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[LIFE FUEL]I made a young slut prostitute cry

LMAO. I'm ECSTATIC right now

I know a guy who's basically a pimp and like half an hr ago, out of rage, I called and asked for a hooker. I mentioned young and blonde. She arrived like 20 minutes ago.

Once we exchanged info she just wanted to get over with it. Took her top off and was wearing a lacy bra underneath. Had a nice ass under her jeans shorts. She looked at me and made a disgusting face. At this point I got a little pissed.

She is EXACTLY the Stacy you imagine. the one who shuns incels. The one who makes up lies about us because we're subhuman. The one who would NEVER, EEEVEVVVEEERRRRRRRR EVER touch you in any other situation.

Conversation went soemthing like this: Me: Why that face? Her: Ugh.. just shut up

Now she looks away and sits on my lap. Literally looks away from me. I don't care, and I wrap my arm around her waist. Her skin feels like awesome soft rubber even though she's a fucking slut. I feel mixed emotions.

I spoke to her about why she needed money and she opens up totally. She basically said her dad kicked her out and stopped supplying her with money after she spent shit tons of his money without him knowing. AND she slutted around with one of his golf friends(probably 40 year old past-his-prime Chad). Of course, she didnt say it like that. She acted like her dad was a comic book villain but I could clearly see the story. Power of the black pill. I feel sorry for her dad but good for him, kicking the ungrateful slut out.

I'm sitting there actually wondering how this bitch can be so ungrateful and retarded.

Me: How old are you? Her: 20 Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you go to college? Her: No Me: When did you realize your life was going downhill? Her: .............. ......... excuse me? at this point she gets up

I get up too and pull her closer. She seems pissed but lets me. So while I was feeling up her tits and grinding against her as she was disgusted I go "You don't seem very smart, what if this is how you spend the rest of your life?"

She yelled FUCK YOU and her voice cracked(she was about to cry). Wore her clothes. I was like "Don't cry" while laughing and she burst into tears and left

This is basically the gist of it. My mind is so hazy from enjoying the physical contact and being a sadist that I can barely get my thoughts together.

I am officially not only physically, but mentally a subhuman too. My personality is dogshit now. But it doesnt fucking matter. LOL. This is not me being bitter, fellow cels. This is one day I'm actually happy. I didn't have sex, but I will call that pimp and ask for THIS EXACT girl to fuck tomorrow.

I'm thinking of putting it on Youtube(not the sex, me trolling the whores) but Im not sure if it's illegal and I don't want trouble with the pimp.

By the way, bitch saved me $400 by leaving which I WILL be spending tomorrow :) Fuck this incel life.

GiftMeARope, /r/incels 22 Comments [6/27/2017 10:21:33 AM]
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Morality is just an subjective concept, a social construct created by parochial minded religious people that are trying to make you submit to their antiquated group think. They often craft shaming language toward you, accusing you of having a “high hope for a low heaven.” Evil and morality are points of view. Picture a cat playing with a mouse. To the cat, he is just playing with his food. To the mouse, the cat is the equivalent of evil it’s self. This on the other hand, this is not evil; this is evolution adapting people to be attracted to youth as an adaptive strategy. It’s the way we have evolved and is why there are so many supposed “pedophiles” everyone is freaking out about.

This is the realist’s perspective who lives by natural law and understands evolution – Life is a question, asked of the Universe, “Is this right?”…and answered by death if it isn’t. We literally evolved, through evolution, to be attracted to youth and neoteny to survive! If the trait of being attracted to youth was not beneficial, it would not have been passed on!

So, every one, stop being uptight prudes, know that everyone is different, and just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it isn’t or wasn’t at some point a good thing. Older people taking in younger people, as companions, was natures answer to a social safety net; there was no welfare for them when their parents died at an early age. Can you imagine using the strategy that women do today, of waiting ’till age 30 to have kids, back when there was no medical system of any kind, with your teeth rotting out of your heads! You people are silly for not seeing the obvious truths of our own biological evolution.

Again, our biology hasn’t changed, only the laws, and peoples brainwashed, reactive monkey, herd-like perspectives. Think for yourselves people! We are throwing people in jail for stupid non-violent crimes longer then people who attempt, or succeed, in murder because some stupid politicians were grandstanding for tougher laws that we didn’t need. It doesn’t even begin to make sense unless you consider it is being used to manipulate politicians through deep-state intimidation. Seems to me some arm twisting like that would explain a lot about the crazy decisions our politicians have made. I would say the age of consent of 12, like in Mexico, is about right for a legal cut off. Nature gave us every thing we need to consent to sex and that is the drive to have sex. I was a horny little bastard at 12, and so was everyone of that age around me. If you deny this, you are not only being disingenuous with yourself but everyone around you as well. Perhaps your memory is faulty, and doesn’t go back that far?

Do other animals wait for a certain age to have sex after they become able to sexually reproduce? No. It’s just as stupid to put limits on it for us after one has reached puberty. People had jobs at those ages 100 years ago. My father would be 92 this year if he was still alive, and he told me that when he was 14 he earned a man’s wage reading water meters. The population was younger in the past, on average, than they are now. In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16. Child laborers often worked to help support their families. In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy. It was an integral part of the agricultural and handcraft economy. Children not only worked on the family farm but were often hired out to other farmers. Boys customarily began their apprenticeship in a trade between ages ten and fourteen. Years ago each child you had made you richer, you could tend another acre of crops. Now, each child you have makes you poorer or if you are too poor to support them, burdens on the system.

The economy has changed but our biology hasn’t. We are keeping young people in school, which is essentially just giving them busy work to keep them out of the real economy, and treating them like kids longer and longer because the economy can’t support work for them, as it has all been outsourced due to globalism. The system is all screwed up, and people are too concerned about being called names rather than speak out about the real problems in western society.

I see a globalist system, which has shipped all our jobs over seas, and implemented silly laws restricting sex WELL beyond the ages of puberty. It looks more like a means of genocide to me. Those people in the middle east aren’t exactly having a shrinking population like Europeans in the west are. Yes, the young people are still having sex because they have a high sex drive, as nature intended. Nothing is going to stop that but instead of society pushing them into safe, monogamous, long-term relationships, they are making it to dangerous for that. Yes, these elites know what they are doing to us, and have been doing for a long time now. I think it’s genocide.

Grandparents were a rare breed until 30,000 years ago… when life expectancy grewhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2016759/Life-expectancy-Grandparents-rare-breed-30-000-years-ago.html

90 percent of a womens eggs are gone by age 30http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/women-fertility-falls-lose-90-percent-eggs-30/story?id=9693015

holocaust21,  Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 4 Comments [1/18/2018 8:47:08 AM]
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There is no such thing as lesbians. Lesbian couples = harem waiting for perfect Chad.

Incel4Life, r/incels 11 Comments [7/13/2017 2:36:15 PM]
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Since today is ‘International Misandrist’s Women’s Day’ I thought that This book review by Robert Sheaffer on a very [in]famous publication: “The Courage to Heal – A Guide for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse” by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis (Published in 1988 – Harper & Rowe) would be a nice way for us to reflect on what this ‘special day’ means to us, not only from the MRA perspective, but as normal, everyday decent blokes…

Alan Vaughn, Resisting the Rape of the Male – Sex Positive Men's Rights 6 Comments [6/1/2017 9:59:10 AM]
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It's funny that my friend's keep trying to set me up with guys when they have so many problems with their boyfriends

I guess I'm at that age where even my friends expect me to settle down with a guy. It's getting frustrating to tell them I want absolutely nothing to do with men. They still insist that this guy and that guy are cute and funny and would be good with me.
The best part is hearing all the problems they have with their boyfriends.
He won't help around the house, he's lazy, he won't quit porn, he's selfish during sex, all he does is play video games, he flirts with other girls, he scares me, he's doing nothing with his life, he's rude.
Holy shit. Why would I want a boyfriend when that's what i have to deal with? No thank you. Being single has so many benefits.

Ugh, amen dude. To be fair - there are some decent guys out there. But, it's like 1% of the population. And that's bad odds right there. Would you risk your life on a career path that only had a 1% chance of working out?

I'm new here. So glad there is a female version!Subbed right away :)
Anyway, I had this realization when I began renting a room in an aunt's house. Her and her husband had to put my bed together and the way he spoke to her was unbelievable to me. He reprimanded her in front of me; she removed screws she didn't need to, which was not a big deal, and 'advised her' to never take apart a bed again. Her daughter was listening in and half-jokingly said, "Hey that's my mom."
She doesn't work and doesn't need to but I see that as a sign of absolute weakness. She is not the only case of course but that moment really cemented how much better being single is, even if I'm a bit lonely. Real life comes at you fast, lol. I have MANY other stories of seeing shit like this.

Men have an insatiable need to impose their power on everything so if you put yourself in a position where you are captive to them, they will abuse this in order to assert dominance over you. This is why family violence or domestic violence is so rife in society. Being single, on the other hand, is much simpler and easier. Usually taking the easy way out makes you lose out, but with WGTOW you take the easy way out by never bothering with men and for this you free up time you can use to focus on things that will improve your life such as exercise, healthy eating, work, and investing.

It sounds like you have standards! Engaging in dating men as a woman usually, not always, but usually involves turning a blind eye to terrible behavior in favor of "staying in the relationship". Why do they do it? I ask, and yet in the past I have done it myself. Imagine if all the energy they spent rationalizing and putting up with bullshit was spent on improving one's own life and oneself.

Yes! Turning a blind eye seems to be a major them in dating men.
I've never actually dated a guy/had a boyfriend, so I've been lucky enough to avoid any of the stuff I mentioned in my post.

various WGTOWs, r/WGTOW 6 Comments [7/12/2017 12:40:38 AM]
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The most vile of Hamm’s comments I think, was this one where he endorsed vigilantism:

"I honestly do believe they do it for all the right reasons, because let’s face it, it’s not paying their mortgage."

Fucking Hell’s bells, is he serious? The most obvious “right reasons” they do it is because they are paedocrites: pathetically trying to hide there own sexual interests in nubile young teenage girls. (Girls, who less than a century ago would have had their own young children and were legally married to the fathers of such children). These paedocritical vigilantes feel guilty because prolonged exposure to destructive, feminist propaganda has made them (WRONGLY) believe that being sexually normal, i.e. being attracted to nubile young teenage girls, is ‘perverted’ or ‘sick’!
For a senior police officer to even think like that, let alone make a comment like that one publicly, is unbelievable and frightening, as it will inevitably lead to a state of anarchy, while he’s also admitting that he and his fellow PIGS are all incompetent and fucking USELESS wimps!
Hope he rots in hell…

Alan Vaughn, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 4 Comments [5/24/2017 2:31:09 PM]
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The true nature of Females

Violent behavior and no respect for women
See, this is why you're incel whoops

Normies and their shitty platitudes. They don't know how wrong they are.

He must have such a loving personality.

You can clearly see he has a lot of konfidunce as well. Its all about konfidunce.

"of course he got a nice haircut! thats how sex and relationships happen, you dumb incel! when a man is attracted to a woman, the man gets up, goes shopping for clothes, gets a haircut, sees a therapist, goes to the gym, comes home, showers, and then the woman gives the man the honor of having starfish sex."

Here are some more facts to help you guys:
"'I have never met a man who is so honest, full of feeling and so funny.' said Magdici"
"Magdici walked out on her husband, Vasile, 25, after she cleaned out their bank accounts."
Now captured, they have applied for conjugal visits. "[Her lawyer] said he was cautiously optimistic that Angela Magdici and Hassan Kiko would be allowed to carry on with their love life in the near future."

Fuck it, I raged so much after reading that.
Tell me again why beating female's are a bad thing? We need to put them in their place.

Females are human waste only intended for breeding purposes. The black pill has turned me into a being devoid of feelings. I no longer have empathy.

roasties are purely driven by their biology. revolting creatures

This is some good hate fuel. It's good to be reminded how horrible these creatures are.

It's sad to see how cucked Europe is -- and how femoids make it worse.

various incels, r/Incels 6 Comments [7/14/2017 12:30:00 PM]
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If you are still using social media then you are making women have power over you

If you are looking at women on Instagram, tinder, Facebook or anything like that then you are making women have power over you. You are literally giving them validation and letting them have the confidence boost that comes with rejecting guys like you. Then you end up feel bad and feeling rejected. All of this process happens just by the simple act of looking at women on one of those sites. The only social media site that is okay to look at women on is YouTube.

incelfluffyballs, r/Braincels 2 Comments [6/14/2018 4:35:22 PM]
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This month, someone made a donation to Planned Parenthood in Republican State Senator Steve Fitzgerald’s name ? and the Kansas lawmaker was not happy about it.

On March 10, Planned Parenthood’s Great Plains clinic tweeted out a photo of a letter Sen. Fitzgerald wrote to the women’s health organization. “It is with great dismay that I received your letter that a donation was made in my ‘honor’ to your heinous organization,” Sen. Fitzgerald wrote.

The state senator went on to liken Planned Parenthood ? an international nonprofit organization that provides healthcare to millions of women and men ? to a Nazi concentration camp.

“This is as bad ? or worse ? as having one’s name associated with Dachau,” Sen. Fitzgerald wrote, referring to the first Nazi concentration camp created in 1933. “Shame on your organization and shame on anyone that would attempt to blacken my name in this manner.”

In an interview with The Kansas City Star on Monday, Sen. Fitzgerald stood by his original comments.

“It was either send them that or ignore it,” Sen. Fitzgerald told The Star. “I figured, I don’t want my name associated as a donation to Planned Parenthood, in my name, to go on un-denounced by me.”

When asked if Sen. Fitzgerald was implying that Planned Parenthood is actually worse than the Nazis, the state senator replied: “Oh, yeah,” adding that the Nazis “ought to be incensed by the comparison.”

Many Twitter users were understandably very upset with Sen. Fitzgerald’s comments.

[Tweets removed by submitter]

Spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Great Plains told The Star that they’ve see an uptick in donations in Sen. Fitzgerald’s name since they tweeted his letter.

“It’s this kind of inflammatory language that adds to the shame and stigma of safe legal abortion,” Lee-Gilmore said. “The state of Kansas has much bigger issues to be dealing with, and this is just an unacceptable attack on women’s right to choose.”

Steve Fitzgerald, Huffington Post 6 Comments [3/20/2017 1:17:10 AM]
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For the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class), the neo-con propaganda outlet FOX News has, for the past 20 years or so, served the important purpose of keeping conservatives on a leash long enough to allow to them vent off their frustration, yet just short enough to keep them from wandering off into the land of total truth. The sole saving grace of the network was that, in allowing just enough cosmetic "conservatism" to air before millions of viewers, a percentage of the more astute elements of the massive audience would eventually wander off the plantation completely and join the ranks of the full truth "conspiracy theorists" TM. Indeed, during the late 1990's, your now fully enlightened Editor here passed through the FAUX News / Rush Limbaugh halfway-house before growing out of the "Left-Right" control cage altogether.

For that reason, in spite of our disdain for Rupert Murdoch's FAUX, we are nonetheless troubled by the recent and much-publicized rise of his de-balled sons (Lachlin & James) and their stupid and controlling communist wives (Sarah & Kathyrn). The scuttlebutt is that the contemptible, yet immensely popular, Bill O'Reilly was forced out by these beautiful women. O'Reilly's coveted 8 PM slot will be filled by Tucker Carlson, whose first guest as the new 8-PMer under the reign of the Bolshevik Bitches will be a man that O'Reilly once mocked -- the freakish trannie, Bruce Jenner (now referred to as "Caitlyn").

1. Kathryn made no effort to hide her love for Hillary and red-hot hatred for Trump & Bannon (She likes Ivanka though!)

2. Kathryn's "kinder, gentler" FOX will feature the degenerate freak Bruce Jenner.

Expect some of O'Reilly's elderly following to have heart attacks when Jenner appears with Carlson this coming Monday (April 24th)! But don't blame Carlson (who is actually not that bad) for having such a vile Satanic creature on his program. You can be sure that the Murdoch women, Kathryn in particular, are behind this obscenity. The Sisters-in-Law Murdoch had already previously amended the company's benefits package to include "expanded coverage for our transgender colleagues.”

Both Kathryn and Sarah are known to be "progressives." Of the two, Katryn (much like another silly little rich girl, Ivanka Trump) wields more power in her own right. She is a real fanatic when it comes to Trump-bashing, homosexuality, trannies and the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax. Since the Murdochs swallowed up National Geographic in 2015, that psuedo-scientific rag has continued to aggressively push the hoax while not allowing any real scientists to rebut the "settled science." The "philanthropist" Kathryn also worked for both the Clinton Climate Initiative and the Environmental Defense Fund. (here)

Old man Rupert once dismissed the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax as "alarmist nonsense." We expect this attitude at FOX News to "evolve" and eventually align with the views of the young Murdochs' National Geographic and Kathryn's beloved Environmental Defense Fund.

Now if you thought those National Geographic covers were bad, get a load of the EVIL boy-trannie child-abuse abomination that the next generation of the House of Murdoch recently put out. It's enough to almost make us want to plead with wretched old man Rupert Murdoch and that arrogant ass-clown Bill O'Reilly -- "Please, stay!"

Childhood psycho-sexual abuse --- coming soon to FOX's conservative audience.

The modern trend of men allowing their deranged women to rule over them is yet another symptom of the decay and decline of Western Civilization. Another high profile example of this alarming phenomenon is baby girl's Ivanka Trump-Kushner's uncontrolled White House antics -- such as her uninformed public support for the Global Warming TM / Climate Change TM hoax, "women's workplace issues," and her meeting with the baby butchers and baby body-part dealers of Planned Parenthood. Neither "The Donald" nor Ivanka's typically P-whipped Jewish husband, Jared Kushner, could reign in this spoiled little brat even if they wanted to.

And speaking of P-whipped, does it get any more pathetic than Pro Football Super Star and Trumpstein supporter, Tom Brady, failing to show up at the White House ceremony to honor the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory? You see, boys and girls, Brady's super-model wife, Giselle Bundchen, is an outspoken pro-abortionist, an anti-Trump tweeter, and a "Climate Change" TM libtard who is evidently embarrassed and fed-up with her husband's support for Trumpstein. We'll bet you dimes to doughnuts that the lovely Giselle put her high-heeled foot down and threatened to close down the candy store until pretty Tommy put an end to his public support for Trumpstein.

Your old-school Editor here at The Anti-New York Times has the utmost gentlemanly respect for the ladies. That respect does not extend to any "man" who allows a woman, no matter how blonde and beautiful, to de-ball and dictate to him. Unless and until men rediscover their balls and tell the Ivanka Trumps, the Giselle Bundchens, the Kathryn Murdochs and the Sarah Murdochs of our diseased and decaying society: "Shut up and sit down, you silly woman!" -- there will be no hope for the recovery of our collective sanity. Then again, in fairness to such men and in consideration of what our Marxist courts allow these wayward women to inflict upon husbands and fathers, many bullied men have no choice but to meekly accept the mischief of their wives -- or face alienation from their children.

Sick upside-down world!

Proverbs 21:19: Better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry woman.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that the Murdoch sons and their wives are much more liberal than the old man.

Boobus Americanus 2: It would be nice if they overhaul FOX News and make it more objective. As it stands now, I can't stomach it.

Sugar: Hey Boobusss! Ya think your panssie-ass could stomach a ssubscription to the Anti-New York Times?

Editor: If Boobus can't even handle the watered-down half-truths of FAUX News, then he'd surely puke his guts up over the true stuff we put out.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 5 Comments [4/23/2017 12:22:04 PM]
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Quote# 139954

The government punishes married couples in dozens of ways financially for getting married (including at tax-time, those receiving disability benefits, if your spouse receives state care, et cetera). In every state, by law, the government is a legal 3rd party entity in all licensed marriages. Yes, you are also married to the state!

In addition, the feminist LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) courts these days unfairly crucify men in divorce court. Lesbian judges are common now. Women don't think reasonably when they do men's jobs, because they were created by God to be emotional, submissive and sweet. So instead women become cruel and unjust in men's roles. Men on the other hand were created by God to be decisive, logical and to dominate. Feminism errantly teaches women to recognize a man's natural desire to dominate as being “abusive.” If you have a controlling father or husband, you ought to thank God that he is being the man God created him to be. There's no dog any more territorial than a man.

A man by nature wants to know who, what, where, when, how and why. That's his God-given right over his own wife, children and property. Why do you think Karl Marx (real Jewish name, Mordecai Levi) said that he could sum up Communism with one statement: Abolition of private property! Do you know why? It's because if you don't own any land, then you have no rights over that land or what happens on that land. Land ownership equals rights. Every real man wants to own his own land and be the boss of his property. The divorce rate has skyrocketed in America because of women's rights, because God-ordained masculine authority is viewed by feminists as oppressive. Yet, feminist hypocrites portray women on TV as being authoritative over men, and women who are able to physically over-powering men. It's not reality.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 10 Comments [8/21/2018 12:19:05 PM]
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Quote# 98722

I am a black man that loves black female sexuality

I love black female sexuality and I believe that people who try to suppress black female sexuality are evil devils.

The reason that I as a black man love black females who express their sexuality openly is because I know that these sisters do what they do to impress me as a black man. I know that they do what they do to serve my needs and wants as a black man and I sincerely love and appreciate this.

I love the fact that I as a black man have divine ownership over black women. Whenever I see a sista with a nice ass, I know that I am looking at what is mine, because these women belong to me. Whenever I see a sista with a nice rack, I know that I am looking at what is mine, because black women will always be mine.

I never hesitate to grab large handfuls of my woman’s ass in public, whenever I see fit. I never hesitate to hug my lady from behind and aggressively grope her bosom when I see fit.

Women look sexy to impress their men and when black women are purposely thorough and sexy in front of me, I sincerely love and appreciate it.

kushitekalkulus, Kushite Kalkulus 63 Comments [1/12/2014 5:52:07 AM]
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Quote# 130418

Brutal story.

I went out running today, and silly me I forgot this is the middle of the afternoon on a hot sunny summer day. Why the fuck did I even show my face in public? Also I've said several times on this subreddit that I'm a muscular guy. I lift. I have a great body. I have abs, good arms. Just all around good proportions, but you will see why this is futile.

Anyway, what happened was while I was running who else but a couple of girls stopped their car at a stop light. They yelled at me saying stupid things to me while I was waiting the light to go green, and the girl in the passenger said, "Hey! You! You're not hot!" and I turn my head, and she goes "Yeah you're not hot!" And then the light turned green.

I then started running back home in a fit of anger. I wanted to just fucking run into traffic. I thought to myself what the fuck is the point of being muscular if you don't have face? Or height? It's fucking over. Being muscular means you are compensating for your lack of height or lack of your face if you aren't Chad.

Just LDAR. It's completely over. To all those fucktards saying "Just lift brah!!!!!!!!!" This is the true blackpill. Women don't give a fuck about muscles.

anincelforlifelol, r/incels 20 Comments [8/11/2017 12:29:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 140173

Re: Hey heterosexual radfems, how do you date men?

I don't date. It's much better for my emotional and physical health. I'm not lonely. I have friends. I have a dog. I have Netflix. At this point I'm so used to being in control of my own home, body, and time, I think trying to date someone who's been socialized his whole life to expect me to be his damn servant would just annoy the Hell out of me.

Not straight but I’d guess they pick the least worse or something? Besides those who think they boyfriend is different from all men.

I don't. Since the porn explosion, I haven't found a man who can fuck worth a damn and I don't need one for anything else.

Dating radfem is an oxymoron. As you've already pointed out all men are dangerous and you have to be constantly on guard and expect them to do some shit. Ie you waste a ton of emotional recourses to just be with a man, and wasting recourses on men and risking yourself is not really what radfem teaches you.

You're not "doomed" to be alone. Loneliness is not painful if you have female friends and see a person and friend in yourself. We're taught that we're nothing without men, that we're incomplete without relationship, that we're worthless if no one loves us in a dick way. Those are all lies to keep us depending on men. There are plenty other ways to bring excitement into your life that don't involve men

I agree with this. Dating/being in a relationship with/ marrying men are not feminist decisions. They can be choices that can improve your personal happiness but to try to reconcile them with feminism is futile imo

I don’t anymore. I did for many years, and the power imbalance always came out, the expectations and such like. I decided that I wasn’t sufficiently bothered to compromise on this (I like my own company, I have friends and family, I enjoy doing things alone). If I came across someone, and we hit it off, great. Otherwise, it’s not something I want that badly.

I know exactly one man in a relationship with a woman who seems to just act like a person in a relationship with another person, no politics or manipulation or threats to sense of identity or domestic ineptitude or whatever. He’s a grown up, and he just gets on with things when they need to be done, and he supports his wife and loves his children and supports and encourages them without respect to gender. One man. Out of every one I know.

So it’s possible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I've never dated a man and I'm worried about what would happen when I try. I learned that I'm still susceptible to manipulation by men, but I'm thankful it's only a friendship that I'm in and not a relationship because I'm not sure if I'd be able to quit it without being hurt first.

I know some women who take chances to date men, and even my 50yo mother hasn't learned all men are out to disappoint, manipulate and abuse. I'm not even sure how she justifies her choice at this point.

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 5 Comments [8/29/2018 2:31:57 PM]
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Quote# 105568

My husband is a retired master mechanic in the Air Force. He told me that the dirty little secret was that woman pilots were four times more likely to crash then men. Now this was 20 years ago. I see no reason why this might be different. He claims no one really knew what the reason was. He also said woman make very good co-pilots, better than men, because of their high tolerance for tedium and the ability to multitask. The problem with women as pilots is when something goes wrong women tend to think and men react. He said the worse crash he witnessed was when a woman flight instructor was teaching a woman pilot to land when something went wrong during landing. She hesitated then gave the wrong commands. Everyone died in that crash.He is strongly against woman fighter pilots, the planes aren’t designed for women. There is no way around the “indoor” plumbing. Not to mention she simply is not physically strong enough to withstand the G forces. She will pass out before a man.

Of course there is also the problem of intuitive fighting; women don’t seem to have it.

Jeanette V, The Thinking Housewife 54 Comments [12/31/2014 4:17:00 AM]
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Quote# 125951

For Incels: female "friends" cannot help you.

1) They cannot emphasise with our situation: They phenomena of being sexually repulsive to the opposite sex is completely unfathomable to them. Why do you think they constantly undermine our situation:

Being a virgin is not that bad, no one cares that you are.

Sex isn't all that.

Sex shouldn't be important to you, get yourself a hobby.

I think you have bigger problems than getting laid, a girlfriend won't save you.

If those retards had two brain cells to rub together then they'll know that undermining someone's problems is the WORST thing you should do in trying to "help" them.

2) They won't have sex with you or set you up with their friends either (and it's a known fact that every female knows at least one slut that's in-discriminatory with her choices). Deep down they see us as sexually-repulsive subhuman garbage.

3) As such they would be a constant reminder of someone you can never have. Like a piece of meat just out of reach from a caged lion. Someone so close but yet so far, someone you can never be with. This will destroy you mentally and spiritually.

4) They will ghost you: Whether this is real life or on reddit. It's no different from online dating after a few messages they disappear out of nowhere. Incels have already reported the females that offer support disappear (probably to fuck their new Chad). That feeling of abandonment will further crush you.

Ignore the normies on this board, their nothing but snake oil salesman that want to see us fail and blame and laugh at us when we do.

dontcryimalreadydead, /r/incels 4 Comments [4/2/2017 7:29:53 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 136257

For those who had any doubt about how women are hurtling on the path towards obsolesence :

Feminists demand that only scientific research that furthers feminism be pursued.

The precision to which female psychology is diametrically opposed to the principles of a free, advanced, and enlightened society is just uncanny.

Anon, Dalrock 2 Comments [7/8/2018 7:40:55 AM]
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Quote# 129244

An erect bearing, head up, and a polite smile (not a feral one) go a long way toward being seen as a strong, confident person. So many modern women don’t get that, it seems.

And a ton of them walk like men: feet apart, practically stomping down the sidewalk. *I* have a more feminine walk than half the women I see in the city.

Wayne Blackburn, According To Hoyt 1 Comments [7/14/2017 7:25:32 AM]
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Quote# 136103

Lmao this some teen-fiction shit. Women find 80% of men ugly anyways, just fucking lol if you think they care that much about you to make "eww" faces or be like "omg look how ugly that guy is". You have to understand the default average guy is ugly to them. Roasties are too busy thinking about what they're gonna wear to the date with chad that night, they dgaf about you. Facts.

Masculinist, incels.me 3 Comments [1/18/2018 3:07:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 126526

JOBLESS? Blame women!!


Women fought tooth and nail to have the opportunity to work just like men and any man who said women should stay at home with the kids was called a sexist who wanted to chain women to the stove.

Women entered the work force doubling the labour force while reducing its worth - wages haven't moved up since 70s but the cost of living has resulting in two income house holds becoming the norm.

Women realise work isn't fun and want to retire 30 years earlier in their 30s and play house but realise they need a man whose income can support a family - they can't find one so they blame men for being losers.

No. Women created this situation and are now reaping their rewards.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 12 Comments [4/21/2017 11:06:26 AM]
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