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I'm interviewing new candidates at work tomorrow, two of them are foids...

I have already ripped their resumes in half and thrown them in the trash. But I'm going to make them come in anyway and pretend like they have a shot just to waste their time! Lol. Dumb foid bitches, they're not gonna like having to communicate with somebody as ugly as me, no doubt they will fake a smile and then call their whore friends after they leave to tell them about their ordeal.

This is morally wrong man.

I have checked them out on facebook, they seem to have a good time posting pictures with their chad bf's, fuck them.

embarrassed_hermit18, r/Braincels 14 Comments [1/7/2019 5:31:55 AM]
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Oooooh, big man, flexing the power someone else gives him, to slightly inconvenience women that have done him no greater wrong than existing.

Brag on, puissant one! You're SO manly when you giggle about how tough you're making it for them 'foids.'

1/7/2019 5:36:41 AM

Yeah I doubt this whiny basement dweller is no where near a position of authority to hire someone at their company.

1/7/2019 7:21:19 AM


....and that's how you earn your company a reputation for being a lousy place for women to work. Hint: we talk to each other and look at reviews on glassdoor and indeed.

1/7/2019 7:22:24 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Assuming this is true, & I don't believe it is for one second, by putting that online, you've now exposed yourself & your company to legal action for discrimination! What a smart young man; so much smarter than the horrible women who applied for a job & should automatically be discarded simply for existing with breasts.

Seriously though, chump. Knock off your silly little fantasies & get back to work. Those shelves at Wal Mart aren't going to stock themselves.

1/7/2019 7:38:03 AM


Glad those girls would be getting a better job somewhere else without a hostile work place.

1/7/2019 8:21:09 AM

Happy Atheist

'embarrassed_hermit18' should be embarrassed, but by how they act, not how they look.

1/7/2019 10:10:38 AM


You should be embarrassed, embarrassed_hermit18. And when your wastebasket gets emptied and the résumés found, you will be embarrassed, and probably sued as well.

1/7/2019 10:47:41 AM

Gabriel LaVedier

Your boss would very much like to talk to you. When the lawsuits come he's going to need to offer the media the real cause of problems. By sacrificing you in a showy, public way, the company regains some goodwill, your reputation tanks and your social media becomes fodder for a few news cycles while you become damaged goods.

1/7/2019 11:13:25 AM

Doubting Thomas

I really wish I knew what company this asshole works for.

1/7/2019 11:54:27 AM

Churchy LaFemme

Well, by having them in for an interview, they'll at least get some practice in dealing with self-centered jerks. Since you'll be with them the entire time, won't you be wasting your (and your company's) time as well?

1/7/2019 7:12:58 PM


You act to women just like you think women act to men

1/7/2019 7:59:33 PM


I'm interviewing new candidates at work tomorrow


I'll take 'Shit That Never Happened' for $400, Alex.

1/7/2019 9:13:44 PM

Dizzy Dream

Good luck with the lawyers arsehole.

1/8/2019 10:58:17 AM


I hope you get fired.

1/8/2019 8:08:14 PM

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