condemn such actions but appears to support them, of course these racists are going to be emboldened.

11/9/2018 7:46:42 AM


Fucking Republicans.

11/9/2018 12:27:42 PM


@Doubting Thomas:

It's one thing when it comes from the neo-Nazis or what, but from a major political party?

This is something I noticed... and I'm not even American.

11/9/2018 1:38:07 PM

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