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Hate Crime Hoaxes (HCH)

A subreddit dedicated to cataloging incidents where people have lied about being the victim of a hate crime.

Rules are few, but important:

Posts should primarily be direct links to news articles describing the incident.

Articles regarding hate crime hoax statistics are also welcomed, as are stories of HCH from other countries or articles examining the media's role in promoting hoaxes.

1. Try to summarize the background of the hoax as best you can in the headline without editorializing. Try to be as clinical as possible this means refraining from vitriol and sarcasm.

2. Optional but appreciated to prevent duplicates: Note the date of the article and the city/state where the hoax took place in the headline title. This makes it easier to search for duplicates.

3. Please do not submit duplicate of the same event without a good reason. Karma is not a good reason. Seeing that the existing article leaves out a ton of important details or comes from a questionable source are good reasons to submit a better one. Duplicate stories are subject to removal.

4. Local news sources are best. If an interesting topic is discussed in a blog, HuffPo, AmmoLand, etc. look for the link to the original news article. Mods reserve the right to replace posts with a more relevant link. Off-topic and opinion pieces will be considered for deletion.

5. Commenting is unmoderated, except in instances where the comment violates Reddit's policies (giving out personal info, for example). Blatantly racist comments will result in an immediate ban. Terms like Jew, Jewess, blackie, whitey, chink, cunt, Pope worshipper etc are examples of descriptions that are unnecessarily inflammatory. Identity politics and attention whoring knows no limit based on race, gender or ideology.

Hate Crime Hoaxes, Reddit 8 Comments [12/5/2018 1:57:29 PM]
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K'Zad Bhat

If the users are actually honest . . . this could actually be a good thing. There are hoaxes that need exposure, and proper exposure will also show how few hoaxes there really are.

Besides, as far as I'm concerned a hate crime hoax is a real hate crime.

12/6/2018 3:13:26 AM


Neither meh'd nor WTF'd because, as K'Zad Bhat mentioned, this sub-reddit could actually be useful IF it is well-moderated.

12/6/2018 6:54:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't see anything wrong with this as written, seeing as how there have been some hate crime hoaxes perpetrated by the so-called victims. And such hoaxes tend to be far more damaging to race relations than actual hate crimes, since any time a hate crime actually happens people will assume it was a hoax.

However, you know as well as I do that this subreddit is going to turn into a bastion of racism where each and every reported hate crime is going to be called a hoax. Even if it starts out with good intentions, it will attract the riffraff.

12/6/2018 8:19:29 AM


Guys, look at it again. It says that the term Jew is unnecessarily inflammatory. Rest assured, this subreddit will be loopy.

12/6/2018 2:37:51 PM

K'Zad Bhat

Yeah, I'd noticed that about the word Jew, and I sat there thinking . . . wait, isn't that the term that Rabbis themselves have insisted on for, well, a few hundred years in English speaking countries? I think also in many non-English speaking countries.

12/7/2018 12:19:55 AM

I'm sure that subreddit will be bonkers, but the rules by itself aren't that strange.

12/8/2018 12:57:49 AM


Other than "identity politics" being used, I agree with others. It might be ok, if well moderated. Though given it's on Reddit, I'm not getting on it.

12/8/2018 9:36:16 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yep, I was right. That subreddit has become a haven for pro-Trump conservatives who are claiming that each and every hate crime is a hoax, with links to crimes which haven't been determined to be hoaxes at all. It's only a matter of time before the overt racism comes out in the comments.

12/13/2018 7:32:17 AM

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