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[F/R/CSTDT hat trick from Bob]

Ms. Benazir Bhutto was the darling of western media and feminazi infiltration. Despite her personal ambitions and personal corruption she was a force for feminization of Islam just as Indira Gandhi had feminized the government of India and destroyed so many million families there.

Bob does not sympathize with the Islamic terrorists who attack NYC and other places, however it is obviously a boon to all men everywhere when a feminist scum is removed from the public sphere [Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by a suicide bomber]. A female does not belong in public office.

bobx, Bob's Truth 59 Comments [3/29/2008 7:00:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Princess Rot

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Die in a fire please.

3/29/2008 7:03:55 AM


Bob can go fuck himself with a dull kitchen knife.

3/29/2008 7:24:52 AM


Jacob likes to speak in third person also.

3/29/2008 7:40:00 AM



*misabuse of 'feminism'*
*misabuse of 'feminism'*

*unnecessary 3rd-person*
*incorrect generalization*
*unnecessary generalization / mis-extrapolation of authority*

*Kicks bob in the face, knocks him on his back, runs him through with electrified two short swords, and his head inexplicably explodes*


Jeez, Mortal Kombat is violent!

3/29/2008 7:47:59 AM


Excuse me, everyone. I just have to go get some gasoline and matches. It won't take but a minute.

3/29/2008 8:39:24 AM

Bob, you're the first and most evident personification of BIAS. They killed her because she was a political enemy, not just because she was a woman. A terrorist is a terrorist, and justifying one yes and the other no makes you an inmoral incongruent idiot.

3/29/2008 8:41:38 AM

Crazy Fundie

Bob, shut the fuck up, you idiot.

3/29/2008 9:19:26 AM


Such misogyny. Are you gay?

3/29/2008 9:48:23 AM


Ms. Benazhir Bhutto was the darling of Western Media because a muslim country elected a female prime minister before the US did, not on the basis of her gender but because she was a good politician... And she is a force of feminisation. She pointed out to a government that it is the platform on which someone runs rather than what they are that should count for the election.

Indira Gandhi... Seriously? You are attempting to take on the Gandhi family? Do you even realise how much fail you have acquired taking on a woman who not only improved the living conditions of people, put a major dent into dowry, caste and sexism in India, added 20 years onto life expectancy, increased the literacy rate from 50% to nearly 65%, fixed the economy, developed a nuclear weapon and saved a group of people from genocide while liberating a country (Bangladesh). She also is 10 feet tall and made of radiation. She does not save british children...

I don't think the feminisation of the Indian government was bad. It kind of worked out a lot better for us anyways. Oh... And we do have "radical feminists". Check out Phoolan Devi. Not only is her story similar to something from Mad Max but she committed a Valentine's Day Massacre where she shot a bunch of "fools". She is "hardcore". And she was a politician.

3/29/2008 10:03:09 AM


Fuck you, Bob.

3/29/2008 10:25:13 AM


I am sure Queen Elizabeth I and II, Queen Victoria, Catherine The Great etc etc would be very surprised to hear that.

Like most weak men, the idea of a strong woman scares you so much your dick probably inverts.

3/29/2008 10:30:38 AM

If women don't belong in public office, why doesn't it turn evident for all?. Why do people have to kill her, together with 30 other people(and turn her into a martyr, for that matter, with desastrous consequences for them), to prove their point?

3/29/2008 10:38:15 AM


Bob, Take your medication and get back into your box.

3/29/2008 11:14:39 AM


No, misogynistic scum don't belong in office. I hope a butch lesbian beats the shit out of you, asshole.

Whenever idiots like this are pressed to give reasons WHY women shouldn't be allowed to hold office, it always comes down to some ridiculous stereotypes and generalizations about women's personalities: "they're too emotional to handle the position", etc.

Really? ALLLLLLL of them? Why don't we use one's emotional stability as the criterion for holding office, and not gender, which, while correlated with it, isn't the sole deciding factor in one's emotionality? Why not kick out over-emotional men, but permit women who aren't deemed overly emotional?

That's what I don't get about these idiots - the rigid adherence to barring women on the basis of some - even the majority - sharing certain characteristics they deem unacceptable, even though there are many individual differences between women that would place them above and beyond men in the very dimensions they dislike women for being so purportedly low in.

3/29/2008 12:27:38 PM


Well I guess that makes you a downright bastard then.

3/29/2008 1:08:59 PM

cui bono

@Xotan Gay does not equal misogyny, the contrary is more often the case.

Gay people are in general the the opposite of a Fundie misogynists.

3/29/2008 1:14:31 PM


What about men like me who are feminists? If I show you my peen, can I run for governor?

3/29/2008 1:15:34 PM


Great, so Bob would rather have Islamic extremists running Pakistan. Wonderful, you realize Pakistan actually has nuclear weapons right?

3/29/2008 1:58:45 PM

This can't be for real.. Bob acts too much like a cartoon..

3/29/2008 2:14:06 PM


I'm guessing Bob always dreamt of being the little boy who gets to feel the Pope's testicles...just to check, you know. Just in case.

Ah, Elizabeth I....what a field day you'd've had with Little Bob here.

3/29/2008 2:20:45 PM


@ cui bono

Thanks for the comment, but actually, I am gay and I totally agree with what you say. At the point of writing, for some reason I got the idea Bob was gay... Can't think why. So the comment/question was with a sense of disbelief.

3/29/2008 2:48:43 PM



And people tell me we don't need feminism anymore. I laugh at them every time.

3/29/2008 2:53:26 PM


Here's a thought, Bob. Go fuck yourself. With a red hot iron poker. With spikes. Then travel back in time and abort yourself.

3/29/2008 3:14:48 PM

Well, Xotan is not that wrong. It's true that many straight and mysoginist men hate gays but it's because of their perceived notion that sex equals power. Having sex with another man as if they were "women" is considered a treason to their self-steem, that's why(together with the social stereotype that gay men are effeminate, which is patently false). And that is why, apparently, lesbian sex excites them, because it enables them to "feel" through a woman's experience without emasculating themselves.
However, it's totally true that some mysoginists are homosexual or asexual. In ancient Greek happened and it's one of the reasons why it was tolerated(it was a mysoginist society), as an alternative to regular sex, which had become problematic.
Bear in mind that they're so for a similar reason why some radical feminist opt for being Lesbians, it's the only way in which they can avoid having the ONLY limited, more or less equal, contact with women, and reduce them to a mere reproductive role(men concede more importance to pleasure)

3/29/2008 3:44:40 PM


Bob lives in a trailer park with a fat lady.

3/29/2008 4:02:10 PM

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