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Sure we grow older, but if you are a Christian and let your young go trick or treat are you not letting them do what is forbidden by God's word, i.e. take part in earth's non-sense believes? When they realize what they actually did, how much credibility will you have in respect to your faith? The Bible, your are supposed to teach with, becomes nil and void, thus your faith. And for what, free candi?

Btw you won't see a Jew or a Muslim trick or treat.

Hank, Christian Forums 6 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Let time take us forward

I'd sell my soul for free "candi".
And many Muslims and Jews trick or treat. Where did they get that idea?

8/17/2009 8:12:22 PM

Dr. Gus

If you're a christian, you are already following one of Earth's non-sense-belieFs, so what difference does it really make?

8/17/2009 9:50:45 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"you won't see a Jew or a Muslim trick or treat"


8/17/2009 9:52:55 PM


Uh...I have known Jews and Muslims. And yes, they do let their kids go trick-or-treating.

Besides, celebrating Halloween is more about fun than about "non-sense believes."

And "candi"?

Spell-check is your friend.

8/17/2009 9:59:48 PM

dr y

Muslims trick or treat like nuts, from my personal experience. I don't keep tabs on the Jews, because they're not a threat to Murka, so I wouldn't know.

11/18/2009 8:55:03 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Btw you won't see a Jew or a Muslim trick or treat.

They're in costume. How would I know?

11/19/2009 7:19:06 AM

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