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Anyone else think Super Sport had a kid?

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Gravity is a theory, not a proven fact.

The effects of gravity can be explained by other theories. An example would be the acceleration theory which asserts the earth is actually moving 'upward' at a constant rate of 1g (9.8m/sec^2). This produces the same effect as "gravity".

See there are different theories for the same phenomena - and none are facts, they are just theories.

Cassiterides, Evolution Fairytale Forum 246 Comments [11/17/2010 4:55:38 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

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Later in the thread:

"Right, and the shape of the earth is just entirely theoretical as well. I believe the earth is spherical (like most) however i can't prove this. The shape of the earth is therefore just another scientific theory which can't be proven."


11/17/2010 5:07:52 AM

Percy Q. Shunn




I think the entire human race just got dumbed-down by 20% with this one.

11/17/2010 5:09:04 AM


How... What... I don't even...

11/17/2010 5:09:49 AM


Maybe this guy should jump off a building. Either way humanity will be better off for it.

11/17/2010 5:18:10 AM

This would only work if the Earth is constantly moving "upward" at every single point where something is being affected by gravity. Which could only be satisfied by the Earth expanding. Which it isn't. And we know it's not, because everything isn't getting further away at an alarming rate.

There may well be different hypothetical explanations for different phenomena but in many cases, like gravity and evolution, none of the other ones are even approaching being right. And you'd realise that if you thought about it for 2 seconds. What is wrong with you people?

11/17/2010 5:20:01 AM


That's so fail.

11/17/2010 5:20:42 AM


Even if you believe that the earth is flat and can move up, 9.8m/s^2 isn't a rate of velocity, it's a rate of acceleration.

Then again, this was posted by the same guy who believes that eye lasers definitively prove YEC, so logic really doesn't faze him.

11/17/2010 5:41:12 AM


Ironically, it was exactly the same idea (gravity and acceleration are indistinguishable) what made Albert Einstein to develop the theory of General Relativity, where Gravity is very elegantly described as an acceleration effect in curved time-space.

But I strongly doubt that this fundie has Einsteinian qualities.

11/17/2010 5:42:16 AM

Tides. Fuck off.

11/17/2010 5:56:20 AM


Sir Isaac is revolving in his grave.

Gah! Why?

11/17/2010 6:03:52 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Are there really people this stupid?

11/17/2010 6:06:32 AM


Oh wow.... constant acceleration at 1g... flat earth huh?

11/17/2010 6:14:33 AM

David B.

"An example would be the acceleration theory which asserts the earth is actually moving 'upward' at a constant rate of 1g (9.8m/sec^2). This produces the same effect as "gravity"."

No it doesn't. Gravity falls off with the square of the distance from the centre of mass, hence gravity gets less the higher you go. Acceleration doesn't, the top of a mountain accelerates at the same rate as the bottom, otherwise it would very soon not be a mountain any more.

So if we could perhaps measure gravity at different altitudes, we could distinguish empirically between an attractive force caused by mass and an inertial one caused by acceleration.

This has been done, guess what the result was.

11/17/2010 6:24:38 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is the same guy who claims that we see things from light passing out of our eyes to illuminate what we see. He seems to think that any hypothesis as to how the universe works is just as good as any other.

11/17/2010 6:26:10 AM


You are (choose one):

1. A bullshit artist trolling for morons.
2. Dumber than a box of rocks.
3. Under the age of 12.

If 1: DIAF.

If 2: I've seen dog's breakfasts with more intelligence.

If 3: Does your mommy know that home schooling is teaching you to make a fool of yourself?

11/17/2010 6:34:44 AM

Gravity is a theory, not a proven fact.

Please test your claim from the top of a very tall building.

BTW, from his user profile, Cassiterides is a 20-year-old YEC who has been banned from these discussion boards. I would imagine because his gross stupidity makes the rest of the Christians there look equally as foolish.

11/17/2010 6:35:54 AM

Brendan Rizzo

What, what? Oh wait, this is coming from the same person who thinks that the Mikuru Beam is theoretically possible.

What about airplanes? If the earth is constantly moving upward, then how can they stay airborne?

11/17/2010 6:39:57 AM


You DO realize that in space EVERY direction is up right?

11/17/2010 7:18:36 AM


F'ing satellites, how do they work?

11/17/2010 7:19:43 AM


Eh, I kind of see what he's trying to say, and he's sort of right - though he's screwing up the semantics.

"Things fall" is a fact. We define gravity as "the force which makes things fall," so in that sense, "gravity" is a fact. Newton's Theory of Universal Gravitation (F=G*m1*m2/r^2) and General Relativity are both theories to explain the mechanics of gravity. (And very useful ones, I might add.)

If the earth were flat and accelerating upwards, that would cause things to "fall," but that hypothesis has been disproved, and I wouldn't say it really rises to the level of "theory."

It seems like he's actually close to getting the relationship between "Theory" and "Fact" correct, but he's stuck in that creationist mindset where the word "Theory" is somehow a weakness - and if I remember correctly this is the same chucklehead who thinks the sun is 30km wide and the earth is the center of the universe, so it doesn't seem like he's going to get it right any time soon. Still, this statement by itself isn't *that* bad.

11/17/2010 7:24:20 AM


Blasphemer! You know it is really because God uses special velcro to hold things to the earth.

11/17/2010 7:28:37 AM


Can anyone here calculate the current speed of the Earth (in its upwards direction) if it's been accelerating constantly @ 9.8m/s^2 for the last 4.5Bn years??? I would love to know!!!

For the sake of argument, let's say it started from 0m/s too...

11/17/2010 7:34:53 AM


Ahh, the well known but tragically underrepresented Continuously Exploding Earth Theory. Teach the controversy, kids!

11/17/2010 7:42:35 AM


@Brendan Rizzo: What, does this guy worship Haruhi or something?

11/17/2010 7:46:37 AM


Regardless of which crackpot gravity replacement theory you subscribe to - things still fall down, not up. And regardless of which evolutionary theory you subscribe to things still evolve.
The facts are the facts. The theory is just to try to explain the facts.

11/17/2010 7:50:15 AM

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