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Any working journalist knows who did it and why and who made the money. But it doesn't matter because the MSM will bury it and the rabble wouldn't believe it anyway. They still can't handle Pearl Harbor being a false flag op engineered by FDR and his crew, so what hope is there for a 9/11 outing? The US public are zombies. Don't disturb them or they'll turn and bite you.

ChaoKrungThep, Zero Hedge 5 Comments [1/5/2019 10:28:13 AM]
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Reality is something you don't deal with very well, I see.

1/5/2019 12:12:00 PM


I confess! The Detroit Philharmonic did 9/11, and the resulting profits of $4.95 went to PETA! All of us journalists know that.

1/5/2019 8:23:32 PM


So "FDR and his crew" had access to a fleet with aircraft carriers, completly manned by Japanese sailors? Who knew?

1/7/2019 7:30:18 AM

Doubting Thomas

They still can't handle Pearl Harbor being a false flag op engineered by FDR and his crew

Yeah, they simply borrowed the Japanese Navy to make it happen.

1/7/2019 11:24:39 AM


I think the less extreme version of the Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory goes that FDR knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor ahead of time. Because they didn't want to tip their hand about knowing Japanese plans they had to let the attack succeed, but managed to sneak the aircraft carriers out so they wouldn't be damaged.

This is probably one of the more credible conspiracy theories out there, but I'm not aware of any supporting documentation or credible witnesses. However, it does relate into the story of Churchill allowing the destructive bombing of Coventry to protect the secret of the Enigma machine being cracked.

1/18/2019 2:36:45 AM

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