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Re: German women are bushmeat to coloured migrants, according to the migrants themselves: Breeding out of existence

We weep because the savages rape the German volk, yet when the Allies...their own people almost removed them from the face of the Earth....where were their white brothers then ?
If we are to really clean house...who will sweep the traitors of our own folk who race mix with impunity ?
We disappear because our own women bare foreigners children from their wombs. Who will deny this ?
As white men we should be ashamed for how we have failed our women folk. Yet , here we are on the edge of extinction...nothing has changed.

Can this all really be blamed on the tribes and goat herders ? What about the traitors who wanted this to happen ?

UKRAINE BLOOD, Stormfront 0 Comments [12/1/2018 3:53:46 PM]
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