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Some things can not be explained by science. Take for example, rainbows. Rainbows are a mystery and you can not touch them, just like god. Despite this fact, they are still there even though there is no scientific explanation for them. So next time you find yourself doubting your faith, think of god as a rainbow. I know that this can be a difficult concept for some of you to grasp. It is just like air you can't see it but you know its there

Dro, Yahoo Answers 260 Comments [3/2/2010 2:05:53 AM]
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rainbows are the result of sunlight diffracted through water droplets. try looking at sunlight thru a mist created by a mist sprayer on a sunny day

3/2/2010 2:10:41 AM


But rainbows are perfectly explained by science.

That's something they teach before high school

3/2/2010 2:12:47 AM


This post makes me want to harm myself and/or others.

3/2/2010 2:18:43 AM


Rainbows are quite easily explained, actually....

Rainbows It's even in Simple English, so even you can understand it, Dro.

3/2/2010 2:19:53 AM


Rainbows don't really exist, they are just optical effects from the diffraction of sunlight by droplets, akin to and no more real than mirages.

Now, think of God as a rainbow...

Hey ! It makes sense !

@Que : actually, I'm pretty sure they teach it in elementary school, and then again in middle school. Several times. And of course, when you really begin to study the mechanisms of light diffraction in high school.

3/2/2010 2:25:52 AM

Seriously? Are your parents brother and sister?
A simple search for rainbow on google can give you a shit load of articles on how they are made.

3/2/2010 2:41:12 AM

Just because you don't know the scientific explanation for something your parents didn't teach you in homeschool doesn't meant that no explanation exists.

3/2/2010 2:52:00 AM


LOL at rainbows not being explainable!!! Is this guy serious? Scary if so.

Hey, what do you think would happen if we tell him he can make a rainbow in his own back garden, with just a sunny day and a garden hose?? Would his head fall off?

3/2/2010 3:11:06 AM

Sweet Fancy Moses

Diffraction of sunlight? I don't understand that. Therefore, GODDIDIT!

3/2/2010 3:19:19 AM


This guy just embarassed himself by showing his lack of knowledge. Kid, this is elementary school stuff. You should know better than this.

3/2/2010 3:25:35 AM


I can see rainbows by spraying water on a sunny day. I can feel air by waving my arms around. I can detect gravity by dropping things. I could go on, but what I'm saying is, just because you can't see/hear/touch things, doesn't mean you can't indirectly determine their existence.

Yet with God, I can't even do that. Now why would that be you think?

3/2/2010 3:34:25 AM

Some things surely cannot be explained by science, such as how people this dumb have managed to navigate the searing complexity of teh intertubes. Or the precise workings of YA's Idiot Magnet.

3/2/2010 3:46:34 AM


Wait a minute: you mean god is gay? Why else would you want me to think of him as a rainbow...

3/2/2010 3:55:00 AM


Hmm... "think of god as a rainbow"
Looks at Wikipedia:
"Rainbows are also recognizable symbols of gay pride.'
God is a symbol of gay pride?

EDIT: Beaten by Mudak

3/2/2010 3:59:03 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

Rainbows mean god is having gay sex!

3/2/2010 4:10:33 AM


Refraction may have been known to Arabic scholars as early as the year 984, but certainly by 1600 the first Western scientist described the principle. You, sir, are 400-odd years behind the times.

3/2/2010 4:16:31 AM


poe? any takers?

3/2/2010 4:21:31 AM


@daMage : really, I don't think so. It really feels like authentic stupidity and ignorance.

3/2/2010 4:25:16 AM


How could that site be called Yahoo Answers when so many of the people there are so stupid?

3/2/2010 4:28:44 AM

Tolpuddle Martyr

Pictured, science - and rainbows!

3/2/2010 4:32:54 AM


Poe. The phrasing is way too literate for the author to be that stupid otherwise.

3/2/2010 4:43:20 AM


@MDB : Really ? I'm under the impression that despite their absolute ineptitude in reality-based domains, most fundies are quite literate.

3/2/2010 5:01:23 AM

Sandwich Board

Someone please give me reassurance. Tell me that this is just a very young and/or poorly educated child; and certainly not someone who actually gets to vote in national elections.

3/2/2010 5:09:44 AM

The L

The scientific reason for rainbows has been known for centuries:

Light passes through raindrops, which act as a prism and refract the light outwards to form pretty colors.

Rainbows aren't a mystery, just a pretty optical illusion caused by the bending of light. Most of us learn this in fourth grade.

3/2/2010 5:14:49 AM

Dr. Razark

I'd suggest you go to the library, and read some books on science. Find an adult who understands these things, and ask questions. Pay attention to your teachers. Learning is fun!

On the other hand, if you're older than seven, please eat a bullet, dumbass.

3/2/2010 5:26:57 AM

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