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Being a women in 2019 be like...

I had this doubts for a while:

What if this is a plot to convince the men to become cucks? How did it all began? From the journalists who wrote articles like 'opening up my marriage helped the relationship' and such. Make it such a way that open marriage in 2019 is the norm and then you can see men giving in to this bullshit.

FinDom is the same. Think about it; it's not in the water, not the plastics in the food(which lowers sperm count); it's in the mass media we consume. Remove social media, stop reading mainstream news media, you would be doing your soul a favor.

account4gyow, r/Braincels 1 Comments [1/10/2019 10:06:13 AM]
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Zel Marchinko

Um, I see comments like that spammed on various pages. Most of them are bots. One even targeted a guy by the name of SHANNON, who was also married.

1/10/2019 1:24:21 PM

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