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Re: One of the best black pill summary videos about what the baby boomers took from us

I agree with most of this (minus the religious stuff).

Baby boomers are some of the most hypocritical and evil people on the planet. Full stop. Their very existence is a fucking sin. What they took from me is different from what was taken from you, but it still stands that they stole our fucking happiness from all of us.

They ransacked our economy, made ludacris college debt normal, made houses impossible to afford, jobs now have ridiculous requirements to complete to even have a chance at them, and the list goes on and on.

For my own mother (a baby boomer) didn't let me get treatment for my gender dysphoria when it would have fucking made a difference. She forced me into inceldom.

I normally don't do hate posts, but if I saw a baby boomer get what they deserve I would laugh in their fucking face and spit on them at the same time.

I'll be honest. I have some sympathy for women when bad things happen to them. I have zero for baby boomers.

ImprovingCel, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:52 AM]
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made ludacris college debt normal,

Ludacris? I don't even know if he went to college, but if he did, I'd bet he took care of debt he had by now.

1/8/2019 1:36:28 PM

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