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Sergeant Rebekah Havrilla alleges in the complaint that in 2006, after her military supervisor repeatedly sexually harassed her, she was raped by a colleague she was working with at the time.

"He pulled her into his bed, held her down, and raped her. He also photographed the rape," it reads. Havrilla reported the incident within a month.

In February 2009, she reported for active duty training and, upon seeing her rapist, went into shock.

"She immediately sought the assistance of the military chaplain," the lawsuit reads. "When SGT Havrilla met with the military chaplain, he told her that 'it must have been God's will for her to be raped' and recommended that she attend church more frequently."

Unnamed military chaplain, The Raw Story 125 Comments [3/9/2011 8:53:03 AM]
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With all that we know about yahweh's mysterious ways, that could well be the case.
Great counseling...keep coming back, you're in the right place to seek help!

3/9/2011 9:12:00 AM


Just goes to show what utterly insensitive bastards some of these 'men of God' really are.

I went to a funeral the other week. The priest hardly mentioned the person who had died, just basically told the mourners how they were all sinners and what a terrible tragedy it was that the Church no longer had much influence over a secular society.

I mean, what the fuck? We're here for a fucking funeral! If we want to be preached at, we'll come back on Sunday.

Not saying that is the same case, but just another example of how some of these people are so wrapped up in themselves, they barely give a thought to actual people and how they feel....

3/9/2011 9:14:10 AM

Zeus Almighty

So if someone rapes this "man of gawd" with a cactus, repeatedly, that also must be the will of the invisible douchebag in the sky?

3/9/2011 9:15:22 AM


Remember kids; go to church or God will get you raped.

So, is the feel of gawdly lurve in the pit of your stomach supposed to feel like it's about to turn inside out?

3/9/2011 9:16:12 AM

Greater Good

<insert wtf is this shit image here>

3/9/2011 9:16:28 AM


When SGT Havrilla met with the military chaplain, he told her that 'it must have been God's will for her to be raped'

This piece of shit chaplin is a disgrace to the uniform, the country, his religion, and all of humanity. If that is his council to a fellow soldier in the face of life shattering trauma then he has no place, or business counciling anyone least of all a rape victim.

and recommended that she attend church more frequently

I'm sorry, but if it's "god's will" that this girl was raped, then how could anyone in good conscience recommend that she attend a service designed to worship the sadistic bastard that you believe "arranged" this girl's rape for it's own sadistic purposes?

3/9/2011 9:26:49 AM

@Zeus Almighty. Cactus rape seconded

3/9/2011 9:30:35 AM

Iczer-Four (Forgot to put my name in)

your god is an ass..

3/9/2011 9:41:51 AM

Felis >:3

And they [i.e. The Daily Mail] say that the BRITISH courts are soft on criminals because they happen to belong to a religious minority.

It fucking makes you sick, doesn't it?


Why the fuck didn't she immediately report it to the police?

3/9/2011 9:45:50 AM


"Yes, Sergeant, God wanted you to come to church more often, so He inspired a man to hold you down and shove his penis into you against your will. Because He loves you."

Die in a tire fire, you utter bag of cock.

3/9/2011 9:46:59 AM


Unless you are raped IN a church...Best be careful around catholic priests.

3/9/2011 9:47:34 AM

Argle Bargle

I'm speechless. There are no words for this kind of evil.

3/9/2011 9:54:14 AM


Urge to kill... rising...

3/9/2011 9:58:32 AM


That's a quick and easy way to estrange people from your religion. Please continue being an asshole. It can be very enlightening.

3/9/2011 10:15:20 AM

Brendan Rizzo

Go find a fire. Please die in it.

3/9/2011 10:17:44 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Christianity brings such comfort, doesn't it?

3/9/2011 10:20:58 AM


Does the chaplain say to people in mourning "it must have been God's will for you to become a widower, just attend church more frequently and everything will be fine"?

3/9/2011 10:23:53 AM


it must have been God's will for her to be raped

Yeah, that sounds like the Christian version of God, alright! Heck, He gets two victims at once: her being raped, plus He gets to send the rapist to hell for fornication.

3/9/2011 10:24:37 AM


This is a fire. Please go and die in it.

3/9/2011 10:57:08 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

Words fail me...

3/9/2011 11:01:44 AM


Good thing he's unnamed. Good for him. Bad for my fists, but good for him.

3/9/2011 11:02:20 AM


"Priests", "chaplains", "men of gawd" are synonyms for "utter useless bastards". Years ago, a holy dumbass of a priest threatened my dying grandma with hellfire (I was furious, but I had to keep quiet).

3/9/2011 11:03:39 AM

As much in bad taste as this may be to some, why don't we have more friendly fire accidents for people like this(the person who did it, and the chaplain)?

3/9/2011 11:12:38 AM

Mister Spak

so if one of those oversexed drug-crazed AIDS infected homos raped you it was because you weren't in church enough?

3/9/2011 11:16:52 AM


I'm sorry but I don't believe that any human being would say that to a woman. I call this bullshit.

3/9/2011 11:18:37 AM

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