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The shitlib demand for Whites Doing Bad Things greatly exceeds the supply.

The shitlib demand for Vibrancy Doing Good Things greatly exceeds the supply.

At the intersection of these market realities, shitlib mendacity crashes into shitlib insanity.

I came to this formulation about how the Virtue Sniveling Market governs shitlib behavior after reading Moses’ comment on the “Shitlib Ego” post:

" CH: “The lesson: never give the Left an inch. They’ll take a parsec. Confederate statues today, books authored by White men tomorrow, until it finally reaches end game: second class status for all Whites outside of a few Acela elites who sufficiently grovel at the altar of anti-Whitism.”

This can not be emphasized enough.

No matter what shitlibs do, it will NEVER be enough for them. Their whole belief system is built on lies. They MUST HAVE an oppressive enemy to keep their believe system from crashing down.

Today it’s confederate statues. Tomorrow it’s removal of any Great White Man from any place of honor in our society — Jefferson and Washington removed from currency (gasp, slave holders!), schools renamed, shaming of White children, it goes on and on.

Demand for “evil whitey” far outstrips supply. So they manufacture more. Like a fire, it simply will not stop and will grow until the fuel is exhausted.

I’m running out of hope.

They absolutely cannot be reasoned with. It leaves violence, and violence only, as the unavoidable end-game. It will be violence from based White Men or violence from Islamics, but violence all the same."

The major limitation of the Virtue Sniveling Market, at least from the perspective of shitlibs who love to never practice what they preach, is that the kind of virtue shitlibs want — Vibrant Virtue — is scarce, while the kind of vice that shitlibs want to snivel against — White Vice — is as scarce as virtue is among Vibrants.

So, as Moses correctly states, shitlibs will manufacture Evil Whitey lies from whole cloth, while simultaneously excusing the worst predations of nonWhites as the consequence of conveniently hidden Evil Whitey forces. Since lies are the coin of the shitlib realm, there is simply no internal brake on their agenda, no end to their game that doesn’t feature war by whatever means and either the eventual subjugation and destruction of White Civ or the total and complete ousting of shitlibs from positions of power and influence.

Unfortunately, since shitlibs have at the moment no real pushback from anyone in power, (the alt-right is effective but don’t mistake that for institutional power), the likelihood of war in the not-so-distant future, maybe even a real hot war, between rival White factions — between say localist Whites and globalist Whites — is greater than it otherwise would be.

It all comes back to Leftoid Equalist lies about race and sex, and the pacified cowards who abet their lies.

As long as cucks/the controlled opposition refuse to grapple with the reality of race and sex differences and everything downstream from those, the Globohomo Bathhouse Alliance will continue winning the rhetoric war, even if a million nail bombs go off in every city of the West and welfare-incentivized dysgenic breeding rots the edifice from within.

The Alt/Maul/Balls-Right, far from being the dire threat to civilized society the Mendacity Merchants would have you believe, are a last gasp salvation for the West and call to redemption for the cucks who have betrayed their claimed principles every step of the way. Appeasing milksops will never find their own way, but stronger harder men can inspire them to break out of their vaginal prisons.

As Trump might say, only losers snivel for virtue whoring status points.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 3 Comments [5/25/2017 11:35:52 PM]
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here's something to chew on. our #1 ally is Great Briton right? or at least they say! Well when probably the most powerful WHITE woman of all time died Margret Thatcher our Head NGR In Charge(HNIC) didn't even lower the Flag to 1/2 mast! not even for one fucking day! well the HNIC communist buddy [Nelson Mandela] dies and not only his country isn't a top 5 ALLY but the HNIC told his peeps to fly Old Glory at 1/2 mast for 10 f-ing days!

Now it's reported that the HNIC and his not so better half are going over towards his home country Kenya(moochelle's words not mine) for the "man who changed the world's"(again not my words) funeral.

I don't think the HNIC sent a secretary(the kind behind the desk & answers the white house phone) let alone the Secretary of State John Ferry! to Ms. Thatcher's funeral this Greatwhites again tells us what we already know! The HNIC HATES ALL WHITE PEOPLE! except when they shine his shoes for him! That Son of a Bitch!


NORDIC CAUCASOID, Stuff Black People Don't Like 20 Comments [12/18/2013 6:13:32 AM]
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atheism nowadays is loads of white people trying their hardest to be against the mainstream

so you have dicks like richard dawkins and christopher hitchens that support white supremacy

calling people who have faith in god “delusional” and thus erasing the cultural history of poc whose cultures are based heavily upon spirituality and religious symbolism

it is an act of post colonialism, to deny a god that somebody else believes in

you minimise their cultural identity

you make whoever has faith feel inferior

fuck you

skullanddrones, Tumblr 84 Comments [1/19/2013 4:42:44 AM]
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The Anne Frank Hoax
The diary of Anne Frank (Annelies Maria Frank) is a day to day account of the anguish of a young Jewish girl and her family hiding in their Amsterdam home during the Nazi invasion. Anne Frank fell ill with typhus at the Bergen Belsen camp and died in March 1945. Her diary has touched the hearts of millions and made millions for Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank.
Anyone reading Anne Frank's diary would find it difficult to believe that a girl in her early teens wrote it. Apparently, it is a forgery. A noteworthy decision of the New York Supreme Court confirms this point of view. Anne Frank's father, Otto Frank, had promised to pay to his race-kin, Meyer Levin, not less than $50,000 because he had used the dialogue of author Levin just as it was and “implanted” it in the diary as being his daughter's intellectual work, but had not paid Levin. The court ordered that Frank pay Levin this amount as an honorarium for Levin's work on the “Anne Frank Diary.” This award was later set aside by the trial justice, Samuel C. Coleman, on the ground that the damages had not been proved in the manner required by law. The action was subsequently settled our of court, while an appeal from Judge Coleman's decision was pending. See more.
Otto Frank had to sue a long-term critic, Ernst Roeme, for spreading the allegation that the book was a fraud. A German court decided in Frank's favor when the testimony of historians and graphologists sufficed to authenticate the diary. Roeme didn't stop criticizing the book and was sued again. This time the court had the book examined by the German Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau (BKA). The manuscript, in the form of three hardbound notebooks and 324 loose pages bound in a fourth notebook, was examined with special equipment.
The results showed that portions of the work, specially of the fourth volume, were written with a ballpoint pen. Since ballpoint pens were not available before 1951, the BKA concluded, those sections must have been added subsequently.

majorityrights.com, majorityrights.com 14 Comments [11/29/2008 4:30:50 PM]
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The Chinese Embassy in Berlin demanded Friday that a German online retailer stop selling a line of T-shirts with slogans it says are insulting to China.

The offerings from retailer Spreadshirt.de include T-shirts with slogans like "Save a dog, Eat a Chinese," ''Save a shark, Eat a Chinese," and an image of two faux Chinese alphabet characters having sex, with the caption "Now I understand Chinese."

The embassy said in a statement that it has complained to the German government and is seeking an apology, an explanation and for the offending shirts to be pulled.

However, the head of the Leipzig-based company, Philip Rooke, said he planned to keep the disputed designs available for purchase.

Rooke said his company provides an "open platform" for people to create and share ideas on merchandise, and "in a few cases, some people may find a design controversial while others do not."

Philip Rooke, Nanaimo News Now 4 Comments [3/14/2017 10:18:57 PM]
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People with Natural Blonde Hair are Disappearing and new research suggests that people with blonde hair will be completely extinct in 200 years, notes Professor Jonathan Rees from Edinburgh University. Rees is leading a two-year study into the genetics of blondes.

The Black Hebrew Pagans mark 2012 the year of the prophesied Blond Hair, Blue Eye Holocaust will take place. Ironically, 2012 is also the date the Ancient Mayans predict the world to end.

“2012 is the year when the Rapture of God will be complete and Caucasian race will be consumed by the Ultraviolet Fires of the 2nd Rapture of the Sun of God,” says Black Hebrew Pagan minister Yeshua Baal.

Yeshua Baal, Blonde Hair, Blue Eye Holocaust: Caucasians Extinct in 2012 20 Comments [8/30/2008 2:30:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Moondog
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The cross that President Trump has to bear, will see his wealth, health, and possibly, his literal life, crumble to dust.

Brother Nathanael has yet again, been ahead of the curve on this, and with Trump’s family neck deep in the Zionist swamp, and his resistance to Jewish interests thwarted, any genuine Christian patriotism he felt as he campaigned, has now been washed out.

To my mind, this meeting with Putin on Friday, and the next six months of his Presidency, will define the next three years. If war is on the cards, the political and democratic machinery will be pointless. We must either do as Jesus said, and not put our hopes and dreams in their hands, or someone must step up, and slice the Serpent’s head off.

IRONKRAFT, Real Jew News 3 Comments [7/8/2017 6:18:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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"I respond in saying that the "Holocaust" was the biggest lie ever perpetrated"

hmmm... So you insult the German people, who died trying to save us, by falling right in line with the Jewish propaganda that the "evil Nazis" were "mindless killers", then you turn around and state that the Hollow Co$t never happened?

You are obviously correct in your 2nd point, but how on Earth could you twist things around, even in your own mind, enough to make such a ridiculous statement as the one you made in the 1st point?

"The Nazis INVADED Europe" and went around "killing any civilians they could find"????????????????????????????????????????????? ? Could you really be that naive? Could you really believe such a thing when you said yourself that you know the Hollow Co$t itself was a lie?

BTW - our problem is with JEWS, not merely the "Zionists". That term is for lower level dissent, we are well beyond the "bad apples in every bunch" BS around here.

So other than this:
"the "Holocaust" was the biggest lie ever perpetrated"

There really was no truth or value to your comment. Not on that other website, and certainly not on this one.

Scott Roberts, Forbidden Truth 32 Comments [12/27/2012 5:13:24 AM]
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I don't like Jews, Atheists, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, liberals and Jesse Jackson, who is one of the biggest racists out there.

proudrepublican81, IMDB 5 Comments [3/29/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 47462

I am absolutely not a white supremecist, and in fact I wish that white supremacists would comment less on my blog.

I'm only a seeker of the truth. The truth is that there are genetically based behavior differences between the races. This unfortunately attracts white supremacists, who are the only people in the United State who aren't all offended when someone points out that blacks have lower IQ than whites.

Half Sigma, HalfSigma 20 Comments [9/16/2008 8:31:40 PM]
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Quote# 109691

One of the most common criticisms leveled at The Philosophy of Rape is that rape is TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior) and that human men should not reduce themselves to the level of niggers by raping.  This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of The Philosophy of Rape.  At The Philosophy of Rape, we rape for a cause.  We rape to punish harlots, feminazis, and other female vermin who need to be corrected.  Niggers rape because they are primitive animals who cannot control their baser urges.  We can control our urges quite well, which is why we rape with considerable finesse and eke out specific targets to be raped, taking great care to ensure that we won’t get caught.  Niggers take no care to not get caught; their savage, undeveloped primate brains cannot understand anything deeper than “MUH DICK MUHFUGGA BIX NOOD”.  The common nigger monkey could never wrap their head around The Philosophy of Rape and the purpose that the Philosophy serves in society.  We are not a movement about just randomly raping anything that moves, with no consideration for who we rape.  We are a movement that aims to correct specific targets: in particular, harlots, feminazis, and females who do not know their place.

Niggers rape anything that moves, and niggers tend to rape targets like old ladies and virgins.  We, on the other hand, target specific females for rape.  We do not rape females who know their place and fulfill their roles as the property of men.  We do not target little old ladies knitting at home or virgins praying at church – those are the sort of women that niggers tend to target.  No, we, on the other hand, rape with a specific intent, and that intent is to the benefit of society.  We rape harlots.  We rape feminazis.  We rape whores who do not know their place.  Our holy army of rape warriors participates in corrective rape rather than primal rape. We are bold, righteous warriors dishing out punishment on filthy sluts, and taking society back from the scourges of harlotry and feminazism.

The Philosophers of Rape, The Philosophy of Rape 35 Comments [6/16/2015 3:26:35 AM]
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Quote# 35880

I completely agree with you! I actually fear for my life if he is elected since I live in an inner-city neighborhood that is majority black and Somalian (Muslims). They already push whites around and think they run the place - I can't even imagine what will happen if a black muslim is president.

I think some people really need to sit down and think about their fellow whites who are living behind enemy lines. We'll be the first to go.

pnkgrl99, Stormfront 9 Comments [3/6/2008 7:09:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Paradox
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Quote# 126188

I have American centered myopia, but I can grudgingly admit, that in the face of their persecution and impending genocide, non-democratic racist apartheid was far preferable for the Afrikaners. Abandoning it really was a naive betrayal of their own people. At the level of existential conflict, the only morality that matters is your own survival and loyalty to the tribe. The Afrikaners have been there as long as whites have been in the United States. Under the same rubric we should be forced to give up all our belongings and property to Native Americans or blacks. I'd much rather kill or die than do that, whatever moral argument you could come up with, legit or not.
It's humiliating, but in many ways, I'm sure the Africans were better off economically under apartheid, and without European colonialism they would still be small scale agriculturalists or hunter-gatherers. I might differ in that I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I'm not sure modern South Africans are willing to pick up the spear again, and they're obviously in many ways dependent on whites to maintain the infrastructure of modernity.
Perhaps the ultimate lesson is, it's a bad idea in the long term to place yourself as a domineering minority where you will have to exploit an alien majority to enrich yourself and maintain order...especially across racial lines...eventually there will be some kind of uprising. And if you must, there's no sense in being half-way evil, "humane" oppression will still be unforgiven.

Cretus clawfinger, Reddit 2 Comments [4/9/2017 7:44:40 PM]
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Quote# 122915

A New York firefighter was arrested after allegedly setting fire to his own home in an apparent attempt to smear anti-police brutality activists.

Jason Stokes pleaded not guilty Tuesday to arson in connection with the August fire at his house in Endicott, reported WBNG-TV.

A family member said at the time that they believed their home was targeted because of the “Blue Lives Matter” flag flying out front.

Investigators found the message, “lie with pigs, fry like bacon,” written on some siding outside the burned home.

The slogan apparently referenced an incident from August 2015, when some demonstrators chanted, “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Minnesota State Fair that was widely reported by conservative media.

Pro-police websites blamed the fire at Stokes’ home on “terrorists” associated with the civil rights group.

Prosecutors now believe the 41-year-old Stokes wrote the message to help cover up his crime, although they’re not sure why.

“We don’t need to show a motive, we need to show intent,” said Steve Cornwell, Broome County district attorney.

Investigators also found multiple gas cans placed throughout the home, which they said appeared to be booby-trapped, but Stokes’ family escaped unharmed and no other injuries were reported.

Cornwell said he was disturbed by the apparent attempt to blame civil rights activists for the fire.

“That statement to me is absolutely despicable,” he said. “It fuels a false narrative when it comes to the work that police officers do.”

Stokes remains jailed on $10,000 bond.

Jason Stokes, Raw Story 7 Comments [12/9/2016 6:45:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 111228

White people are inherently more intelligent than most races, though not all. Do you want me to link to some research results?
Facts are not racist. Racism is the denial of equal rights on the basis of race. It can't possibly apply to facts.

frankenmine, r/KotakuInAction 31 Comments [7/28/2015 2:40:07 AM]
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Quote# 136526

Liberals love to say it's the white people who don't live in a multicultural society who are the most racist since they don't have their lives enriched by the vibrant toilet cultures of the 3rd world, but as someone who lives in Toronto as most of you already know I can say that this is far from the case. I don't consider myself racist but a few of my friends are definitely white supremacists and they are products of shame and self loathing of their formative years where they grew up to worship the Outliers, to smoke weed and mourn the gr8 2pac shaker. Luckily I had a decent upbringing where I was frequently mocked for dipping my toes into the sewer, so living in Tha Toylet didn't do much damage.

jkhbsa, Reddit - r/MillionDollarExtreme 5 Comments [2/9/2018 3:28:18 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 140110

"people like yourself are an embattled minority" So you're a non-white minority in a country that has an indigenous white population. And you scream because, deep down, you feel guilty about it.
Are you so different than a colonist? What's wrong with the dozens of countries where you are a statistical majority or plurality? Why aren't you there?
Oh, and as for your other garbage about this being about "white supremacy" (lol, yes whites are SUPREME...in Britain and France -where they are indigenous - just like Chinese are SUPREME in China) mass immigration is most definitely part of a collapsing civilization. It's really the replacement of the existing civilization with another one. So, yes, it's collapse. Too bad you like living in a European civilization. Won't be there much longer.

ottinoz, Reddit 0 Comments [8/27/2018 3:05:00 AM]
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Quote# 134025

If the white man is so bad you think they would leave, but the niggers know that without the white man their neighborhoods would look just like African villages.

Within two generations the white man's juju technology would break down and the niggers would be clicking at one another in tongues, cannibalizing opposing tribes, and dying of malaria and AIDS.

Erectus Isamongus, Niggermania 2 Comments [11/10/2017 11:23:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 103800

I am against this nonsense. I am white and moved to Cambodia away from the negro and Muslim infestation. Haven't seen a single spade in 5 years. No foul Muslim. Nothing but wall to wall Asians who are polite and quiet.

So now Australians paid off the corrupt officials here with $0 going for the boat loads of violent Muzzies and cannibals from Papua New Guinea to be dumped to roam the streets. Wonderful! Just f-n wonderful. Why don't they just ship em back to Indonesia, or better yet torpedo their boats and give the sharks a taste for Halal meat.

Australians also promised to build a beef processing plant, which the news link never mentioned since the money has already been 'appropriated'. Stop sending the crap of the world to Cambodia, a lot of us expats are here to get away from the same violent non-Whites that liberal scum unleashed on our countries. Australians love Muslims and apes so much, they should keep em; or admit at least they don't want them and blow them out the water, but don't send them to Cambodia.

spamSauce, Stormfront.com 6 Comments [9/30/2014 3:06:00 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 133623

I think Trump reminds the Jews of Hitler and it’s not entirely ridiculous. The similarities are plenty: strong nationalist, strong populist and seemingly madder than hell at the filthy-corrupt “banking” system. Not to mention that he’s a white Goy (maybe) and popular with the ladies.

Trump won for largely the same reasons Hitler won. This has not escaped the Jews’ notice. Funny how we’re still fighting the same enemy Hitler and the Germans were fighting 70+ years ago.

DaveE, Real Jew News 1 Comments [10/30/2017 3:19:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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