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Re: Millionaire betabux cucked for 20+ years into raising his roastie's 3 boys. The revalation was made when he found out that he was infertile since birth due to a genetic condition.

He raised them for over 20 years, to damn with genetics he's still their father. Why can't he do the adult thing and repair his relationship with the boys, why does he care so much about his genes, his name is being passed on anyway.

Can't he settle the matter quietly instead of dragging his children's names into the mud with him .

no, he's the guy that was tricked by a whore into babysitting and paying for all their shit

to damn with genetics he's still their father.

IT cucks in a nutshell.

just swallow the fact that you invested decades of your existence and resources in offspring that are not your own, bro.

Just be a literal cuck bro

That’s what you want, right? To never be held accountable. Well fuck you, he can do it, and he should do it. Thots like the whore these kids call mother need to be shamed publicly.

She should be held accountable for the deception... but he is just as descpicable wtf is he doing? Basically saying unless they came from my sperm, my "name" won't live on. Lmao what an arrogant prick what about all the other men who are infertile or gay couples who can't have their own children naturally

He raised them thinking they were his, but they’re not. They don’t contain his genetic material, so they’re not his kids. Every organism wants to spread their genes, that is the purpose of life. It’s selfish, yes. But so are all of us.

We aren't animals, we not to be more evolved.

Of course sweetheart, you’re special <3

Easy for the mother to say, maybe.

He got fucked over.

Bet the real dad is pissing himself laughing over all this.

Or sitting in fear wondering when his children/ex-lover are gonna knock on the door asking for money. Or if the scumbag is married wondering how this news may affect his family. Men need to learn to keep in their pants.

The men who can't keep it in their pants are also the ones getting laid.

It must be because they respect women and watch films with strong female protagonists.

some incels, r/Braincels 4 Comments [1/7/2019 5:29:24 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

If I found out that my children aren't biologically mine (quite doubtful since they look just like me) I'd still love them and raise them as my own, because after investing 9 years so far in raising children, they are mine no matter what. Nor would I want to deprive them of the only father they've ever known.

1/7/2019 12:41:14 PM


Well that good for you I guess, but it's still a horrible betrayal, isn't it? Terrible. And there's no fixing it. She made his whole life a lie. Like, at least do you agree that she doesn't deserve the divorce money? Even if you somehow rationalize that he should pay child support for another man's children?

I'm honestly flabbergasted if everyone here will defend her. By her reprehensible conduct she has shown herself to be deeply immoral. The dad didn't do this to her children, she did, although if she hadn't cheated they wouldn't exist, so of course from their perspective it was the right thing to do.

In the article it says two of the sons cut off contact with their "father", not the other way around.

1/7/2019 10:51:59 PM

K'Zad Bhat

Just because you dipfuck incels are incapable of feeling real love, doesn't mean you actually figured something out by misrepresenting the importance of genetics in how we connect with each other!

Even outside of humans, plenty of animals happily adopt and care for the young of other species. We are also capable of doing so, inside and outside the species. We care for each other outside our genetic groups all the time. If we didn't you wouldn't be on the internet claiming we can't, because we'd have never developed the society we have today that makes advanced electronics and the Internet possible.

You are the dumb motherfuckers who are totally incapable of feeling anything other than your own false sense of superiority, so maybe it's time you sit down and pay attention to how the rest of us can love a child that isn't our own. I say this as a half-brother, who's half-brother has never met his "real" father, and instead was raised as my own father's son. If he was like you, I wouldn't be alive today, because he'd have never given my pregnant mother a second glance.

1/8/2019 1:51:12 AM


Whatever is between him and his wife/ gf and her infidelity is strictly their business. Some couples do reconcile and some don't.

But the kids are innocent. They don't deserve to have the only father figure they have ever known taken away. And yes, it's entirely possible to love kids who are not genetically related. Adopted kids are almost more common than natural born kids in my family and we all love each other equally.

1/8/2019 5:20:12 AM

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