Quote# 125046

F@ck the term white privilege. The majority of the population in the USA is white. Go be white in a non white country and see if you can use that shit term there. We have stereotypes here and until people stop being those stereotypes people won't stop assuming it fits.

Jeremiah Payne, Facebook 7 Comments [3/2/2017 6:40:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 131246

I was neither born nor raised to "hate" anyone. The use of the word "hate" here is in its purest, most vile form, as it is surely a negative and destructive emotion, and I deny it as part of my natural character. That said, I have determined that cannot really "hate" niggers... I am weary of them. Let me explain. This is the way I see it:

a long, long time ago, far, far away, there was Dark Continent called Africa, free of Niggers. That's right... there were no "niggers at that time. Individual tribes existed I harmony, much like the Native American, hunting and gathering food and other essentials for happy life. There was some war, of course, when the population grew out of control and more land was required for the increase of inhabitants. There were the Productive... those who hunted and gathered and had skills to produce clothing, tents, fishing vessels, etc., and those people were valuable to the community. Tribes had leaders, elders, chieftains Then, as in every society, as the population grew, there became a group of slackers... those who just didn't think their efforts would make any difference. Crime was punished according the its severity and justice not necessarily humane, as we understand the concept of "humane" today.

So, as productive societies expanded, extra farm and ranch help was needed, and some enterprising folks made an industry of "slave transport". If you had a ship, there was money to be made by bringing "cargo" across the Atlantic Ocean to sell to American farmers and ranchers. Tribal elders began rounding up the people of their tribes they could do without... those slackers and criminals and just lazy... and found they could make money by selling them to slave traders. (If I am to believe the story forwarded by movies such as "Roots", I must believe aa continent of people were willing to allow kidnappers onto their land to steal their people by force.)

Keep in mind, there were still no "Niggers". That term was applied later by the owners mispronunciation of "Negro" or in reference to the country of Niger, where many of the slaves originated. Slavery was an industry, and the Negro was merely farm animals like his mule or his oxen, bred like all other live assets, and put to work. But some Negroes went back to the mindset for which they were ejected from their tribes in the first place... they were lazy or rebellious, or had some mental defect that precluded them from usefulness. Oh, but they cost money. A LOT of money for the owner, considering food, housing, clothing, etc., and the slave trackers weren't cheap either, when a slave ran away. This was the birth of the "nigger". Hence, examples had to be made by punishing the run-away or disobedient by whipping or some other type of punishment. Does it make sense that an owner would beat his work animals so that they were disabled from work, as portrayed in "Roots"?

Doubtful. Fast forward to January 1, 1863. The U.S. Civil War, purported to have been waged to free slaves, but in reality, a rebellion by the Southern states in response to an oppressive Government, and slavery became an afterthought, as slaves were popular in the North as well as the South. Take away the slaves, and commerce in the Confederate states becomes non-existent. That was the plan, and the U.S. Government took the high road and made slavery the main issue. On January 1, 1863, the Emancipation Proclamation was made into law, making free people out of slaves, most unable to read or write, or even count. (Sure, some rich blacks owned slaves as well as whites, but history doesn't speak of that, as it doesn't suit the narrative that ALL blacks were unequal.) Now, the right thing to do was ship all the freed slaves back to Africa, including the niggers, but America still had a growing population that needed food nd cotton, and all sorts of farm products. So, as the dark people multiplied, so did the nigger, and he became the "American Nigger", a breed unique unto itself.

You see, I call the American Nigger" unique because nowhere else on Earth has the AN had opportunities afforded them as those in America. Welfare programs have rewarded their excessive breeding by increasing benefits with every niglet they produce. Add in the many support organizations such as NAACP, CORE, UNCF, BET, Congressional Black Caucus, Miss Black America, on and on, and the AN is empowered to feel entitled, especially after four or five generations of lazy, criminal, and abject uselessness. Yes, my friends, I am weary f the American Nigger. I am weary of hearing "MF" in every other statement they make in public, having to look at their underwear above their pants hanging below their black asses, the rap music blaring from, their car stereo at every gas station. I am weary of trying to understand the mumbling and slurring of my language. Hey... let's go back to the "Hate" thing just a minute. I said I don't want to hate anyone, but is it fair to hate the natural traits of a people?

The culture? The mindset and the... well.. the differences. Is that nice enough? Basically, I'm weary of being vilified just because I'm a white man. I never owned a slave and I never met a slave. Matter of fact, my forefathers would probably have worked alongside niggers in the cane and cotton fields. They weren't rich or privileged. I'm weary of being called racist and white supremacist. I would never support, encourage, or condone harm to anther human being. Truth is, I have preferences. I prefer socializing with white people. I prefer living amongst white people. Shopping, eating, walking and driving amongst my own kind. "Preferences"... let me have mine without judgement. Is that too much to ask?

RIP Wm. Shockley, FSTDT 7 Comments [9/4/2017 11:49:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 69882

Do Katrina and Haiti prove that God is cruel?

After all, they were near-misses. We eagerly awoke to the news on the morning of both Katrina and Haiti only to learn later that, disappointingly, only a relatively small fraction of their worthless populations were unburdened from the earth.


In all cases of natural disasters striking Whites, the Whites rally and have their city rebuilt in a matter of mere months. Mencken said he experienced the Baltimore fire as glorious fun, "a circus in ten rings."

The only difference between White natural disasters and non-White natural disasters, is race. The superiority of the White man - and the miserable, begging, worthless inferiority of the useless colored primitive parasite.

Sean Gruber, VNN Forum 22 Comments [1/26/2010 12:01:31 PM]
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Quote# 108170

Notts County have expressed their "disgust" at a Tweet from the Nottingham branch of the BNP which hoped the Magpies were relegated because "they play overpaid immigrants".

The political party took to social media just hours before the club's 2-1 win against Doncaster on Saturday which crucially moved them out of League One's relegation zone.

Posted to more than 1,200 followers, the Tweet said: "Hope Notts County get relegated today - a great lesson in how to alienate the fans by playing overpaid immigrants who couldn't give a s**t."

But Notts chief executive Aileen Trew condemned the comment today with the club priding itself on trying to stamp out racism with professional bodies such as Kick It Out.

She said: "As a club, we would like to express our disgust at the views in this tweet

"Notts County have a zero tolerance stance on discrimination of any kind and deal proactively with any reports of alleged abuse.

"We will continue to work effectively with organisations such as Kick it Out to eradicate such any racist views within the game and also to promote inclusion."

Only two of Notts' 16-man matchday squad which was named against Doncaster are non-British with full-back Mustapha Dumbuya from Sierra Leone and striker Balint Bajner from Hungary.

BNP Nottingham, Nottingham Post 3 Comments [4/29/2015 2:39:50 PM]
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Quote# 112420

The ‘scientific’ theory of natural selection and evolution that’s taught in the highest secular institutions of education tells us that blacks are closer to apes than other people; and it’s easy to see by their racial attributes and lack of decent morality that blacks are indeed base people. But it’s more likely that blacks look and behave more like apes than other people not because they’re the oldest ascendants of the apes, but because they were historically judged by God, because they had a common ancestral tribe that had offended him by literally fornicating with apes in the jungles of Africa in ancient times.

Likewise it has been argued that the beady-eyed, sloped cranium, snozzle-nosed, rat-like Caucasian/Khazar Jews are closer to the so-called sub-species of humans called “Neanderthals” than the people of other races, because of their physical appearance and base disposition and moral attributes. But that can’t be right either, because lots of Jews don’t look anything like the Caucasian and Khazar Jews, especially the olive-skinned Middle Eastern Israelis who’re often ignored by White supremacists and fairly numerous in Israel and doubtless the true tribal Israelis mentioned in the Bible.

Typical Caucasian/ Khazar Jews who’re truly a despicable breed of reprobate subversive creeps with some of the so-called “Neanderthal” features …

On the other hand, here’s some typical Middle Eastern true tribal Israelis who’re largely ignored by neo-Nazi racial supremacist haters of the biblical Middle Eastern Jesus, born in Judea …

Obviously the true tribal Israelis are of Middle Eastern appearance, with light to medium olive skin, usually dark but sometimes reddish/ blonde hair, with a small to medium stature; and hence quite distinct from the often hideously ugly fake Jews of despicable Caucasian/ Khazar ethnicity and appearance

White supremacist haters of the biblical Middle Eastern Jesus would have you believe that there are either no true tribal Israelis in Jewry or that white people are the biblical tribal Israelites in some sort of weird and wonderful way. But there are “Jews who say they are Jews and are not but do lie”; and the Bible also says the Middle Eastern tribal Israelis are still around and that they’ll nationally repent and receive Jesus Christ, when they see him return to Earth in great glory at the consummation of the imminent last great social cataclysm.

Anonymous, First Light Forum 3 Comments [8/31/2015 3:35:28 AM]
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Quote# 125855

In a video posted to his Facebook page yesterday, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner declared that the worst racism in America today is aimed at white people.

Joyner said that back in 1990, God showed him that “it was racism that empowered the spirit of death in the world and released death” and has been responsible for countless wars throughout human existence.

“Today, we’re getting all kinds of racisms, but that’s okay,” he bizarrely stated. “I think the worst racism that is manifesting today is minority racism toward especially white people, of which I am one and I’m happy about that.”

Rick Joyner, Right Wing Watch 6 Comments [3/30/2017 2:15:06 PM]
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Quote# 61783

Barack Obama, head Nigger of the free world, has decided that in his new budget he'll give ACORN several HUNDRED million dollars to "help out" with the census bureau. These are the same "unbiased" asshats that traded cigarettes, cash, food, and other fun things (use your imagination) for votes to get the nigger elected. You scratch my back, I'll give you a handjob.

Now these clowns will be reporting to the Black Jesus just how many niggers there are in America. "Dey be my cousins, yo!", niggers are fond of saying. How many cousins will be in houses down the street or in the country, where it's too far to walk and keep your malt liquor cold? "Eh, dey all cousins. Mark 'em as niggers and lets go smoke some crack."

Prepare to see the nigger population soar. Liberal news outlets will blame it on an "Obama baby boom among black America."

Anonymous, Smartpunters 15 Comments [4/28/2009 10:55:14 AM]
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Quote# 104637

Re: did the holercaust really happen?

It depends on what is defined as the holocaust.
Jews were rounded up and placed in concentration camps, that is an undeniable fact.
The tales of these jews being exterminated en-mass simply for being jews has been debunked to the point that the perpetrators of the lies have deemed it necessary to impose laws that criminalize the investigation of the story's.
The beginning of the fable of six million dead, dying and in peril can be traced way back before the German concentration camps during WW2.
The magical six million number is from a misinterpreted prophesy that says the jews can return to Israel when the prophesy has been fulfilled.
That is also an undeniable fact.
The jews had a motive for fabricating the story.
They have profited from the lie.
They got their own homeland from belief that the magical six million dead jew prophesy had been realized.
They control the Gentiles with the lie which gives them political power over the Gentiles.
They control the flow of information and finance shielded by the lie with the threat of accusing anyone who questions the lie with being in cahoots with the people who supposedly perpetrated the holocaust.
Witnesses have been caught lying, evidence has been fabricated and the story keeps changing.
The story tellers have a habit of ignoring the deaths of jews caused by the war, such as allied bombing of factories where they worked and the bombing of supply lines to the camps that resulted in mass starvation and disease.
Have you even seen a photograph of a corpse that didn't appear to have starved to death?
They also ignore the concentration camps in other country's so as to not lessen the impact of the fabled jewish holocaust.
They build memorials and museums and continue to produce countless movies, documentary's and speaking tours that pressure Gentiles with guilt and shame.
Guilt and shame is a powerful weapon in the jewish arsenal.
Jews themselves have admitted that they use guilt and shame to silence their opposition.
Did it really happen the way they said it did?
That is for you to decide.
When you weigh both sides of the story, the story tellers version becomes very suspicious.

eyzwydopen, Stormfront.com 6 Comments [11/11/2014 7:46:22 AM]
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Quote# 74416

[A poster states that President Obama doesn't hate white people.]

You are a parrot, self loathing white person hoping to be accepted. It won't happen. Obama does hate white folk, when he looks in the mirror he doesn't see a half white person, when he speaks with Michelle they discuss how cool it is that black folk are finally going to get pay back. As for the mostly white folk in the cabinet: they are just like you pathetic self loathing white people who buy into the idea that they are deficient by being born white.

Skin color should make absolutely no difference to anyone. Unfortunately liberals can't see past it. American exceptionalism to libs is being different; homosexual, goth, black, latino, et al.

This against real exceptionalism which is freedom and liberty for all, equal justice and opportunity. Such things do exist but are fading fast under Obamunisim.

handy1, Moonbattery 27 Comments [7/12/2010 2:22:21 PM]
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Quote# 135394

Let us take the time and think about what it means to be black- what it means to be a black race created by Satan. We do not need to follow a nature that the jews have created for us....a black creature with no sense that destroys. What we need to do is follow the satanic path. The dharma.

Think about what it means to come from SATAN. The black race is a deep race. A basic race that is sensuous with emphasis on the physical realm. Almost like a prototype. You can see this in how we move, how we dance, our rhythm, our spiritual style and how deeply we feel.

In examining the black race, you can see a primal energy. We must direct this and sublimate it into something positive. I want to see the blacks race's aggression and depth of feeling directed at destroying the jews (our only enemy) and in becoming the best we can be. We should respect the other races, highlight our best features and work to improve all around. With meditation, it truly makes one become a better person. Our meditations also increases the intelligence and understanding. It opens the mind fully.The meta practices finish what was interrupted. This is very important. Let us surpass our limits and become progressive.

When one looks into ancient black satanic culture, you can see how advanced our ancestors were. What we see today with blacks is not a reflection of them. Our ancestors were in tuned with themselves and knew their place in the world. This primal energy was controlled and sublimated.The black race are not elaborate creators like the white race but we did have our own societies and had skills and abilities that increased as we advanced. This is why meditation is imperative, it elevates one in more ways than imaginable.

There are many sites and ruins still hidden that points to the blacks race's own advancement thousands and thousands of years ago in Africa. ALL gentile races had beautiful cultures and beautiful societies. The gods were by our sides. As for today, All of us should do our parts in teaching our people. We do not need to live a lifestyle of crime, degeneracy, poverty, helplessness and ignorance. Use your powers, your natural gifts within your soul to get what you need in life.

Focus on Satan. Do what you can to lift your consciousness up and lead by example. Now and more than ever, we must become a new specimen of our race. Thanks to the jewish infestation, blacks gentiles are seen in a negative way.

HPS Shannon, Joy of Satan 2 Comments [12/21/2017 12:15:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 96981

Balls Barry is Putin, word & deed.

It was the Kentucky Fried Kenyan that said Amurrica wasn't exceptional his first month in office on his Arab Tour when he went around kissing camel ass.

So why is everyone now pretending that Obloviot didn't say that shit just like Vlad?

Wyatt Junker, Where Liberty Dwells 11 Comments [10/10/2013 3:40:14 AM]
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Quote# 119661

Racial salvation is the prerequisite for individual salvation. The salvation or continued life of the individual by their reproduction cannot succeed in the long run unless their race is also saved and continues to exist. There is no individual salvation without racial salvation. The individual is part of the whole, interconnected with the rest of their race. The genetic traits, characteristics and life essence of the individual can continue only if their race continues, can exist only as part of their race, cannot exist separate from it. Those who oppose the salvation of their race oppose their own salvation, the long-range salvation of their genetic traits and life essence.

Nordish racial salvation or preservation, the realization of the racial preservationist dream, requires a protected racial environment, land or territory that is exclusively its own, racial homelands that are inhabited only by Northern Europeans, excluding all other races. Thomas Jefferson asserted the Racial Golden Rule when he stated that all races should be free. He recognized vital racial rights and interests when he added that different races could not live in the same government (country or nation). The Nordish race cannot live in the same country as other races, only die.

The Nordish choice is between racial separation or racial intermixture, between racial life or racial death. Intermixture causes Nordish racial death, separation prevents it. Whatever supports one opposes the other. Whatever resists one assists the other. Whatever opposes racial separation supports racial intermixture -- opposes Nordish racial life and supports Nordish racial death. Whatever opposes racial intermixture and Nordish racial death supports racial separation and the Nordish right to racial life. A large part of the Nordish race has already been lost -- suffered the fate of racial death and negation -- from the intermixture that has already occurred. For the Nordish race there are no other alternatives than racial liberty or racial death. Without racial liberty the Nordish race will cease to exist. It cannot live without it.

Territorial separation and independence from other races is the condition required for Nordish salvation or continued life. Social separation or segregation is only partially and temporarily successful, and violates the rights of all races involved to true independence in accordance with the Racial Golden Rule. Only territorial separation and independence -- each race having its own sovereign country and government, totally free politically, economically and culturally from all the others, with exclusive control and determination of its own future and destiny -- is consistent with the Racial Golden Rule and the right to racial life, and it is the only condition in which the Nordish race can continue to live.

Racial separation is the non-destructive or preservationist solution to the racial dilemma caused by multiracialism. It is the alternative offered by the Racial Compact, based on the principle of racial rights and the ethical concept of "Many Mansions." Its goal is the independence and preservation of the distinct branches or races of humanity in their full and undiminished form. This goal requires separation, either by the partition of a multiracial country into separate monoracial countries, or -- where this is not just, desirable or practical -- by the repatriation of racially incompatible populations to their own racial homelands.

In Europe, where ancient racial homelands have been violated by the recent (post-1957) immigration of incompatible racial elements, it would not be just to partition these homelands between their ancient indigenous populations and the recent immigrants, nor would it be desirable or practical to settle such incompatible elements within the close proximity of such geographically restricted areas. Consequently, the just, moral, desirable and practical solution would be the repatriation of the recent immigrants to their own racial homelands or countries of racial origin, or -- if this is not practical -- their transfer to a new racial homeland provided for them outside of Europe.

Also, as the indigenous populations of Europe are not all genetically compatible (for example, extensive intermixture between the populations of northern and southern Europe -- Nordish and Mediterranid -- would diminish or negate the genetic traits of the Nordish element), the preservation of the racial diversity of Europe requires the continued reproductive isolation of genetically incompatible populations by geographic separation. The current movement toward greater European economic and political unity should not be permitted to become a vehicle for the violation of racial rights and racial destruction by promoting the migration of non-Nordish elements into the Nordish homelands, but should adopt policies that promote racial security and preservation.

Richard McCulloch, The Racial Compact 5 Comments [6/10/2016 7:05:38 PM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 129353

White and Asian people have created a cultural bridge in the past century. This union is the only way to escape the rotten society we call “multiculturalism.” People prefer to be with people like themselves, even if that means finding people who are similar.

If Asian-Aryanism had one wish upon society, we would want to live in a culture where everyone is a Final Fantasy character. We would make anime real.

Asian-Aryanism is about love, not hate. WE naturally love our people and hate those who try and stop us.

The nerdy guy who plays Magic: The Gathering can be himself around the fat Chinese girl he met in high school. The strong White guy and is thot-wannabe Asian girl has a place to stay. And the mid-twenty something who lives with his parents feels liberated when he meets up with his Asian lover on the weekends.

We are against Anglo-Saxon capitalism and the nihilism it has produced. When you are yellow-pilled, a new light will shine upon you. A new standard to be yourself will be accepted.

Don’t worry about trying to “game” girls or constantly hate on yourself to woo others. Like Foucault’s magic race of trannies, we are the new race of people from the times before the Symposium.

We are motivated by aesthetics, the good life, and our Asian-Aryan future.

Pilleater, Asian Aryanism 8 Comments [7/16/2017 3:51:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 99292

If "the Christian autocrat" had withdrawn from Polish territory, that would have changed nothing. From the moment Hitler had fallen in the Polish trap and the kosher democracies had their excuses for a war of destruction on the rebellious Third Reich, WW2 couldn't be stopped anymore. Did the Western democracies required Stalin withdrawn from the 60% of Polish territory he was occupying at that time? No? Tha was because the independence of Poland was just an excuse for war, the same way the occupation of Belgium (which was not even illegal with respect to former treaties) had been 2 and a half decades earlier. Poland was betrayed by the Western democracies in the process. Had Hitler withdrawn from Poland, the excuse would have moved to Danzig, the Sudentenland, the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, the Saar, the retirement of Hitler, the restoration of multiparty democracy, the restoration of gold standard and banking interests, the restoration of a free (i.e. Jewish) press, the restoration of Jewish citizenship or any other fake excuse making the continuation of the war possible.

Ironically all the men who created WW2 (and countless other wars) and then prevented it from being stopped were all democratic (the best form of control of the lemmings invented so far) Freemasons. So they were all atheistic anti-Christians (as known by everyone knowing what Freemasonry is about). I know FDR and Churchill agitated Christian feelings to sell their Zionist Masonic war to their national lemmings, but they could have agitated anything else as well. All the founders and prominent leaders of Zionism and the Israeli state were atheistic Jews. Herzl, Nordau, Ben Gurion, Jabotinsky and Weizmann were all openly atheistic and they didn't hesitate to set the world on fire on numerous occasions for the establishment and perpetuation of their Jewish colony in Palestine.

I'm not trying to convince you, Unconditioned Canuck. I know I won't. And I'm an atheist. I have no interests in defending Christianity or any other religion. I only think you're wrong to think religions are the cause of all wars while many evidence show most modern war mongers were atheists and most wars had no religious motives.

kazan188, Stormfront.com 6 Comments [2/10/2014 4:28:34 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN
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Quote# 131249

I have a dilemma and would like some advice from my fellow NMs. I feel awful for the people in Texas and what they've been through. I'd like to donate to help the relief efforts but a lot of the coverage I've seen has shown nigger filled shelters and niggers ooking about the rain.

Since I pay taxes, in good conscience, I can not give fucking niggers another cent. Is there any white only charities or churches? I haven't been able to find any.

Murica1488, Niggermania 4 Comments [9/4/2017 11:37:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 114702

[On Star Wars Episode VII]

They just wanted to capitalize on the SJW agenda. With lens flare. Abrahms has never made even a decent film, but this film is clearly an attack on white males. Jump on the bandwagon, kill whites.

manoogian, Gamespot 13 Comments [11/24/2015 2:57:30 AM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn
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Quote# 122004

Hands off Eastern Europe. They've already dealt with 40 years of communism and don't need your cultural marxist nonsense now.

You fuckers are even trying to force them to accept unlimited hordes of rapefugees (because fuck borders and fuck the citizens right?) even though they've told you a million times, they're a security risk with all that's happening in France, Germany, Belgium etc. But yeah keep calling them racist and xenophobic even as the rapefugees wreak havoc in the west with mass sexual assaults and terror attacks.

FSTDT Supports Stalinism, FSTDT 7 Comments [10/13/2016 2:53:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 131314

You really have to scratch your head and wonder if the Jews are not manically suicidal.

They spent the first half of the 1900s murdering thirty plus Ukrainian farmers through starvation and real death camps in Siberia, murdered at least another fifty million Russians through abortion, war and those wonderful Siberian death camps, burned down thousands of Orthodox Christian churches and basically forbid worship of God, and now surround them with nuclear weapons while imposing harsh economic sanctions.

It is very hard to believe that Russians in general like Israhell or Jews at all.

The Jews gave China Chairman Mao, who murdered close to eighty million Chinese, forbid religion and kicked all the peasants off their farms, so they could all be slaves in work camp factories.

They caused both World Wars, are surrounding Russia and China with nuclear weapons stationed in military bases, have ratcheted up the anti Russian and Chinese propaganda to an insane degree, and are pushing as hard as is possible to start a full scale nuclear exchange.

If you see what is happening in Europe lately with the filthy Africans migrating in, plus the totally expected horror in France today, you really have to wonder how much longer before every civilized human on Earth does not completely hate the God damned Jews.

What is most amazing is how only one megaton fusion bomb detonated two miles above Ramallah would essentially end all Jewish life in Israhell, and they somehow expect to go unscathed from all this soon to come mayhem.

Their other centers of concentration, such as NYC, LA and Chicago are most certainly going to be hit with a barrage of nuclear bombs, so what exactly is their contingency plan? If some of them scurry off into COGs waiting for the radioactive decay to die down, do they expect the goyim soldiers and populace in general to somehow bow down and worship them after the shtf?

The best case scenario is for Russia and the US to agree to wipe out Israhell and all cities around the world where the Jews are in high concentration, and then sit down and figure out real diplomacy for a peaceful world.

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, so say your prayers. folks.

jim, Real Jew News 0 Comments [9/6/2017 12:28:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 104354

A member of British National Socialist group National Action, 21-year-old Garron Helm, has been jailed for four weeks for speechcrime against a gross Jewess, Liverpool Labour MP Luciana Berger.

Helm did not call for violence, he did not threaten the Jew bitch. Posting from his Æthelwulf Twitter account, he simply called her a “communist Jewess” and stated the known fact that Hitler was right. He also posted a picture of the Jewess with a yellow star on her forehead.

The UK government is claiming that the people have no right to label a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted through direct action.


Clearly, this represents an attempt by the ZOG government of the UK to shut down National Action, and all criticism of Jews in general.

If we don’t resist, we are doomed.

I hereby ask God Almighty that if any single member of National Action quits the organization over this arrest that his ancestors bring down a curse upon his head, the heads of his children and his children’s children.

We cannot be intimidated by these filthy rats. If we succomb to intimidation now, we are already doomed. This is a life and death battle, and no man who is unwilling to give his freedom or his life or both is worthy of this fight.

The Jewess Berger said the sentence “sent out a clear message.” The clear message being, of course, that you stupid goyim pigs have no right to ever call a Jew a Jew, let alone question their actions.

Well, we’ve got a message for her.

Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch

I declare a new operation against the filthy communist Jewess, which will be known as Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch.

This is the boldest attack on our basic freedoms that I have seen thus far, in any country. The government of the Jewnited Kingdom is attempting to set a precedent where it will be illegal to call a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted with direct action.

Here’s the deal.

Go to Twitter.com.

Make a Twitter account. If you need a throwaway email to register, use GMX and just enter fake information, get the confirmation code.

Tweet at this communist Jew bitch.


Do Not:

Call for violence, threaten the Jew bitch in any way. Seriously, don’t do that.

Just to be crystal: Andrew Anglin nor the Daily Stormer support or endorse any form of violence against the sickening Jew Luciana Berger. We believe she should be either legally tried and imprisoned for purposefully undermining the British people and nation, or simply deported to Israel.


Call her a Jew, call her a Jew communist, call her a terrorist, call her a filthy Jew bitch. Call her a hook-nosed yid and a ratfaced kike. Tell her we do not want her in the UK, we do not want her or any other Jew anywhere in Europe. Tell her to go to Israel and call for her deportation to said Jew state.

Do it over, and over, and over and over again.

Tell her that “#HitlerWasRight,” and then tell her that six million more times.

Flood her with these images (or make some of your own).

[various crude, anti-Semitic images are shown]

Use these hashtags on every Tweet:


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We are all Garron Helm.

We will not bow to Jews. We will not be silenced by Jews. We will not allow Jews to destroy the nations that our ancestors spilled blood to build on this sacred land.

We will resist. And we will win.

Hail Victory.

Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer 13 Comments [10/28/2014 3:03:09 AM]
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[You presented basic facts in a biased light. The reason why so many Blacks are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crimes is due to poverty, pure and simple. Being the poorest socio-economic group, this causes the rate to increase. The fact many in America have deluded themselves into thinking they have no prejudice, along with institutional racism does not help.]

And I would take this for a self-evident truth, were it not for the fact:

1. That rural whites do not display the same rates of crime that urban blacks display;
2. That, in fact, Asians in Asia - who, per capita, are significantly less wealthy than American blacks - do not display the same rates of crime;
3. That the nature of many of the crimes committed disproportionately by blacks is not economic but violent or sexual;
4. That crimes of that nature also occur extremely often in Africa itself, more so than in nearly any other part of the world including some parts of the world currently embroiled in civil wars.

Quintium, Nationstates 9 Comments [8/13/2014 3:14:36 AM]
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