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There was a strong Semitic element to Freud’s ideas in their obsession with scatology and sexuality, including the perverse ideas of parent-child sex which formed the cornerstone of his theories. Freudian psychology mainstreamed this kind of obscenity in our culture. The pathologisation of normality was another of the sinister effects of the Freudian movement. Normal, functional families were portrayed as afflicted by secret perversions. Those who favoured the maintenance of order and authority over the chaotic social experiments of the Left were seen as somehow “repressed” and dysfunctional. Freudian discourse can be seen as part of a long Jewish tradition, dating at least since the Talmud, which has framed the Goyim as impure, unclean and disease-ridden.

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Gabriel LaVedier

Levittown and Stepford ARE full of horrors and secret perversions. The squeaky clean past told us that right out. Watch "Perversion For Profit" those pulps didn't start out tame and get worse. Photography only meant people needed to read less to get the same jolt, though books persisted well into the 80s because it's simply more practical to write about things that can't be staged. I mean, in PFP and in another scare film "Pages of Death" they're not selling porn in back alleys in the big city, they're on magazine racks at the suburban malt shop. And who bought them? The god-ordained stiff and stern humorless patriarch, when there wasn't swinging and key parties to get to. Plus abortions or forced adoptions at "distant relatives" houses, violently beating children for sport, for "discipline" or to make sure little Johnny understands no fucking fags are allowed in white suburbia. And no race mixing. Mom's off her head on luudes (what did you think "Mother's little helper" was about?) Or she's a bitter busybody. Or someone is just lobotomized into a drooling vegetable.

Tell me again how white America of white suburbs and white patriarchy and white white white was so perfect and pure. I need a laugh.

1/6/2019 5:36:34 PM


I'd love these dorks to make all these pronouncements about Jews while in from of a bunch of very puritanical, sexually-repressed, pluralism-hating, fun-hating, homophobic, misogynist, Torah-obsessed Ultra-Orthodox Haredi guys.

1/7/2019 9:54:19 PM

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