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Hundreds of residents of the Mexican border city of Tijuana protest the thousands of Central American migrants who have arrived in the hope of starting a new life in the US. On Sunday, local residents waved Mexican flags, sang the national anthem and chanted 'Out! Out!' At one point, police formed a barrier between the Central American migrants and protesting locals. Protesters have called the migrant caravan an 'invasion' and are accusing the migrants of being messy, ungrateful and a danger to Tijuana. They are concerned Mexican taxes might be spent to care for the group as they wait, possibly months, to apply for asylum in the US

Residents of Tijuana, The Guardian 9 Comments [12/2/2018 9:30:15 AM]
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Not very self-aware, this bunch of Mexicans (especially since many Americans treat them the same way). You'd think they'd see them as kindred spirits. Hopefully, it's just some dregs in Tijuana. Northern Mexico has been an armpit....that's where most of the junk with the cartels and such happen.

12/2/2018 9:59:06 AM


Don't be silly. If they wanted to treat Mexico as their preferred destination, they would have quit once they crossed the southern border. Your protests should be against the jackass Americans and our Fearless Leader, the ones who are keeping them bottled up in Tijuana.

12/2/2018 11:12:39 AM


So you'll be stopping Mexicans from going north of the border, then...?!

Just so's we know. [/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

12/2/2018 3:32:41 PM


I don't blame them really. It's not like the caravan even wants to stay there. So they are not treating that place with respect. 8ts fine that they want them to leave.

12/2/2018 4:16:41 PM


It'd be nice if Trump would just let in asylum seekers. It's not like 3000 are going to disperse the national culture.

12/2/2018 9:28:37 PM

Doubting Thomas

Maybe they should have built a big wall along their southern border...

12/3/2018 7:41:27 AM

Bob Sandvagine

What goes around comes around. Not fun having thousands of people come barging into your home uninvited as if they owned the place, is it?

12/4/2018 12:07:16 AM


I really can't blame them for this. This whole thing has been a royal fuck-up. If the orange haired buffoon actually acted like a president, rather than a con man looking for every angle to whip up his deplorable base, this crisis could have been addressed in a more rationale manner.

For the money that was spent to send troops to the border to do literally nothing, they could have set up temporary housing and sent additional immigration clerks to speed up the processing of the immigrants. It's not like there wasn't plenty of warning that they were coming.

12/11/2018 2:04:03 PM


@Bob Sandvagine:

Except that's not what happens in the US. Literal thousands of the people ICE has deported are legal citizens, many born here (some from families that were on the US side of the border since before it was taken from Mexico).

And then there's hundreds whose visas expired or were revoked without their knowledge. Actual criminal illegals are actually a small percentage of immigrants (though they get a lot from Russia that nobody whinges about, presumably because they aren't brown).

12/15/2018 8:48:51 PM

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