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The cure is to not be a faggot, to not use needles/drugs, and to not treat the women of ones own nation (people) as hoes. Keep it righteous. The only cure for America in nuclear fire.

Kephrem, Wu Tang Corp 54 Comments [1/2/2008 1:38:49 AM]
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Cure and prevention methods are not the same thing. You listed ways on how to PREVENT HIV you didn't say how to CURE it.

1/2/2008 1:42:24 AM

The Watcher

And he didn't even give good ones of THOSE.

By his logic, if I enter into a mutual, respectful relationship with a woman who has HIV, I can't get it from her. But if I treat her like a ho, suddenly I'll become infected.

1/2/2008 1:48:10 AM


Like they have a choice, tell that to an addict, what if they want to be treated as hoes or if they act lihe hoes anyway. And as long as you go first.

1/2/2008 2:02:20 AM



1/2/2008 2:08:28 AM


Nuclear fire?

1/2/2008 2:14:56 AM


No, not POE. I've argued with this guy before. He belongs to a cult that combines fundamentalist Christianity with strange UFO crap.

1/2/2008 2:21:40 AM


Actually, the only cure for America is reasoning and science.

1/2/2008 2:24:25 AM

Mister Spak

The cure is education. Unfortunately the fundies running the nation are opposed to that. It's against their religion.

1/2/2008 2:38:38 AM

Ben Franklin

Worked at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

1/2/2008 2:56:42 AM


are you going to be the first one to have this cure tested on? because it would be greeeaat if you would

1/2/2008 3:27:23 AM


Like the world needs more murder these days...

1/2/2008 3:54:04 AM


Does he imply that it's okay to treat the women of other countries as hoes?


1/2/2008 4:06:50 AM


Yeah, nuke 'em all 'n let god sort 'em out!


1/2/2008 5:17:57 AM


Nuke this bastard plese.

1/2/2008 5:33:18 AM

David D.G.

After reading that last sentence of his, I sincerely hope the FBI is keeping a close eye on this guy and his associates.

EDIT TO ADD: And has anyone else noticed that this guy's username is that of an Egyptian phraraoh? Strange choice for a fundie!

~David D.G.

1/2/2008 5:42:07 AM


Yay, Redneck RSTDT material in da thread!

1/2/2008 6:05:18 AM


Do not use needles? How do you plan for people to get vaccinations? Are we supposed to cut open arteries with knives now?

1/2/2008 7:52:12 AM

And what about the babies who caught the illness in Africa through their mothers?, or those who got a blood transfusion(even in the very few cases where the scanning fails)?, or caught it through a woman of another nation(are they less people or what)?. Or better, what if they got contaminated blood from the MONKEYS who are the real origin?

1/2/2008 9:29:50 AM

You don't understand the difference between prevention and cure. Make a test before spreading that nonsense. By the way, just a couple of data. AIDS is provoked by a virus called HIV. So, if a woman of another nation you treat like a whore spreads it to you, you got it, no matter how many woman of your nation you treat like princesses. If you got a transfusion from a person who has given blood during the window period, you get it, and IF YOU ARE ALREADY INFECTED, there is no way you can cure it. And by the way, lesbians have the lowest rate of infection, so the "faggot" prevention is not universal, as you see.

1/2/2008 9:34:32 AM


The only cure for America in nuclear fire.

Halt the spread of HIV by killing the entire population? Well, I suppose technically that would work...

1/2/2008 10:31:09 AM

Mr. V

...in the same way decapitation cures a headache.

1/2/2008 10:34:58 AM


You know, as offended as I should be reading this, I can't help but wonder how long it's going to take for natural selection to vote Kephrem out of the gene pool.

And I giggle.

Like a school girl.

1/2/2008 10:35:16 AM


I prefer to use my hoes in my garden, whilst chatting to the neighbours about the way my seed is coming along. They have hoes too and they use them regularly on the beds and in the furrows.

1/2/2008 10:59:09 AM


Wow. Just wow.

1/2/2008 12:12:46 PM


I guess you have no idea what AIDS is, how it's transmitted or who can get it. IOWs you are an idiot.

1/2/2008 1:18:11 PM

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