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If you’re an Atheist, your life might be worthless. Indeed you will be going to Hell. I honestly don’t fucking care anymore. Neither does Jesus. We’re both the same. I’m on his lifeboat. You’re on the Titanic!

When I’m on the decks of Heaven sipping a cocktail I will not even pour a drop of Martini down to cool your tongue because I know you’d just spit it back into an unborn baby’s eye.

Don Kroner, antiatheism.info 137 Comments [9/2/2011 4:28:18 PM]
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Submitted By: Karana

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The Watcher

Good. Then we're all in agreement. You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone.

9/2/2011 4:32:40 PM


Feel that Christian love!

9/2/2011 4:33:41 PM

D Laurier

"If you’re an Atheist, your life might be worthless."
Or it might not be.
If you are an atheist, your life might be fullfilling and worthwhile.

"Indeed you will be going to Hell."
And you will be going to Gondor.
Seriously Don, I have no plans to go to any imaginary places.

The rest of your hate filled, revenge fantasy is just a failure's wank fest.

9/2/2011 4:36:29 PM


"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones." - Marcus Aurelius

9/2/2011 4:52:42 PM


Tell me a good reason why to not rearrange the shape of your skull, you insufferable petite-bourgeoisie.

9/2/2011 4:56:26 PM


Darn right! God's gonna fry your butt unless you tell Him telepathically that you believe in His existence and follow His rules as set down in some Bronze Age book.

Of course He could prove His existence instantly if He wanted to ... I mean, no one questions the existence of Gwyneth Paltrow or the Washington Monument ... but for some obscure reason, He wants us to be stupid and accept His existence without actually using our brains. If you pass the stupid test, He sends you to heaven. Otherwise, you go to hell.

9/2/2011 4:57:54 PM


When I’m on the decks of Heaven sipping a cocktail I will not even pour a drop of Martini down to cool your tongue because I know you’d just spit it back into an unborn baby’s eye.

I thought you guys liked unborn babies! Besides, I'm very confused – they allow alcohol in heaven?

9/2/2011 4:59:45 PM


I hate Martinis

9/2/2011 5:01:51 PM


I honestly don’t fucking care anymore. Neither does Jesus.

Neither does Jesus?

Is that the same Jesus who, according to your cute little story, let himself be crucified for the sins of the world? The lamb? The one who forgave the people who spited him even while he was hanging on the cross? That Jesus?

Ok, I can see that an almighty, eternal God for whom time has no meaning and who knows and sees all can get fed up after, say, 2000 years and stop caring about the people he died on the cross for.

That makes sense.

Have a nice life of hate, Brother Don. I'll just keep on going without Jesus. I don't think he'll care.

9/2/2011 5:04:47 PM



they allow alcohol in heaven?

Sure! That's Jesus' job. He changes the rain water into wine.


9/2/2011 5:08:23 PM

read the whole thing

I'm an atheist and think Don Kroner and all other fundamentalists are jackasses. It sort of bothers me though that this quote was in response to an atheist who, according to Kroner, wrote to his website talking about how unborn babies are "wortheless" and then stating his belief that "retards and old people" are also worthless but have value because, according to the atheist, "people stil care about them FOR SOME REASON"- Capitalization added.

Now, I don't like Kroner but don't you think that his vitriol against athiests in this quote might have something to do with the asshole athiest who he's responding to that is honestly arguing that old people and the retarded are "worthless" and their only value is related to not old and not retarded people who care about them? Isn't that atheists argument far more offensive and far more worthy of being on this site than Kroner's response?

9/2/2011 5:12:15 PM


Look, Religion was something people invented to cling to since they couldn't understand their world, so they created the idea of a perfect being to give themselves answers. Some people like you are just clinging to hard. I usually don't look down on religous people, only people who hate everyone else.

9/2/2011 5:15:27 PM


He's got one of the dumbest sites ever. Don't feed this troll by commenting at his site.

9/2/2011 5:15:45 PM


Damn, talk about self absorption.

9/2/2011 5:20:24 PM


@read the whole thing

an atheist who, according to Kroner, wrote to his website

Before commenting, I'd like to see the original quote, the exact wording as entered on the website by the visitor, not Kroner's paraphrasing.

Please excuse me if I appear to mistrust Brother Kroner, but as absurd as it may sound, fundamentalists have been known to misinterpret and lie for Jesus.

9/2/2011 5:22:47 PM


People create god in their own image award.

9/2/2011 5:23:30 PM


Leave it to a self-absorbed, self-righteous stain on humanity such as this Kroner "person" to have an image of one of the most morally bankrupt, violent "people" on the planet on his blog's logo.

9/2/2011 5:24:01 PM

read the whole thing

@Checkmate: I completely agree. That's why I included the "according to Kroner" bit. I probably should have made it more obvious that I think Kroner is an unreliable narrator. I've been looking over his site, though, and there are legitimately offensive, vitriolic comments left in the comment section of his blog. Kroner uses Nazi symbolism to attack athiests so in no way am I pro-Kroner.

However, the atheists on that site not only mock KRONER but insult all Christians simply because they are Christian, not for any specific reason. I've been really irritated with FSTDTs tendency to hate on Christian fundamentalism much more often than Atheist hatred for Christians that is frequently just as offensive.

I also have a problem with FSTDTs tendency to attack conservative beliefs that don't actually have anything to do with religious fundamentalism. Sorry if I've gotten all serious, it's just a pet peeve of mine.

9/2/2011 5:33:32 PM

Raised by Horses


Sounds to me like they're both assholes. Probably best not to get caught up in their pointless pissing contest.

9/2/2011 5:40:58 PM


If you don't f***ing care about redeeming the lost, then you are not a follower of Christ, who commissioned his followers to make disciples of all nations. You certainly do not speak for Jesus, who said that he came not to call the righteous, but sinners.

If, on the other hand, you are saying that you are no longer going to spend your time harassing atheists on the assumption that you can irritate them into agreeing with you if you're persistent enough, I think we can all breath a sigh of relief.

@read the whole thing

Sounds like they could probably both afford to be on here. If you haven't already, you could submit the offending quotes from the atheist he's responding to.

9/2/2011 5:41:01 PM


counting your chickens there, Don?

9/2/2011 5:43:10 PM

read the whole thing

After further reading, I call POE. Listen to this quote: "I have seen the living God standing naked above my bed on many nights...I was almost blinded by his righteous sack of magic."


9/2/2011 5:45:32 PM


What an arrogant little cunt!

9/2/2011 6:17:07 PM

Why wait? Get off the sinking ship NOW!

We might actually save the ship if all of you excess baggage just jumped into your lifeboats and cast off.

9/2/2011 6:21:31 PM


I call POE. I mean come ON. Look at the site.

'There is true peace and false peace. You can only find true peace through God my friend. You can find false peace by dressing yourself up as a lady and running around with your dad punching horses in farms. What will it be? God? Or punching horses?'

There's no freakin' WAY this is serious.
(Or the guy is nuts, but that's equally not serious.)

9/2/2011 6:52:22 PM

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