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Hitler decided he had enough of the fake Jewish oligarchy and Germany's economy exploded into life as a result. This posed the greatest challenge to the Zionist oligarchy, this could not be allowed to spread or they would be ruined.Q Judea declaring war on Germany+mass propaganda

AvoidantPerson, Twitter  2 Comments [1/7/2019 4:57:56 AM]
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Hasan Prishtina

1. Germany’s economic “revival” was largely built on junk scrip; Hitler needed to go to war by 1940 at the latest or debts would have been called in and the economy would have collapsed.
2. “Fake Jewish” = “Zionist” = Khazar klaxon. Mystifying how the religious and ethnic affiliation of a few hundred people over a thousand years ago can be stated with such certainty as the origins of the political opinions of millions of people today, especially when the Khazars don’t appear to have ended up in the Middle East.
3. “Judea declaring war on Germany” - one headline in 1933 from a British newspaper with very strong right-wing leanings. Still, given the lack of evidence that Germany was in the grip of Jewish terror, racists have to use what little they’ve got.
4. “Mass propaganda” so effective that only a trickle of Jewish refugees were successful in leaving before the butchery started.

1/7/2019 7:47:48 AM


And they've been suspended already. Yay!

1/18/2019 6:40:10 AM

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