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I visited my father his holiday season and we went to see "Vice" at the movie theater when it opened yesterday. He lives in a human town, but there was a nigger in the theater. After the movie started, it kept shouting at the screen, commenting and reacting to what was going on. It was very annoying and embarrassing to everyone there.

Driving back home, we realized that niggers probably don't know the difference between the screen and reality. My dad has three dogs, and one of them always jumps up and barks whenever another dog appears on the TV screen. The dog doesn't know the difference between TV and reality. We realized that's the same as the nigger in the audience that didn't know the difference.

I think this is why niggers shout at the movie screen and try to talk with the characters in the movie. They think they're talking with real people, and they think the images in front of them are real, like my dad's dogs.

Marse Jim, Niggermania 11 Comments [1/1/2019 2:17:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Katie

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K'Zad Bhat

Or, bear with me here . . . he's just a pain in the ass annoying prick, regardless of his skin color. Much like Marse Jim.

1/1/2019 3:07:33 AM


What K'Zad Bhat said if this wasn't a r/thathappened.

1/1/2019 5:58:56 AM

Citizen Justin

Yes I've done the same, when I was really into the film. Still, I'd usually have the decency not to do it in the cinema.

I admit I once shouted "Bastard" during a showing of a kids' film (The Force Awakens).

1/1/2019 6:59:16 AM


Funny, it's mostly old white rednecks that I see shouting at screens. You ever been in a small-town diner playing Fox News?

1/1/2019 6:37:22 PM

Do these people ***actually*** believe this shit or are they just saying this to circlejerk their utter hatred?

1/1/2019 11:39:04 PM


These guys are back. That's nice.

1/2/2019 12:03:08 AM


Actually, most dogs know the difference, because of the lack of higher frequencies in the audio and the lack of smell. What I‘m saying is, your dad‘s dog is an exception. As is the black person, if he exists, that is.

1/2/2019 4:55:44 AM

Doubting Thomas

Oh shut up. They do not.

1/2/2019 8:55:14 AM

Doubting Thomas


Do these people ***actually*** believe this shit or are they just saying this to circlejerk their utter hatred?

I'm sure it's just a circle jerk, but I wonder if the even less educated among them actually believe it. But really it's just another, "Look at how stupid these subhuman creatures are" statement in order to try to further dehumanize people they don't like.

1/2/2019 9:01:51 AM


My sister used to do the same thing (when she was, like, 4-5 years old). We're not black.

1/2/2019 5:44:33 PM



Frankly; That's all that whole dumb site is. It's a dumb contest to see who could make up the most offensive made up story and present it as a real life anecdote. Apparently one receives bonus points for each use of incredibly absurd ethnic epithets.

1/7/2019 10:00:19 PM

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