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There are other factors, of course, particularly the dysgenic effects of female education. One has to wonder what the point of educating women is supposed to be when the next generation of women are going to be considerably less intelligent because so few of the highly intelligent, highly educated manage to replace themselves.

But the sheer magnitude of the movement of peoples is the more significant factor. This is why the infrastructure in the USA is never going to return to the state it was in previous decades. The society simply isn't intelligent enough on average to maintain it any longer.

Remember, that's not just seven points, that's seven points PER GENERATION. Idiocracy is not just a movie about the dystopian future, it's a satire on the dystopian present. Welcome to Costco....

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 7 Comments [12/3/2018 6:25:02 PM]
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Why bother educating any human being then?

12/4/2018 12:27:01 AM


Infrastructure has to do with paying taxes, something certain groups of the population don't want to do. Women have been educated for hundreds of years before the 1950s. Get over yourself.

12/4/2018 2:10:16 AM


Sure... infrastructure is falling apart because women are educated and working having children later in life when financially secure and able to give them an education rather than being constantly pregnant as preteens with all the complications that causes until they die and not because the government keeps cutting the budget and cutting tax revenues.

You know your dad is the one who ran out on you, don't you Theo? He was happy to leave you and your mother completely unsupported, at the tender mercies of several government agencies that hounded you to get to him, and pariahs of the community for aiding or simply being related to a wanted criminal rather than give one thin dime in taxes which loops right back into your misaimed shot about infrastructure by the way...

12/4/2018 2:12:35 AM

Doubting Thomas

One has to wonder what the point of educating women is supposed to be

So they'll be smart enough to realize that neanderthals like Vox Day are idiot man children.

12/4/2018 8:55:44 AM


We get it, the girls were always ahead of you in class. Not surprising, nor is it that the next generation will be as well.

So that's why you're going all Taliban, trying to abolish female education altogether.

12/5/2018 11:05:58 PM


No, the next generation of women in Fundistan is going to be more stupid because (1) they get home-skooled, and (2) they get knocked up, drop out of skool, and start producing more brats who will be home-skooled by the person who just dropped out of skool.

I got a college degree and still managed to "replace" myself. My daughter got even more college degrees and still managed to reproduce. Sex and raising a family is a very strong human impulse. So is learning, that is if you are intelligent and haven't drunk the koolade of keep-em-stupid-religion. There is nothing mutually exclusive about education and biology.

12/6/2018 10:09:53 AM


I highly doubt about the accuracy of those stats.

12/10/2018 6:55:20 AM

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