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You don't get it, do you?

We're not Homo sapiens -- we're real men.

AV1611VET, Christian Forums 129 Comments [11/3/2010 5:09:52 AM]
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christian leftie

[not dignifying this statement with an actual response]

11/3/2010 5:18:00 AM


If staggeringly wilful idocy is a requirement for being a 'real man', then yes, I suppose you are one.

11/3/2010 5:36:12 AM

Doubting Thomas

Are we not men?
We are Devo.

11/3/2010 5:37:00 AM


No, you don't get it, in a big way.

11/3/2010 5:46:04 AM

The Lazy One

Yeah, I'm not a real man, I'm a female android. What are you?

You, on the other hand, are more along the lines of Homo neanderthalensis.

Edit: Thanks, Brandon Rizzo, for the correction. :)

11/3/2010 5:46:45 AM


I don't think AV1611VET understands what "Homo" means in this context. But then again, AV1611VET doesn't really understand anything.

BTW - Doubting Thomas ftw!

11/3/2010 5:49:02 AM

Mr. Creazil

If memory serves, we're Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no biologist, but AV might have accidentally said something technically correct.

11/3/2010 5:49:06 AM


Reminds me of an hilarious joke I've heard some time ago:

A fundie father berates his atheist son, who just tried to defend evolution:

"Yeah, YOU descend from monkeys, but I DON'T !"

11/3/2010 5:51:14 AM

Mister Spak

"We're not Homo sapiens -- we're real men."

Some of us are real stupid.

11/3/2010 6:04:53 AM


Uhh, "real men" are by definition Homo sapiens.

What do you think "Homo sapiens" are? Gay people?

11/3/2010 6:11:18 AM



11/3/2010 6:13:33 AM


Makes me wonder what this guy thinks of homogenized milk.

11/3/2010 6:19:23 AM


He asked us: "Be you angels?"
and we said: "Nay, we are but men!"

11/3/2010 6:39:55 AM


Someone ought to tell him his epidermis is showing...

11/3/2010 6:39:55 AM

practical god


Oh, AV, how I missed you and your pithy lunacy.

11/3/2010 6:53:51 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Because real men don't know the scientific name of their species... haha, no.

@ The Lazy One:
Actually, the Neanderthals' species was called Homo neanderthalensis, but that is a really minor point here.

@ Creazil:
Homo sapiens sapiens are a subspecies of Homo sapiens, and the subspecies name is generally omitted. So no, AV1611VET did not say anything that was correct, technically or not.

11/3/2010 6:56:38 AM


"Are we not men?"
A line from a movie, The Island of Lost Souls, based on an H.G. Wells novel, the Island of Doctor Moreau. The villain Moreau performs experiments on animals, trying to turn them into humans. Wells' book is almost like a prophecy of Mengele's experiments on prisoners. I say 'almost,' because I suspect a lot of sadistic crap like this actually went on during the 19th century.

11/3/2010 6:56:57 AM

"No! I must fight the Homo Sapiens!"

The radio said, "No, AV1611VET, you are the Homo Sapiens"

And then AV1611VET was a real men.

11/3/2010 6:56:58 AM


I think you need another visit to the Blue Fairy. Your head still appears to be made of wood.

Best I could do since Doubting Thomas beat me to my first response.

11/3/2010 7:13:40 AM


I do get your point. I actually admire the turn of phrase you employed to express it. But your anti-evolutionism is still wrong.

11/3/2010 7:29:46 AM



11/3/2010 7:34:54 AM


No, no, your delivery is all wrong. The joke is "Homo sapiens? No, I like the ladies."

11/3/2010 7:37:53 AM


I concur, you are not thinking/knowing men, you are pre-troglodytes.

@ EMT420
"Someone ought to tell him his epidermis is showing..."

That's a good one!

11/3/2010 7:53:04 AM


"You don't get it, do you?

We're not Homo sapiens -- we're real men."

I'm a real man who acknowledges I'm Homo Sapiens. Because that's the name of our species.

Just like my girlfriend is Homo Sapiens. And I get it. Unlike you, presumably.


11/3/2010 8:02:18 AM


Well, i always suspected that you were a missing link. Now that you admit it, i would like to know one thing. Are you pre or post ice age?

11/3/2010 8:08:22 AM

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