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PS Men generally don’t rebel against abject thottery if there is an element of sexual egalitarianism from societal oversight. In other words, if the majority of men sexually (read: reproductively) benefit from loosened female sexual mores, then men won’t look a gift ho in the mouth. But that’s never what happens; loose women who have sexualized themselves are no more giving up the real goods to the mass of mediocre beta males than are more modest women. Thottery undermines civilization through multiple pathways, and one of those is the in-your-face sexual disenfranchisement of beta males that the camwhore lifestyle brings to the fore. Once the initial wave of beta male thirst has receded, a bone-deep feeling of disgust rises in its wake. It’s the disgust of knowing that sexually unconstrained women egged on by globalist elites are acid to the social fabric, and that these women toy with the desires of men they will never give the time to in real life.

Possibly there is some resentment, too, that hot women can easily rake in six figures doing nothing but exhibiting their half-naked bodies on social media, while men don’t have that option and must instead work a hundred times harder to make a fraction of what slattern thots have been pulling in tax-free. This is a fundamental reality of biological and psychological sex differences; women may enjoy looking at a fit male physique, but they aren’t aroused to fapping themselves sweaty staring at naked men every day. Therefore there isn’t a viable market for the male version of thots. This massive economic, social, and sexual discrepancy illuminated in bright screen light and transmitted to billions across the internet ultimately corrupts relations between the sexes with all the downstream attendant effects of that corruption, including cock carouseling, late age marriage, low fertility, single mommery, male suicide, and cat collecting.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 4 Comments [12/3/2018 4:24:53 PM]
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K'Zad Bhat

I've said it before. (Probably on another quote from this dickhead.) Now I'll say it again.

You're not a beta male. By the definition of how the whole hierarchy works, you're an omega male. An omega male is at the bottom, the whipping boy for everyone. Because they don't have what it takes to even be useful. To anyone.

A pile of horse shit is useful. Spread it around, and it breaks down into nutrient rich soil. You are not even horse shit. Even if you were, you wouldn't have this use until you die.

You are a whiny little bitch who does nothing but complain about how your own lack of effort has left you unable to get any woman you don't have to pay for. Up front. Get over yourself.

Women with your great morals don't want to fuck you because you're a whiny little bitch. Women with loose morals don't want to fuck you because you're a whiny little bitch. Maybe, just maybe, if you stop being a whiny little bitch, you'll get some pussy! And her last name won't be Palm!

12/3/2018 9:01:56 PM


Therefore there isn’t a viable market for the male version of thots

...but that didn't stop so many manbabies buying into this one, though.

Otherwise you & all your ilk would reject, nay, hate the Orange Manslut.

So what's stopping you from doing so, eh degenerate-loving Shateau Fartiste...?!

12/4/2018 5:53:57 AM

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