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Did you know homosexuals are actually a retarded people? They now hide behind atheism of science only to attack church as no such thing as no god in this universe ONLY stubborn dumb animals known as atheist homosexuals desiring to seek the shit of another mans ass- truly a retarded people in need of shock therapy. Congressional legislation soon to label all homo people as RETARDS so mankind understand the root cause of atheism and move on

AGAIN=atheists are nothing more than disgruntled homosexuals- if by small chance you are a heterosexual atheist this is simply because you were brainwashed by the homosexuals as all humans are a simple gullible monkey creature without knowledge of our infinite souls and guidance by god….Homosexuals are nothing more than abused children which made by god TO MIRROR the disgust in so called normal civilized behavior of sex lusting monkey people of the earth- everyone repent

The fascinating aspect of the atheists homosexual is theirscientific rational to glorify and colorfy the world of shit. Atheism is world of shit in which your head is up your ass. Homosexuality akin to pagan sex monkey people. both realms are retarded as many retarded people Yet the atheists homosexual may operate with humanity such as congress hair salons and such- families love retards during good times as Pets, bad times kill everything with retard merely in the way and focus of scapegoat policy by simple monkey people of weak faith behavior caused by very retarded shit lined rainbow coalition of shit-the atheists and homosexuals- one in the same made by god to mirror the disgusting pagan weak of faith community at large.repent

Energycrisis13, TOS100.COM 171 Comments [8/14/2010 4:02:44 AM]
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Submitted By: TB Tabby

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Again with the faeces.
Obsessed much?

8/14/2010 4:11:17 AM

Anna Ghislaine


8/14/2010 4:26:53 AM


I have a friend who writes like that when she's stone. She facepalmed hard reading her blog sober. Calling capitalism "dead potatoes" will forever be a classic. This guy should keep it up, sooner or later he'll create such a gem that will make his friends smile for the coming years.

8/14/2010 4:30:23 AM



Logical thought. You are not good at it.

8/14/2010 4:41:14 AM

Arnold Facepalmer

As "Gomer Pyle" from Full Metal Jacket would say " I AM - in a WORLD - of SHIT".

8/14/2010 4:47:27 AM


Wow, I honestly can't come up with anything witty to say to this garbage. You sir, are a COMPLETE fucking moron.

Also, colorfy?? What is this, kindergarten?

8/14/2010 4:59:51 AM


What is this I don't even

8/14/2010 5:09:59 AM


"Did you know homosexuals are actually a retarded people?"

I didn't really go beyond that.

You wouldn't know, Energychristspiss, but, as a gay man, despite all the barriers and hindrances placed in my way by the straight world, I rose to the top: even in school I came among the top three achievers in every year without exception. By the time I was 18 I already read, wrote and spoke fluently four languages, and now, as a retired man, I read write and speak nine, and can get by in about another three. I reached the very top of my profession and achieved all the way, ending up as head of the organisation. I did this honestly, and I dealt with business colleages and partners and rivals in a fair and evenhanded way. I didn't need a god, a saviour, or an irrational fear of some mythological lake of fire to make me behave like that. It is just my way. So let me know if your achievements come anywhere near mine. If not, I don't in the least feel compelled to show my usual forebearance and respect towards you and the self-satisfied religious smugness such as you exhibit. For I am proof that you are talking utter bullshite. Now crawl back into your hole and STFU.

8/14/2010 5:15:19 AM


Okay. First, I have a close relative with Down's Syndrome, and a friend of mine has a three-year-old daughter also with Down's. My sister teaches people you so lovingly call retards. So I speak from personal experience when I say that they exhibit more kindness and humanity than you do.

Second, I'm a straight atheist and, with no disrespect intended to my gay brethren and sistern, I have never felt an attraction towards another man. And I'm fine with both that and the fact that others don't swing the same way as I do.

Finally, I have had some interesting conversations with my more religious gay friends, asking why they continue to go to a church that considers them to be an abomination. While I don't have the time to summarize those conversations here, the fact that they do is a direct rebuttal to your confiation of homosexuality with atheism.

8/14/2010 5:19:09 AM

Zeus Almighty

What the??

8/14/2010 5:30:13 AM


You know, sometimes I wish I could write like this. It's not a logical flow of words but it doesn't seem to be completely random either, there's certainly a form of intent behind it. It's beautiful to behold, even though its content is just a gold-covered turd in essence.

8/14/2010 5:46:11 AM

Huckster Sam

This is a fundie-bot, right? A program designed to make posts forums and websites by culling from other fundie posts around the internet? It has to be.

8/14/2010 5:58:44 AM

Mihangel apYrs

I recognise all the words as being English, but I don't understand what they mean in this arrangement

8/14/2010 6:07:23 AM

The Jamo

Right. Now shut the fuck up and try again in a few years when you learn how to think and write properly.

8/14/2010 6:17:13 AM

Evil Monkey

Sounds like another acid flashback to me.

8/14/2010 6:23:39 AM

This makes about as much sense as Time Cube.

8/14/2010 6:41:42 AM

Feel the Christian love and understanding.

8/14/2010 6:54:00 AM


8/14/2010 6:57:36 AM


Those are some really long sentences.

8/14/2010 7:02:39 AM

Allegory for Jesus


8/14/2010 7:05:35 AM


"Did you know homosexuals are actually a retarded people?"

Alan Turing, the father of modern computing (and a great contributor to the success of the Allied war effort in WWII; thus the world we live in today):

His research and innovations born of his genius are the reason why you have a computer to spew your word salad, Energycrisis13.

Alan Turing was Gay.

"atheists are nothing more than disgruntled homosexuals"

Hmmm, I must discuss this with my girlfriend, the next time she and I have sex.

I'm an Atheist. And male.

I love the smell of destroyed arguments in the morning. Smells like... victory.

8/14/2010 7:12:03 AM

D Laurier.

What the fuck?

8/14/2010 7:19:10 AM

Pule Thamex

Probably, Energycrisis13 is considered to be an intellectual giant in fundieland, a philosopher of incisive wit and telling insight. Of course, to anyone else he is just another raging moron who thinks he knows better than everyone else but who actually has only the merest of toe holds in reality.

8/14/2010 7:23:52 AM


I want to understand what in the world was said, so I can refute the false claims, but it seems that the only thing I can get from this is that the poster is calling gays retarded.

As a intelligent, homosexual male, I can most definitely say I am not retarded. I can, however, say that Energycrisis13 is apparently either a person who's brainwashing by their church went a little funny at some point, a actual mentally challenged person (in which case I hope that their aid finds out that they have been posting such hateful stuff), or a fundie-bot.

Besides the fascination with feces, I managed to pull that they think that gays were made by god (-the atheists and homosexuals- one in the same made by god.)

Which is a big admittance for anybody of fundiness.

8/14/2010 7:25:54 AM


You can effectively read the mouth-frothing.

8/14/2010 7:33:22 AM

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