Quote# 103443

Virtually all of America's music comes from negroes and I will openly say I am not proud of it, and it think it has been destructive to our society. The jungle beat is not the heart beat of advancing civilization.

I would not have said that 10 years ago -- but Obama and Holder have freed me to join the honest conversation about race which is so long overdue.

ClearCase_guy, Free Republic 12 Comments [9/15/2014 3:33:05 AM]
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Quote# 126322

BlackSun@Trebled85, Twitter 12 Comments [4/15/2017 11:11:56 AM]
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Quote# 117597

The immigration problem can be solved by abolishing nonwhite immigration and refugee intake. Just simply make it permanently illegal in order to combat white genocide. We can and should make all residential real estate prices that exceed 6000 man hours at minimum wage illegal to fight white genocide. We can outlaw rental rooms and apartments and we can outlaw all forms of land and real estate speculation and profiteering in order to get rid of all that stands in the way of the propagation of the white European peoples. We can outlaw all nonwhite and non Canadian real estate ownership and investment in Canada. Violation or not implementing these reforms is white genocide and for that the maximum penalty can be imposed on violators no matter how many there are. Real estate is place to live and may be to work. It is not an investment.
We must secure the existence of our people and ensure a future for white children

Steven, council of european canadians 11 Comments [3/20/2016 9:53:32 AM]
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Quote# 131126

Disgraced Baroness Tonge, who was twice suspended from the Liberal Democrats over allegations of antisemitism and eventually resigned as pressure mounted, has shared an antisemitic caricature on Facebook.

The caricature was part of an image which claimed to expose the “AIPAC Jewish lobby” through a quote supposedly from Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters. In the bottom-right corner of the image, an antisemitic caricature of a big-nosed Jew clasping his hands together can be seen. The caricature is commonly used by neo-Nazis and far-left extremists in antisemitic social media memes.

The original post, which Baroness Tonge shared, was posted by Saeed Sarwar, who commented on the image: “I’ve checked with 4 specialist friends in case anyone tries to suggest this is antisemitism. It’s actually bang on.”

Baroness Tonge has a long history of using inflammatory, and sometimes antisemitic, language. In 2003 she compared conditions in Gaza to those in the Warsaw Ghetto, for which she was criticised by the chairman of the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum. The following year, during a spate of suicide bombings targeting Jews in Israel, she said that she “might just consider becoming [a suicide bomber] myself” if she was a Palestinian.

After her comments were condemned as “completely unacceptable” by her own Party leader, Charles Kennedy, she told the BBC that suicide bombers’ actions are “appalling and loathsome”. Two years later in 2006, she told a fringe meeting at her Party conference: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our Party.” Once again, her Party leader, then Sir Menzies Campbell, said that her comments had “clear antisemitic connotations”, but she was unapologetic.

In 2010, in response to an antisemitic blood libel alleging that Israeli soldiers providing aid in Haiti were secretly harvesting victims’ organs, Baroness Tonge suggested that Israel should conduct an inquiry to “clear the names of the team in Haiti”. The Party leader, who by then was Nick Clegg, called the comments “wrong, distasteful and provocative”, and removed her as the Party’s health spokesperson. In 2012, the situation worsened when Baroness Tonge told a group at Middlesex University: “Beware Israel. Israel is not going to be there forever in its present performance.” Party leader Nick Clegg challenged her to apologise or resign for her remarks, following which she resigned the Party whip.

In 2015, Campaign Against Antisemitism condemned Baroness Tonge for asking a written question in the House of Lords which held Jews collectively responsible for perceived wrongdoing by Israel by calling for “Jewish faith leaders in the United Kingdom [to] publicly to condemn settlement building by Israel and to make clear their support for universal human rights.” Last year, she used a speech in the House of Lords to again call on “Jewish faith leaders in the United Kingdom publicly to condemn settlement building by Israel”, for which we condemned her, however her Party refused to act.

When we called on our supporters to complain to the Liberal Democrat Party, the Party bizarrely responded that they would investigate if they received complaints. We then confirmed that our complaint was already a complaint and heard nothing more. Meanwhile Baroness Tonge wrote a misleading letter to The Independent claiming that Campaign Against Antisemitism was in fact an organisation which secretly opposed organ donation.

She then hosted a meeting in the House of Lords at which attendees compared Israel to ISIS and suggested that Holocaust victims provoked their own genocide. She was suspended from the Liberal Democrat party pending investigation, following which she resigned from the Party, but she remains in the House of Lords. Subsequently, the House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, declined to take action against Baroness Tonge.

In October last year, Baroness Tonge responded to a report on rising antisemitism by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee with a letter in which she wrote: “It is difficult to believe that a 75% increase in antisemitism [the Committee] reports, have been committed by people who simply hate Jewish people for no reason. It is surely the case that these incidents are reflecting the disgust amongst the general public of the way the government of Israel treats Palestinians and manipulates the USA and ourselves to take no action against that country’s blatant disregard of International Law and the Geneva Conventions.” The failure to act led a Liberal Democrat former candidate to quit the Party. One member of the public reported the letter to Sussex Police.

In February, after Baroness Tonge called for Campaign Against Antisemitism to be deregistered as a charity, Parliamentarians rallied to support us in the media.

In May, Baroness Tonge shared and then deleted an image belittling the Holocaust by equating it with the situation in Gaza. The cartoonist, Carlos Latuff, had won second prize in one of Iran’s repulsive Holocaust denial cartoon competitions.

Jennifer Louise Tonge, Campaign Against Antisemitism 3 Comments [8/30/2017 2:16:34 PM]
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Quote# 65022

why o why does goverments still supports africa with the already so high tax money.

the people living there is a blemish on humanity.

this will get lot’s of negative feedback but it’s true

look at al the historical marvels and technological advances that came from europe, asia, america,

the greatest that africans was able to built was a straw hut.

they never learnt how to grow crops, barely invented tools, and so forth

it’s quite sad to say. but the original african is an inferior human

Duirward, Rocketboom 28 Comments [8/28/2009 2:50:49 PM]
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Quote# 77703

I would add to that that there is only one solution. That solution is total separation, removal of all blacks from Britain.

Sure, some of them are not rapists. Some of them are not murderers. And so forth. But it seems that everyone of them carries the seed for these acts, and a large proportion of them act upon that seed. When you are pulling weeds in the garden, you do not only pull the ones that have gone to seed, you get them all. That is what must be done with the blacks.

The same thing applies to the muzlims as well.

Only when these measures are taken will the UK be restored to health as a sound, reasonable, Western nation.

Dr.D, Sarah Maid of Albion 24 Comments [11/30/2010 5:59:58 AM]
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Quote# 56438

I assume that i am the only person that has an extreme hate and loathing for the half black liar, gay scumbag Barak Obitch?

misterbill, Topix 22 Comments [1/16/2009 2:44:06 PM]
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Quote# 82562

As I type, I'm glancing at some grotesque thing on ABC, about the Grinch and Christmas, in which humans interact in brotherhood with a variety of monstrous looking other species, and a little girl has a tender relationship with an unsettlingly hideous but sensitive and kind-hearted being called the Grinch, and everyone loves each other. This is not our society celebrating the beautiful holiday of Christmas. This is the Liberal Controllers of our society carefully teaching children an unnatural and dangerous lie that they would never believe unless they were carefully taught. How many whites will militate against vitally necessary immigration restrictions in the decades to come, how many young white females will be raped and murdered by nonwhites in the decades to come, because of the message of trusting and loving racial aliens that programs like this implant in them?

Lawrence Auster, View from the Right 36 Comments [7/13/2011 3:28:45 AM]
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Quote# 44910

In response, they were beaten senseless by the mob, one of which, a 240-lb gorilla named Timothy Dixon, used a metal baseball bat.

Bukler said, "Those in the crowd were yelling, 'Hey, white boys, you're in the 'hood now!' We were yelling back, 'We don't care — we live here!'"

Yet the assault has not been labeled a hate crime, probably because only white people can be racist.

Soon Brooklyn will be like the Arab suburbs of Paris, where taxpayer money goes in, and drugs and violence come out, but there is no other interaction with society, as civilized people aren't allowed to set foot in welfare-financed no-go zones.

Van Helsing, Moonbattery 104 Comments [8/14/2008 4:44:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Gabriel LaVedier
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Quote# 106550

Back in 2011, Frank Borzellieri was terminated from his position as principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a predominantly black and Hispanic Catholic elementary school located in the Bronx, New York. The Daily News charged Borzellieri with “white supremacy,” the Church to which Borzellieri devoted his life upheld the conviction, and that was that.

Yet the charge was baseless and the conviction cruelly unjust.

Borzellieri is the author of six books, some of which treat racial and cultural issues. His great sin seems to consist in the fact that he dared to note that there are interracial IQ differences that correlate to some extent with other social indicia.

In this, however, he joins every other scientist who takes this data for granted. To name just a few examples:

The Bell Curve authors, Charles Murray, an American Enterprise Institute Scholar and the 2009 recipient of the Irving Kristol Award, and the late Richard Herrnstein, a Harvard professor; MIT scientist and best-selling author Steven Pinker; and Thomas Sowell, the black “conservative” economist, nationally-syndicated columnist, and Hoover Institution fellow have been saying for decades nothing particularly different from anything that Borzellieri has written.

Yet the notion that Borzellieri is any sort of “supremacist” is patently absurd on its face.

Borzellieri chose–he chose–to ply his craft as an educator tending to the needs of New York City’s black and Hispanic students. He was also elected thrice to the New York City school board where he resisted efforts to replace literature on such Western heroes as Columbus and Washington with a curriculum requiring children to read books on homosexuality, masturbation, abortion, and birth control.

But Borzellieri must believe in “white supremacy,” his accusers contend, because he had at one time associated with Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance (AR), an organization that routinely explores the ways in which race and IQ intersect with all manner of other cultural phenomena.

And anyone who mentions race and IQ, or who associates with those who do so, must be a “white supremacist.”

Jack Kerwick, American Renaissance 3 Comments [2/22/2015 4:42:10 AM]
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Quote# 68465

Whites only: Without white guilt would you put up with African - Americans behavior?

Just wondering, they've the highest welfare population, they've the highest crime rates/prison rates, they haven't contributed much to modern day technology, they bring AIDS into AmeriKKKa, they have children they know they can't afford and they can't speak English correctly.

I personally think we give them a one way trip to west Africa, and the percentage their won't change anyways since it's already horrific but the percentage here will TREMENDOUSLY.

Superior IQ, Yahoo! Answers 13 Comments [12/12/2009 7:46:46 AM]
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Quote# 106326

It’s not Digiorno, it’s afrocentrism
People are so used to seeing black males idolized, and elevated above all other demographics, that they don’t even notice it anymore. Their subconscious has been conditioned to equate “diversity” with the worship of black males. I believe that corporations promote this partly out of economic necessity (depicting black men as anything less than top dog might bring lawsuits or boycotts) and partly out of a sick sense of ethnomasochism.

Most people don’t notice this subliminal propaganda, but I do. Here’s an example I spotted just today, while shopping at Winco:

The black man is in the center, taking the dominant position. He’s the one holding the ball, and he’s the one positioned next to the white women. The lone white man is farthest from the white women. He doesn’t care; he’s too busy worshiping black male athletes.

As for the Asian man, he’s the only one whose torso is obscured. It’s almost as if he was added as an afterthought, and he stands behind the other men, more toward the white man – so that the two non-black men are the only ones standing behind the letters “NO.”

Notice that it’s only the black man and the white women wearing sports jerseys. They’re part of “the team.” White men, and Asian men (apparently) are not part of “Team Diversity.”

Jewamongyou, Jew Among You 10 Comments [2/12/2015 3:52:41 AM]
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Quote# 96156

If you are a young black person living in America, who are your heroes? Not George Washington Carver, Booker T Washington, nor Clarence Thomas. It isn't even Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson, or Muhammad Ali. It is some rapper wearing his pants around his hips and mouthing trash about "ho's", rape, and about every perversion you can imagine. Heck, most black kids don't even want to be the Post-turtle in Chief (POTUS). He got the black vote to stick a finger in the eye of the white candidate.

People like Sharpton, Jackson, and virtually every NAACP President ignore this, the violence that is caused by young black men on the streets, and the fact that they committed the crime so should do the time.

OhioHistorian, RedState 19 Comments [8/24/2013 4:18:47 PM]
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Quote# 58363

Is there any states where white people dont have to deal with minorities?

I know you all think I'm a racist but I really dont care . I want to live with my own kind call me what you want. Im sick to death of every race but mine getting preferencial treatment. I want to move to a state that is governed by whites for whites. I believe the time is coming that this is going to happen. because people are tribal its just the way it is. I dont want to be bothered with illegals,my kids being pushed around by black kids with an attitude and no one doing anything about it because their afraid to be called a racist. I had nothing to do with slavery . I do not hold hard feelings for those who do for me simply because I'm white. I just don't want to live with them. I feel the USA will bulkanize soon and I want to be ahead of it.

G H, Yahoo! Answers 18 Comments [2/11/2009 11:24:03 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.
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Quote# 109948

Dr Welby (original family name Weiler) is the grandson of a jewish immigrant and has the temerity to tell the rest of us to allow ever greater numbers of immigrants to flood into our overcrowded countries. Perhaps he could open the gates of his clerical palace and let a few of them live with him? Who knows, the experience may enrich him!

A healthy Aryan society would not permit all this to continue but would in fact seek to reverse immigration (legal or illegal) to ensure that only Aryans lived on Aryan soil, the soil that their ancestors died defending which today's generation of traitors freely give away. The resources of the Royal Navy (which we all pay for, whether we wish to or not) should be used to prevent these invaders from breaking into Europe, not assisting them! A border force which welcomes the intruder instead of repelling him and making an example of him is not fit for purpose.

All this goes to show that xtianity is a sickness which has weakened the resolve and health of the Aryan peoples of Europe (and further afield). Only a strong warrior religion is needed in this dark age of the Kali Yuga to awaken our race to the peril and slow genocide that awaits them if they continue to allow this state of affairs to continue. A religion of the mythos of the blood! Within a period of 50-100 years our people will be a minority in our own lands. Minorities deprived of the sovereignity of their own lands (the Palestinian Arabs in the rogue state of Israel and the American Indians being cases in point) all because generations since 1939 have allowed this to happen.

Wotans Krieger, Aryan Myth and Metahistory 11 Comments [6/23/2015 3:04:44 AM]
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Quote# 98030

*During a thread on Affirmative Action*

Many white liberals love playing the role of hero to blacks whom they view as helpless children. It makes them feel superior to be 'helpful' to the 'poor and ignorant blacks' who need a great white hero to save them. Liberals are sometimes the biggest racists around. They talk about encouraging black pride and then say that blacks can't compete fairly with whites.

I think every race should be expected to stand on their own 2 feet. Treat everybody equal and lets see how things turn out.

Freiheit Reich, Nationstates 9 Comments [12/4/2013 3:45:59 AM]
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Quote# 110116

Welcome to the Honest Society, be it ever so briefly, Mr. President. If I may quote the controversial one on Marc Moran’s “WTF” podcast recently:

“Racism, we are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.”

Well, there you have it. The Honest Society is a rather large and growing club, clan if you will, that is not afraid of speaking honestly without fear of politically correct word nazi’s going berserk.

Along with President Obama and my hero Richard Pryor, we join Howard Stern, Johnny Cochran, Mark Furman, O.J. Simpson, Kid Rock, James Brown, the mighty Funkbrothers, Al not so Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Malcom X, Kanye West, Fifty Cent and pretty much every black rapper and hip hopper on earth, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, a few thousand NBA, NFL, MLB sports stars, legions of famous and not so famous musicians, actors, politicians, media personalities and assorted celebrities of every color, creed, ethnicity and walk of life, along with a few million others around the world who have used and continue to use the word nigger at one time or another.

The dishonest referencing of the word by its first letter is the epitome of political correctness gone mad.

For those who have chosen terminal denial and have completely lost touch with the real world, the word nigger has historically been used in a powerfully positive way when describing the proud heritage and history of deeply respected, even revered “blackness.”

For my entire life, whenever I performed my most soulful and emotional guitar playing, I received the greatest compliment a musician could ever dream of when the word was used to describe my Motown touch.

The word is used constantly across America in a friendly, even tribal greeting and salutation with no hint whatsoever of negativity nor hostility.

It is foolish and dishonest to discuss a given word, or language overall for that matter, by not saying the word and sheepishly referencing it by a letter.

Does anyone truly believe the title “WTF” of Mark Maron’s podcast doesn’t stand for vulgar street slang? Does the swapping of the universal F-word colloquialism with the term “freakin’” really absolve one from vulgar language?

Like the ever resonate “MF” word, it can be used in every imaginable way possible. There is a difference when someone assaults you with a knife, demanding “Turn over your wallet MF’r!” and the ultimate compliment given to anyone performing to the absolute best of their ability when praised as a “stone cold MF’r!”

Anybody not get that? Anybody not aware of that? Anybody so insulated, ignorant and disconnected to claim otherwise?

Semantics is one thing. Context something else altogether.

For our society to dare claim that any and every use of the word nigger is hateful and wrong is just plain dishonest, foolish, denies the truth and only hurts those we wish to protect the most.

As blacks blow away blacks in record numbers in Chicago and other urban hellzones each weekend, does anyone have the audacity to believe that words play any role in this insane widespread criminality?

Who thinks if certain words could be eliminated that any lives would be saved?

What sort of politically correct zombie could actually believe that the elimination of a word or a flag would reduce the evil of racism?

What sort of goofball could possibly believe that certain words are OK for one group of people but forbidden by others?

That, by the way, is the definition of racism.

When discussing hate and criminally evil behavior, could it possibly matter what words are uttered or symbols are displayed when an innocent life hangs in the balance?

The president’s use of the word as stated was honest and useful. His statement, this time, should be respected and learned from.

Everybody knows that Richard Pryor’s use of the word in his award winning-comedy recordings and routines and in his “Blazing Saddles” movie was honest, harmless and clearly funny beyond belief. The iconic artist was rightly honored with the Mark Twain Award at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, all knowing how he used the word nigger in a non-threatening, non-racist way throughout his personal and professional life.

Until we as a people break free from the shackles of political correctness and honestly admit that words and context have meaning, we will continue to focus on nonsensical symbolism instead of meaningful upgrade.

I for one would rather save lives, not worry about hurt feelings.

Ted Nugent, WND 11 Comments [6/27/2015 5:33:51 AM]
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Quote# 128201

["you will have better days." written in white on a brown background]
A better day.. Ahh.. I can see it now..
Bashing a sand nigger’s face into the fucking pavement….

cant-stump-the-trump, Tumblr 5 Comments [6/16/2017 1:48:07 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 70558

Mr. Burger, look at IQ, look at the crime statistics, look at who Japanese girls won't sleep with, and look at history. All of these things suggest that the Black Race is not compatible with others, and it is mutually beneficial for Blacks to separate from other races. Thomas Jefferson said it best as quoted by Mr. Murdough. Race certainly is an issue. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and say that Whites do not have certain privileges, but I won't jump on the bandwagon of blaming Whites for all of our problems either. When the race wars break out, a lot of innocent people from all races are going to get hurt unless race is addressed. Malcolm X wanted to bring people together to discuss our grievances. We never truly did this, and that is why we have a race problem (and I am coming to believe that race, especially with Negroes and non-Negroes, will always be an issue, thus, we must separate)

George Lincoln X, Facebook - Right Wing Extremist 16 Comments [2/18/2010 11:52:41 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.
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Quote# 123739

The Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sverige) is a country in Northern Europe, bordered by Norway and Finland. It is known for its far-left policies and extreme liberalism.

Recently, Earth Hour had to be cancelled in the country in order to protect women from sexual assault by the Rapefugees.

Sweden's official Twitter account

In 2011, the government of Sweden started allowing its citizens to run its Twitter account. The idea was that each week, a normal Swede would get to use the account to illustrate daily life in Sweden.

In late August 2016, the account was given to a woman named Elin, who was harshly criticised by members of the Alt-Right for general harlotry. Many comments pointing out the rapefugee situation were made. On 6 September 2016, the account was handed over to a transgender man calling herself "Gavin". She instantly began to receive the same reaction as her predecessor.

Sweden as Islamic caliphate

Due to the high amounts of rapefugees (Islamic economic migrants) that the country takes in, many believe that Sweden will become the first Islamic caliphate in Europe since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Recently, a prosecutor declared that the flag of ISIS did not constitute hate speech[1], practically legalising it.

Article "Sweden", Kings Wiki 15 Comments [1/18/2017 3:06:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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