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Why you should help me with restoring true heir to England in this universe

I can get you guys and others to help me with my plan to restore the true heir to the throne by showing you that it is a cause of social justice. The Wars of the Roses happened because the Yorkists claimed the throne by being senior in primogeniture because they were descended from the daughter of Lionel Duke of Clarence who did not have any sons. The Lancasterians claimed the throne by descent of John of Gaunt since they were misogynists who didn’t think that females should inherit the throne.

The Yorkists were therefore on the feminist side of the Wars of the Roses and Elizabeth II is descended from the Lancasterian side. Therefore for the cause of social justice, you and others should support having the Yorkist heir put on England’s throne. Therefore join my society.

Jacob Harrison,  FSTDT Forums 50 Comments [1/7/2019 1:41:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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What about the former saxon kings from before 600AD?

1/7/2019 1:49:28 PM

1/7/2019 2:02:40 PM


you and others should support having the Yorkist heir put on England’s throne.

Nah, not today.

Here's my candidate:

1/7/2019 2:04:10 PM


You do realize that this has no relevance to social justice causes in the modern age, right? Which old person sits on the throne of England is not going to bring any practical change for whatever it is SJWs in Britain are campaigning for. That's even granting you're not some wiseguy who thinks he can undermine progressive radicals by appealing to issues most of them don't care about.

1/7/2019 3:32:52 PM


There is no "true heir" of any throne, as kings and queens, and people around them, have always fought amongst themselves for the Top Job, through both intrigues, fraud, war and murder. The one who's on the throne now is the "true heir", by weight of the fact that she IS on the throne now. Period.

1/7/2019 3:38:38 PM


Why you should help me with restoring true heir to England in this universe

As Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire Charles zi Britannia would say:

Also, Jerkob's 'hero' and 'chosen' of his now sin-approving left-footer 'God'*:

Speaking as a Yorkshireman:

Empress Elizabeth vi Britannia in this universe. [/"Code Geass"]

Hey, if it worked in the universe created by Sunrise & CLAMP therefore it is part of your 'parallel world': and you don't have the right to think otherwise, never mind disagree in any way, shape or form.

If you disagree, therefore what you 'want' has no right to happen: least of all considered credible, or even listened to. Want us to listen to what you 'want', you are forced to agree that Elizabeth II must be Empress of the US: and it's absolute ruler: which is what you 'want': an absolute monarchy with your 'alternative' to the constitutional monarchy we in Britain have. No constitutional monarchy for us, as per what you 'want'? No republic: and no constitution - as in US - for you. Fair's fair. Enjoy your paradox. [/Charles I: English Civil War, George III: American Revolutionary War]

*- Therefore all we Atheists, LGBT people, non-fundie Theists and head of the Protestant Church of England Elizabeth II by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories; Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith are going to heaven: your left-footer 'God' agrees - if he thinks Donald Fart the eternal sinner is a credible 'president' - don't bother him about it. [/Romans 13:1-5]

1/7/2019 4:40:46 PM


You want to get into the monarchy NOW? When the word "monarchy" is rapidly going obsolete? Oh, you poor sap.

1/7/2019 4:42:42 PM


My friend who researches various royals would have a field day with this one! She constantly on the lookout for frauds.

1/7/2019 9:16:25 PM

K'Zad Bhat

And, come to speak of establishing the heir to the throne the US would like. How many of you really believe this dude is serious?

1/8/2019 12:18:41 AM


I think the two lines joined together when Henry VII married his wife so your point is moot.

1/8/2019 1:42:02 AM

Happy Atheist

The monarchy is nothing more than a tourist draw these days. They nominally have power on the condition they don't use it. If they tried, parliament would shut them down. So long as they are popular, they serve their purpose.

1/8/2019 3:11:39 AM


So, wait. A woman sits on the throne NOW, but she should be deposed because the other side was feminist first?

Wouldn't kicking a woman off of the throne be a blow AGAINST feminism? I mean, it would be one thing if she was incompetent to fulfill her many responsibilities to Great Britain, but to give her the sack because her ancestors were chauvinists?

That doesn't seem like social justice.

1/8/2019 5:51:57 AM

Doubting Thomas

Frankly I don't give two shits who's on the throne in England, and think they could save millions of pounds if they didn't have a monarchy any more.

1/8/2019 7:22:07 AM

Jacob Harrison


I think the two lines joined together when Henry VII married his wife so your point is moot.

But Richard III seized the throne in 1483 because evidence was found that Edward IV’s marriage with Elizabeth Woodville was invalid because Edward had a precontract with Eleanor Butler. That made Edward V and all of their children illegitimate including Elizabeth of York who married Henry VII.

That means that Richard III was England’s last true King and all the monarchs after his death in the Battle of Bosworth Fields are from an illegitimate line. The true Yorkist heir is the direct descendant of Richard III’s eldest sister Anne of York which is Filmer Courtenay William Honywood.

1/8/2019 6:01:17 PM

Not convinced I should help you. At all. A pointless endeavour for a throne that is a figurehead but not much else and no one now gives a shit. Course if word were to get out about this conspiracy many of us at FSTDT would be glad to watch Harrison get his.

1/8/2019 6:17:21 PM

Jacob Harrison

Well if you have English ancestry, you should help because you will do justice for our forefathers who ruled over our ancestors.

And this is another reason why you should help.


1/8/2019 6:33:07 PM

I have English, Irish and Scottish. I still don't care.

1/8/2019 6:36:40 PM

Jacob Harrison

I gave another reason why you should care.


1/8/2019 6:42:50 PM

In your thread there the Lancasters weren't on vacation. It was a war. God apparently either wanted or allowed the Yorkist side to win. I still don't care. The throne is pointless now and no one cares about this true heir bullsbit which you keep changing anyway

1/8/2019 6:47:17 PM

Why FSTDT users around the world should support Trump being impeached and arrested


1/8/2019 6:52:31 PM

Jacob Harrison

The vacation isn’t the main point of the analogy. What happened while you were on vacation in the hypothetical scenerio is the main point.

And you are getting confused. I am on the Yorkist side not the Lancasterians. The Lancasterians won the war and then Henry VII of the Lancasterian Side married Elizabeth of York side to secure his claim and supposedly merge the two lines though I explained why Elizabeth of York is illegitimate.

God did not interfere in the War of the Roses, but he definitely now wishes that the Yorkists won, because the Lancasterian victory allowed Henry VIII to become King and commit apostasy and have the English church break away from the Catholic Church.

1/8/2019 7:14:06 PM

Jacob Harrison

Another reason why you should support my cause is because it is justice to the English people. They have been scammed by having to pay taxes to support a monarchy that is descended from an illegitimate line. That is why they will be outraged when absolute proof of Edward IV’s precontract is found.

1/9/2019 8:38:37 AM


'Tis fun watching it impotently - and as proven by the last two posts - Attention Whore, thinking it has the right to tell others what to do, with the deluded notion that we are somehow forced to obey; that somehow everyone else must do as it orders us to.

After it's permab& from the Forums - and it's BS given the '[removed]' treatment from the Reddit sub - what's a poor little snowflake terrorism mentality 'You must do as I say: or else!'-based mentally handicapped Lolcow to do but be reduced to Attention Whoring to assuage it's psychologically clusterfucked impulses...?!

...until it gets the Mjolnir treatment again.

1/9/2019 9:01:32 AM

practical god

Sorry, but I am very busy restoring the true heir to the English throne in another universe at the moment. Wait your turn.

1/10/2019 3:14:06 PM

Dizzy Dream

Jacob, I really don't think you know that much about England. We've got the absolute car crash that is Brexit. Another car crash called the Conservative Government. Families going hungry due to stagnating wages, rising living costs, and another car crash called Universal Credit. A struggling BHS because the Tories keep cutting it's funding. Rising homelessness and an estimated 120K deaths linked to austerity.

With all this going on, the outcome of the War of the Roses is the last thing on everyone's mind. There is more to England than the monarchy.

1/11/2019 3:04:40 AM

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