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r00000000 #sexist #fundie

I always thought NPC meme was really disrespectful when I first saw it and was just a way to strawman people, but then I talked to these type of people that spend all their time on subs like IT, niceguys, etc., and like 90% of them are the exact same, even off reddit (which is where I think the "women can sense your online misogyny" thing comes from because they assume everyone is like them and acts the same on and off internet).

Not even just opinions because you could say that about any community, but the things the say regarding those opinions, the way they type, it's literally like they're all the same person typing it. I've seen so many posts saying the exact same thing, nearly word for word, on 4chan, IT, etc.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Found on IT. The memes write themselves



Confirmed from IRL conversation.

"I'd date a guy my height, it's just, like, all guys are over 6'2, where would I even meet a guy under 6'2?"

"Are you serious? Maybe you just don't even register guys under 6'2"

"... oh, wow, I never thought about that..."


I'm starting to think those comments are some kind of conspiracy or something. There are hundreds of comments like that worded almost exactly the same, describing the same situation with the same argument


There is such a thing as the wrong person to say something, whether they're correct or not. Even if it really was true that she wouldn't mind dating a short guy at all and her current boyfriend being tall is a coincidence and outlier, it still undermines her credibility to admit as much. It's a pretty basic concept in rhetoric. Naturally, foids are completely unable to argue using anything but pathos. It's kinda like the ultralogical hyperautists without an empathetic bone in their body who are poor at convincing people no matter how correct they are, except for women it's all about feelings instead. For women, though, it's considered totally normal and acceptable. Even convincing to the soyboys. Really weird world we live in.

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Some incels #transphobia

Re: Trannies_irl



LMAO only a small percentage will ever be passing

I'd say there are more letters in your sentence than trannies that pass.


A good rule of thumb I heard is if you can't pass pre-HRT, you're not gonna pass with it either.


Apparently that operation involves painful after care like dilation that must be done every day. Shoving what basically is a dildo up there into an open wound that gets these weird "hair balls" because they essentially invert the penis and genitals.

Oh and infections are common. Imagine having a cut that you never let heal and is constantly exposed.

Surgery wasted on these failures of people when it could be saving lives, or at least giving gastric bands to all the massively obese people eating everything in sight.

you can thank anime for this rise of degeneracy.

anime makes it look like a possible concept

People who believe they can come any where near the literal 2D drawing Utopian ideal of a flawless ageless young female should give themselves a reality check before checking in at the local psych ward.


Most are delusional if they think they can pass for real women

If they can pass, they get the same easy mode as women do but with one exception - they have to date men who are open to transwomen

Otherwise? If she passes for a woman her life is E A S Y M O D E


There are two types of trans people. The one type is were they they are naturally feminine and transition is really just an improvement and a buff to the stats they already naturally had.

The other type is the incel in denial type. Typically will try to transition no matter how they look. Have lived a life were they have suffered mentally. Usually have 0 natural femininity and can never be a real tranny no matter how hard they try. This is the most common type.


You incels could learn something from trannies. They too believe world owes them sex, but they knew how to fit themselves into the oppression hierarchy and how to complain about being celibate using neo-marxist lingo, so they are supported by leftists. Maybe you could use some of that intersectional crap, so that sjw chicks could virtue signal by having sex with oppresses sub-humans. Nobody ever got that woke.

Can you say that again but without the buzzwords so a normal human can understand what your saying

Trannies too like to complain because they are sexually rejected. They invented something called "cotton ceiling" to name their "oppression" and they are outraged by the fact that lesbians and straight men reject them. Just see the Ginuwine scandal.

You should all become leftists and then fight to gain status of an oppressed category, just like trannies.

Until people overcome their evolutionary prerogative to not want to fuck ugly people/people with the same genitals, being a leftist isn't gonna do jack shit

It gives more weight to their virtue signalling, because it makes a greater challenge.


Ive seen plenty like on the right and they are CHAD ONLY

Ive aeen plenty like on the left and they are CHAD ONLY


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Some incels #sexist

Re: I just found out that my crush, the love of my entire life, is Chad’a slut. I didn’t want to be blackpilled but now I have no choice.


I am a broken man right now.

I’ve known for some time that I’m not the most aesthetically pleasing of men. I’m short and naturally very skinny and scrawny. I’ve never had female attention like peers. I’ve known about this subreddit for a year now but I was always hesitant to follow your beliefs. This was because of one reason: her.

I’ve loved this girl for as long as I’ve known her. If I’m being real with myself, a big part of why is because I saw her as equal to me- both lookswise and personality-wise. She’s chubby and like they always say, “the equivalent of a short man is a fat woman”. I figured that like me, she didn’t get a lot of attention from the opposite sex so I truly thought I had a chance. Besides that, she was extremely sweet, really funny, pretty in the face [but I personally loved her body too] and loved the same shit I loved. We would watch seasons of anime together in a day’s time and she owned even more comics than me. She never missed a single con and hand-made her own cosplays. She was a geek, she was different from the rest. At least that’s what I thought.

When we were hanging out today, she gave me her phone to look something up while she went to cook some food. After a few minutes, a message popped up from this dude who’s in one of our courses. I knew it was him because he has a unique name. Tall as fuck, mixed-race, fit, good looking. I was confused because I never saw them interact at all. Out of curiosity I opened up the message:

“Such a dirty girl”.

This might have been wrong but I scrolled through the rest of their messages. What I saw and read made me sick to my stomach. Pics of her tits and ass, her telling him “I miss the feeling of your fucking big cock inside me”, telling him how perfect his cum tastes, him saying “you’re the tightest pussy I’ve fucked, I can’t stop fucking you”. I stopped at a point because I thought I would throw up on the spot, literally light headed. I pulled myself together enough to bullshit her by saying that I forgot I had a test I need to study for (even though we have the same major so the same classes). She didn’t buy it but I was insistent on needing to leave, and I did.

I feel like a shell of a person. I have no choice but to be Blackpilled at this point. Even the most “not like other girls” girl is JUST like other girls. I’m not looking forward to seeing her in class on Monday.

I love these stories, because they show the part women don't show to the world. It's also why I love the internet. You get to see what people are really like. When I first stumbled upon incel stuff, I really liked IncelTears because it was a great LifeFuel. But then I went and searched through the other comments from the people int that sub (the comments they made on other subs, you know, when they were not virtue signaling), and it was filled with BlackPills.

For example, I'm going to IncelTeras right now and find a double face bitch. One second.

Ok, I found one on random. The user is mermaid_mama_2015, she posted a comment in IT 11 hours ago

She has previously virtue signaled stuff like:

"This. I had plenty of guys wanting to have sex with me in my 20s, but I wanted a meaningful relationship, and because I was naturally flirty and very pretty, none of them really considered me for that. Got passed over so many times, I was intolerably lonely."

"I know, right? My nerdy friends circle is full of guys like that."

"Word. Like, yeah, I had sex sometimes on my 20s."

"The only man I had casual coital sex with was ...."

She also has comments where she talks about how hard it was having ADHD, and how never had many friends, and how she was always a nerd and awkward, etc etc. I know right, sounds like a damsel in distress, poor girl.

But then, if you dig further into her profile you find comment like these:

"Sure, he had an absolutely massive cock and it was pretty much the reason I agreed to fuck him"

"You sound like I did at 28, after three solid years of orgies, casual non-coital sex and a messy relationship that never quite got off the ground"

Remember I found this just right now. The real BlackPill is what people don't say. The stuff they do is the Real BlackPill and the internet is good for finding what these "virtue signalers" are really are like inside.

Youre mad that she....... has sex?? Whats your point

He JUST became a BlackPill, give him some time. He's still a bit shocked that the girl that made everyone think shes a virgin, a fat shy girl that can't talk to guys and doesn't have high standards, was riding Chad's cock (on the low) like an equestrian about to win the Kentucky Derby. Eventually seeing "virgins", the "I don;t date assholes" and the "I'm not like other girls" girls orbiting Chad's cock will become so common to him, that he won't even notice anymore, like all of us.


Brutal realisation that almost all "not like the other girls" are deep down like the other girls and just try to be perceived different because they can´t compete with classic Stacys. The few Stacy tier "not like the other girls" are usually fucked up mentally and try to compensate for that with this whole charade.

When it comes to mating, except a few ultra rare ones everyone be it male or female ticks in the same way.


"This. I had plenty of guys wanting to have sex with me in my 20s, but I wanted a meaningful relationship, and because I was naturally flirty and very pretty, none of them really considered me for that. Got passed over so many times, I was intolerably lonely."

Absolutely meme gender. She kept going after Chads and Chadlites and got depressed because they didn't want to commit to her and instead pumped and dumped. Meanwhile her looksmatch probably roped, because she refused to give him the time of day, preferring to chase the cock carusel.


All women are degenerate cumdumpster trash.

They play innocent so that dumbfucks white knight and pine after them.

If you can't get a virgin you shouldn't play the game.


Getting a virgin is impossible. Even the ones that say "I want to save myself for marriage" will eventually succumb to Chad's dick. There's only a small percentage that will actually save themselves for marriage and those are the ones that I actually respect.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Reminder that women shouldn't be in the police force


I can see very specific roles where they could be useful, such as a domestic situation involving children, but they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near active duty. The amount of soft, 5'4 female copettes I've seen who I could literally knock out cold with one hit is really disturbing me from a security point of view


Jfl at them having a combined strength of half a physically fit police man

its not even a joke, all of them together couldnt take down one somewhat trained guy


Most female cops are useless. The ones they usually hire in NYC patrol the densely populated streets of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan where no actual crimes occur aside from petty thefts, etc. They're just there to give the city a friendlier looking image to tourists.


They are good for producing hilarious videos where they try to arrest ripped 6′5 tyrones and get disarmed and thrown around like children. ^^


From left to Right:

Hot, Masculine, Lesbian, Decent, Hot, Bill Burr's Looksmatch (but even more Irish-looking). I would date all of them btw.

But yes, none of them could take me down. Women cops are more likely to use their guns to subdue a suspect cuz they panic and have no strength. I would love it if they replaced all cops with women btw. The crime-rate would soar. Fuck society.


JFL @ all foid cops, military personnel, emt's, firefighters and any other profession along those lines.

These whores are a detriment to the people they serve and work with and should not be allowed in these kind of jobs.

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WotanReborn & I-N-S-T-A-L-L #sexist #transphobia



F2M trannies baffle me in general since they at best will turn into manlets with feminine features. It's like switching life from game journalist difficulty to hardcore mode.

There are several shitposts where a bunch of them even admit how much harder life became once their transitioned to male.


They have no fucking clue. I unironically want to promote F-to-M transgenderism to trick many foids into becoming men. I know that they can always go back or make life easier by adopting the identity of "transgender" itself, but those first few days will be worth it seeing their naive views on men getting shattered.

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Lighter_Sheepherder #sexist

Yoga pants should be made fucking illegal

What kind of fucked up shit society is this allowing your daughter/sister/mother/girlfriend to wear ass tight yoga pants with a thong or no underwear underneath in fucking public???????

Im currently at an airport co2maxxing to speed up global warming and ive seen no less than 20 whores in yoga pants in this terminal lobby alone

Each time i see one my heart fucking jumps like some kind of a degenerate animal and i feel the need to go and fap in an airport bathroom because of this SHIT and i hate it

Tehee chad only

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innocent_butungu & Administrative_Worth #sexist #homophobia #transphobia



Can lesbians be incel? I'm honestly not sure, we need some high-IQ-cels to conduct a scientific study.

If lesbians existed, probably. But reality is lesbians do not exist. Lesbians are just etero girls going bisexual for shit and giggles.

The only true lesbians are basically FtM trans without gender dysphoria


Reminder that women can get women easier than us. And most have already at some point.

So fucking true. Women's preference for fuckng goes chad, chad-lite, and high tier stacies. Stacy's becky's. 5.5/10 guys, Dogs, and then genetic trash both male and female. Male, below 3.5 women see you as trash, foids, below 2.5 you're genetic trash.

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throwagayy1234 & Lostcel3 #sexist

Re: Locationcel theory confirmed! Saint Blackops2cel is literally a slayer God in Africa!


I should try to fraudmaxx to Africa as a blackcel and see if I can get a matches. I cannot believe that JBW is that strong even with black women. I used to actually believe black women were more loyal to us negroes but recently that has been exposed as a hardcore cope.

Just lol at thinking it's got anything to do with black women wanting white men. They literally just see them as an atm. Africa is a different world, sex is thought of totally differently over there. Everyone is fucking all the time. Sex is very transactional.

My family do business in east africa and i spent two months there. The ones renowned for sexual prowess were the masaai, the local tribesmen. Culturally traditional africans who sometimes come into the city to make money. They dont get real jobs theh just stand around guarding stuff with a big stick and a knife. Is more evidence towards the theory that the only way women get the tingles is if they somehow feel threatened or in danger.

These masaai guys also chew leaves with some sort of drug like properties which makes them able to have sex for hours and presumably tearing lots of black vaginas into bloody shreds in the process. So yeah, thats what women seem to actually want. Its also part of the reason why everyone has da aids over there.

Its easy to bang black girls over there as a white guy but you have to pay, even if you just meet some woman at a club and she goes to a hotel with you the next morning they will ask you for money, I even had one girl ask me for my headphones lol. I'm also pretty sure I got an sti which I haven't been able to diagnose yet so it's not worth it overall.


Being white or any other color than being black in Africa might give off an exotic look to African foids as well as the status/money factor behind it. Black women in the west seem to only like black men for the most part. That's like saying it's over for whitecels just because black guys do extremely well in Eastern Europe.

Never heard of black guys doing well in Eastern Europe at all. Maybe 6'4" Tyrone but he'd do well anywhere besides Asia.

When I was getting into pua. Some black buddies of mine went locationmaxing in East europe/Australia and did really well. Read some PUA forums of the same thing. I was told it was really sketchy to be colored in East europe tho so safe travelling that needs to be taken seriously. Same with white friends chasing after asian foids. Sometimes they would locationmax by going to specific areas near where we live to chase a specific demographic of women. Like going to an all-white community/city or a nearly all asian community/city if that makes sense.

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Cool188 #sexist #wtf

there needs to be female viagra created and put into powder form. then sprinkle it all over the us via satellites 24/7. increase the concentration till 90% of men get laid

This will just result in Chads getting 3x as much sex and nothing will change for us.

they can’t have sex with a chad all the time. eventually chads will be to busy fucking and some girls will be left horny with no man. yes they could masturbate but as the concentration increases the desire for a man will too.

if women had the horniness of a 12 year boy they’d start to lower there standards.

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Rampojo #sexist #wtf

I am pretty sure my mother would get wet if my bully killed me.

Every incel loves his mother, sure.

But your mother IS a female.

We KNOW that women love violent, criminal, HANDSOME men.

Bullying exists to show that a man is superior to another man, so he can impress females in the area.

Bullying an inferior male makes women hot and wet. You're showing her that you are ending the life of an ugly male. By killing him, you make sure that the female will NEVER have to be close to an ugly male and risk being impregnated by him.

Also, the bully is showing her that he is physically superior to another male. In the animal world, the strongest win the females. The bully is the strongest. He dominates you, so he can have all females in his territory.

The female wants to be impregnated by him and have his strong, dominant children. She wants his genes deep inside of her.

I think that my tall, chad bully would make my female family members wet. Imagine the genes you carried inside of you being dominated by another female's creation. You would be jealous of the bully's mother AND you would hate your son for being this weak, inferior male.

My mother would probably, without actively doing it, feel attracted to my bully.

I know my mother loves me but she IS a female.

Females are biologically made to fel attracted to the highest possible genetic male.

Your genes being humiliated, dominated and killed makes your mother wet.

She sleeps with the bully chad who kills you.

Think about it. I know everyone likes copin when it is about their loved ones and their mothers. It's a natural cope. No one on earth wants to know that his mother doesn't love him and hates him.

Your mother is a ROASTBEEF FOID. NEVER forget that.

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ENTP #sexist #fundie

Hypergamy in Georgia just got slightly checked. Remove all hypergamy promoting policies NOW. No more child support, no more alimony, no free birth control, no more support for teen pregs, STD and pregnancy must be reported to parents, no more sex ed classes, no more free condoms. No more WIC. Promiscuous women must be shunned, ostracized, and economically destroyed. Unwed pregnancy must lead to absolute poverty and misery. Marriage to looksmatch must become the norm again!

Promiscuous chads must also be socially and economically destroyed.

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Administrative_Worth #sexist

Re: This is what will happen to you if you look at a female as an ugly male. This is what they do to us.


And women wikl honestly try to tell you they are oppressed. Their only oppression is in the form of lack of chads. Chads being a rarity and the womans own sexuak market value. Girls literally justify cheating on their long term partners because they have felt cheated on before. I.e highly desireable chad didnt commit and she felt less than his equal.

The only reason women exoereince any discrimination is chad worship. They get in their minds that life is all about them. Its why they think they can do whatecer they want, act like a degenerate and also somehow live the princess life. Men exist in female world as objects. Sex objects and utility objects. When the object makfuncfions or doesnt deliver what she wants thats ahen she feels "violated" i.e bit hes crying over another foid stealing chad when they woukd have done the sane thing. Or an ugly guy looking at a foid, how dare he, lets teach him a lesson for not fitting into my view of a perfect world. Weve made megalomaniacs. Lady macbeth's

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MillimetersOfBone & ShahOfShinebox #sexist #transphobia

[Note: They are commenting on a video titled "8th place: A high school girl's life after transgender students joined her sport", posted by The Daily Signal, a website operated by the right-wing organization The Heritage Foundation]

Re: This roastie crying about not winning anymore, JFL - Life fuel!!!


It's so fun watching feminism eat itself with this whole trans thing.

It's a battle between entitIed women who want to be coddled because of their holes, and virtue signalers who are willing to cuck themselves into oblivion to seem as "accepting" and "tolerant" as possible. And the virtue signalers are winning.

Now, all of the sudden, men in wigs with abs and dicks are flooding into women's locker rooms, and unsurprisingly dominating in women's sports. Women are slowly losing all of their special privileges to trannies and they have to either plug their ears and pretend these men are women, or speak the truth and get shut out by their friends, lose their jobs, and be banned from public life.

Just goes to show, sometimes you get lucky and the 🤡🌎 hits the wrong target.


Honestly I’m a huge supporter of trans people in sports

It makes no difference to men if trans men join their sport, and the minute they have a trans woman vs woman boxing match here in LA I’ll be happily buying a ticket because that will be some hilarious shit

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Some incels #sexist



Even those Chads at the very top of the pyramid often have it harder than foids. Women still get affirmative action, alimony, child support, abortions and are punished less harshly under the legal system.

The privileges foids have are unending.


The male sex is the biologically expendable one; nature considers you nothing more than a nuisance that should be wiped for the sake of everything else.

Congratulations, this might just be the dumbest statement I've come across in this sub.

it's true. you need what, 1 high quality male to impregnate 50 foids? the rest are labor and fodder for the next generations of chad-foid breeding.


You can repost this everyday and I will always upvote. It's like the E=mc² of dismantling feminism.


Major cope. There are numerous peer reviewed studies detailing the many types of inequality that women face. Let's not strawman like IT.

What inequalities do women face?

Alimony? Child custody? Abortion when the father doesn't want to? Affirmative action in higher education and the workforce?


Women don't get CEO positions sweety, those pesky incels, male builders and garbage collectors are privileged


As if those "peer reviewed studies" aren't biased as fuck and immune to criticism because "misogyny" if you question them.

Women have it better in dating, child rearing, governmental support, empathy/sympathy from literally everyone (women are wonderful effect), education, and now the job market. Where exactly are they disadvantaged?

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Take_Me_Back_Please #sexist

I wish IT was right.

I wish the bluepill was true. I wish the blackpill was all bullshit and that all we had to do was be nice and kind and we'd find somebody regardless of the looks we were born with.

This is something I want normies, IT and whoever else to know: I wish I was wrong, I wish the blackpill was bullshit. But it's the fucking undeniable truth. I wish being a manlet had no effect on how people treated me. I wish people weren't as superficial as they are.

I wish people treated a 5'1 currycel the same way they they do a 6'5 white chad. But nigga, you know that ain't how it goes.

How can you fix a problem if you pretend it doesn't exist. Are you going to lie to that currycel over and over that his looks don't matter and that all he needs is to work on his personality. That's cruel and close to evil.

Tell him the truth: it's his looooooooooooooks. Tell him to gymaxx, looksmaxx, heightfraudmaxx. Give him advice that is actually worth a damn.

"take a shower bro" ... you fucking serious?

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RedPillMGTOW #sexist

5 reasons to date an incel

1. You will be the first female who touched him making it a special and deep relationship.

2. He won't cheat on you since he has no other options.

3. He is okay with just cuddling and doesn't see you as a sex object. If you are serious he will wait for marriage. Incels are accustomed to not having sex.

4. He will work harder on your relationship than good looking guys since he can't just replace you with other girls.

5. He is probably based and would be a good father for your children. He wouldn't let your daughter sleep around and would give your son wisdom and confidence that other guys couldn't becuse they don't know how low self-confidence feels.

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justforlulzandkeks #transphobia

Re: Daily reminder that most trannies end up looking like this


Much worse. and even the ones who manage to put on 100 pounds of mmakeup and can look passable under certain lights, are still easily busted when they show their voice. They always sound like bugs. Imagine what these disgusting creatures look like without the makeup. Disgusting

Daily reminder that these are the chapocels/reddit trannies who tell you to post hog/you're a freak

I was JUST ABOUT to make some fukn lunch, and you ruined it.

umm what are you trying to say? why would your lunch be ruined? those are clearly all beautiful women, and if you dare insinuate that they're not you're obviously just a bigot


Literally nothing to do with inceldom but ok thank you for posting.

Actually a lot of IT posters are trannies/furries or other types of degenerates. They shit on incels to feel better about themselves and because "fighting misogyny" means they're "real women"

Literally everyone shits on incels, with the majority being fully heterosexual born women, dont see the need to single out transexuals.

It's just a friendly reminder of who is calling you a loser on reddit and that there's a good chance they're beneath you

Imagine being on a subreddit about how people get judged for their looks and then proceeding to judge people by their looks

Let the tranny be, as long as it doesn’t affect me let it do what it wants

This tranny threw a fit in a gamestop store because he was called sir

He's already affected the public, no reason he wouldn't affect you as well

Ohhh noooo! Someone through a fit in a gamestop! The world is gonna end! Better get laid while you still can. Oh wait...

was this supposed to be an insult? LMAO

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Some incels #sexist #pedo

Re: Imagine having a daughter, whoreing around at 11 years.



my boyfriend and I (...)

Of course she's probably le single mother ready to settle down. Like mother, like daughter

Take note: The child's boyfriend is 13... This is when Chad starts. None of that "you'll meet a girl in college" or "most couples meet at the workplace" or "it's completely normal to be a virgin at 21" bs....

lol at cuck bf immediately getting mad at the 13 yr old boy.

I really don't know what kind of fuel this is. All I know is that a 13 year old mogs me by 9 points on a 10/10 scale.

Somwhere a man is paying child support and potentially alimony just to have his ex-wife let his 11 year old daughter get pregnant

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Some incels #sexist #psycho

Re: twoxroasties wants you to be a compassionate cuck when your wife cucks you, births some chad's spawn, bails on you, and then leaves you to raise chad's spawn. women are a meme.



I had my suicide planned in case the day he would realize I wasn't worthy of his love because of my genetics would come

Roastie on leddit experiences 1% of the hardships of incel lifestyle and wants to rope already

If you ever ascend, DNA test your kids.

Anyway, women don't have consciousness or empathy, she just isn't fucking capable of putting herself in someone else's shoes. It's all about how SHE FEELS and what happens to her.

In their minds, them tricking yiu into rasing offspring is actually moral. You see that kid needs resources, it's a kid, it's pure, it's innocent, it deserves fulfillment. Plus she knows it's hers. Therefore she has even more bond to see it succeed and receive resources. Always get your kids tested. Honestly even chad should. Believe me, women cheat, a lot. If they think they can get away with it, and the guys worth it, they cheat. Fact of life.


I cant even call that man a cuck, he is more of a man than the real father

I'm happy to read this comment in this sub. I also wouldn't leave a little child behind if I have taken care of it for so many years. Cuck or not, if people can show mercy to random people through charity, then you can take care of one more kid. It's not the kid's fault.

Random charity does not mean being legally financially tied against your will to a person you were deceived into believing was your biological offspring. Don't even compare the two. They are nothing alike.

I can. He is a fucking cuck that willingly took unnecessary stress & partially ruined his own life over a whore's bastard daughter.

And you're no better, you fucking cuck. If you don't kick both the whore & her cheat trophy out; you are a fucking cuck. I have no respect for either.

His older parents tried speaking sense into this father but they raised a soft little feminized wimp.

Lmao all the comments defending him, this sub is infested by normies, fakecels, and cucks

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Some incels #sexist #fundie #wtf

Re: just call a suicide hotline bro. they’ll help you! []



These seem like well-adjusted people.

Here's a copy paste edit of a comment I recently made:

I honestly believe that ITcels are lower intelligence than average though. Their complete lack of ability to form arguments and use logic is actually outstanding. Whenever you engage with an ITcel, it's like fighting a wild animal. They just foam at the mouth and shit everywhere. Even within their own community they will upvote comments that are blatantly irrational or paradoxical.

When you consider that the majority of ITcels are suffering from mental disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and transgenderism, it makes sense. If you don't believe me, you can see this for yourself by briefly clicking through random users in any IT thread and check out their active communities/brief post history. The most hilarious (and highly prevalent) archetype among them is the soycucks who have outright misogynistic or alt right coping (such as the_donald--a subreddit that blackedsigma has in his active community list) post histories. You can literally see their internal mental battle between hating women and being a whiteknight cuck. These people are not in a stable mindset.


They want to live up to their culture’s idealization of the word “good” more than they are able to be curious about what is real. They are more attached to the idea of “good guys” and “bad guys” than they are attached to the desire to know what is true.

That’s why their capacity for logic and reason is very poor, while their will to make fun and shame is very advanced. Lots of them are literally living the truths and realities that are presented here, but because these facts make them uncomfortable or stimulate intense cognitive dissonance within them they just deny it out of pure emotion, cherry picking the most ignorant comments and retreating into the self righteous comfort of feeling morally superior to others.

So many men today are literally involuntary celibate, or are very close to being incel that it is ridiculous....and it’s actually getting worse. The implications of this reality are unacceptable for the gynocentric, women are wonderful status quo. Rather than confront this in a rational way, many men would rather posture to show that they are attractive in some way (think of how common it is for men to fraud or exaggerate, especially online, their moral fashionableness, their height, their partner count, their penis size, how much money they make, ect) to feel good about themselves and like a “good”/“real” man to complete anonymous strangers on the internet.

As long as it makes them feel superior to shame anti-gynocentric thought, that’s exactly what they are going to do. They don’t care at all about what is logical or what is true, they only really care for their own image....the epitome of a feminized mindset and culture.


IT soyboys are garbage who think they know it all throwing their bluepills out, but tbh, the roasties on IT are some of the most cruellest cunts in existence that definitely do get off on suicide and making men miserable. that's why IT foids come here and mock us.


They are worse than us. Almost everyone of us wouldn't even harm a fly, meanwhile they talk people into suicide.

And no, inceltears, we're not encouraging suicide amongst ourselves, the rope meme is an expression of despair, helplessness, and understanding.


good thing I already 100% disregard normy society in every way and if I ever have problems I either deal with it myself or vent to obscure, hated internet subcultures. Would never call some faggot normie on a suicide hotline. Why? Probably just a low IQ douche obsessed with being perceived in a good light and has no real convictions.


Please remember, suicide hotlines are made for "lonely" mothers, frustrated family men, attractive teenagers who broke up with their 5th boyfriend etc etc.

They are not made for childless low value unattractive males. There is no guarantee of anonymity, don't make your life worse. Don't let them stamp you with a loony tag and use it against you later on.


See, there's really no reason why incels and their rhetoric should bother them. Accept, they're basically the lowest of the low themselves. So they need to hate you guys to make it through the day.

No different than coping racist in my opinion. Might as well find a way to profit of them.


They’d put us in concentration camps if they had a chance. Fuck law fuck morality we only want to kill ugly people who are bitter and got buttfucked by life.

Unironically diabolic people. I would never wish such things (perhaps to some serial killers, but this is not the case).


hate those weaker than you. be a heartless savage but twist it to make it seem the weak deserve it. same logic is used by western white nations to attack and destroy weaker "so called uncivilized" non-white nations.


The only thing that can generate this type of hate is self loathing

They know they are incel and only by hating incels as viciously as possible can they "maintain" the lie that they are not one

Just smdh


That is pretty horrible, but it's a bit more understandable when you see what they're replying to:

Yeah dude, if abusing the already flawed mental health system to goad people you don't like into suicide can be "understandable" to you, you're a piece of shit and need to be isolated. You're disgusting.

How the hell do you privileged fucks even grow to be this evil? You get showered with love all your life and yet come out uglier than some criminals.

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A_bold_wolf #sexist

You incels who think girls have it easy need to be educated

I'm an escortcel who's seen half a dozen escorts. Two in particular talked to me about their income.

Escort 1 lives in an almost 5000$ a month condo in Toronto's financial district. She says that before taxes she makes 20k a month. She charges 220$ an hour which she takes after the session.

Escort 2 goes from city to city. Charges 200$ per hour. Sees 10 guys a night in Quebec. When I was in her condo I saw literal stacks of 20's and 100s

No education, no training, just what they were born with. All they had to do was not be fat.

Girls do NOT have it on easy mode you incels. They have it on TUTORIAL mode.

End me.

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Some incels #sexist #pedo

Re: Welcome to the clown world boys



Yeah I totally remember using fleshlights when I was 12. My parents got me one for my birthday. Absolutely.

What the fuck is wrong with reddit?

I didn’t even know what sex and masturbation were at 12... wtf is going on...

Bruh most people learn about fapping between the ages of 9-12. There's nothing wrong with rubbing one out lol

This is wrong. I don’t mean it morally speaking, it’s scientifically wrong because you have to hit puberty to actually bust a nut. I grew up in an era where PCs weren’t still mainstreamed, so I wasn’t constantly bombarded with sexual cues.

Nowadays people are constantly pressured with sexual hints and that makes them prematurely develop a sexual desire of sorts. That doesn’t mean it’s fine or normal though.


If that was the story, that someone caught their 12 year old son with a fleshlight, reddit would be calling him a creep and calling for therapy because "this isn't a good sign, he sees women as objects".

Someone should wait a few months and post a story saying just that just to see the reactions.

Bruh most people learn about fapping between the ages of 9-12. There's nothing wrong with rubbing one out lol

Yeah, I was doing it around 10 years old. Before that I remember having sexual feelings for certain hot teachers as young as 6 or 7, I had no idea what they were but they were there.

The problem with this story is getting them a sex toy seems off. I guess it depends on the toy? But I said this in another comment, if it was a boy with a fleshlight I think people would be reacting very differently. There's nothing wrong with masturbating but having a big dick in your drawer and losing your virginity to it at age 12 seems odd. Then again maybe it's just a little vibrator but, again, do the old boring "reverse the sexes" and Reddit would be reacting differently.


12 years old... these cucks are normalization pedophilia slowley

Pedophilia is a 12 yo having sex with themselves??? Should a 12 yo be jailed for masturbating in the mirror and seeing theit reflection?

This topic may be degeneracy but it is not paedophilia. I am sure when you were 12 and jerked off, that was fine but cuz it's a girl, you feel it's immoral, because you think women's sexuality is more precious?

women can become degenerate much more easily than men.


Women deserve to be controlled more because it is easier for them to become sluts than it is for men to become sluts.


Why why why would you seek parenting advice from people with one overwhelming gender and political bias? These nutcases believe mentally ill men are women for fucks sake.

Ofc all the sensible comments were buried under downvotes.


imagine if it was a 12 yr old boy shopping for a pocket pussy huh? someone should make a post like that to see what happens

"Um sweaty, a fleshlight will teach your son to disrespect women's bodies from an early age. Don't damage your soyn! Your soyn should be taught to see women as peoole. Buy your soyn a pink dress and the female Ghostbusters on video."



Given it's reddit I expect people to disagree with the guy and defend the daughter, but holy shit the animosity against the dad for being concerned is pretty shocking.

But hey that's none of my business. The die is cast. You can't change it, you can't stop it.

All we can do is sit back and watch the spectacle that is this burning carnival ride.

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neetrobot #sexist

Re: No srsly u guise plz feminism is about equality guise....


There are two kinds of feminists: misandrists who want revenge for not getting asked to prom, and...wait no that's the only kind.

Cope...even the lowest smv roastie has 5 dudes fighting to be her prom date.

Modern day feminists are people whose better predecessors have already achieved equality, and are now seeing how far cucks will let them go with this.

Actually humans were equal initially due to instinct to take care of women and children. They were not really meant to have equal rights for obvious reasons. Because we naturally want to be nice to them feminist movements has no resistance. Back in the day women were a mouth to feed and pretty useless too so they weren't treated so nice before things got so plentiful.

Ehhhh. In some societies, women have equal rights, and nobody cares about equality of outcome. In an ideal society, I'd still want women to have rights since I still consider them vaguely human and equally deserving of rights even though they abuse them.

You can't abuse rights. Men letting them get away with what you call abuse is why they never needed rights to begin with because they automatically were getting special treatment. Giving a female equal rights throws the whole system off for very obvious reasons.

Ragefuel. I wonder what IT thinks about this.

I'm sure they are capable of hand waiving and saying it's cherry picking you know or would ask for sources to make it seem fake and no one there would be motivated to find a source on it for obvious reasons.

It's actually not cherry picking though as men are prosecuted over sex crimes, just literally because they are male, at much higher rates than females and have more harsh punishments too statistically. But then they throw excuses around like when males commit suicide at three times the rates of females they ''''''try''''' to do it eve moar often than males ''''''attempt'''''' to an hero and an example of a trick they could do is mention that males are guilty of ten times the rate of any violent crime and are incarcerated at thrice the rate of females for general crimes so males are le evil. Of course, females in actuality are just pitied hence the 'attempted' an heroing being a pity party and them not being prosecuted as often is due to the pity instinct. Males are arrested initially before prosecution at ridiculously higher rates than they even stay locked up in comparison to females due to the instinct not to harm wamin.

But from a female perspective you'll just be delusional to say any rant like this. It's just 'obvious' that men are evil because most people say so and sheep gonna sheep.

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bcat124 #sexist

Casual blackpill at the gym and mall

I went to the gym today to fuck my legs up. A young black girl, looked in her mid 20s like me, had the same idea. So we basically worked out together : she took the squat rack right after I finished, and we did lunges next to each other. She did walking lunges but I did reverse lunges cuz god blessed me with microscopic knees made of cotton candy. Walking lunges is too much stress for them.

She ass-mogged me but I definitely quad mogged her, I call it a draw. We didn't really talk or anything, but we were the only two people training legs at that time and it felt nice to have a workout partner, at least for me.

There's a mall/supermarket next to the gym so I went there after my workout to buy some groceries. As I was going through the aisles, I saw the black chick kneeling down looking at a product. What a crazy coincidence, same workout and we both decided to go for groceries at the same time, even looking in the same aisle. The brain-dead retard that I am thought it would be a good opportunity to break the ice with a funny comment, so I walked towards her with a hint of a smile on my face. I wanted to say "damn I see you everywhere I go" or "oh my god are you following me?" it's pretty good imo, worth a chuckle. Just as I arrived next to her, she turned her head, glanced at me and her face completely wrinkled. She looked like she saw her own death in a vision, then immediately faced away. I got the message and shut my dirty incel mouth, walked right past her. I will try to avoid her at the gym from now on.

Silly me, for a second I forgot that these kinds of cute encounters are CHAD ONLY. I am 25 and I've had my fair share of life changing GIGA blackpills, but these small casual ones are a healthy reminder that it never even began for subhumans like me. I bought unsweetened almond milk, broccoli and sweet potatoes for my gymcelling cope then went home to eat my dinner alone and miserable, as I always have for years and years. Why am I even doing this?

Nigga she thought you were stalking her, you should have either broken the ice at the gym or let it go.

Now you have to stay away from her every time you go to the gym, that's going to suck.

That's the blackpill, if you meet someone from the gym in the supermarket next to it, right after a workout, the first human reaction is to laugh at the coincidence.

She thought I was stalking her because she thinks rapists and stalkers look ugly, like me. People always presume the worse when dealing with an ugly person.

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nooo3949, TheBlackpillMafia & MentalAnon #sexist

Re: Instead of making fun of him for his opinions, something that he can change, they rather make fun of him for something that he cannot control.


There's this hole I work closely with who drops blackpills constantly. She is a bit older post-wall hole with a few kids. We're developers so you would think that even female developers would have some iota of common sense - nope. In fact she got her job literally through a 'women out of work' program. JFL at getting a job just for having a hole, while men fight over the scraps.

Getting back on topic - any time she gets frustrated/angry in a code review or talks shit about someone else, she inevitably brings up their dating status. I'm sure she shits on me all the time when im not around. It's her go-to insult.

"No wonder he's single"
"No woman would ever want to live with him"

It doesn't even matter that the disagreement is in no way personal and has nothing to do with dating - insulting a mans sexual status is the default argument for holes. They constantly think about your SMV in their heads, regardless of the circumstance and it is the basis for which they treat you.

She even talks about hot guys at our workplace to me, no doubt she has cheated on her husband or tried to. If we lived in a better country with morality police, i'd report her for adultery.


I like Ben. He advocates for virginity until marriage so I like him

Fuck him. Hes a typical tradcon who shits on incels, talks about how wonen should have rights, and sucks off megacorps and israel


Low IQ. We’re not gonna get anywhere by trying eliminating women’s rights. No one’s going to support that. You have to think realistically. Ben Shapiro is an ass, but a monogamous society is better than a hypergamous one at least. Bashing on him is only going to make SJW IT cucks more prominent.

I disagree. The time has never been more ripe for taking away women's rights. People are starting to wake up to how miserable they are trying to be men. Hating feminism is the new hip thing. There's also the amount of tension in general making people crave stronger leaders and more defined roles. We can do it.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Based Chad



Imagine being so handsome that hot blonde cheerleaders make the first move on you.

It's a completely different world.

One of my close friends is a 6'5" giga chad. When we go to a bar together I can see just about every foid in the place stealing glances at him and biting their lips as they do so.

He is completely oblivious to this. Why? Not because he's a socially inept idiot. It's because he just doesn't give a shit. He has girls all over him all the time so no fucks are given when he walks into a room and every foid starts gravitating towards him.

Most of my normie friends go to bars and clubs to hit on foids. My giga chad friend goes to hang out with the boys, and maybe if he feels like it he will pick up a Stacey on the way home, much like how we would pick up a bottle of milk from the store. Just grabs the one he wants and goes home.

It's a completely different world, something we will never be able to be a part of.


How is he your friend

Well you see when you're a chad you can do whatever you want. This includes pursuing hobbies that might not be considered socially acceptable by normies and chadlites but are often done by low value males.

I personally have a chad friend who likes Dungeons and Dragons, Pro Wrestling and high strategy games (CK2, Stellaris) amongst other usually "nerdy" things. So it's easy for chads and incels to become friends whilst extremely difficult for incels to be friends with chadlites and normies because they always have some social status they need to desperately uphold.


I know a Chad who said this in front of me and a bunch of other decidedly non-Chad males:

"You know how when you're walking through the club and all of the girls are giving you those 'fuck me' looks?"

We all just nodded our heads like "oh yeah, totally, get that all the time!" Thing is, he wasn't saying that to be sarcastic or rub it in. He thought that was a common experience for all men.



"Bro, even attractive guys never get approached bro." "They still have to go out and talk to people."

Chad in class literally minding his business. Stacy creeps on him and HUNTS HIM DOWN and adds him on social media trying to slide in his DM's and fuck him.

Literally says nothing about him but "really good looking". So she's admitting that she's just trying to fuck this guy because of how he looks right off the bat. This clearly looks like a cheerleader and someone who has a large social circle. She is openly admitting to all of her friends and people that follow her, that she outright admits to approaching and trying to sleep with guys just because of how they look. That SCREAMS shallow. It's like a guy saying he only dates fit and attractive women and never really gets to know them, he only cares about how they look...

What a clown world...

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Weirdstuntedcel #sexist

I’m just gonna jump straight to it: I used to jack off to cuckold porn. I pictured myself as the often tied-up cuck. It made me hate myself hard but it made me cum even harder. Every woman I felt attracted to, I imagined getting her and then having her stolen from me by a “better” man. My heart hated it but my cock loved it.

I see a lot of misconceptions about cucks here. A lot of people think that cucks genuinely enjoy it, and that they’re doing it because they love pleasing m’lady at all costs. This isn’t true. It’s not about the woman, it’s about themselves. They HATE themselves so much that they want to punish themselves. They need to validate how inferior they are. That’s how I felt. I hated my self so much that I got off to embarrassing myself. It was sick.

Cucks are sad, and not just in the “pathetic” way. They’re genuinely sick. They’ve been shat on so much that they developed a defense mechanism to believe they enjoy it. That shit doesn’t turn me on anymore because I worked my ass off to see myself as a worthwhile human being. Laugh if you will but I forced myself in front of a mirror multiple times a day and said things like “You’re just as good as everyone else. Not a single human being is better than you. You deserve respect. You are worthy.” I would even go as far as to tell myself I was BETTER than everyone else. Walk into a store, see a Chadlite? “I’m better than him. I bet he can’t do ____ like I can.” Soon, the thought of being cucked angered and repulsed me and I can no longer get off to it.

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MasterShortStuff #sexist

Re: What a foid at my uni liked on instagram...they put the "asshole" at the end to pretend like its the behavior of the guy that's turning them off instead of only saying its because of his looks


Foids try so fucking hard to not admit the truth about why they find certain men unattractive. All the evidence is there that looks btfos personality yet they keep trying to gaslight and push their "women are wonderful" narrative.

I really don't know what is wrong with their lizard brains that prevents them from ever being honest. No matter how much evidence there is against them they will always try to maintain their shitty little lies at all costs... and the worst part is that many modern men actually fall for their bullshit too.

Women are the masters of virtue signaling, they don't admit the truth because they don't want to be seen as rude reptiles (which they are) while inside they know that they despise unattractive males no matter what personality they have

No, they're not masters of virtue signaling. They fucking suck at it... Anyone with half a brain can easily tell it's all lies. If you look for even a second at her actions instead of her words it becomes painfully obvious that their virtue signaling is complete and utter bullshit...

Really I'm the most angry at the cucks that are retarded enough to actually fall for women's cheap little lies.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: “I miss my college days” -every foid ever, wonder why?


Roasties will do anything to relive their carousel days, including naming their children after the Chads they dated or outright cucking their betabuxes.

My disgust with female nature keeps growing day after day.

Imagine letting your wife name your son. Women's rights was a mistake

I just wrote a few minutes ago what if the ex-bf fucked her, and that the son is really the ex-bf's son? Jesus Christ, the mantra "Alpha fucks, Beta cucks" is becoming all too real now.

I love how women are so quick to backstab and betray each other. The woman’s friend obviously knew that she shouldn’t mention the ex boyfriend, but she probably hates the woman anyway and since they’re no longer in each other’s immediate social circle, there is 0 loyalty.

they miss college b/c that was when they could fuck all the guys they wanted to w/o anyone knowing about it

They peaked their sexual appeal. Everything they wanted was one flirt away.

Now every day their value drops.

That along with our socialist societies bankrupting themselves and being unable to provide similar social services decades in the future spells out a dark end to the lives of foids.

Surprise surprise....the government iant really your daddy and doesn't give a fuck if you die.

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Riddle_Snowcraft #sexist

One despairful truth: Any girl could have saved you. Not one did.

You are one person. Saving one person with love is easier than drinking a glass of water. You've met countless human beings, of which countless are women who consciously decided that your suffering deserves no empathy and collectively decided that you don't deserve being saved. A high percentage of those then proceeded to reward causes of your suffering, with bullies being spoiled with sixty tons of love every endless year of your life. They went on to marry chronical abusers, get hit and spanked, and yet convince the media that the violent men are ones like you, because the ones abusing them "can be changed", while you can't.

I have been trying for so long to not be a misogynist. Yeah, no individual woman ever targeted me, but contemporary feminine culture have. How am I supposed to inhibit hate? How am I supposed to love and respect the system that stares at the abyss of my heart and ignores it because my kind is supposed to play a villain?

They killed me. Devils in dresses have mutilated my soul and I am, for all intents and purposes, dead. I have no objectives, I have no dreams, I have no aspirations, I have no ideas, I have no person I want to see smiling, I have no life. All I have is a moving body doing the will of my family.

It's a closed and dark empty room with nothing but a cabinet. On top of the cabinet, hate is in display. There's no door in this room, no window through which to leave, just hate on display on top of a cabinet. Should I stay forever in the corner of the room, proud that at least I'm not embracing that red-hot hate? Even though this representation of hate is filling the room with heat and a red smoke, luring me to have one single emotion?

It is over, and I don't mean it like the meme. This is actually the end.

Thank you, "queens".

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ImHereForTheImages #racist

Are saying that cuckholdry is for intelligent people? That's very soy of you. Any race that participates in cuckholdry is low IQ. You're basically admitting that your race is inferior and in need of better genes.

It's due to whites buying into dumb abstractions such as "equality", "bodily autonomy" or "deconstructing patriarchal and racist impulses" and not seeing the world as it is that leads to cuckoldry.

Other races don't have these kind of problems. They instinctively know that might makes right, namely, that we live in a world of limited resources, so it only makes sense to take as much as you can by whatever means it takes, because everyone will inevitably do the same.

Same goes in the case of cuckoldry: why would one let another individual enjoy the body of the women he himself put time, money and effort to obtain the access to?

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tatoff #sexist

We all share a common value: We hate that the meritocracy is a farce.

It's no secret that people get along when their value systems align. While at the surface level all the posts here are memes about being subhuman they can all be reduced to one common thread: There is no such thing as a real-world meritocracy.

In the dating world it's not about personality; it's about looks. In the work world it's not about what you know; it's about who you know. You get the idea.

Look no further than the 'advice' we're always given: 'just try harder', 'just have a better personality', 'just improve yourself'. These are all predicated on the belief that if you put the effort in, you will reap the appropriate reward. We all know that's not true - that line of thinking even has it's own fallacious cognitive bias: The just-world fallacy.

So why do others fervently preach and defend this flawed line of thinking? I believe it's just a selfish desire to take credit for their own success. Since they lucked into their success they subconsciously need to convince themselves that they deserve it. They will claim they're a 'good person' who has 'worked hard' for what they have.

In order to complete this flawed narrative they need to perform additional mental gymnastics to explain why others have failed:

'They must be shitty people.'

'They must not try.'

'If they tried as hard as I did and was a good as I am they'd be fine it's not even hard.'

The judgmental outsider on this sub is nothing more than a delusional narcissist with a compulsive need to defend their own success by continuously lashing out at us failures.

Why us in particular? Because our directly-competing worldview is that their self-assuring 'meritocracy' is a complete sham. It's a subtext in our memes and our shitposts. It's the essence of the blackpill.

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040211092616 #sexist

My bisexual sister is fucking my crush.

I walked out my room and saw my crush come out in her panties. She screeched and ran back into my sister’s room. I heard them both laughing loudly. After a few minutes my sister came out and apologized. I asked when they started hanging out and she said recently. I asked why didn’t she tell me (she knows VERY well that I have a crush on this girl) and she said she didn’t want me to be hurt. I said why would I be hurt and she said because they’re sleeping together. That’s when I noticed hickeys all over her neck and chest area. She said sorry and I just left the house. With the money I saved from wagecucking I rented a hotel room and now I’m staying there. She called me just now and I ignored it. I’m just dead inside realizing how OVER it is that my straight crush would rather fuck a female over me, my sister nonetheless and that my sister would do this to me.

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Mgtow_troaway #sexist

Re: Fucking Cuckservative Shotgun Dads. Their rape and pedo hysteria is just as bad as that of IT feminists. And just like feminists do they sell this idea that men are not WORTHY of those pure (Aryan/Christian) female goddesses. It's basically both goddess worship.


It always seems like the girls who become the biggest whores are the ones raised by fathers like this.

Interestingly though, girls also become gigantic whores if they aren't raised by any father at all.

wait...they also become whores as an experimental phase even if they had good parents. A lot of girls who do this would tell you they had great parents.

Even the amish girls have rumspringa....

nevermind the one constant's girls being whores.

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throwawayAGP123 #sexist

"Cooties" is supposed to prevent children from forming relationships with the opposite sex at a young age that would then cause them to consider them like siblings and prevent them from possibly mating in the future. When children are put in a novel environment, like a mixed-gendered school, they feel disgusted by the opposite gender to prevent them from forming bonds that would exclude them as sexual partners in the future.


My working theory is that my AGP was caused by "cooties" or more accurately, a sense of disgust that was supposed to prevent me from seeing the little girl I was spending time with as a sister, so I would be able to potentially mate with her in the future. The combination of juvenile disgust and heterosexual attraction gave me a notion that if I spent time with this girl (who I was attracted to) I would become a girl, and that is something I should avoid.


I believe that AGP belongs in a class of fetish that is related to disgust. Coprophilia (skat fetish), podophilia (foot fetish), and acrotomophilia (amputee fetish) might also be disgust related fetishes. TiFs also report feelings of disgust as motivation to transition.

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bossythecow #sexist

My husband and I have started trying to get pregnant, and my doctor recommended I start thinking now about whether to go with a midwife or obstetrician, because midwives are in high demand and fill up really fast here. I'm undecided, but leaning heavily towards using a midwife. I'd also prefer to give birth in a birthing centre, rather than a hospital (provided I have a low risk pregnancy and it's safe for me to do so). So I started researching options in my city, and I was disappointed to see tons of "pregnant people" nonsense. I'm uncomfortable using services that deliberately and explicitly avoid the terms "mother," "woman," "women," and "female." But it seems like this is a pretty normal new standard and I'm feeling really frustrated that I have to validate trans ideology in order to have a non-medicalized, holistic pregnancy and childbirth experience. I absolutely support an inclusive, anti-discrimination approach to care that welcomes all people of diverse backgrounds and sexual orientations. But I'm uncomfortable with erasing women from pregnancy and childbirth and denying basic biology by insisting men can get pregnant and give birth. I'm also frustrated that I can't talk about this with the women in my life, for fear of being called transphobic and getting "cancelled." I guess I'm just venting, because I don't really see a way for me to have the kind of pregnancy and birth care I prefer without inadvertently supporting this ideology.


I know, right? Yeah, my ability to have my body hijacked by a parasite for the better part of a year, risk my own life bringing said parasite into the world, and be unfairly burdened with childcare is such a privilege.
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nooropia #sexist

1. Biological women will become second class citizens all over again. While TiMs can get their greedy hands on either self sustainability through robbing women's college grants and STEM education, or by marrying off to rich men who are attracted to male-to-pornofied-women, biological women will no longer have anymore ways or means to become financially/economically independent. We'd have to marry men again in order to survive, just like in the olden days. And since extreme right MRA fucks are fapping over creating their own virtual girlfriend and sex bots, they will hold it over our heads for the rest of our lives. "If you don't do exactly as I say, Brenda, I'm leaving you for my bot. At least she does what I say without contradicting me. AND she stays 18 years old forever.. can you say the same?" Which will lead to a regressive era of heightened domestic violence rates, date rapes, and general violence against women, and they'll hold the other sex options against us. They kinda used to do this with prostitutes back then. Now, you have to compete against TiMs, virtual porn, and sex robots.

2. Going further about TiMs taking over women colleges and grants/scholarships, this also means that other non-STEM jobs that used to be flooded with women (ie. Education, nursing, store managers, etc) will also be taken over. Porn and lingerie companies will push 'ugly natal' women out for the pornofied TiMs and robots. Which is not so bad, but that only means that now after all other moderately well paid career paths are taken, that means the only vector we'll have left is the service one. Remember the 1920's? While rich women had husbands to care for them, poorer women had to work as maids, nannies, personal cooks, and housekeeping jobs in order to survive. After all, transwomen only want the glamour of being women, and not the actual reality of being a woman: Having to clean up after others, changing diapers, actually taking care of children, etc.

3. Gay men and lesbian women will no longer have safe dating or sex spaces anymore. We'd have to go underground like we used to do. That or buckle under compulsory heterosexuality and marry the opposite sex.. and yes, trans counts as the opposite sex because otherwise you'll be a transphobic bigot. Hearts, not parts! What this may also mean is that, while gay marriage will still be allowed, a new law may be passed in order to protect the vulnerable, suicidal trans community: Same sex attraction will not be protected by law anymore, it will be changed to same gender attraction. So what this means is that a lesbian can marry a woman, but the other woman HAS to be transgendered since actual homosexuality is now seen as bigotry, a sickness, something to be put away to spare feelings. Marriages between two natal men or women will have their marriage licenses revoked. "It's better that way than to hurt the feelings of the trans community." they'll tell us.

4. Speaking of homosexuality, I echo the conversion camp thing, only it won't be done in churches. (It will still be done privately in churches, mind you.) It'll be done by the government to dismantle the cotton ceiling and for gay men to overcome their vagina repulsion/disinterest, and lesbians to overcome their penis repulsion/disinterest. Hearts, not parts! With advanced science, we'll be able to tell which embryos will grow up to become a homosexual adult. Can't have that with vulnerable trans people out there who wants to be loved for who they are and what's not in their pants. Abort all gay babies. Keep the straights, because even though many might not be interested in TiMs and TiFs, they're the ones with the real social power, so the TRAs will keep them around.

5. More and more children and adolescents will commit suicide due to their mutilated and hormonized bodies triggering their psyches. They can't adhere to strict gender roles? Time to kill ourselves.

6. Don't worry ladies; even though the more popular mainstream pornographic vectors will be swarmed with TiMs and robots, we'll still be sexually enslaved due to our depleted options. We'll become the "bottom of the barrel" options for men, who are used to the so called perfect bodies of robots and male-to-pornos. If you think sex trafficking stories are bad now, honey, you got a big storm comin'.

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i-am-less-angry-now #sexist

Why I reject the label cis

It’s not because I don’t understand it. It’s not because I don’t know that cis is just “not trans”. I get that. I understand that these prefixes are used all throughout varying branches of science.

Why I reject being called cis is because I reject the idea that “woman” is an umbrella that both “cis” and “trans” fall equally under. That we are each just subgroups of women. Two different types of the same thing. No.

We are women. You are imitations of women. You call yourselves trans and us cis but really you are just men and we are just women.

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Seriouslyarealperson #sexist

A 5cm (2") increase in height is associated with a 9% decrease in suicide risk

Society is a human farming corporation dependent upon reproduction for its economic health. A person's value and often their self esteem in this borderline cult is primarily derived through their apparent convenience to society's reproductive ideals.

Both men and women are raised/programmed to invest their self esteem into receiving the approval of the opposite sex for the purpose of exalting reproduction for the benefit of society. Women have innate value: they are the limiting factor in human reproduction. Men have no similar value and have to compete much more rigorously for respect; A male of age that, for any reason(s), is perceived to be unattractive to the limiting agents of reproduction is less respected, especially by women. This is why men, short men in particular, tend to literally kill themselves more often than women. Today, with social media and internet dating further empowering women's hypergamy, men are being further demoralized as much of our self esteem is increasingly dependent upon having fashionable genes. Men are objects to women today.

When I hear that a guy has killed himself often people will say it's "mental illness", when in reality the conditions of our sick culture, conditions we are almost religiously conditioned to never confront, gradually destroys men from the inside out, often for factors we cannot even control.

I'm 5'3", and I can tell you I've seriously considered suicide multiple times. The things I've had to go through, specifically with women, have been absolutely soul crushing. I often have literally been made to feel by women that I do not belong, or that I simply am not "good enough" to be loved by a woman just because my skeleton isn't impressive enough. People think this shit is "all in my head" but if they had to live through just some of the things I've been put through: the disrespect, the blatant insults to my masculinity, the glaring almost angry or insulting stares from women for no reason, the heartbreaks, the fact that many of my accomplishments are seen as insecurity or over compensating....I'm sure they would feel differently to say the least.

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Reelsies #sexist

It's just the difference between men and women in general.

Women always reproduce, so they have no concept of anything like hierarchy or power. Women don't even know what to do with power. The only power women have is defined in terms of how powerful the men in their lives are, and of course attracting powerful men happens via physical beauty.

Men don't always reproduce, so anything like a Lu/feminist/etc. would have gone extinct long ago. Men don't crave care from their superiors; they get angry and demand resources.

A woman would never have any sort of vision of creating something like modern China, or even colonial America, simply because they do not need to. Women's nature is to be a slave to higher status men. Un-PC but you know it's true.

Lus are just AFs who've been raised in a white-centric world. Normal Asian women are raised in an Asian-centric world, and see Asian men as higher status.

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throwaway322831 #sexist

Just lol if you are not having a female tinder account and ewhore

You get to know your competition and what mistakes they make and you get also some experience about texting on tinder.

Most guys are so boring, it makes it hard to respond as female, but as long you respond with "yes" "ok" "cool" "im fine" "i'm bored" "i do nothing atm" and other boring responses... it is actually entertaining how pathetic these betas try to be a clown and pickup a girl on tinder lmao.

Bonus points if you text longer with them, give them a number for whatsapp and ask them to send you money.

Win win situation, you get entertained, get money and also fight betas at the same time which eliminates your competition in the long run by catfishing.

I've been getting about 1k a month for the past 5 months from this one beta. Every time he asks to meet up I just tell him I'm really busy with work. It's fucking hilarious

Good job bro

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Seriouslyarealperson #sexist

Science confirms being a manlet increases likelihood of suicide


A short man isn't worthy of love for most women simply because most women, at their core, are vain narcissists devoid of true empathy and compassion for others. All a woman loves is her own image and her own children....who she often views as part of her image in the first place. All a woman typically says or does is an extension of her will to be validated socially. How women choose mates is no different.

The limit of women's romantic compassion is usually her own vanity which often is the essence of modern femininity. Even if a woman likes a man, if she feels he cannot help improve her own social status, she will reject him. A man's physical stature comprises a large portion of a man's worth/status to women; A small man is embarrassing and a shame for a woman to be sexually or romantically associated with. Even if a short man is ambitious or has strength many women will choose to view his work and achievements as the result of insecurity or over compensation.

Men are truly closer to trophies than human beings to women. For most women, being associated with a big trophy is akin to being perceived as a winner or a superior human being; If a woman is associated with a small man, then she looks and thus feels like she is holding a participation trophy...proof she is a loser for all other women to see.

A man with a noticeably small skeleton's options are simple:

Betabux. Work extremely hard and essentially pay for what chad got for free and with minimal effort. Know deep down she's only with you for your resources and that you will not be able to compete with her experiences with chad.

Become or look like a psychopath and demonstrate a capacity for violence in order to attract women, many of which are hybristophiliacs by nature.

Suffer from loneliness


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based_meme #sexist


If the guy is a chad, the girl will beat you up for interfering.

I've legit seen in this person outside of a club. Thug chad was having a fight with his foid and he slapped her to end it, which it promptly did.

Then out of nowhere captain Saveahoe gets involved like the hero he was meant to be and gets beat the fuck up. The best part? His foid joined in to humiliate him even further.

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Shazoa & incelicious #sexist

Re: The blackpill is spreading, boyos


Reality is between the blue and black pills.

The blackpill sees the bleakest interpretation possible.

The bluepill denies there's a problem at all.

In reality no normie is denying things like women having an easier time on Tinder, or appearance being important to women, or the fact that some people are so ugly that they find it nearly impossible to find love.

Those are just inconvenient truths no one likes to actually state in public.

Hmm. The Black Pill is strictly a materialist view of sexuality. It’s not depressing because anyone intended it that way, it’s depressing because it exposes all of our psychological defense mechanisms as copes. This purely materialist view is therefore deterministic.

There are two reactions to this: recoiling and increasing copes, or accepting it as the truth.

Blue Pill is pure cope. Red Pill is partial cope, partial acceptance.

That's a way of looking at it and it's quite accurate.

I would say that these things are so complicated just because humans are also complicated and don't always work as expected. We all have delusions and copes, even the best of us, and so we don't always act rationally.

Most people aren't going to date someone that repulses them but they may well settle for someone less attractive than they could potentially snag if like their personality enough. There will be people out there that are more compatible, but even if one of them comes knocking in many cases they won't stray because sticking it out with someone you're invested in that's 'good enough' is the path of least resistance.

So where I'd reject the black and red pills is when they think that everyone will act in this dark, unfaithful manner. Comfort and familiarity are huge motivators to many people.

You are right. Many women will go for the "good enough" after their partying days dry up. But that itself is a cope, because to the woman, she has "settled". She views herself as superior to her mate and this means hypergamy. This is the modern relationship/marriage arrangement. She's spent her time on the Chad cock carousel, so no matter who she ends up with, they will never be Chad. She will always view them as inferior providers that she settled for, and he should be grateful. No amount of red pilled PUA techniques or blue pilled cuckoldry will change this mindset that has taken root in the femoid.

For this particular reason, the Black Pill opposes degeneracy like premarital sex. If the only cock she has ever had and will have is her mate's, then hypergamy is greatly reduced and she will more likely view the relationship as an equal match.

settle for someone less attractive than they could potentially snag if like their personality enough


It happens. The key thing is that they need to meet a minimum standard. No one will settle for an uggo unless they're loaded or famous, but if you have a choice between a 6/10 and a 7/10 and the former has the better personality, they can win out. Depends massively on the person and where they are in their lives.

This is especially true where there's less resistance on one route - that can be down to distance, money, kids, etc.

Your average happy suburban 6/10 housewife with a looksmatched husband probably isn't going to cheat just for a 7/10 plumber doing some work round the house unless they're disatisfied or frustrated... but they might well cheat if an 8/10 rockstar takes them backstage at a gig for a quickie. It's all context, and all applies to men just as much btw.

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yuyuyuyuu #sexist #psycho

I absolutely lost all sense of morality. The black pill makes morality ridiculous. Once you know that people get the utmost admiration, love and respect for their aesthetic appearance only, being a moral person just seems like enslaving yourself for society. You're moral and attempt to contribute, society benefits from it only to use all your contribution to chase the evolutionary motive of stronger, faster, bigger. You also learn of the insane discrepancy between what people do, want and like in their deepest fibres and what is best for society. It's a nihilism I haven't come close to encountering in any of the depressing existentialist books. Being blackpilled just makes you realize how even people like Dostoyevsky are deep down optimists who believe in a good humanity.

You start to realize everyone is deep down an asshole, that nothing has any sense whatsoever, that nothing is worth any effort because what you're giving effort for - society - is sick and disgusting.

You learn that 50% of the population lives insanely easy lives but their inherent subhumanity keeps them from coping even with their easy lives. That the entire society brainwashes you into thinking calculating and instinct driven people are the angels on earth bringing flowers and goodness, while they spent 80% of their free time on what's in the end not much more than attempting to be better natural selectors, trying to look as pretty as possible to convince Chad to fuck (impregnate them). Getting insecure over their body issues because Chad (good genes) might not want to reproduce with them. Getting jealous of other girls, fighting with them etc. Having hobbies that just amount to make up and exercise meant to improve attractiveness for Chad. (yoga, make-up, workout, animals). Living in a society where you're forced to worship the proxy of the devil is, indeed, hell on earth.

Being blackpilled is the end. There is no way back, you see too much, you realize too much and you start to understand there's nothing you can do. There is nothing to work for, nothing to live for etc. other than your own entertainment.

Personally I cope pretty well. I take society like an insanely difficult game I cannot win in, but I take pleasure in me becoming better and better at understanding how it works and changing my life to reflect my understanding. I have something to do for myself, at least.

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21cell #sexist

Anyone who tells you they hate incels because of "misogyny" is lying.

As a low-value male, people are disgusted by your very existence. Everything they do is an attempt to get you out of their mind.

Just look at ForeverAlone during its early days. Certainly a bluepilled sub by today's standards, but they were the punching bags of Reddit. No accusations of promoting violence, no quarantine, no shitty news articles blaming them all for a terrorist attack, but they were still insulted and considered an embarassment to Reddit anyway. People want you to shut up about your problems so they don't have to hear it, even if you aren't directly speaking to them.

And guess what happened when incels posted "rope threads"? You guessed it, a bunch of disingenuous normies who don't really give a shit about them, and would tell an incel to fuck off if he had ever approached them in real life. It lets the normie feel like he helped, thus allowing him to clear his conscience, but incels can see right through it after a lifetime of outright hostility.

People don't hate incels because of "misogyny". They hate incels because they remind people of the more uncomfortable truths of life- some people will just get screwed over because of factors they can't control, you can't guarantee getting anything you want just by trying over and over again. When confronted with a threat to the just world fallacy, they will do anything to try and get you to shut up and stop complaining.

And now that they have the long-sought-after opportunity to dismiss us all as evil rapist murderers, you can bet they're gonna take it.

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bcat124 #sexist

I just made a fake dating profile with my actual face on a gay website, Holyshit

I got like 6 "Hey" in the first hour there. I had so many conversations at some point I had to ghost some dudes , I felt so bad for it but I imagine they also had tons of convos so it's cool. Some of those dudes were legit chadlites and still had an interest to meet up. Eventually I closed the whole thing because I am not gay even tho I wish I was.

Tbh it felt so good at first, to know that I was an object of desire, but then it slowly started becoming bitterness and jealousy. I am jealous of females and what they experience in their dating lives, I am bitter that they can't empathize with heterosexual males and how horrible it feels to never be seen in a sexual way.

Females are the devil in the flesh, their sexual selection pushes societies towards more and more competition, everything ancient misogynist cultures say about women is true. God I hate them. Sure I am ugly but if gays don't mind going for me, why wouldn't women? It's women's fault, they are the one who are absurdly sexually selective, they are to blame for all the tension between genders today. They are guilty

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DebatesNotBans #sexist

Top 3 questions that nor(zucc)mies absolutely CANNOT answer:

1. Show proof of the existance of a woman who wants a boyfriend, but has literally zero guys interested in her. (Including ugly guys too)

2. Name a right that men have that women dont. (There are many that women have that men dont)

3. If a single man and single woman both like each other (as people) enough to be friends, and they're not dating, what exactly is stopping them BESIDES physical attraction? (If you say they're not "compatible", then why the fuck are they friends to begin with?)

Edit: More questions:

1. Why exactly do women's shirts have a "low cut" right where their cleavage is, IF NOT to show off their cleavage. Do you genuinely think it's just a coincidence? Additionally, what exactly is the purpose of women wearing skin-tight pants, IF NOT to show off their legs\ass\curves.

2. Is the amount of sex someone has a reason to shame them or not? (Referring to "virgin"\"slut")

Any braincel or non braincel is free to provide explanations for this. I'll even allow fem"""cels""" to pitch in.

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OpenForDebatePMME #sexist

Soyboys and landwhales at IT are right we need a better personality to date women.

Personality is the most important thing when it comes to dating women.

You need to have better personality traits such as being Tall, Being white, Have a nice car , huge dick , strong jawline.

Only misogynist people don't have nice personality traits like those.

Hence those guys are incel.

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shetoldmeto80 #sexist

Re: How do people start conversations with people they've never talked to before?

If we are talking general social interactions I would say the easiest is probably going based on context. Say you are at a concert, you could just start by commenting something along the lines of "I love this bit!" and see if you can spark a conversation then.

It is increasingly awkward to approach women especially since they seem to have an increasingly lower threshold for getting "creeped out".

Also there are new laws (totally unenforceable but whatever) in some countries that (theoritically) prevent men from approaching random women to begin with.

What are those laws?

And in an honest answer to your question, it's really easy. Just say hi.

It comes across as creepy if you stare at her for ages, creep over, stammer, stumble over your words, and say "I like the smell of your hair".

But if you just walk over like you own the place, say hi, say something interesting about what's going on (maybe you laughingly say "did any of that make no sense at all or was it just me?" in a lecture or class situation) and look cheerful.

Some girls are bitches and will brush you off. Some wont. Most will be friendly back.

I am not OP, I was replying to him, telling him the easiest way is to start the interaction by using the current context. There are other ways but this is by far the easiest.

There is the recent "anti-harassment law" in France for example; media called it "anti cat calling" or "anti wolf whistling"... Essentially it is worded in such a way that if a woman feels even vaguely uncomfortable in your presence you could be fined.

Ironically the woman who authored this law has been caught publishing (under a pen name) "romance stories" involving rape fantasies...

To add further irony many french women actually do not like this law because it makes them "seem even less approachable"...

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various incels #sexist

Meanwhile in parallel universe



I think they larp because they don't actually believe it, but they need to try and make it true, other wise their reality comes crashing down.

We didn't create theblackpill, it was always there, we just accepted it

Yep. They believe sexual attraction is about personality. Friggin dicktwats..

Porn sites are specifically catered to males because it’s so easy for females to get sex, so they rarely watch it.


Men watch more porn because men are evolutionarily inclined towards promiscuity. More women = more babies. More men =/= more babies.

Yet women watch the most hardcore porns in much higher percentages. Brutal gangbang, rape, forced, etc.. those are all the most searched female porn searches. You won't find females searching for 'sweet looking guy' or 'sensual blowjob'. For females, sex is literally all about the biggest framed high-T bone structure male with the biggest dick who has no facial abnormalities. It's evolution instinct. The fucked up part of evolution is only making less than 10% of males the type females truly desire while making males able to desire 90% of women in some way.

Just because women all watch the same porn, and makes the same comments IRL about mens bodies doesn't mean that's what they prefer, they're all unique snowflakes!

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MathTactics #sexist

please find me the pic of women stating it's normal for women to "have a thing" with their dogs. i can't find it anymore
Women also fuck dogs

After I got to know about beastiality from confessions sub, I tried to test things myself. I have 1,200 amateur videos collected in just a month. And thats only from the clearnet.

Also most of the sluts are max 25years old living with their parents from what I could see. Some were moms and you could hear her baby crying in another room.

And 90% were 18-19 teens. Rest were cucks with their wifes fucking dogs.

Let me share the race statistics.

///\\ Western- 90% Asian. - 5% Black. - 1% Latin. -- 4% Arab- 0% Pajeet - no \/// Note that the vidz which I collected were 100% amateurish. Ill post an newtonian blackpill relating to this subject soon. And guess what, IT WONT TOUCH IT

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rBlackpilledNormies #sexist

High IQ

We have all been lied to all our lives. Imagine how many men have faced terrible consequences because of these lies. Everything from suicide, to giving away lots of their money to foids for free, to oneitis for girls they never have a chance with, and even to subhumans getting accused for nothing but being ugly and shanked dying in jail, "teehee he innappropriately touched me at a club", while these whores grind on Chad's dicks without consent every weekend at the club and then fuck a dozen Chads a month. JFL

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sourcreamcelcle #sexist

Calling it "misogynistic hate" only plays into their hand.

The truth isn't misogynistic. Women do not have much moral or ethical development because those are male behaviors that males develop because men can really hurt eachother, even absent the development of knives, swords, guns, etc. Women can't. Even if it comes to, like throwing a rock from a distance, "you throw like a girl" is an insult because it's true.

So glad I grew up a few years before the legislative cucking began in Canada.

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DavidSmithies #sexist

I've said this before but I'll say it again.

Incels, including me, have some very valid points. The world isn't just. The world is unfair. There is social inequality, gender inequality, feminism has gone mad and women have power in some areas to a dangerous level. All of those things are true and should be discussed and debated. I think most of reddit will agree with us on those points as well.

I think we should be allowed to talk about those things. But I just don't see a reason why we have to be misogynistic while we're doing it. All that does is get people angry and they stop listening to the important message.

I'm not entirely sure if this is because I've been reading the wrong subs, or if the moderates just aren't as loud, but the general consensus seems to be that those points are inherently hateful and misogynistic, due to their association with incels. Doesn't matter where you're coming from, if you bring it up, you'll get "spot the incel" or other such nonsense thrown at you and be completely ignored.

I do agree that these points would be taken more seriously if we were considered less misogynistic, but not enough to change any minds. If innocent FA could be mocked so easily, then I doubt a sub proposing ideas that totally go against the status quo will fare any better. It might be too late to change the stigma without pulling a 180 on our entire philosophy.

We are in an era of equality. Obviously it's been more geared towards women recently with the #metoo movement but that is starting to run its course and a lot of people think it's gone too far. Soon, the tide will turn and men will reassert their rights. Even the President of the United States has spoken out about how dangerous the current social climate is for men. Soon, men will seek equality for themselves.

This will involve addressing the sexual inequality, the power women have, the gender inequality that exists, the unnecessary ridicule that incels get, and it will be our time to have our voices be heard. We will be an important and valuable voice at that time, and we need to be listened to.

Currently, our valid and true message is being lost. People just see misogyny and hate and rants and they don't listen to the message. Our importance and unique viewpoint gets lost and we get dismissed.

My opinion is that our views deserve to be heard and we need to cut down on the misogyny and what comes across as hateful rants and we need to be calmer, more rationale and engaging. Then we will be heard.

Society will soon want to listen to us. They might not have wanted to before. But women's rights recently have gone too far and it'll swing the other way soon and that will be our time and we need to be in a position to take advantage of that. We need to be in a position where people listen and don't dismiss us.

Women are no longer considered property, so that's been progress.

By the way, I am in favour of a lot of the recent womens rights. I think there was a big gap and it needed closing.

But I do think some bits are dangerous. The fact a woman can accuse a man of anything, get believed and ruin his life is scary. That judge in America was not proven guilty, yet people think of him in a guilty way. That's unfair.

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FireAlarm911 #sexist

Women are raised to know the truth about men

When a girl is growing up, everyone in their life tells them how men are, they tell them about how men use women for sex, r*pe, abuse "they all say anything to get in your pants", "they only care about looks", blah blah we all know the story. Men on the other hand dont get this message, we're told that women are perfect angels, that we should respect them no matter what. We never get the talk about female sexual behavior, the games they play etc, we have to learn this by ourselves and get burned multiple times in the process. A lot of our anger comes from being absolutely blindsided by true female nature. Teach boys that women are cunts, the same way you teach girls that men are shit.

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Masked_WolfDragoness #sexist

[A friend of mine came out as transgendered.] I've been scared to vocalise my confusion about it for fear of being labelled a TERF

Don't. The sooner you realize the truth -- that these are oppressors' tactics to silence you by forcing you from the offensive to the defensive -- the sooner you'll find the motivation to push back and fight for what's right.

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some TERFs #sexist

Re: Couple of TiMs hogging the front row at "women-only" festival. Check the 3rd photo.

What's kinda odd is that they apparently allow "trans-men" to attend... so if they recognize the difference between "cis-men" and "trans-men", shouldn't they also naturally recognize the difference between "trans-women" and "cis-women"? I guess not...

Ok so trans men can attend, and so can women, trans women, non binaries, and agenders. So really only “cis” men are banned. If this kind of exclusion becomes more popular I can totally see “cis” men suing for gender discrimination. They are being barred from events just because of their “gender identity” and not for any good, material reason that is justifiable. In effect, these organisers have said “if you identify a certain way, and have this kind of gender identity, you can’t be trusted to behave yourself” which is discrimination. The non binary “males assigned at birth” , the men who are “females assigned at birth” , and the women who are “males assigned at birth” are all trusted to behave themselves but the men who are “males assigned at birth” aren’t allowed in?

A “cis man” could easily argue that he has the exact same gender identity as a “trans man”, and the exact same same as a “trans woman” and thus his exclusion is unfair and arbitrary. And so “cis men” can’t be banned from anything purely on the basis ‘of what gender they identify as.

Note I’ve used a lot of the kind of language they use so I’ve put it in scare quotes.

Transmen are where the wheels fall off the thing for a lot of people.

"Should transwomen automatically be put in the women's jail?" is a question many people reflexively answer yes to.

"Should transmen automatically be put in the men's jail?" gets some different responses.

Gee, it's almost like oppression is sex-based and you can't identify out of it.

The trans lobby argues that it is more appropriate to separate areas by gender identity as opposed to sex. I’m just pointing out that this may not even be legally feasible. What this means is that gender separated spaces may entirely cease to exist.

Typical colonizing TIMs.

Yeah no. TiMs can go fuck off.

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VTHokiesFan #fundie

[Comment under "Male escort exposes 36 actively gay priests in a file sent to Vatican containing erotic Whatsapp messages and photos. The allegations were compiled by a gay male escort who told local media he couldn’t put up with the priests’ "hypocrisy" any longer."]

Sad that a gay prostitute has more integrity than priests, who are supposed to be men of God. There was a time when such disgusting embarrassments to the holy priesthood would have been burned at the stake. Not saying that we should go back to that punishment . . . but I can see why it was once thought appropriate.

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Thefriendlyrepublican #fundie

That sounds too weak. If my kid became gay I would lock them into the closet, no food, no water etc until they learn how to behave. Originally solitary confinement proved very effective against fags in mental hospitals but thanks to the liberals you can't do that anymore so you have to take matters into your own hands.

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Dudehere1976 #racist

They are changing not from some incidental organic pattern of behaviour, but by a enforced immigration that many Canadians want to see drastically reduced. As for the SA/NA indigenous in the 1500s+ their civilization were, and I don’t mean this disparagingly, Stone aged tribes. They were conquered by the Europeans in the same way that they had conquered one another’s tribes for millennia. I would also point out that they fought like warriors defending what was theirs. Supplanting current White Canadians with a never ending wave of immigration to enforce “diversity/multiculturalism” is suicide from within by a ideologically authoritarian government.

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various TERFs #sexist#homophobia

[Note: Comments in the thread “Actually, no, I won't date or waste my energy on 'Trans Men' or 'Non Binaries'.” by ToughTelephone]


Where? Your sentiment is hardly new. It gets posted here daily. What you say is true, but I don’t see anyone here supporting TIFs unquestioningly. I see people pointing out that young GNC lesbian women are victims of transactivism and patriarchy, but that’s not the same thing.
Radical feminism is about tearing out the roots of oppression, and the root is patriarchy, not female victims of the system. Fuck Aunts and handmaidens, but they are the symptom, not the disease. This isn’t letting them off the hook, it’s just not playing the patriarchy’s game for it by never looking beyond the puppets to the dudes pulling the strings.

OP is right, unfortunately I don't have specific links but I have seen often on this sub where women here are berated for not being sympathetic to misogynistic TIF’s or considering them our “sisters”. It's not tearing down female victims of the system to not sympathize with women who actively harm other women.

The vast majority of women have some level of misogyny just from living under patriarchy. I wish all women could wake up from it and question those beliefs. I am sympathetic to confused women who are told to transition without being given other option for healing. The system is broken, thanks to the idiot activists and those in the medical industry wanting to profit. I’m sympathetic to people who suffer from all kinds of illness.

I’m not sympathetic to people who think they are better than other women because they are men now.

I have not seen someone being berated for not accepting a TIF. what kinds of threads does it come up?

I agree we should have sympathy for gnc women who are socially pressured into transitioning or felt they had no other option. I've seen threads (sorry don't have specific links) where women were told they were infighting, tearing apart the sisterhood, or being manipulated by the patriarchy, (and other things along those lines) for not supporting sexist, maladjusted TIF's.

To me, it seems like guilting women into performing emotional labor for misogynists with personality disorders, and I think it's a symptom of female socialization to have endless sympathy towards people who hate us and even want us dead. I think we can all agree we want feminism to benefit all women, even the horrible ones, but there's a limit to the amount of patience & attention women should give to manipulative, harmful people.

Not from me. I've seen the Tifs and their idea of women as 'junk and udders'. I welcome them back into womanhood if they smarten up but many are cruder than truckers in a rest room on a long haul. Eff them.

“The only reason everybody is talking about transgenders is because white men want to do it.”

Chappelle received lots of criticism for rhis joke, and more, for pointing that Mexicans or blacks wouldn't get the same treatment, genderism is a white problem.

I see no problem in people dressing up or behaving like the opposite sex, this is far from new, but I can't accept a bunch of privileged white men endorsing violence against women they will rebrand as TERFs and advocate for punching into silence. Normally women who identify as men won't do the same, so it is easier to talk with women.

But I can't start a conversation with anyone who will acuse me of feeling hate against a whole group, this is a coward accusation, without burden of proof, deeply ingrained in privilege of narrative and self entitlement from whom is so spoiled by their lack of real problems that they need to turn any dissenting voice into an imaginary enemy, they need to destroy competition, they need to be the leader of oppression Olympics even if it means to demean women.

So, being a person of color is a hard life, adding to the equation the false accusation that black women are killing white men when we don't say they are women whenever they feel like to be called so is unbearable.

Right? As a woman I’m tired of being silenced for saying anything about the trans community that isn’t “these people are the best people in the world”. This has a horrible effect on my mental health and view of self. Why are these bizarre new groups that everyone wants to talk about protected to the point that it’s hate speech to criticize or even question anything about them or what they say and do?

About transcommunity?

I can't say anything about myself.

When I say I am a biological woman I am offensive to who is not a woman and wants not only self identify as such, but also take leadership, precedence and dominance over my objective reality. On the same vein I should not use words as menstruation, breastfeeding and vagina but I need to accept meekly to be called a menstruator, and listen about chest feeding and fronthole.

I need to teach my kids to hide what they know about human biology, because I was taught it was replaced by wishful thinking.

I need to teach them to hide their knowledge, and shrink their passion about this subject to fit obscurantism.

And I need to pretend that black women and black men are subjected to more likelihood of being murdered then white men, even when they wear dresses.


I couldn't agree more. In my experience, trans men & female nonbinaries are commonly emotionally abusive, narcissistic, and hold some really gross beliefs. Some FTMs even go as far as to become stereotypical "women have it easy, it's men who suffer!" MRAs.

People like that are not worthy of my energy. They might be biologically female but that doesn't mean I owe them anything.

As for dating... I'm not attracted to male secondary sex characteristics (even if they're artificial) so no, I'm not interested in trans men. Plus the whole misogyny and "your personality dictates your sex" things are huge dealbreakers anyway.

Begone with this stupid belief that us women should have unwavering compassion for everyone, especially people who view us as lesser. No, I won't support trans men. No, being nonbinary is no better. No, I'm not going to get on my knees and kiss the toes of that "gender critical TIM" that people all think is such a gift to feminism.

I transitioned several years before I discovered radical feminism and became gender critical. I don't know if you would rather not hear what I have to say, but for what it's worth, I think your points are valid and I get where you're coming from.

No one is obligated to include trans people in their dating pool. No one is obligated to support/lift up/perform emotional labor for anyone at all.

No one should have to waste their time or energy on emotional vampires, no matter what their sex or gender-feelz.

You're not a bad feminist.

It would depend on their beliefs on gender. I'm Internet friends with a TIF and she believes that biological sex is real and she's against calling women TERFs or advocating for violence against us. Basically she's a gender critical trans person. But she's a Marxist, and ideologically sound Marxists are hard to come by these days. Most TIFs seem to believe in tumblr politics, hate radfems and expect gay men to date them just because they cut their hair. Even if I was physically attracted to one, I would want nothing to do with someone with a completely different world view to mine.

I'd never want anything to do with NBs. It's one thing to have dysphoria about your sexual characteristics or be transed because of homophobia, but the entire notion of 'non-binary' is based purely on sexist stereotypes.

Some of them are just predatory as TIMs, usually the GAI BOIZ type who are basically straight women who wanted more oppression points or were so obessed by yaoi they decided to live out this fantasy. They get angry when only other TIFs date them because gay men don't take that bullshit. Local horrible TIF in my city is also a YouTuber spewing lies and distracting from others arguments because she doesn't have any argument other than "not accepting my gender identity hurts my feelings". God I hate her and she's one of the main reasons I don't associate with the local gay community.

The only Transman i personally know was a friend from high school, who is a second generation Desi. I was especially struck at the fact that the male name she took was "Todd," exchanging her Indian female name for a white male name.

At the time it only made me confused and sad for her. Now it makes me angry too.

I know a Todd TIF... do you think they realize any grown man named Todd is a huge red flag?

How so? Is it like Chad?

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ToughTelephone #sexist

Actually, no, I won't date or waste my energy on "Trans Men" or "Non Binaries".

That seems to be a way for people to make themselves more palatable to gender believers, to be a 'Good TERF' - "it's just Trans Women I have an issue with, I'd totally date a Trans Men or Non Binary Person, I fight for them too". Well, not me.

Are they biologically female? Yes. Have they also chosen to massively and offensively degrade biological femaleness and throw all other women under the bus because they are Not Like Other Girls 2.0? Yes.

I'm a lesbian, I'm also a working class second generation Desi immigrant. I have no time for these people that are overwhelmingly White and seemingly entirely middle class or rich. Nor do I see it as safe to encourage or shame women into dating them under the "well technically" guise and I can only imagine so many people here do because they never have and have no real intention of actually doing so - or else you might actually realise how emotionally and homophobically abusive that situation is to lesbians, to be expected to include in their dating pool people who actively disparage and disown the very idea of femaleness.

These people are just as dangerous as the Trans Women this sub discusses. Maybe not to you with the luxury of Whiteness or middle class opportunities, but to those of us that are poor or non White? Women who are struggling to survive off of food banks, single mothers trying to raise children while their benefits get taken away, girls who cannot go to school because they do not have menstrual products, WOC navigating a racist Western society and their own ethnic communities, we literally do not have the time or resources. It is specifically our rights and our voices and our safety as poor women and WOC that are ignored and are the first to be sacrificed. And not just by Trans Women, by Trans Men and Non Binaries too, because they all want to take our places in organisations and divert attention and funding away from us in favour of themselves, and none of them will ever understand what it is to be us. Especially as we are under represented in this conversation anyway because we are under represented full stop and aren't the ones being transed in huge numbers - if you are a poor woman, especially poor WOC, you know that's what you are, you know you cannot identify out of that because the rest of the world makes sure you know. But yet there are plenty of people on this sub who would berate us for not supporting our "sisters" who are so comparatively privileged and self-obsessed they had to make up an oppression to feel special and would have the nerve to say that the women working three jobs, these mothers struggling to support their children, these girls who can't afford school supplies, victims of forced marriage etc., are the real privileged ones.

No. Just no. Maybe you can afford to fight that fight and if so go ahead, that's your prerogative. But the sheer racist, classist gall you have to have to try and tell other women that we should too lest be we be bad women or bad feminists.

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[deleted] #fundie

i always kind of thought on that myself. I mean, we; humans; make our puberty around 13 but society ants us to wait some more years that depend on where you live and people view it as wrong for a grown-up( like 35) to wanting having sex with teenage. But back when you were considered old at your 25s, wasn't it normal for us to breed no matter how long we had been living ? and with that i wonder if pedophilia isn't a problem created by moral ethics and laws.

I know my point of view is not really unanimous ( far from that ) but i think this is the truth biologically speaking

Nonononononononono pedophilia isn't a problem that was created by moral ethics and laws, it's a problem that's corrected and punished by moral ethics and the law.

Yes, it's biologically possible to have children like this. And as civilization has grown through thousands of years, maybe we've realized that an older person with vastly more developed maturity is very much taking advantage of a developing child when this happens. The difference is so vast that there isn't any semblance of a level playing field.

You know why redpillers love the young girls and teenagers? It's because the horribly uneven playing field makes it easier for them make people fall for their kind of thinking. 25 years old is 'too old' for them because very few 25 year olds are going to accept the red pill into their lives.

Yes that makes sense, but still, i think that biologically speaking there is nothing wrong in a 21 year old having sex with a girl that hit puberty and vice-versa. However i understand that my view is controversial and probably not widly shared but this thought was on my mind for too long so here it is, i have nothing more to say.

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biggerproblems #fundie

lets not kid ourselves. the best looking pussy is 14-22 depending on how hard she hit puberty. tits dont magically appear when she turns 18. pedophiles like girls who are PRE-pubescent, that term is just used to shame you for having a hot 19 year old girl. just-developed (or in the process) is the biological prime. the whole 18 thing is government sanctioned prime based on how long it takes to finish school in the United States, to keep girls from getting pregnant while she still in high school (outdated laws from pre-birthcontrol times). old enough to bleed, old enough to breed

Ohh fuck thank you so much. It pisses me off that this is the first time I've seen this opinion openly expressed on reddit.

I feel very strongly about the way pedophiles are treated. They are one of the only groups of people who cannot form support groups without fear of losing their jobs, their friends, or worse. Drug addicts and drunks are both allowed and encouraged to meet up, and we trust that they are actively seeking to deal with their problems, not encouraging each other to continue. Yet there is this fear of pedophiles, to the point that if non-offending pedophiles tried to meet up to talk about and deal with their problems, it would probably end in disaster. They also can't talk to a psychologist, for fear that that psychologist will allow their own feelings to get in the way and report the pedophile seeking help. Once the word is out, they're fucked.

The point is, calling someone a pedophile is arguably one of the worst insults someone could use, especially when you take into account all the things that are said about pedophiles: the death threats, the suggestions that they should all be castrated, the idea that all pedophiles will heartlessly rape little girls and damage them forever if they're allowed to live. When you call someone a pedophile, you're calling them a heartless monster who only sees children as empty vagina holes to fill in order to satisfy their perverted sexual deviancy. You're saying they deserve to be imprisoned, castrated, killed, ostracized, and hated. And that applies to people who have never offended. It's hating someone for the thoughts they think, even if they never express those thoughts in any way.

Now calling someone a pedophile when said "pedo" is attracted to a mature girl, with full reproductive capacity, who is dressing in such a way as to suggest that she is aware of her sexual nature... That's just disgusting. People demonize the idea of being attracted to anyone below the arbitrary line of 18, and flat out deny that anyone below 18 is attractive. I can't even begin to express how mad this makes me, so I'll just stop here.

It's incredible that one of the most hated subreddits is the only one where I can find some goddamn rational thought.

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2FAMOUS #sexist

lets not kid ourselves. the best looking pussy is 14-22 depending on how hard she hit puberty. tits dont magically appear when she turns 18. pedophiles like girls who are PRE-pubescent, that term is just used to shame you for having a hot 19 year old girl. just-developed (or in the process) is the biological prime. the whole 18 thing is government sanctioned prime based on how long it takes to finish school in the United States, to keep girls from getting pregnant while she still in high school (outdated laws from pre-birthcontrol times). old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. bonus points if she dresses provocatively or posts suggestive selfies, means she is fully aware and knows what to do with it. ironically, here in the US the high school stock is fitter and tighter cos we have a thriving athletic culture. but by the time they go to college they are left to their own devices, eat like crap, and no longer active. get her while she's ripe and she'll stay fresh for that much longer. unless you have a fit bunny or a very petite slow grower, you will see early signs of the wall as early as 21. for short term enjoyment, fuck the youngest girls your country or state allows. however, keep in mind that that the younger she blooms, the sooner and harder she hits the wall. big tits at 13 lead to big thighs/arms at 17, to big belly at 22, to big face and used meat by 25. plus an entitled attitude, as she spent her formative years being "the hot one" who got all the attention. a wise long-term investment is to find the youngest legal girl who was an "ugly duckling" but became hot.

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various TERFs #fundie

Feminine FTMs wanting to be gay men makes no sense. Please explain. And is rapid onset gender dysphoria valid?

How can someone who has lived comfortably under societal guidelines for their sex suddenly decide, “I’m the opposite!”? A girl with all female friends who has an incredibly female socialization, and “fits in” solidly into the median of what society embraces as woman has no understanding of manhood. The best she can do is create an internalized framework of what a man amounts to. This framework is based on external observation. Media portrayal, popular culture, male family members and friends (if any). There’s no acknowledgement or conscious perception that this internalized framework is a product of environmental agents. With rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), the desire to change genders is based on a vision that is a caricature of the opposite sex’s experience and essence.

Conversely, a girl who from an early age has played exclusively with boys, displayed masculine mannerisms and deviates from the median societal expectation of femininity is a legitimate claimant, if that’s her inclination. The interesting thing is that many women who understand men’s experience and “know” what it’s like to feel like a man have no desire to be men.

Isn’t it strange then that the girl who has no experience with men or any understanding beyond caricature wants to be a boy? Meanwhile the woman who knows men IRL and understands their experience is happy with being a woman?

(This is the same for TiM/MTF individuals)

My question is, why?

I've met a number of feminine FTMs, and they are usually straight (sometimes bi) women who fetishize gay men. They then complain about how "phallocentric" gay men are (I shit you not). Partly they may be seeking to be able to have a relationship with a man without that undercurrent (or more) of misogyny to contend with, too. They usually assume I identify as a man on sight because of my hair and how I dress. (Yep, that's real progressive for straight women to assume the lesbian must want to be a man. Shit like that in the QT community contributed to alienating me from being proud as a gender non-conforming woman as I was raised to take pride in my nonconformity to hating my physical body and sexed organs and getting a referral to an endocrinologist I fortunately never could get to.)

I think it has a lot to do with how things that get girls judged as dumb and superficial are seen as making boys cool and special. Imagine trying to be David Bowie, but female. It's a real drag. Young women trying to figure it all out can fall into this trap because actual self-acceptance receives so little support.

I'm pretty sure feminine ''gay'' trans''men'' would stop suffering from ''dysphoria'' if they stopped consuming yaoi porn

Most FTMs I know have been victims of horrible sexual abuse. I think there’s an element of rejecting traits associated with pain and abuse. I think there’s also not fitting in with societal expectations (enjoying STEM, sports, etc) and not living in an environment affirming of those preferences.

I think the way you’ve framed the issue makes it hard to be relatable. I think most TiMs and FiMs have dysphoria making it emotionally difficult to come to terms with physical realities.

For all the things I do not like about TRAs and the toxicity of the movement, I do think these are people who deserve some empathy for going through tough things.

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T0000009 #sexist

The comments are pure gold, and the retarded cunt exemplifies WHY females are the problem and that the men have little if anything to do with it.

Females DO NOT belong on the battlefield, or in the boardroom, and thanks to feminism they are utterly worthless in the kitchen and a criminal liability in any bedroom.

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State_of_Iowa #racist

China does suck because China is the CCP. The ethnic people in the regions who haven't been sucked into the Han rudeness, disrespect, selfishness and classlessness have cultures that don't suck. Tibetan culture doesn't suck. Uighur culture doesn't suck. Even Malaysian Chinese culture doesn't suck. It's China that sucks.

So are you saying China is better? And you're trying to start an argument on this? That's just the attitude China has which pisses people off. Chinese act like they own Thailand and Thailand should be lucky to have Chinese visiting. It's ridiculous. But anyway, we don't have plastic rice, we don't eat dogs, we don't put random meats in food and call it chicken, we don't cause animals to go extinct, we don't pollute everywhere we go, we don't fish used oil out of drains to cook food in, we don't let out kids poop in public, etc etc. We also know how to queue. We are also a hell of a lot better at enforcing regulations. Our air is also way cleaner and breathable. Still feel good up there in your pedestal?

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BowlOfZombies #fundie

I'm walking away from certain ideas.

As a biologist (major: physiology and genetics) and a person who still has to face the insanity of college students of today, I have to disagree. The theory of more than two genders is in itself a marxist idiology and was used to divide us.

They are using the issue of gender dysphoria and transgenderism to push absolute garbage out there. Gender dysphoria was delt with in a pretty good way in the west. It was understood the people suffering from it, needed proper help and reasignment was part of the helping process.

Now a bunch ideologues are pushing for it to be removed as a mental illness and to turn it into a fashion statement, which means no serious mental help for these people who are at risk for their all life.

There are two genders The other "genders" are not real. This is the biggest fairy tale ever pushed on our youth under the guise of understanding and acceptance.

The more false ideas you inject in a young mind the harder it is for it to emerge as a conscious entity.

I want this ideology taken out of public school. That's what I'm walking away from, specifically

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AnonDidNothingWrong #racist

That was 100 years ago. Just look at the communist revolution in 1918 in Russia. Jews were behind it using basically the same tactics as protocols. Resulted in 1/4 of all Russians dead. Many worked to death in work camps. 20 million people. They want you to believe Stalin was an antisemite. That's bullshit. Most ranks were Jewish. They started the revolution. They took positions of power. Then...

Not every position was Jewish but the vast majority was and it was definitely disproportionate. Then you look at the communist party of Germany and the civil war in the 1918. Same shit. It was led by Jews. France similar story. Then we come back to whether the meeting was real or not, whether the book is true or not. I say it doesn't matter because if its fake, it predicted the future with pinpoint accuracy

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kourosh123 #fundie

Not really. If anything, he is rolling in his grave that his descendants follow stupid semitic sandpeople religions, not that some of them are oppressing another stupid semitic sandpeople religion.

Baha'ism is even more dangerous than Islam. It would totally dismantle the defenses and culture of our people.

It should rightly be suppressed. If its adherents don't like it, they can move to the "tolerant" west. They won't be missed.

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gingerpuss34 #sexist

The movement is not sustainable. The ideology is inherently flawed. I have yet to hear any convincing logical arguments to support trans-ideology. The best effort I've seen is the citation of studies on the "ladybrain" argument, but there are so few of those studies and they are so flawed, so the citation of junk science isn't going to cut it.

They will continue to alienate LGB people and while LBGT media and activism groups don't seem to care that their sexual orientation is yet again being invalidated, individual people will care and while it hasn't occurred yet, a rift seems inevitable (Drop the T!) A rift within transactivism also seems inevitable. It's already bubbling up in the truscum v tucute. If you can say you're trans without any form of transitioning, that is a direct contradiction to the position of the necessity of transitioning because your brain "doesn't match" or whatever.

I'm an old lady by Reddit standards. I think a lot of people who identify as trans or queer will grow out of it. It's a new form of teenage rebellion and self expression. When I was a teenager, it was certain music and fashion scenes to assert our individuality and freak out our parents. When my sister was a teenager, the alternative girls all identified as bi with bi being defined as making out with girls while you are drunk aka not bi, now we have this hot mess.

Men will not experience the same bullying that women do, however the "my penis is female, have sex with me" will not jive with a lot of men. But, most TIMs are heterosexual, so again, women will have to deal with that crap more. A lot of conservative men and anti-feminists who aren't specifically MRAs can see that trans-logic makes no sense. A lot of the anti-feminist stuff I have seen is actually anti-stereotypical libfem. I don't think they'd like fully embrace GC or anything, but there are people on both sides that see this is completely bonkers.

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irleeyore #sexist

I've fallen into the peaktrans front hole and I just can't believe the madness that has been spewed. Transwomen are now ciswomen with penises? Lesbians not sleeping with transwomen is transphobic and literal violence? Menstruation and vaginas are triggering and cause some transwomen heart palpitations? ANYONE who says they feel like a woman should have access to women's only spaces? And people aren't allowed to question any of this?

The worst thing is that women go to bat for transwomen for woke points and are disrespected in return. So do you think the current state of this movement is sustainable? It's easy to feel powerful when bullying women. Will these ideas be able to survive when men start to experience the same kind of bullying that women do? Will TRAs even go after men? How will men react when the women that they care about start being harrassed? Or will men not care at all, and transwomen will become the new (and improved) ciswomen, while ciswomen with vaginas will be othered?

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DesertJane #sexist

The Rose McGowan thing pushed me over the edge as well. Seeing her get screamed down was my turning point. I’ve pandered to trans people because I have been afraid to do otherwise, and my liberal guilt has definitely helped push me into it. I’ve always felt that it is important to listen to other people and honor their feelings because feelings do count and I don’t like being hurtful to others, but I had a hard time admitting to myself that I was being emotionally manipulated by people who were “literally” this and that, and I can’t take it anymore.

I also noticed that my behaviors and tastes were being actively influenced by the cult of trans supremacy. I was browsing the bookstore and didn’t even want to pick up feminist texts about women because I was afraid to be perceived as anti-trans. I certainly didn’t want to purchase a book and risk upsetting a cashier. My liberation and education, especially where feminism is concerned, has stopped. Discovering gender critical feminism has been extremely eye opening and I’m really excited by it, but I don’t even know where to begin.

I’ve been reading other posts on this page and I’m absolutely blown away by the ardent and rational intellects you all have. I’m so glad that I’ve hit the tipping point.

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SeaMonster1 #conspiracy

I would like to begin by acknowledging that life in Iran is no picnic. Their government is probably one of the most clueless in the world. I also admire those who, against all odds, get their family out of oppressive countries and into free nations with better future opportunities.

/ Having said that, according to numerous Iranian bahai sources, the majority of Iranian baha'is who escape Iran lied about their lives being in danger there. While a handful of baha'is are in fact wrongfully prosecuted in Iran, the vast majority who escape are not in any danger.

/ baha'i families hire coaches to teach them how to lie to the UN; claiming they were arrested and their lives were threatened. They learn to describe the inside of the jail, prosecution techniques, etc.

/ Also, anytime a baha'i is arrested for any crime, the LSA immediately announces that he or she has been arrested for being a baha'i. Same thing when a baha'i dies for any reason; they claim he was secretly killed by the government for being a baha'i and all the baha'is claim to have been related to the deceased.

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Techn03712 #sexist

Feminism has always been about women gaining political power so they can fuck over nuclear families, men, and feminine women. Feminism hates these three core subjects because:

Nuclear family: It represents all that they cannot have. Feminists tend to be unpleasant, both in manner and face, therefore they cannot land a good man with whom to start families with. Instead they rot in a filthy apartment, surrounded by cats and empty wine bottles.

Men: Feminists hate men, regardless of the "feminism doesn't hate men" meme. They all secretly hate masculinity, male nature, etc, because it is male nature to go for pretty, feminine girls, and feminists are anything but. Unable to land themselves a hunk, they are instead surrounded by cats and male feminists, which all women hate instinctively, feminist or not.

Feminine women: Feminists believe that feminine women have stolen everything from them, whether it be the modelling jobs or marriage-worthy men. That is why they do everything in their power to screw over feminine women, such as attempting to ban adverts featuring pretty women under the guise of "objectification", when in reality they are just jealous of being reminded of what they do not have: a rockin' hot body. This has recently become public knowledge by the "banning grid girls" incident, which involved feminism campaigning against "female objectification" until finally the grid girls were fired. This goes against the feminist narrative of wanting more women to acquire work, because feminism has kicked women out of work.

As you can see, the entire movement is just a giant shit-storm of insecurity, and it reeks of it.

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FeminamRadicalis #sexist

This is depressing as all hell. But even as a dyed in the wool leftist, I would consider casting my vote with a right wing party like the Tories to prevent self-ID / the Gender Recognition Act update from going into place. If the Tories were to back away from it fully, as Justine Greening seemed to be doing, I would definitely think long and hard about voting for them even though I loathe everything else they stand for...

That said, chances are quite high that I would still opt to simply spoil a ballot given that choice, rather than vote for the right wing, but I would definitely have to really think hard. I am sure that many women who are not as left wing would find it a no-brainer though.

Once self-ID goes on the books, it will stay there possibly forever. As much as Tory policies surrounding health care, Brexit, welfare, employment legistlation, and basically everything else are a flaming garbage fire, most of that could be reversed by a Labour party under new leadership that's had some sense smacked into it by the desertion of women it caused with its misogynistic behavior.

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Lil_Z #sexist

(TRAs is a TERF term for transgender activists.)

It's a very common tactic for TRAs to claim that they aren't doing/saying the thing that they are doing/saying before everyone's very eyes.

I have seen internet debates where they will say something outrageous and then in the next breath claim that they never said the thing that they said five seconds ago, and the person who called them out on it is just a crazy fantasist. It's the same tactic that all gaslighters and emotional abusers use.

Expecting a good faith debate or even a consistent position from them is foolhardy. We are dealing with a political movement that is based on male dominance and extreme narcissism - of course they are going to use the tactics of narcissists and abusers when advancing their political agenda.

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corpsedoll #sexist

You have the right, as a human being, to control your fertility, to not be raped, to not be fourced to carry a child or get an abortion, to not have your fertility tampered with by others. You have the right, as a human being, to use your own resources to make medical interventions in your fertility. Your fertility is yours to do with as you will, but there is no right or even gaurentee of parenthood.

Being a parent (like having sex) is not in and of itself a human right, as there are other people whose rights are affected when you, the individual, excersize your "right".

Why are we coddling trans people? Why is their procreation considered a human right but other people's patently isen't?

As a personal example, a relative of mine recently found out that he was sterilized by the radiation treatments that saved his life. Where was his option to freeze his sperm on the public dime? He and his wife will never have children.

My mother's procreation was cut short by a radical hysterectomy due to undiagnosed, out of control, immensely painful endometriosis. She was never even asked if she wanted to pay for alternative fertility options, let alone receive them on someone elses dime. The doctor never even brought it up. She wanted three kids, but only has two.

If trans people choose to throw away their fertility, thats a price they have to pay for being trans. Why do they think they are so special that they can have absolutely everything they want all the time?

Sorry for the rambleing and the length, buth this shit makes me MAD.

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FeminamRadicalis #sexist

Does it seem like the UK is getting closer to mass peak trans?

The Economist, the BBC, the Guardian, The Times, The Independent and even the (very silly) The Daily Mail have all been fairly consistently running pieces that range from "balanced" to out and out gender critical. Of course no outlet besides The Times is consistently GC, but that is basically every major respected news source in the UK.

Please note that I will link to archives of a few reddit threads below. Please do NOT vote in or comment in any of the linked threads. We need to be very careful to avoid accusations of brigading here. Thank you!

Further, I've noticed that trans people themselves in the UK seem to be running scared. I saw this post over on the transuk sub . And then there was this article by our good ol' buddy Paris Lees in the Guardian whining about "bullying" from the UK media (aka just stating facts about transgenderism). What I thought was most interesting about that article was that he didn't mention "TERFs" or "feminists" at all. Which is not what he usually does, he's usually going on and on about how much he hates them. I took that as an indication that he didn't want to spread the idea of "TERF"yness or gender criticism any further when commenting in a mainstream outlet since he realizes peak trans is coming and doesn't want any more members of the public to catch on to GC ideas.

Also, there has been at least a few raging threads on the UK subs of late about this, and possibly more (I haven't been keeping up with them lately). This is the most recent one that comes to mind. The mods were deleting many of the gender critical comments, but not all. Some were of course being heavily downvoted, but not all. Most of the recent threads have played out that way, from what I have seen.

I think that the Gender Recognition Act is going to force a public conversation on what transgenderism actually is and that that public conversation is going to (hopefully) push peak trans. Or rather: I hope that this will be the case.

What do you think? Is mass peak trans actually happening in the UK or am I being Pollyannish and grasping at straws? Do you know of other indicators of mass peak trans possibly brewing in the UK?

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myusernameiswhatever #sexist

I believe that peak trans is inevitable for just about everyone with any critical thinking abilities. For better or worse, the shit has just begun to hit the fan in the wider public sphere, and the harmful repercussions of trans demands are going to become ever more apparent. It's actually a great thing that the more obviously immature/mentally ill trans activists are being emboldened (e.g. Lily Madigan).

I am absolutely certain that he will help bring about peak trans by saying or doing something that even his most fervent handmaidens will not be able to defend. Can't wait! Also, males competing against females in international sports is going to wake some people up but good. The funny thing is that the things that trans activists think of as victories are what will ultimately bring them down (e.g., censoring the CBC documentary, which makes them look way worse than if it had aired). I welcome them displaying their batshittery for all to see.

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mangosplumsgrapes #sexist

Damn, I realize that this is so much longer than I intended it to be. Sorry! So I used to be someone in support of trans people, I actually found it inspiring that trans people were willing to flout convention and be whoever they wanted to be despite what society says they should be. To me it represented the dawn of a future of acceptance and freedom. I fully bought into the idea that they are trapped in the wrong body and that they are the gender that they believe they are. The very first thing that popped that naive bubble was when I realized that the only trans people that you see in the media, the only ones who are getting support and respect, are trans women.

I thought to myself, why, since men are the ones with power in society, is it not trans men who are visible, leading the movement? I asked this question on another internet forum, and someone answered simply, the reason trans women are getting respect is because they are actually men, and the reason trans men are virtually invisible is because they are actually women. At that moment I had the uncomfortable realization that despite having transitioned, trans people are still afforded the amount of privilege and respect, or lack thereof, that the sex they were born with accrues. That was the first small puncturing of the rosy bubble.

Then I became friends with a guy who had previously identified as trans. He was no longer trans when I met him, but there was still so much cognitive dissonance going on. The following is going to be a rant about him that I need to get off my chest. He told me when we met that he was in depression in his teens and 20s because he wanted to be a girl and that he almost transitioned in his mid 20s, but didn’t go through with it because he realized that he wouldn’t pass as female transitioning this late in life. At first, I found the story interesting and felt bad that he had felt trapped in the wrong body for so long and had hated himself.

But… then I realized that a lot of things didn’t add up. I had always thought that most TIM are trans because they have typically feminine interests, feminine mannerisms, are often gay etc…. but he had none of this whatsoever. He is masculine, there is NOTHING feminine about him. Had he actually transitioned he would have been the butchest woman alive. I asked him about this and he said, “well, I thought I’d just be a tomboy girl.” His interests, way of moving and speaking, way of communicating and relating to the world, to women, EVERYTHING about him was stereotypically nerdy heterosexual male. He told me that he didn’t start to desire to be a girl till he was 11 or 12.

I also found it odd that he watches almost exclusively typical straight male sci-fi and superhero movies. For example he loved the creepy male fantasy film Passengers. If he actually feels like a woman, shouldn’t he be identifying with the female characters in movies, not the male characters? If so, why does he only watch movies that are from male perspectives, where the women aren’t fully fleshed out and are viewed as romantic/sex objects? Despite being a typical guy, he viewed himself as feminine. He would ask me, am I feminine, is my face feminine? When I would tell him, no, there’s nothing feminine about you, you are masculine. No, you’re face isn’t feminine, he’d become offended.

I went to a ladies night at a club with him, and I realized that it was inappropriate for him to be there and I told him this. His response was, “you don’t get it, I don’t feel like a man, and maybe there are some bisexual women at the club” I said very firmly to him, that it doesn’t matter how HE feels, he IS a man, and therefore it’s not appropriate for him to be there and even if there are bisexual women there, they didn’t go to a ladies night to meet men. I tried to explain to him that sometimes women just want to be with other women and away from men. He protested that it was unfair to exclude him and that he didn’t believe in gender anyway. Then the whole controversy over the female-only screenings of Wonder Woman came up. I chatted with him about it and he said, “when you’re othered by a group, you suddenly feel very disconnected and isolated from them.” This just astounded me that he is protesting about being othered by a group that he IS other to! You’re not a woman!

When I met him, I thought that the fact that he had considered himself a woman for so long would make him more sensitive and understanding of women, I was wrong. His so-called feeling like he’s a woman had NOTHING to do with identifying with actual women. If it did, he would watch movies with female protagonists, he’d have female friends etc. He would have felt himself a girl pre-puberty. Instead his desire to be a woman came from sexual fantasies, he told me how he would watch porn and imagine himself as the woman.

His insistence that female-only places are discriminatory comes from a complete lack of understanding of what it’s like to be a woman in the world. It is not discriminatory for women to want spaces where we can actually feel free, because like it or not, we are always restricted when around men because they are stronger and more aggressive than women, and are often looking for sex from women. Even a town with only females, or a business that hired only women, would not be discriminatory, because women are placed at that much of a disadvantage to men, just because of our biology. He didn’t understand any of this.

His insistence to be included in something he doesn’t belong in shows a lack of respect for women and our experiences. His belief that he’s feminine comes from a denial of actual women, who are the ones who are actually feminine. There are some men who are feminine, but he was not one of them. If he had knowledge of the way women relate to others, move around the world, engage in conversation, he would realize he isn’t feminine, but I guess he had never observed women closely enough to realize he isn’t like the majority of them. His trans-ness didn’t come from feeling like a woman in any way. That was all bullshit. It came from his own narcissistic desire, with a total lack of acknowledgement of actual women and that we are in fact different from him.

This made me realize how dangerous denying gender/sex is. Gender/sex affects all of us. With small exceptions, there are two kinds of humans, and the experience of being the two kinds are very different. His denial of this is childish and self-serving. He was a pretty cool guy in many ways, but this was a wedge that couldn’t be surmounted. This friendship made me realize that a denial of gender also means a denial of feminist issues. At the women’s march, there was a group of girls holding up a sign saying, “men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that men will kill them”. I pointed to the sign and said it was true. He became offended. I told him I wasn’t talking about him at all, but that it IS a reality of being a woman. He just wouldn’t have it, he thought I was trying to make him feel bad about being male by pointing out that sign. I wasn’t trying to make him feel bad, I was just pointing out a sign that was true, should I have held back because he’s a guy and his feelings might get hurt? How are we supposed to have a conversation as a society about rape, sexual harassment, and violence, when men whine that their feelings are hurt when you point out that men do the majority of these things?

Since then I have also come to realize that a lot of people who transition do so because they don’t feel accepted as a gay person. For example, the singer Charice who has transitioned to being a man. When she first transitioned, I felt happy for her, because I thought she was finally getting to be her true self. Then someone pointed out the amount of abuse she got when she came out as a butch lesbian, and that transitioning to male was probably her attempt to escape that abuse. I am not inside Charice’s head, so I can’t say with certainty what is motivating her, but I think that person was probably right and that makes me very sad. So all of this combined with recent attempts to erase the word woman to say “person’s with uteruses” and the push to get anyone who identifies as trans on female sports teams etc etc, has made me realize this trans/ a-gender movement is erasing women, erasing us a category, erasing the protections we have, erasing gay people. I have realized that it is not a progressive movement at all, but another form of males getting to do whatever the hell they want at the expense of women.

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ImmaNotDrnk #sexist

Hardly. If anything, transgenderism has shown us that it demands complete disregard of women's plight.

The term "cis", even the notion that gender change is not influenced by current social and political factors, which transactivists would have us believe, needs an assumption of complete gender equality, the notion that sex roles aren't oppressive and prescriptive, and that the difference in male and female personalities is just as great, if not bigger, than a physiological one, in order to justify gender change as not being just a medical malpractice towards body dysphoria.

Guilt tripping/forcing women to be organ harvest material for men's whims and kinks is not going to help it either.

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netzachwoman #sexist

I lost all my friends when I voiced my gender critical views. Literally all of my friends dumped me and no longer speak to me because I'm just a stupid terf in their eyes. You are not alone.
I also lost one of my oldest friends because she was trans, FTM, I merely told her I'm a radical feminist and then she told me we could no longer be friends.

Twelve years of friendship negated at the drop of a hat. They really are a dangerous cult. I'm sorry your friend has been indoctrinated, but I'm afraid there's little to nothing you can do to change this. Take it from me, an experienced terf, he's already found his people and drank the Kool-Aid. It's too late. They can't agree to disagree, they won't hear out our opinions, and they wish death upon us. It's a lost cause.

I think it is having to do with autism. They can't comprehend someone not following societal "rules." They can't deal with masculine women or feminine men, because they don't fit any sort of societally acceptable roles. They also need to dictate all the changes in their bodies with cameras. I'm sorry for your loss.

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2ndWaveNostalgia #sexist

I disagree, and I've read this from other commenters. It strikes me as an inaccurate comparison. It may not feel polite or nice when women on this sub criticize a TIMs appearance when dressed as a woman but it is NOT the same as the ad feminam attacks on women by MRAs or transactivists or transallies. When women here remark on the appearance of men masquerading as women in my opinion it is a reaction to two things. First the lie that people can become the opposite sex, a lie that does irreversible damage to people who are deluded by it, and second that no matter how ludicrously men dress they are entitled not only to unquestioning acceptance as women but also their arguments accorded unquestioned seriousness and weight.

In the photo of Liam "Lily" Maynard, he - an adult teenage male - is dressed like a 12 year old girl. No one I read made any comments attacking him personally. No one said he was an ugly man who became a TIM because he couldn't get laid. The commenters said he looked like a dude, and he does, and that comment is directly responsive to his claim that he is a woman. The commenters criticizing his outfit are reacting to the clear visual assertion that as a TIM he can dress in ways that emphasize his maleness and his TIM-ness and still be accorded seriousness, in a way that no woman would be. If I, as a late middle-aged woman with severe age dysphoria, claimed to be a teenager and dressed as a teenager and expected unquestioning acceptance and respect for my argument, I am confident that those people calling bullshit would comment on my appearance and I think would be right to do so.

We now have a TIM (or alleged TIM- maybe just a woman-hater taking advantage of the current pro-trans ideology social climate) who is a long-haired man wearing an "I punch Terfs" t-shirt. Would it be unladylike or impolite of us to comment on his appearance? I think a man who wants to be actually listened to when he makes the bullshit declaration that he is a woman deserves to be received with incredulity and scorn. If he chooses also to wear "woman-face" he is doubling down, and that is an additional blatant insult to women that says "I can dress like a clown and make ludicrous statements and I will be treated with respect while you can make well-founded objective statements and you will be personally attacked. I have the power, I know it, and I will rub it in your face AND in the faces of the lily-livered politicians and trans-allies."

Miranda Yardley does not "pass" yet I have never seen his appearance criticized here. He is accorded respect, affection, and gratitude for living how he wants honestly, not pretending to be a woman and trampling on the dignity and rights of women. Lastly, I've seen TIMs who dress in a way to fit in with women of their age group and I haven't seen them criticized for their appearance here, whether or not I felt they "passed". And, as people age women and men do begin to resemble each other - I haven't seen anyone here snipe at older TIMs who look like Tambor's Transparent character.

Women here have criticized the porn-actress makeup look some TIMs affect. So what? In my daily travels the only women I see wearing that kind of makeup are teenage girls and women going to clubs, so I think criticizing where these men are getting their ideals of womanhood is legit. So no, I don't think people here are creating/engaging in the same culture as MRAs and transactivists who bash women are engaged in.

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GCnewb #sexist

This rant has been brewing a whole so I apologise for length. I've been wrestling with my beliefs and feelings on trans ideology. For the past while I've been doing a lot of mental gymnastics to try to justify what I thought was my position of "rational trans ally." I thought I was maybe some kind of "EX-TERF" because I started to buy into this idea that being critical of trans ideology was always hateful and since I loved my trans friends I had to be wrong. I tried to "re-educate" myself. I read up on lib fem sources and tried really really hard to silence the critical part of my mind.

Every time a TIM in my life acted with obvious male socialisation I tried to explain it away with "oh she's not been long transitioned and this is just my bigotry talking." I can't do it anymore. I hit peak over and over. ALL of the TIMs I had been friends with tried to muscle in on #metoo. I have no doubts that trans people are just as likely to be victims as anyone but this was different. They would step over natal women and shout about cis-centrism and cry about cis privilege when these women were discussing awful awful assaults. One actually said they wished they had a pussy that could be grabbed.

I've been watching Contrapoints videos, keeping up with their transition, sympathising with a lot of it but time and time again they would say or do something that was just so MALE that I wanted to scream. Today Contra started raising money by selling tickets to a "debate" between 3 TIMs run and hosted by literal, Holocaust-denying fascists. And Contra isn't the only fascist-supporting TIM I've encountered. They're always white and middle class and late-transitioning and obviously fetishistic MEN. I want to scream. I can't play this game any more. Men are colonising our spaces and claiming we're the oppressors. I think I've hit my final peak.

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ST616 #conspiracy

(This fundie is talking about the Labour Party's anti-Semitism troubles.)

The main propaganda stratery of Zionism has been to slander anyone who think that Palestians are human beings and should be treated as such as antisemites. Also there are the people who don't like Corbyn because of his left wing politics and they are prepared to use literally anything to slander him and his supporters.

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nightqueenandvervain #sexist

When a TIM wants to be a "woman", who does he look to for inspiration? Females. If biology doesn't matter, why do they want the physical characteristics that result from being female? Think curvy hips, breasts, voice pitch, petite shoulders, etc? If being female alone doesn't make someone a woman, why do TIM's still look to females for their goal appearance? What is passing? Resembling a female while being male.

Why do they want all the things that are associated with the female sex either biologically (periods, pregnancy, etc) or traditionally (dresses, nail polish, lingerie, makeup, etc)? I think the answer is simple: because they even know womanhood is not an identity. Womanhood is being female. And throughout time, being female has carried definitive physical characteristics from biology as well as social differences that have endured thousands of years. Womanhood has never been an identity; it's a state of being for XX-conceived humans=FEMALES.

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IceIceKitty #sexist

Fuck I'm on mobile and my post deleted. Anyway, the difference is very important because it's the difference between who the movement is for and who it isn't for. Feminism is for females, the black panthers arenfor black people, and so on. If men are allowed to take any degree of control they will inevitably ruin it. If white people were leaders or organizers they would ruin black panthers too.

Seen so called feminist men freak out way too many times to give them any benefit of the doubt. Any activists knows the people who are being affected most have to be the people with the most voice and control. Allies are important to give support and visibility. Look at how straights are ruining LGBT by claiming queerness and kink and bdsm are part of the umbrella. LGBT isn't for gays anymore because straights ruined it.

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felinecentric #sexist

It seems the way that some TIMs respond to 'misgendering' reflects male socialisation. I was thinking about how seriously men are taught to take gender performance and outward shows of 'respect' for that performance. When boys are growing up, there are displays of competitiveness that get wrapped up in their developing masculine identity. Competitiveness isn't a bad thing in itself, but when someone bases their self-worth on how good they are at an activity that society sees as gendered, then you're going to run into trouble.

To a boy, being good at football/programming/debating/collecting are not just pleasurable in themselves, but grounds on which they're taught they need to prove something - their masculinity. Although this masculinity is seen as intrinsic to boys, it's also something which they're constantly called upon to prove, or else they become almost as lowly as a girl in the gender caste system.

This is why the taunt of, 'you do x like a girl' is seen as a personal insult: girls aren't socialised to see their activities as matters of identity. Girls are socialised with the expectation that they must 'comply' to certain standards of femininity, or risk the consequences.

Telling a woman that she 'cleans like a man' isn't seen as an assault on her identity; instead it's a comment on her competence at performing a task that patriarchy has assigned to her sex caste. She's punished for not pretending/trying hard enough in the submissive role, not for failing to prove her femininity. There's a difference which I'm trying to articulate. So, regarding TIMs - they have that uptightness about gender roles that I recognise in men, but is absent from women. This is why TIMs take pronouns seriously, when to most women they don't even register on their list of things that make up their lived experiences as females. When asked the question, 'how would YOU like it if someone called you he/him/sir?' many women sort of shrug it off; they would be a little irritated at most. Men get why TIMs are uptight about these things because they're also uptight about them, due to their shared socialisation.

TIMs are trying to 'prove' that they have transitioned to a new gender role, and the way they often behave reflects the way that boys behave in order to prove that they're boys. Using the wrong pronouns is seen as starting a fight with them, 'dissing them'. That's how it appears to me, anyway. Has anyone ever seen a TIF get as uptight as many TIMs do about misgendering? I'm sure it happens, which means my theory might need tweaking a bit. Possibly some TIFs copy this obvious facet of male behaviour in their attempt to transition?

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RipleyRiot #sexist

Men are so disgusting. Reddit is a sea of gifs and posts attempting to get people to care about this net neutrality thing, and 9/10 posts have "think of your porn!!!"

"Without net neutrality you won't have porn!!!" And it just makes me sick that men would go to length to protect their beloved free access to taped sexual violence against women. I just. Feel sick.

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LittleOwl12 #fundie

(This fundie is talking about a school that's introduced lesson plans about gender identity)

What pisses me off is that they're framing it as just anti-bullying lesson plans, so everyone treats each other nicely. Then standard anti-bullying curriculum would do, then.

You can't possibly introduce these kinds of lessons without implying the ideology that goes with it. And unlike say, LGB characters in a book, there's a lie. If you are born female, you are not a boy. If you are born male, you are not a girl.

If you're a bi-curious teenager you can experiment and then go back to being your true orientation. When you're trans the effects of the "treatments" are permanent.

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TruExcellentRadFem, FemaleJustInCredible, and RosemaryHaze #sexist

(TruExcellentRadFem): It seems to me that when TIMs talk about women's clothing they mean dresses and skirts. But for many us women's clothing isn't about dresses or skirts. It's clothing that fits. For example, women on average are shorter than men. We also have breasts. So "women's clothing" for many of us is about shirts that don't show off our breasts when we don't want to do that. It's also about pants that don't go past our toes and has room for our hips.

I can't wear my husband's pants. Even if he were as short as I am, the pants have no room for my hips. The same is true of his shirts. They simply aren't tailored for my female body. It's not about their sparkly-pink-unicorn-sexpot fantasies. They like to pretend they know about about our bodies and our clothing but they really mostly have no clue.

(FemaleJustinCredible): I think Transwomen wear skirts because of either clueness about actual female lives or trying to be female by means of meritization. So they can be stereotypical women with no clue about real women. Is it also me that they look like they dress in the dark or they buy clothes that little girls would wear? Not women?

(RosemaryHaze): Because it's all about sex to them. Underneath it all, they are still male, and all men think about is sex, sex sex and what can we do to get sex. They are naturally gonna go for the most sexualized attire associated with women's wear (miniskirts, revealing dresses, short shorts, etc) to signal to their fellow who/whatevers that they are trying to attract for sex. Sex sex sex.

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nightqueenandvervain #sexist

I agree but men trying to subordinate women has been popular through human history and is still prevalent in almost all of the world. :/ Women have been considered the bottom of the totem pole for a long time. I believe people are waking up, though.

I think the trans movement is already headed toward disaster because their ideology is nonsense. It's just that right now, it has been easier to foist on people because the data on it was unknown/political correctness/an aggressive trans lobby with big funding. As people continue to see how detrimental it is to women and society alike, it'll fade out. Right now it's a fad and fads always expire.

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RosemaryHaze #sexist

This comment was especially poignant (to me, at least): From Lee: "We also need to look at why the penultimate of an attractive WOMAN is a 'just barely' 18-year-old girl/young woman who has a baby face and no real life experience. Very uncomfortable area for most people to face."

Well, the truth has been broadcasted right to us in our faces about males, they like kids and women that look like kids. A lot. See Korean and Japanese culture where gown women are expected to be cutesy and girlishly peppy even well into 30's (with looks to match). We can see this as they push for consent age to go lower and lower and for pedos to be seen as normal. Grown adult women are no Bueno because we remind them that they too, are grown adults. All men are on some Peter Pan shit. And evidently public hair is bad on women, but they can have back hair, ear hair (ew), neck hair, face hair, leg hair, butt crack hair, etc. That's manliness, you see. Hairy. So, in man-think, the opposite of that is newborn bald (but only for pits, legs and pubic hair, you better have hair on your head that rivals a Redken model).

Every woman that went through puberty knows what males really are, because every single woman has a story or two about inappropriate things said, and even worse, done to them as children.

Now, I know some women are naturally thin, but I believe the males have fetishized 'thin' because when a person is not naturally thin and they starve to maintain unnatural thinness, they are generally weak and sick. You aren't too strong when you are anemic and low on body fuel. Kinda like, if you got your feet bound, you can't run too far or do too much fighting back. It's always all about crippling us, keeping us small and compact (out the way until needed for dick ornamentation), and child-like because doodbro evo psych 'neoteny'.

I also believe keeping women preoccupied with looks and make up and fashions is another way they have infiltrated the female mind and kept us away from more meaningful pursuits. Of course, the end game there is the grand prize of having attracted your very own doofus to care for and slave after. And the inevitable mental breakdown as you age and realize that you entire life has been a sad puppet show and you didn't even get to enjoy your best, most vital years doing anything constructive beyond schooling. Not saying all women, but that appears to be the fate of most.

Tl;dr: Males don't like it when their fuckthings appear to have human qualities and human failings. And the world has always turned a blind eye to Male Entitlement Syndrome and allowed girl children and women to be the victims of nasty ass scumbags.

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fishbowliolio #racist

Very good question. I think much like the Boer of the late 80's, any ostensibly progressive elements among the Jewish ethnic group have been so suppressed, have found so little success, that their existence and possible future victory is not worth holding out for. The suffering and oppression that they continue to mete out to others is too great to continue on in the hope that Herzog will liberate them.

The structure of exploitation is in place, and realistically until you make life uncomfortable for the Jewish people who prosper from Imperialism even the most sympathetic among them will be unable to take material action. Facts are on my side, and don't forget it was the English who took Apartheid away from the Boer. The Boer certainly didn't forget...