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Re: Rap video clip in which Dutch women are murdered by Africans with machine guns tops the charts in Netherlands

As an aside: it's hard to tell but at least one of the women in that video didn't look white to me, at least not what I'd expect a Dutch woman to look like. But it's hard to judge just from skin tone and hair colour without seeing their faces.


As for the main subject - I imagine this new 'genre' of 'music' involving assorted non-whites raping/attacking/murdering white women will become increasingly popular in the coming years. It's a form of celebration of the non-white conquest of Europe.

In terms of 'resistance' - we will hear some low-level bleating by the feminist groups. They'll afford it a few minutes of anger in between their central #MeToo and #PayGap campaigns but that won't get very far.
Also the civic nationalists will bleat how the migrants aren't 'assimilating' and 'integrating' into Western 'culture' and won't adopt Western 'values'. But they'll still be called racists and fascists by the mainstream and Left.

All the while, very slowly but surely, the masses are edged little by little more towards our direction. Controlled opposition is the biggest obstacle.

Britannic Nationalist, Stormfront 4 Comments [1/2/2019 11:02:20 AM]
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Gabriel LaVedier

Imitation killing? In an entertainment medium? Poppycock! Now excuse me, I need to go have B. J. Blazkowicz chew through a few dozen alleged Übermenschen and their tin-plate robots.

1/6/2019 5:48:46 PM


I wonder what the context of that rap song must be? Ugh! Sounds like a NeoNazi wet dream.

Also; The OP is just as stupid.

1/7/2019 9:58:14 PM


I'm curious what Britannic thinks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A game that you, the white protagonist, spend most of your time shooting at presumably-Muslim Arabs.

1/8/2019 8:19:11 PM


@SpukiKitty: No, if the races were reversed, then it would be.

Also, I looked it up.
The song is called 'Huts', by The Blockparty and Esko, and is right now number one on the Dutch charts.

1/10/2019 2:11:07 PM

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