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Hating gay people is not bigotry just like hating plumbers is not bigotry.

Bigotry is hating someone for something they cannot choose or change.

Abydos, WoW Offtopic 21 Comments [10/31/2008 2:06:57 PM]
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I bet when they was typing this, they were thinking, "I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T...."

1/31/2009 2:18:30 AM

Hawker Hurricane

Why do you hate plumbers?

1/31/2009 2:30:23 AM


"Hating gay people is not bigotry just like hating plumbers is not bigotry."

Sorry but yes it is. A bigot is one who hates and discriminates based on religion. And what do you have against plumbers anyway?

"Bigotry is hating someone for something they cannot choose or change."

Exactly. Which is why hating gays IS bigotry because homosexuality is NOT a choice. Your two sentences are contradictory.

4/1/2009 11:22:37 AM


This makes me cry.

4/1/2009 11:39:16 AM

Table Rock

bigotry - The rigid intolerance of ideas or persons seen as different.

You lose.

4/1/2009 11:51:19 AM


And the irony meter explodes

4/1/2009 1:27:48 PM


Dude, seriously...you have met no one in your life that is obviously gay? If you think it is a choice could you choose to be gay?

If I hate you I guess I am a bigot because you can't help being a stupid douchebag.

4/1/2009 1:42:00 PM

So, he admits to hating plumbers. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see what happens next time his toilet blocks and starts spewing crap all over...hey! maybe that's what his post is: the result of a blocked drain, spewing shit.

4/1/2009 4:59:47 PM


How is it we have gone so many years with so little progress........?

I guess black people choose to be black and people with Down Syndrome choose to have that extra chromosome

(Fuck, three syllables, now the fundie is confused and no longer paying attention)

4/1/2009 10:47:13 PM


Ok wtf is going on? Is it just me or do my comments keep coming up in doubles? I've seen it happening to others too. What is the go?

4/1/2009 10:49:52 PM


No, you're wrong, that's bigotry, too

8/26/2009 3:49:12 PM


Dictionaries: They exist for a reason.

Unfortunately, Abydos apparently oblivious to this fact.

8/26/2009 4:50:32 PM


Once a plumber, damn near always a plumber, even if you'd rather not be, so that analogy works. Now the hating them for what they are is still bigotry, perhaps fairer then hating them for simply being of a race, but still bigotry

8/27/2009 1:33:11 PM


I thought hating plumbers was bigotry?

8/27/2009 3:14:23 PM

The Duelist

Shop Smart, shop S-Mart!

8/27/2010 4:16:54 PM


I don't hate plumbers. Only their bills. Expensive buggers, you know.

8/28/2010 12:36:35 AM


I've never understood the whole "they chose to be homosexual, so it's wrong" argument.

It doesn't matter if someone does choose to be gay, because there is nothing wrong with having gay sex.

8/28/2010 8:32:41 AM

Dr. Shrinker

If you hate plumbers, don't call one. They will find business elsewhere. If you hate gay people, don't associate with them. I am guessing that they won't miss you either.

However, if you presume to tell plumbers, or gay people, how to live, if you try to impose unreasonable limits on their lives just to make you feel righteous, if you openly fan the flames of hatred which threatens their lives, THEN there is a problem. And the problem is yours, no matter what you call it.

1/19/2011 3:01:24 PM


Choice or change has nothing to do with it. Hating religious people is also bigotry, and, as the existence of atheists show, you CAN change and choose your religion.

Prejudice is the key, dearie:
"Bigotry is the state of mind of someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust or hatred on the basis of a person's ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics."

7/27/2014 5:27:47 AM


Hating gays is indeed as irrational as hating plumbers.

7/27/2014 5:35:12 AM


You want to be punched in the balls, don't you?

7/27/2014 7:16:20 AM

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