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I was banned from r/asktransgender for asking why its bad to reject a trans person but why it isn't bad to reject a man who isn't a certain height

The hypocrisy is unreal. Fucking hell. I hate the double standards. God, the one thing that comforts me is that those hypocritical losers end up with a high murder and suicide rate compared to other demographics.

They want to dismiss "patriarchal preferences" but when it comes to dismissing their own "patriarchal preferences", they ban you for it.

You expect mentally ill people to give you reasonable and well thought off answers?

I expected some common ground (being rejected for what they think is "genetic" and men being rejected for something that is literally genetic"). too much to ask for

Trannies are gross mutilated creatures. They need psychological help but instead they get doctors who indulge them in their solutions in return for lots of good ol’ $$$

Doctors are unethical as fuck. I dont trust therapists for this reason too. They are just in it for the money. The only good therapist is a loving girlfriend or boyfriend

One of the removed comments in the thread was

I personally don't think theres anything wrong with not wanting to date trans people. This might be controversial to say but I only date guy with money who are taller then me

even trannies can be that picky? it’s so fucking overrrr


I found this yesterday


Romantic relationships are one of the most important sources of social support for adults. The fact that most cis people would not consider trans people as potential dating partners is yet another serious risk factor for increased psychological and physical health problems among the trans population.

How does this not apply to incels too?

looksmaxxingcurry & apoptosiscel, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/7/2019 5:30:17 AM]
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Just Along For The Ride

"I dont trust therapists for this reason too. They are just in it for the money."

Oh pal! If I was 'in it for the money' I'd have become a hedge fund manager! Trust me, the sheer blood, sweat and tears it takes to get accredited is so tough that most of us give up. I've put nearly 10 years into getting qualified now, and even I'm on a path right know that could just as easily lead to a non-therapeutic career as a therapeutic one, because frankly, it would be easier.

P.S: The particular accreditation path I'm working towards requires me to work for 750 hours as a volunteer! Worse than that, manyof my clients are quite flighty and don't always tell me that they're not going to turn up, so I often do an hour's walk to get to the room I use for seeing clients, only for them to not turn up, and at this time of year that's a bleak prospect.

Now, what were you saying about being in it for the money?

I partially agree with one thing you said however: "The only good therapist is a loving girlfriend or boyfriend." A therapist's ultimate aim is to get our clients to not need us any more. We aim to get our clients to a point where they feel ready to build relationships in their own communities, support them until they've got them, and then let them go when they're ready.

I haven't failed to notice that you said a girl/boyfriend is the *only* person who can provide therapeutic value though. Nope: good family and good friends will do the same. Sorry to break it to you, but the world doesn't revolve around sexual relationships. Intimate ones, yes, but I don't think intimacy means what you think it means.

1/8/2019 1:55:59 PM

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