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Athousandkites, fiveshowersadaycel & JorgitoEstrella #sexist

Re: Guys, I can't help but wonder how come rapists always have so much success with women. Does anyone know why? I thought women could detect bad personalities?



Jfl why is it always like this? Why do they stay on the relationship for years even if they are being beaten and treated like a sexdoll. Its almost as if THEY LIKE IT. Anything to stay with Chad


isnt it funny how women stay so long in relationships like those and truly love these boyfriends who abuse them and treat them like shit, they would literally do anything for them, meanwhile when they are in relationship with some nice guy with pers0nality and jester abilities who loves them and treats them like a dignified human being, they break up with them after few months cause they were "boring" or "it just didnt click".


abusive chad had sex with 13 women before his 16 birthday, clown world

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Yes, you're an asshole.



If it was a male finding a foid posting on gonewild and talking about being a slut you can bet that he would be called an asshole for telling that roastie’s cuck

AITA for masturbating to naked pictures of my best friend? She feels like I violated her privacy whereas I feel like I did nothing wrong.



Say it with me.

Honk honk.


Jesus what a shithole


Jfl, this is one of the best examples where if the genders were reversed, you'd be a "slut shamer repressing women's sexuality" if you told her not to flick her bean to photos of a Chad friend.


The replies in there are so fucking cucked Im drowning in soy just reading them. What the fuck 🤡🌎


Look at all the replies by the normie fags, holy shit they make me enraged. Of course it's okay for a woman to hide from her boyfriend that she freely posts nude pictures on the internet, but you are the asshole for telling him that! I am sure they will come up with an equally fucked up explanation excusing girls who cheated on their bf.

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Legitimate_Meringue & ERror_in_CHOdjement #sexist

Re: This is what foids fear most. Curry-Rice Alliance when?



It's crazy how india went from honor killings to cuckold metoo in the span of half a decade.

china is halfway inspiring but still seems to "empower" the women to be sluts so they will fail as a nation.

then you have saudi arabia led by mohommad bin soylomon, who has a cockcage and is beaten by his dominatrix before issuing yet another feminist decree.

humanity ultimately is destined for failure now that women and soyboys are in charge.


China is EXTREMELY cucked. The women are pampered little princesses, second to maybe the super rich Oligarchs. They can pick whatever male they want, the ricecels have no say in the matter because there are 30 million surplus of men. Every chinese guy i've met utterly detests the foids of their country

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FadedAgony #sexist #psycho

Re: Stacy establishing her territory


Those sluts show themselves off like animals they are. They should be treated as such tbh. Average dog is more intelligent than those foid creatures, why should they have voting rights or any rights at all? They should be basically caged and used only for reproduction until human race creates artifical wombs and then exterminated. This is the only logical conclusion after all.

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Some incels #sexist #kinkshaming

Re: Reminder: There is no such thing as a feminist woman



Bitches have no value besides being a fuck hole. And they get annoyed when non chads reminds them of it. Female humor is basically whores trying yo one-up other whores with their whoreness

that dude at the bottom desperately trying to salvage womens dignity.

Can't salvage something that doesnt exist. He's trying to salvave his blue pill illusion


Shit, I can literally feel his world melting in front of him. I felt the same way when I stopped being a bluepilled retard

Thing is, that's supposed to happen when you're a kid or maybe a teen. This dude will never get over it. He's probably in his 30s. Way too invested in the lie.


White knight cuck's circuitry is frying lmao. 'But...women are could...but...misogyny...'


the difference is that the 4th panel is chad, and rest are normies/incels .

Every single woman on this earth LOVES to be called nothing but a fuckhole, if you have the right face and height.

And then people ask me why I hate women JFL ur the weirdo for not hating women imo


Like a KKK member who only has sex with black people. Literally nobody would question how silly that is. Yet feminists have convinced society that their contradiction is okay because "it's only in the bedroom," even though my KKK example is also only sex related. Humans don't just suddenly turn off their instincts the moment they step outside the bedroom, so feminists basically prove this comic true:


Radfems exist and this behavior is why they shit on libfems. They hate BDSM and anything similar to it.

Radfems and libfems are both retarded


Feminism is a giant shit test and men keep failing it. You have no idea how many feminists are into self degradation and shit. It's all a facade. Deep inside they're just horny cunts with daddy issues, waiting to get put in their place.


Lol, doesn't surprise me. The feminist I used to talk to, liked getting fucked raw from behind doggystyle, with the intent of getting knocked up, as a form of roleplay. Too bad she was obese, otherwise I would have tapped that. incredibly enough, she could still find guys willing to do that, despite her obesity.

I totally see why youre hateful. That doesnt mean that whatever you argue under such hatefulness is correct.

feminists have daddy issues. every man with a little brain left, knows it. Of course nobody likes to be called a whore in a normal conversation. Do you really need to poin out the obvious? come the fuck on.


"This shit" i.e. feminist women admitting that they're sexist and prefer traditional gender roles.

"I try to empathize with you guys, but then you go and post pictures where members of my ideology admit that my ideology is morally bankrupt"

Yeah, if your empathy is predicated on not calling your ideology out on its hypocrisy, you can stick your empathy up your shapely ass because nobody needs a narcissist's "empathy"

Fair point about empathy. I guess that your situation calls for empathy regardless of your personal stance on other issues.

I dont see a connection between havimg a kink and preferring traditional gender roles.. and my ideology doesnt prohibit traditional gender roles.. it just sees them as one option among many.

The fact that the picture angers you and you wish people wouldn't post it means you do see the connection. Good job on showcasing your ideology's hypocrisy once again.

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FreedomOfSpeech1488 & FewMillimetersOfHonk #sexist

Re: Life is harder for femoids, incels can't understand.



This is what feminism is about today, yet incels can't have a movement to discuss their far worse issues. We truly live in a clown world!

"Unlike incels, women face unrealistic expectations from society! You're not entitled to anything sweetie. As you can see we are oppressed, you are NOT "


And feminism still exists. What a fucking joke. Imagine being so sheltered and having such a flawless life these become your biggest issues. Feminism has in fact rigged the game so in favor of foid so much we need an anti feminism movement because women are living consequence free, autopilot lives.

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SoyBugDestroyer #fundie

Wrong. Blessed Saint Adolf was a hero and a martyr, his name will never die. I pray often for his intercession and guidance as he was a true and holy Catholic. Unlike the faggot pedophile church that exists today, Hitler represented the death of all that was good in Europe. God has enshrined him and all the blessed German Wehrmacht and SS in Heaven.

Not complimenting Hitler is too far. Go to T_D if you want neutered political commentary that never gets too edgy.

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okboyo2 & Concerned-father2 #sexist


I work in a bank, so most of my coworkers (tellers) are women.

Well, there’s this older, retired guy that comes into the bank every other day or sometimes everyday; he’s very lonely. This guy is in a wheelchair, but has the most amazing mindset. He comes in to talk to me a lot since I’m his personal banker, but he tries his best to get with/flirt with the female tellers, but they always shoot him down. They always make jokes about him not having a lot of money, being desperate and strange. I genuinely feel bad for him considering his whole family is dead and that he is a great guy at heart.

So, today, he came in to deposit a $250k check he got from a settlement. He was talking to me about all his plans with it and how happy he will finally be to be able to afford his dream car.

WELL, of course this caught the attention of the women that work with me. One of the tellers that constantly rejects him just so suddenly decided to carry on an intimate conversation with him. They were giving him all the attention he never got from them before. I make the deposit into a Money Market and he leaves.

Soon as he leaves, the women congregate and decide who is going to go after him. I swear I’m not joking. One coworker was making plans to just call him about an “error on his account” in hopes that it goes up from there. The other coworker that never cared for him was thinking about finally telling him that she was single and that she would “finally have enough time this weekend to see him.”

They’re preying on this man’s weakness in order to take his money, when they would not have given him a thought a day ago. This man is the nicest old man I have ever met, and they’re willing to take advantage of him because they’re not smart enough to get their own money.

Guys, I’m sure you already know this, but if you’re successful and women know it, do NOT give them any access to your funds.


Yup women are disgusting. I’m just some average mongoloid rice cel so women (especially white women) just ignore me and my ugly ass mongoloid face the moment they see me. But due to my inceldom, I managed to save a shitload of money (you tend to save a lot of money when you have no girlfriend and no dates and no hobbies) so my deposits are always very large. The moment they see my deposits suddenly this asian banner starts treating me nicer, even agreed to go on a drink with me. Suddenly during the drinks, she realised that I was an ugly guy so she felt the need to tell me that she “doesn’t date”. I just paid the bill and left. Lol disgusting creatures, they are shallower than 1 million incels put together.

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Currypill #sexist

Danny Devito doesn't debunk the heightpill; Danny Devito reinforces the heightpill.

Normies often bring up Danny Devito as an example of how girls will like manlets in spite of their height as long as they have a good personality.

But here's the thing: Women are not attracted to Danny Devito. When was the last time you ever heard a woman express sexual attraction to Danny Devito? You never hear it, because women are not attracted to Danny Devito. In spite of his immense fame, wealth, and success, women are not sexually attracted to Danny Devito. Danny Devito doesn't debunk the heightpill - he confirms it.

Danny Devito did manage to marry a woman, a looksmatched fellow midget. That's as far as his extraordinary fame, wealth, and success got him - a looksmatch. If Danny Devito were of average guy, he would be incel. Even if he were in the top 1% he would be incel. Only because he is in the top 0.0001% of fame, wealth, and success was he able to get an unattractive Jewish midget to be his wife.

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Some incels #sexist #racist

Re: Women in STEM



And you know what the worst part is?

This shit actually works. You don't want to know just how many grades, grants and promotions have been influenced by a blowjob or worse.


I am a student at the university of colorado boulder and it happens literally all the time. Fucking your professor has almost become a ‘bucketlist’ activity for these girls. And the professors are almost always down, even the married ones


Giving foids any rights was a mistake


we need good sex robots fast so dumb shit like this doesn't happen. once horny guys have a good way to relieve their urges without women then women will be powerless.


Yup, I've been thinking this for years.....horny, pathetic guys are the source of all these freaky women's power.


I know of two girls in my EE program that literally fucked a professor for an A. There were only like 4 girls out of 60 in the program, so 50% fucked to get a ahead. Muh #metoo


Russian foids. Classic picture from Russian Internet right there.

"eastern europe is based"


It's still better than America. Women are hypergamous no matter where you go but at least Eastern European women tend to be thin with long hair and wear dresses more often. They also tend to be more intellectual than American women and can at least discuss topics that require some brainpower. By nearly every metric Eastern European women are just better than American women.

I live on eastern Europe, this is completely false and I have no clue where you people get this shit from lol, cheating is probably 10 times as bad as in America with these women.

Ikr, women in Eastern Europe are gigantic fucking whores. Being a thug is key here, women here worship aggressive, low inhib males.

Not just that, but if you are a teenager almost every girl here is fucking with men in their goddamn 20s, they almost always go for older men it's so fucking bizzare .


Imagine these same women 20 years from now, wrinkled and leathered, bossing around an incel genius just beginning what could have been a promising career in science, but will end with his suicide.


✓ Average or below average girls

✓ Make everything sexual

✓ Chasing chad while ignoring rice and indian class mates

Yep, it's roastie time

They're Russian so I doubt they have many rice or curry classmates. Not everywhere in the white world has been taken over by multiculturalism.

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FailAllAspects #sexist

Have you ever seen a feminist Chad?

I sure as hell haven’t. Not IRL or on the internet.

Male feminists are usually fat, ugly, balding, bearded, nu male types, with minimal experience with women. You will never see a 6’3 jacked good looking male feminist.

Maybe, just maybe, being Chad exposes you to women’s true nature? Maybe having women bend over backwards for you, and throw out all their alleged “principles” just for a chance to suck your cock, maybe that makes you see feminism for what it really is. Bullshit.

They act strong and powerful against the uglies and normies, then they show their real colors for Chad. All that marxist feminist talk and militant bullshit and manhating? It’s all just talk. When their with Chad they swap over to submissive feminine little flowers.

Don’t be fooled.

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SoyBugDestroyer #racist

If I was the same color as human shit and my face resembled an ape’s, I’d probably behave like this too. I wouldn’t want to live and would be consumed with bitterness towards full-humans and Aryans whom God granted with beauty and strength. I’d hate them because they’d be a constant reminder of how disgusting and putrid my existence was, how repulsive and vile I was, how it took hundreds of years and government legislation to force these humans to even want to look at me, how every race on earth despises mine and tries to avoid it at every chance. How only Jews and self-hating whites want to associate with me, and only for self-serving reasons rather than because they genuinely like me. How I am, at best, a tool for the Jew to destabilize white society, and at worst a subhuman burden on other nations that has never created anything of value and exists only because the charity and empathy of higher and more developed humans and Aryans.

Yeah, I’d probably want to spit in someone’s pizza too. Though because I am Aryan I still can’t imagine going through with it. Utterly disgusting, but that’s because I was made in the image of God and possess a soul unlike these humanoids.

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HiImIncel02, hungryandhorny & dyellowdie #sexist

Re: “Just be a famous singer bro”



Bruno Mars is an Incel. I can promise you ALL the girls he slept with are Chadwidows. Or become ChadWidows eventually. Status CANNOT fix inceldon. If an alien came down to Earth, women would want to fuck it. Not because they are sexaully attracted to the alien, but for braggin rights. It's like buying a Gucci bag. No one knows why they buy it, they just have been convinced that other people might like it so they buy it fot braggin rights. Period.

Payless did an experiment on this. Created a whole new store, with high status name. And they sold their OWN shoes, $50 shoes, for like $600. And WOmen bought it. In fact they fought for the shoes. THE SAME SHOES THAT WERE SOLD FOR 1/10 OF THE PRICE AT A PAYLESS DOWN THE STREET! Status does not cure inceldom.

During the day, women hang out with the rich boy. During the night, they hang out with the pool boy. Period.


not only did they buy the shoes but these cunts started saying shit like " oh yeah you can just feel the high quality of the material and the exquisite stitching". They literally made shit up just to try and fit in and look like they are experts in high fashion and then the shame/shock in their faces when they revealed it was payless $50 shoes. Foids aren't human, they are brainless parasites.


notice how the short guy is still taller than her PEAK CLOWN WORLD

Funny how the person that made the tweet didn't use the photo of Bruno getting height mogged next to Taylor Swift.

npc tier behavior

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GallaPlacidia69 #kinkshaming

[post on teledildonics: “We Are Living In Biblical Sodom”]

There is nothing wrong with this though. Who does it harm?

This libertarian viewpoint will not serve you well. This sort of sexual degeneracy permeates throughout the society and harms us all

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throwaway61244846 #wingnut

Genuine question: Why are we supposed to report people who cut themselves or do other forms of self harm when they’re trying to feel better from it, but not supposed to report people who harm their bodies doing BDSM stuff that involves damaging the body for sexual pleasure? They’re both “consensual”

Because in the former they're at genuine risk. BDSM doesn't really lead to suicide.

Just because it doesn’t lead to suicide doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Heard of bloodplay, needleplay, nipple torture, painal with gaping assholes, harsh whipping, ball busting, etc? Shit’s nasty. I won’t believe that someone getting their tits exposed to electric currents is a wholesome thing

I've never heard of needle play but the thing is that the damage from those are all pretty clear. If you cut me, then i will be cut. If i cut me, i very well may kill myself tomorrow.

If you allow someone to cut you, it’s hardly different from doing it to yourself, considering that the end result is the same and you were okay with it.

Further, i can't really make someone not want someone to have their balls stomped but i can perhaps offer love and care to treat someone cutting themselves. Which is a good indicator.

Why say one harmful practice is okay but another isn’t? That makes zero sense.

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obersturmfuhrerss SoyBugDestroyer #transphobia

Not getting it guys. Its a trans person.

So long as they are just living their life and letting you live yours, what's the issue again?

Right there with you if they're pushing sexuality on 8 year olds or trying to assume orwellian control over language.

But if they're just living their own life? I don't understand the issue.

obersturmfuhrerss: You are trying to rationalize disgusting and despicable behavior that damages society. We should not normalize this type of behavior even if you think it is not harming you. Children nowadays see this shit everywhere and they think it is normal.

This person should be treated in a mental institution, not encouraged to live with delusions.

SoyBugDestroyer: We live in a society. Your actions affect other people. They affect me, my wife, our children, and everyone else.

If you want to be a subhuman freak pedophile mental case, you are free to fuck off into the woods and run around with the animals. Human civilization has laws, sexual dimorphism, moral boundaries, and social standards. Continual breaching of these pillars of society will lead to its ultimate erosion.

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austinmonster #transphobia

I love how every time I bring up the whole "male, female, or genetic mistake" people always post the same few articles from either a university in California, or Canada in their defense.

Of course it's always California and Canada - the two places it's illegal to misgender someone.

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readit_later #homophobia

I honestly don't care if you're gay or straight, but if you dress and act flamboyant, I cringe and I don't want to be around you. It's weird. Call me homophobic or whatever, but I have the right to feel this way just as much as a gay guy has the right to suck a dick.

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trueworldtheory #psycho #wingnut

Imagine being in a subreddit with cartoon frogs talking nazi dogwhistles in baby talk as a goof

Imagine writing about how you think cartoon frogs are da nazi, and think that you don't deserve to be pubically beaten or treated as mentally ill. Like, fuck, I think the whole world needs to see your post.

No sweetie. Cartoon frogs aren't nazi. In fact, nazis aren't real Sweetie. National Socialism is a defunct political party from Germany over 70 years ago. Stop treating Nazi like the 21st century of Satan, not all of us are religious fundamentalists. There is no such thing as "dogwhistles", that is leftspeak. Don't be a leftists, all leftists are mentally ill. You don't have a valid political ideology, you just have maladaptive psychological traits. You have a genetically ill person who thinks behaving like this is appropriate. Normal people don't act like you

Its sad GrandpaDallas, you are too far gone. Nothing can save you. the product of bad genetics and bad environment.

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punished_thn, MaskedUploader, ReDMeridiaN #fundie #racist

The Bible says Jews are children of Satan (John 8:44), they murdered God, and are enemies of ALL MANKIND. (1 Thessalonians 2:15-16)

The Bible also says modern Jews stole their racial identity from ancient Israelites in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Jews are not descended from Abraham. Jews are bastardized racemixed mongrels including asiatic, turkish, negroid, and European dna admixture.

Jews lie people die.

This entire system is controlled by Satan and his chosen people are 46% of the top 1% despite being 2% of the population.

Really gets the noggin joggin.

Satan is the Prince of this Earth, and that explains 100% of clown world.

Yes. After blessed saint and martyr Adolf Hitler lost the struggle for Europe’s soul, everything was left wide open for the Satanic Jew to infect and destroy. The martyrs who perished in that holy war will be enshrined in heaven forever, when you pray ask for their intercession and for the intercession of blessed Saints Goebbels, Hess, and Hitler.

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6stringKid #conspiracy


I remember seeing a couple posts from a few weeks or so ago regarding the moon. Got a heads up for a "Strawberry" moon tonight from Samsung Internet. I don't even use that app on my phone.

Reiterating a comment I posted on one of those moon posts, Youtuber "Crrow777" and podcaster u/TheCarlwood have several different episodes together.

In a nutshell, Crrow has been an ages-old technician and filmer, documenting the moon and publicly posting to YouTube. He has some pretty hard-hitting implications that the moon as we know it isn't even real. Furthermore, timing of certain events and rituals go hand in hand.

If this is a supposed high-tech "projection", so to speak, and we're assuming that everything the elite does has some kind of scheduled, timed, ritualistic event tied to it, the whole thing makes me wonder,

"Why project a red moon tonight, on June 17th? What is the importance of the 17th of this month? Is there an annual importance or is this just a one off?"

All speculation, of course. If you guys have anything to bring to the table, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Location of the moon and it's new look(s) are one of my heavy Mandela Effects.

Edit: Dunno if I'm gonna get a chance to even see this thing tonight. Let me know if you guys happen to see it.

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PornAccount62001 #ableism

I don’t like autistic people, and would choose to never associate with them if I had the choice

On the high functioning side of the spectrum, they are tiring to be and annoying and weird. I’m tired of having awkward conversations because they don’t know how to read human interactions or don’t enjoy the conversation topic. I don’t like having to carefully plan out what I say because they don’t understand human inflection or body language.

On the lower function side of the spectrum are the non-verbal ones who I don’t know how to interact with at all. Am I supposed to try and treat them like a baby? Do I ignore them? Do I treat them like a functioning person despite not being one? To what level am I supposed to help with basic tasks?

In the middle functioning side are people who have both issues. They can try and maintain basic conversation but may require almost babying or extreme care when it comes to social tasks. I have to try and help them while also not seeming to patronize them

There are also issues with almost everyone on the spectrum as well

A lot of autistic people are extremely passionate about a small selection of topics, and can’t maintain conversations or such well of it doesn’t relate to these topics

I also don’t like how the media portrays autism. Hardly anyone is a rain man type virtuoso genius, and most are like I have previously described. But a decent amount of higher functioning autistic people or parents seem to have a since of superiority because maybe one or two important/interesting people are autistic as well.

And don’t say “blah blah blah you’ve only met one or two people like that” cause I haven’t. My brother is mid functioning so for years I had to go to special education events and was even forced to ride the short bus because we went to the same school. I have plenty of experience dealing with people from the highs and lows of the spectrum

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basedputin #homophobia

40-50% of LGBTQ 'people' are child sexual abusers. 90% of 'gay couples' abuse their adopted children whether it be physical, psychological or sexual abuse. these people get unrestricted access to our children in schools. there are reasons these people were 'discriminated' against. it was widely understood most of them are child molesters!

recently a black 'gay couple' bashed a white kids brain in and got away with his murder.

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Ivoriy #transphobia #racist

I'm seeing (an obvious) pattern, why is it only white men/women who transition? I rarely see people of other races do so. Could it be cultural upbringing or something like that? Bc for someone to believe u can be something, there needs to exist the idea first. Basically you could say It's learned not something they are born with

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HoneySmokedRoses, Lars_The_Leprechaun #transphobia

The entire tranny movement consists of unlovable beta males and old perverted societal outcast men finally getting the attention they strive for. That's the soul motivator. It's rooted completely in narcissism and vanity, and the internet is the perfect ultimate echo chamber to support it. Honk honk.

Think about this: we made a machine that cuts off dicks.

The front of this machine is all screens that show nothing but cartoons and pornography. If you stare at it long enough, a door opens. Then you go inside. If the machine works (and it doesn't always, but it sometimes does), at the end of the machine, your dick gets cut off while you smile and give a thumbs up to the camera.

This machine wasn't created by one person. Or on purpose. But we created it. And it's running right now.

Wanna go look at the screens on the front of the machine?

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AbideDudes32 #racist

Having someone else take the blame is the oldest trick in the book. The problems in our world today have been planned and executed by societies who's members consist of people of all races. People need to stop focusing on the Jews.

Shut the fuck up shabbos goy. Every time people rightfully criticize Jews you fags come out to suck their dicks. "N-No there was some bad WASPs too!". The disproportionate impact of Jews on the degradation of society at every level is an indisputable reality. The shitty non-Jews aiding them become an anemic and impotent "cabal" without Jews being involved. People focus on Jews because they are the ones driving clown world, and you can't stop a problem without addressing the cause.

How about the disproportionate impact of Jews on the positive development of society at every level?

Not worth it. Their negatives far outweigh any positives Jews can bring. You also don't get to act like Jews aren't disproportionately causing these problems, and it's really every race, and then try this pilpul.

I'm trying to make a point, if 'its the Jews causing all the problems', then what do you think would happen in a world without Jews? Don't you think the same problems would still be a factor? Hence, its not the fucking Jews.


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punished_thn #racist #psycho

“The only way to stop antisemitism is to criminalize it.”

Imagine being such a disgusting despicable universally hated subhuman demonic group of bloodthirsty christkilling money-grubbing baby-dick-sucking KIKES that the only way to get people to stop hating you is to threaten them with jail time. Jews literally want to put a gun to your head and demand you stop hating them. Imagine that. Think about that for a moment.

The Jew is willing to do whatever it takes to get people to stop hating him....except, you know, actually change his parasitical behavior.

No Jews, we’re not going to stop hating you. You’re the ones who need to change, not us. Fucking christkiller kikes.

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Wooden_Establishment #fundie

I'm sorry my fellow r/CringeAnarchy users. I had accidentally left out the parent comment I was replying to.

In it, he says "I bet he also thinks Islam is barbaric because some fundamentalist Muslims stone gay people". Nigga, that's the best part! That's the only good thing they do!

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Dorkydor & TheColdColdAbyss #sexist

Uh, thats not how it works!!!! Beta cucks seething


Well, that's indeed not how vaginas work.

Yes the vagina is indeed made of a magical material that cannot get loose no matter how many horse dicks you shove in it.

Cucks actually believe this.

Reminder that muscles such as the sphincters can get loose causing incontinence. Faggots often get fecal incontinence because of too much anal pounding.

Your sphinkter doesn't get loose from using it what it was 'designed' for (shitting), right?

The vagina wasn't designed for giant cocks every day either then

Then why do women with new partners who have huge dicks have to get "used" to them? Why is it recommended for them to "get used" to huge dicks with huge dildoes?

Go check out r/bigdickproblems if you don't believe me.

Well, because it's a muscle. Of course you can train it to go wider if need be. But that doesn't necessarily 'loosen' it, at least not permanently. Ever heard of kegel exercises?

Look, I'm not a vagina expert, but I've had my dick in a reasonable sample size, and from my experience, the tightness doesn't correlate with age or number of penetrations.

At least not to the extent of 'she's had sex this many times, so her vagina will be loose'.

You didn't offer a counter argument. "It's a muscle" ok and? You can pull and stretch muscles, too. It can get loose. Ever wondered why women literally get surgery after childbirth? Because it destroys their vaginal canal

Seems like neither of us is a doctor. If you can offer me any scientific proof of vaginas getting more 'loose' through intercourse, I'll be glad to accept it.

Until then, I'll rely on my experience.

Literally the first google answer tells me that "after a while the organ regains its shape and becomes tight again".

Obviously implying that it gets looser during sex. Do you not think that repeated exposure to an object far larger than itself (vaginal canal is about 4 inches at most) would stretch it loose? Come on, I know you gotta white knight for muh women, but this is just plain ignorance.

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punished_thn #fundie

1242: France Burns All Known Copies of the Talmud

It’s amazing how annoying and disgusting Jews are, but even more amazing is how long they’ve been disgusting and annoying. Literally thousands of years.

Fuck these demons.

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redbluerat #fundie


WTF I love Egypt now

Look at them trying to subvert them.

It's amazing. You can build the highest wall you like but over the air america will still invade your culture and homosexualise / demoralise you.

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TomatoPoodle #fundie

>Got nothing against some trans people

no we just want them to have mental health help not surgery, but that makes us nazis

Agree 100%. Mental illness shouldn't be encouraged - I doubt gender reassignment surgery would be a fix in about 99.9% of these people.

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PublicMoralityPolice #fundie

They burned bullshit feminist fantasy like harry potter, twilight and 50 shades of grey - absolute waste of paper whose authors deserve to burn along with the books. And, sadly, it was a single priest and his followers, nothing big yet.

I haven't even read any of those books, but that's such a retarded thing to do. You won't achieve shit by burning a few "feminist" books at your local church. Literally just a waste of time and fuel lmao

Agreed, it needs to be better organized, and in sync with the institutions of a coercive state. A book burning should only be the public-facing kickoff celebration of a broader campaign against degeneracy, which doesn't necessarily need to be as publicised.

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CryptoBobRoss, Spysix, gaywhiteknitelover1 and Concentration_Camps #fundie


Europistan>Faggot EU, change my mind

Europistan means a foreign race will be ruling you, taking your women & maybe cutting off your balls and or dick. Have you been convinced?

I still have more values in common with Europistan promoters than with Faggot EU.. primitive ideas are better than marxist ideas, stupid is better than upside down.

You guys are beginning to understand. You and radical Islam want the same thing

Well, since I'm a theist with respect for traditions, I can only admire the tenacity of islam compared to 'the latest study finds that men are fags who want to suck dick'

I'll take islam over degeneracy, especially since it benefits men more anyway as it should.

Say about Muslims and Islam what you want, but at least they have morals and stand united against liberal degeneracy. I've actually been thinking about converting since Christians are a butt-fucking joke nowadays.

Exactly, thats why i converted. I would not waste time and convert if i were you. You dont have to practice it now if you are not ready, but better to be non practising Muslim than a christcuck

Islam is the only solution to degeneracy wheter you like it or not. You guys should hurry up and convert now.

No degeneracy

No feminism

No fags

No Holohoax narrative

Banking interest forbidden (the worst nightmare of the long noses)

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itsgettingcloser and redbluerat #racist

[re: gay couple adopting a black kid]

This is what is considered "wholesome" by sick, sick people... they used to fill mental hospitals with these lunatics.

Here come the faggots... someone has alerted them.

TFW even Asian cats hate faggots

Can you imagine the smell?

Statistics show that these guys are probably molesting that baby.

That's why they used to be locked up...

Might get downvoted all to shit but this is probably that kid's best chance to be a productive member of society.

The society should be Liberia and these two undergoing shock therapy back home. That’s after their jail time for sodomy.

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thekidintheback #fundie

I get that there is a natural aversion factor, but I don’t see the point of taking it out on gays. They literally can not help being gay, its largely determined by hormones in the womb.

Lol degeneracy and hedonistic lust is a lifestyle choice, not hereditary you faggot apologist. Take a shit in your hand and sniff it. That's what faggotry is. Not rainbows and unicorns. Nope. Nothing innocent or childish about it. It's two men prolapsing eachother's assholes till shit literally dribbles out. Filth.

Edit: degeneracy is general, it includes normal straight people as well as degenerate homosexuality. Learn reading comprehension instead of how to give blowjobs faggot.

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PaganOpera and PanKurzcak #fundie

[on why atheism causes suicide]

When you Kill God, be prepared for the Consequences


This is what Nietzsche meant by "God is dead". He fucking hated nihilism, and realized that pointless living with no other goal than to gain pleasure is fucking retarded. You need to find meaning in things like family and country, rising above your animal desires to become the Ubermensch.


And just like Nietzsche, I'm no Christian.

Fuck off with your Jesus nonsense. I don't need goat herders telling me how to live any more than I need shitbag politicians doing the same.

Do I have to spell it out? I'm not Christian nor was Nietzsche who warned against Europeans killing God.

You put 2 unrelated graphs together and then said that one variable influences the other. What the fuck have we come to?

Bingo. Can I get another one? Which one will be next!

Or they could both be caused by a third (((factor))), a causation isn't always direct.

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user9713, Sexinandflexin and Anonymous #sexist


[caption: Heterosexuality is Stockholm Syndrome. All heterosexual women are hostages and they don't realize it.]

And homosexuality is Dopamine slavery and wearing a diaper in your 40s because your ass muscles are so weakened that you can’t hold the shit in your body.

They're unattractive so no man ever showed interest in them and they developed an illness. Their sole purpose in life is to infect attractive women with their illness to exact revenge on all men who turned them down.

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FACEandLMS & Poacher3145 #sexist

Re: Based cameraman knew what the real shot was...


Women writing code reminds me of women playing football (soccer) alongside boys. There is a big incentive to have them there to show that men and women are the same, which, if that's the case, why do you need women there if they're just the same as men? Also, the momentum is to encourage them, to reward them for joining in, to mollycoddle them, to patronize them, to suck up to them.

On the other hand, men who try to get into "women's stuff" like teaching children are considered to be paedos. And are usually better teachers to boot.


Come to think of it, all the good teachers I had growing up were male. They just seemed to be more calm than my female teachers who seemed to be more neurotic and unpredictable.

Enjoyed ur livestream btw, listening to that Irish chad at the end was a srsly brutal moment that I’m still recovering from. When ur an incel that doesn’t get out much it’s hard to believe there are chads in the surrounding area living ur dream life. But they definitely exist. Looking forward to ur next one.

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ItsOver4Maymaycels & Big_Iron_PP #sexist

Re: I know just from looking at this picture that the right one had the best time of his life in high school while the left one rotted away. JFL. Genetics is literally your life. You can see it in their eyes.



What is the harm in trying to make someone feel better

Oh sweet summer child, the cope that incels simply don't work hard is one that helps sustain the illusion of a fair and just world at its' very core, but the sad truth is that, while some of us can make something good out of our lives despite the enormous disadvantages in happiness and social life that come from being ugly and short, due to other things we've got going. There's some less fortunate ones that after years at the gym, after so many self improvement books, so much effort, realize the truth, that genetics has no mercy, and at the whim of bad luck, can create someone who had no chance, doomed from birth, due to a combo of lacking enough inherent looks, height, smarts and talents to succeed. With no respect from other men, no affection from women and no solaces in life, they succumb to the numbness and rope.

In short, CRISPR please come soon.


Describe you as a human yes, but a being, no

Listen. The end game of every organism ever created is to reproduce and to further spread it's genetic material. There are no exceptions, so it counts for us humans too. It's just the way life works. If selection for some reason wasn't a thing, we'd still be microbes swimming around in the ocean.

The genetic material you carry is therefore absolutely essential to this process. If your genes are good, you get to pass them on. If they aren't, you don't. Now, how this selection manifests itself in our societies has become very complex (we humans are by far the most intelligent species around), so it's not as readily apparent as with some wild animals, but the point is that it's still there.

Therefore, for our society to survive your genes LITERALLY have to define you. If women selected for something irrational like kindness or compassion in men instead of the ability to protect offspring, we would have gone extinct in a couple of generations.

Now, the problem, and the raison d'etre for this sub is the fact that the modern dating landscape has shifted irrecoverably in favor of women. Some 50 years ago, a 5/10 woman would have gotten a 5/10 man. Today, for various reasons, average women can easily shoot WAY above their league, leaving subpar men (read: this sub) in the dust.

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FavelaSmegma #sexist

Brutal Chadstralia Tinder blackpill.


Women do not deserve rights. Men gave them rights, men gave them security ... and what did they with all these rights and all this safety and security men gave them? Destroy everything, whore around. Women should NOT have rights.

IQ high enough. Women were given rights on the false pretenses that they are equal samaritans, willing to use those rights to chase opportunites, contribute, be responsible, working adults etc.

What have they done since they got those rights? Nothing but whore around more and more and keep leeching off of men. They have utilized their rights so much in fact that being completely starved of female accomplishments, society is now falsely and misleadingly flagpoling that hole Katie for the black hole pictures. It's blatantly clear how much use the primitive reptile brains of women have for all their equal (read: tilted in their favour in every aspect) rights. It was never more than just another thing to bitch about.

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give_me_sugar #sexist

Just found out that my sister went on a vacation with 3 of her guy "friendds"

She's the

What a fucking slut.

I cannot believe that we are blood related. While I actively avoid the opposite gender like a a plaque, most of her "friends" are dudes.

And now I just found out that she's on a week long vacation with them.

Funny thing is mommy is even encouraging her degenerate behavior.

She's fine with her daughter vacationing with bunch of dudes. Lord only knows what they must be upto right now. Fuckkkkkkkk

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Brazi1ianSigma #sexist

Brutal Blackpill I Witnessed With Gymcel Friend. This One Is Hurts.

So one of my incel friends (who is worse off than me somehow) is a total gymcel and mentalcel. His body is like a greek God's. He's not super tall, but average height (short for women) about 5'9 or 5'10". But he's in gym hours every week and very OCD about his calories and nutrition. His body is phenomenal. But he can't talk to girls. Stares at the ground. Barely speaks. Total mentalcel.

Anyways, we have a Chad lite friend. He was humble bragging to me about some fat disgusting girl that likes him. He said she was annoying. Because she talks about not being able to get a man, while simultaneously trying to get my Chad lite friend to hook up with her.

The girl is fat, but like we say here; shouldn't be an issue. But not only that, she doesn't even try to look good. She doesn't pretty up. No makeup. Doesn't take care of her hair. Other than the basic hygiene like teeth/bathe/deodorant, she does nothing. In addition to this, she has a shit personality. Just a real bitch to most other than my Chad friend.

Anyways, he was trying to get her to leave him alone and throw her off on someone else. So he used my gymcel friend. He asked her to talk to him since our friend is so socially backwards. But she declined and said gross. Said he was too ugly for her.

Here's a guy that works on his physique 24/7 and at any given time, has one of the top 3 bodies at any gym. He dresses nice. He is a very nice guy, just painfully shy.

And yet a disgusting fat, unkempt, abrasive, annoying bitch of a woman won't even give him time of the day.

Oh it's brutal.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: kid gets bullied severely by a chad in school, his sister decides to date and marry the bully. JFL.



Fucking whore.

Goddamnit why does shit like this gets me so triggered. What unloyal cunt, FUCKING CUNT!!!!

That's nothing, you should see that story about a woman who fell in love with Tyrone in prison who murdered her brother. JFL, not even death can save you from getting cucked.

Can't emphasize this enough. I don't have much respect for incels who let themselves get "bullied". That's soyboy shit. Do whatever it takes to fight back and/or get revenge.

how are you going to fight back against a guy twice your size and half a foot taller than you?

Have you ever fought before? If the fight is no holds barred, size becomes significantly less important.

Went to the original thread to see the rest, that's what OP got after the email:

"Parents were quick to swing by our house and reprimand me for being so harsh/childish"

Of course. If it was his sister the one who sent the letter, I bet she would receive all the support nevertheless. Women always win.

You know those porn suggestions where a bully fucks a boy's sister/mother in front of him to make him mad?

That shit happens in real life, apparently. Never underestimate women's capacity to fuck the enemy


Brutal. Can you link me the thread bro. I want to see all the soycuck replies.

Honestly, your sister might be in an abusive relationship.

This makes me wonder how exactly he treats her. Bullies feed on insecurity and I’m sure you weren’t his only target then or now.

Seriously, that comment REALLY worries me now, he very well might be continuing the behavior

She's either a horrible person...or she's a victim of abuse and manipulation herself. This guy could have some weird obsession with this family. Torment the brother and now maybe it's the sister's turn to be tormented? OP did say his sister has a lot of insecurities. This guy could be utilizing those to abuse and control her. Just a theory.

I just don't get it. Why the fuck do people worry for her? She's dating him KNOWING what her bf did to her brother.

The sick part is that chad's bullying of her brother probably turned her on.

chad loses in the end in this case for deciding to inseminate the sibling of the inferior set of genes he was bullying.

chad always loses in the end. he children will be inkwels. the 80/20 rule will always hold.

Bullying happens because females reward the behaviour, Chad and normies are following their incentives. Females could instantly erase all bullying in the world if they simply started giving attention to whoever gets best grades in class. The most hardcore bullies would be studying their ass off instead and the entire society would benefit.

But that is not a responsibility females want to take. They are more interested about their short term gratification and hedonism of riding the cock carousel and then letting some beta pay for her sorry ass.

Link for the lazy:

What I hate about this story is how it seems like bullies always tend to live on and enjoy more successful lives than anyone who get's bullied (in almost every regard).

This is just how little sense of attachment and care women have. He is her fucking brother. You can't be any closer than that (unless you live in Alabama).

I have a sister and if I learned some bitch constantly mocked her let alone fucking break her arm, I would hate that shitstain.

But she just doesn't care, to her getting turned on by the probably Chad alpha bully is worth more than her own brother. Literally sociopathic behaviour.

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ReformedConvict #sexist

Re: Study: Women tolerate violent behavior from attractive men, but not from unattractive men

Somebody add this to r/blackpillscience.

Anyway, yeah, this is exactly what I been saying for years. Many women TOLERATE jerk behavior if he's good looking. They're dating him in spite of it, not "because" of it. I've never seen an ugly guy start getting girls by being an ass to them, but I HAVE seen them try it and fail miserably.

Being a jerk is just a good way to weed out the settlers. If she's merely settling for you, she won't tolerate any BS. Yeah, there's the possibility that she actually just wants a guy who treats her well, but it's best not to take any risks. Getting trapped in a marriage with a settler will mess up your life!! If you're looking for something serious, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to make sure she's actually physically attracted to you. This isn't a question you can just ask her (the settler will lie), so you have to resort to other means and have enough social intuition to read between the lines.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: REMINDER: The Racepill.


Women for comparison:


IT retard spazzing out after being confronted by an incel:

Ethnic women are fucking more than white women, and in the other hand ethnic males are fucking less by far than white males.

JBW theory confirmed. And women can’t be incels/femcels confirmed.

Man, black women are having the least amount of sex and have the highest rate of STDS. That's rough.

Meanwhile Noodlewhores are noodlewhoring to an extreme.

Well noodlewhores are disgusting, as the perspective of a white european point of view. Even if I had a chance, I wouldn´t one of them, they are golddigger from the finest, no differents if you go to a hooker.

If I am seriouse, who would fuck a black chick, someone can call me a Vocel, but I am not suicidal. I would never stick my dick in black biological weapon, you may get Aids or I don´t know maybe they are hidding Anthrax in their pussies.


so black femcels are real?

Sort of real but not so really. I’ve kept up with Black women bitching and moaning about their sexual situation with quite keen observation, and this is what I can tell you: black “femcels” are often middle class black women who grew up in predominantly non-black environments, and can’t attract the non-black men in their (predominantly non-black) social circles and workplace.

Many of them look down on black men the way Asian and White women do. If you actually look at online dating stats, Black people in general fail when they go for other races; the black “femcel” problem could resolve itself if they stuck to Black men. The disadvantage faced by Black women in online dating however is peanuts when compared to what Asian men (East and South) face. If Black men held higher social value then Black women could be compared to Asian men more accurately.

Black “femcels” exist for the same reason any “femcel” exists: their hypergamy goes beyond their own reach.

Black women are the most unattractive by a rather large margin. Simple as that.

Both sexes prefer lighter skin but also prefer a physique in line with their preferred sex. Asians are very feminine in general and blacks are very masculine in general, so asian men and black women are the least desirable. But black women have the double whammy of having dark skin and a more masculine physique. Asian women hit the jackpot with light skin and feminine physique, and white chads get the masculine frame with light skin. That's why asian women and white men are the most preferred among their sexes.

Black women are just ugly, that's all there is to it.

Mayocels are mostly just mentalcels with far-right issues. Blackcels are mostly too smart, nice, geeky and introvert to fit in with their primal low-inhib negroe community. The only real trucels are Asians and Indians.

Hitler's dream is coming true. Only whites reproducing

I suspect the romantic prospects for Asian men were always poor. Early surveys probably skewed towards newly arrived/immigrant couples or men with strong connections to the old country where they could find a partner.

In the mid-2000s, it seems we begin to see that the sons of these couples are feeling the full brunt of the racepill as they lack any of the advantages of their parents.


How the fugg are there more sexless blacks than whites

you obviously don’t hang around a lot of black people. most black men get zero girls. serious. black women don’t like black men these days or are only going for hyper athletic, rich and tall blacks.

black people use hookers more than any other race. vast majority of women will never date or have sex with 99.99% of black men.

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SpanishDdoc #sexist

i blackpilled a feminist women

we were discussing about gender isues (she was talking and i was pretending to listen) the convo was:

SH: women have it worse in every aspect of life

M: not at all

SH: in which not?

M: in average life is worse for men that women

SH: explain

M: men are the only creature who isnt unconditionally loved, a child, a pet, a mother or a woman just has to be there to be loved, or at least liked. but a man has to prove his value as a provider to be loved. Either in a cavemen way, with manly physical traits or like we do in modern society: with money or status.

SH: not really

M: just think about 2 average dudes, one has a job and the other is a NEET. who you find more appealing? or think about 2 CEO, one is strong and tall and the other is weak and femenine. which who would you rather have sex?

the convo changed the subject about sexual harrasment and salary gap, but next day she admited i was right at least in that aspect

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Sockerpiller #sexist

Re: a l p h a w i d o w


Imagine being such a privileged retard that you can boast about fucking a 0,1 percentile guy and still claim you are ”””femcel”””. I have no sympathy for these idiots. If they were born men they would have something to feel shit about.

Being a femcel is like being born a white man in 1800s America and complain that your slaves don’t actually want to be owned by you. It’s a non-issue and they try to play the victim to feel better about themselves when they fucking know they could easily solve their ”””problems”””. Thing is, they fon’t actually have to self improve, just lower their standards. UNLIKE US.

Probably LARP to trigger us but wouldnt be surprised if it was true

why we would triggered to this.
this is entire shit we all want to point out.

I think many of us here (and people in general) derive some enjoyment out of being disillusioned, even when it is a superficially painful experience. I think many of us are addicts to pain and marginalization; we somewhat enjoy being victims, whether we admit it or not

Confusing IQ

People enjoy pain, they kind of indulge in it, even if it seems counterintuitive. We love looking at blackpills because it painfully confirms our ideas about the world. Maybe the logic is that if we own the pain, it can’t hurt us without our consent or catch us off guard.

Isn't that the whole point of the blackpill? If you disown the bluepill, you ready yourself for the truth, you accept reality and all the horrible shit it brings with it and cast away the illusion you, and the rest of the world has built up to guard/shield you from the shit reality of the real world. No sugarcoating, no virtue signalling, just the truth. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you know that your failures in life aren't only a result of your own actions. However this might make you indifferent and unmotivated since this basically means that you were disadvantaged from the start. It's a double edged sword which is very hard to wield correctly.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: Cracked article of lies tells you how you 'get sucked into the 'incel' trap'


JFL no article about “incels” will ever put anything less than a 9/10 Chad in the image

I’d sell my fucking soul to look like that dude


around a dozen occasions where a woman flirted with me, but it didn't "count" because they weren't (to my eyes) solid in the looks department

Direct quote from the article. Not a truecel

LARPing woman. They always like to pretend men actually do this to excuse their own behavior. Even chads will hook up with a 4/10 if she asks unless he has something better to do, like a 7/10.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it is idealist. It says that the problem is "People are thinking the wrong things, and need to think the opposite things." The things that people think matter. But the things that people think are logically dependent on the physical environment they occupy. Not the other way around.

Why is the Alek Minassian one still incel related? Wasn't that a troll post from a mock profile, plus he's an Armenian who killed people on the Armenian Day of Remembrance.

Instead we get this false incel narrative while the Armenian Genocide gets forgotten again.

Because him being an incel helps normies push their narrative even though he was never confirmed to have been an incel at all.

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Administrative_Worth & jeremyjimmy #sexist

Re: FTM blackpill


A small selection of men have it very well made. The rest wallow in a sea of desperation. As many writers and philosphers have remarked.

I wouldn't be surprised if she ropes soon. Trannies have a high sucide rate afterall, because most of them don't pass as the gender they wish to be.

Women turning into men look a lot better than the opposite. It's pretty damn hard to undo the effects of testosterone and increased human growth hormone. Hell a lot of females turning into males get ripped fast, because they are basically on IFBB pro steroids, medicial grade ones with endocronilogists there to make sure it all goes well.

Men turning into women. God help me. Not to mention the disproprortionate amount of male to female transgenders, (another sing it's being over diagnosed)Sadly a lto of those male to females are fellow brocels, at the very least mentalcels who got sucked and udped into the alluring tranny trap, that all the negatives and bad feeligns they experience, isn't your fault. It's that you were born in the wrong body. Now wear this tape over your occk and balls permenantly damaging them, and start a diet of phytoestrogens Before we find you a "sympathetic" psychiatrist who will give you a diagnosis and we can start chopping bits off and pumping you with hormones.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Sadly true. So many copers, especially mentalcels falling in the tranny trap.

Legit transgenders do exist. They are so rare though. Hardly existing on the scale we're seeing mentally ill, often vulnerable lonely, damaged by trauma or bullying, people being pumped full of hormones and having cocks lopped off today. Damn fucking sad

This is like changing the difficulty level of a game from Easy to a Legend.

SUddenly I'm a creep unless I say the exact right words with the right body language and keeping the right diatance from everyone else. And there are always other fellow "bros" pushing me around, excluding me fro conversations with their shoulders. I thought we were all bros in this club, wtf. Being born a male is struggle from womb to tomb. It's why so many kill themselves, or check out as rannies, or mgtow, or run off to hippie communes of "free love" where it's their partner just fucking hippie chads and they get to stop worrying and competing and get fed, and live basically.

The struggle and will is all.


The foid is starting to realize that she gave up her privilege just to become a manlet. JFL at her stupidity.

You'd think they would've realized this a lot earlier? If I was transitioning I'd be THOROUGHLY researching shit women go through and putting myself mentally in their place day to... oh wait I'm a guy, I already do that naturally without thinking, it's called empathy.

That's how this place predicted the blackpill and can predict posts like this, because we have empathy and a generally objective understanding of how people and the world works.

Apex fallacy

Exactly. A LOT of women have it made vs how many men have it made. Men have it made by having the luck of being born good looking, born with enough drive to work hard enough to make a nice amount of money and / or be born into money.

wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

There were 3 articles about exactly this a few months ago. All female to male, all saying life has become a cold, lonely nightmare compared to the friendly, safe world they lived in as a woman. They now say they feel invisible and like if they mess up they're on their own.

Yeah, no shit. Welcome to being a man. Did they think we were lying about this stuff?

I've heard this a million times from female to male. Another complaint is that "they suddenly feel alone in the world like if something goes wrong nobody will help" they ALSO all tend to say something along the lines of "before transitioning I didn't really think about men's issues or what they go through or care about them but now I realize life is a lot harder for them."

They basically admit everything. Funny because when I was told about women's issues I felt empathy for them and I would alter my behavior to make their lives a little easier. Meanwhile they didn't even consider men human.

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bwag711 #sexist

You're asexual

Women look at ugly men like they're asexual beings and are disgusted by the fact that they could even be sexual. If you're ever friends or know a female and you decide that you want to get to know them romantically and then ask them out on a date then watch how fast they grow disgusted by your presence and never want to associate with you again (even if you just nicely ask them once without being pushy, "creepy", etc.).

The only way you can associate with women is if you're a good little beta who is her emotional tampon or does things for her, if you try to escalate any further from there then you're going to be considered a creepy weirdo no matter how gracefully you do it.

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currymanletcel #sexist

I farted on a foid co-worker today. She moved and held her nose after I walked off and I felt so satisfied. Indian Gas is the deadliest

She was sitting down and I was talking to her standing up and right as I turned around to walk off I let a silent one rip right in front of her face. It was silent but deadly. I walked about ten meters then looked back at her, she suddenly looked disgusted and walked off with her hand on her nose. She must have smelt that deadly Indian Gas.

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C0nserve #sexist

Why rape "traumatizes" femoids.

Humans have no built-in way of rejecting sperm from their reproductive tracts.

Other animals, such as hens, can reject most or all of the sperm from an unwanted (read: low status) male. If they were taken and raped, it would be of no consequence to them as their body has natural mechanisms to remove/deactivate sperm.

Humans don't. Therefore, rape is of a greater consequence to them since they must carry a child from a low status male to term.

This is also why they are all abortion/free birth control advocates. It is an artificial way of rejecting sperm, avoiding birth. It's their biological instinct to evolve a way to prevent carrying low status male's children to term. Rape laws also assist them.

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040211092616 #sexist

Part 23434 of birth control revealing women’s true nature


redpill me on birth control

There are two (primarily) female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones contribute to hypergamy and make women want the tallest, strongest, most sought-after male. It also makes them HATE betas.

Birth control is nothing but a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. The depo provera shot that the foid is posting about is 100% progesterone. Having such a high dose of this is making her hypergamous instincts skyrocket and she now sees her boyfriend for the short, weak beta provider that he is.

I thought birth control made women like effeminate men

I honestly believe it depends on the hormonal state of the woman beforehand. If her hormones are out of wack, birth control can act as a balancer. If her hormones are already balanced, it can put them out of wack. But wtf do I know

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Some incels #sexist

Re: FTM blackpill

I'm a mentalcel so I do sympathize with her. Or him.

Imagine having this realization, that you just lost all your privilege and your life is going to become irreversible hell as an ugly manlet. Her fault and her choice fully. Yet I can't not feel bad.

The most ironic/saddest thing is, if the blackpill wasn't so controversial with brainlet normies and she was familiar with it, this could've been prevented.

Basically picture being a Chad since birth and one day waking up as yourself, your present incel self. Fucking brutal.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Exactly. Assuming all humans have the capacity to tolerate a certain level of hardship why do people think the vast majority transitions are male to female?

It's because many men cannot tolerate the natural level of hardship thrust upon them whereas women can. Why? Because they are by default on easy mode


wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

FtM trannies genuinely think that men are extremely privileged, so they transition thinking that they'll 'become privileged', but in reality, all they become is depressed.

They're too stupid to realise that they have it easy, not us

Oh absolutely, they're the aristocracy complaining that the peasants have too much grain.

FTM rates are the actual trans rates in the population, that's roughly how many MTF there should be. The reason there's so many more MTF is because a bunch of non-dysphoric incels are tryna see if they can switch life to tutorial mode

If tech ever advances to make gendermorphing flawless, there'll be like 8 guys left, each with their own harem nation

Last sentence is supreme unintentional blackpill truth.

How many nanoseconds before a woman manipulated the truth to benefit women and trannies and continue to gaslight men with blame?

I knew an ftm a few years ago. 6 months after surgery and successfully passing, s/he got their first false rape accusation. If he wasn't rich, he'd be the only vagina in a male prison right now and you can guess how that would've turned out. Last I heard he went back to being adrogynous female appearing so as to avoid being treated like a man by strangers

My sister in law transitioned to a top lesbian (as opposed to bottom). One year later, she was blackpilled as F. Made a meme about how women were all the same on tinder, posted a couple of tweets about how basic women were and basically came off as a redpilled/blackpilled misogynist bastard. Got severely depressed and told me she felt like killing herself from time to time, that life as a man is hell compared to a woman.

ROPE OR COPE BRAH, i swear more of these degenerates who call us scum and such should go through test. therapy and see how living as a man is like playing the game on hardmode, not only do we have to provide for ourselves but we have to be sustainable, we have to persevere through any fucking object, and while being hated by society, being sub 5 male is truly one of the hardest things in life with the exception of living in a 3rd world country but as far as 1st world goes it's being a male.

No wonder so many guys want to become girls in hope of being treated like human beings for once.

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MobilePenor & ENTP #sexist

Re: Beauty in simplicity


I don't hate women because of their sexuality, I hate women when they use politics to impose or express their sexuality, and I hate women when they let their sexuality dictate their behavior and by doing so they do damages. All women have the same base for sexuality, but not all of them go around breaking stuff every day.

I also don't believe they select the "best genes", I believe they're pretty shitty at selecting genes. Would you ever let a woman decide what are the best genes? I may not interfere with their selection but I'm not gonna agree with it.

The image is really funny though

basically whatever let you be a more dominant monkey in the jungle is what they consider “good genes”

when men curbed women’s primitive desires and rewarded intelligent men with careers and families, we had the industrial revolution

now we will descend into an idiocracy ruled by moronic chads and stacies

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LeninistSkynet #sexist

Black women are the most Loy.....


Ethnic foids have a love/hate Daddy issue relationship to white men. They kinda hate them but they also want them to put them over their laps and give them a spanking. Then again, this is pretty much how all women feel towards high-status men. And the highest status is exclusively reserved for white men. EVERY possible status a man might have would be further increased if he were white. So women have this love/hate daddy issue relationship to white men. They are alike this powerful father figure they want to rebel against but also keep them in line. 99% of women have DaddyDom fetishes anyway. Bitches.

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justforlulzandkeks #sexist

Re: If you ascend, you better lie about your virginity and keep up the lie!


this is why female sexuality is fucking REVOLTING

no matter your fucking personal1ty, no matter how you are as a person, all of it means FUCK ALL to a woman unless you've fucked other women before her? how fucking primitive can their thought processes be?

I believe that it's mostly because he felt the need to blatantly lie to me about such a thing

no, that's just your female brain rationalizing, as usual, your disgusting behavior

a part of me is just... turned off. Knowing that no girl at ALL has shown any interest in him has me questioning everything and noticing flaws that I haven't before

THIS IS the real reason you're turned off, not your "muh breach of trust" hamster wheel

hmm, i do fucking wonder why he felt the need to lie? could it be because he knew you'd react exactly like this? he's stuck in a literal catch 22; he has no sexual experience, and he can't get any precisely because of his lack of it, so he literally had to resort to lying

and people actually wonder WHY men base so much self worth on virginity and relationship experience? people actually wonder WHY incels put emphasis on virginity? people actually wonder WHY we say it's over? it's not due to "muh toxic masculinity", men aren't rejecting other men for being virgins, it's all WOMEN. but oh no, women and normies love to use feminism to gaslight men about this: it's toxic masculinity and unhealthy gender roles making men feel like they need to have sex. and if it's a woman perpetuating it? well of course it's not the woman's fault, women wouldn't be so shallow, women are wonderful, these poor girls have just been brainwashed by the patriarchy to adopt these toxic standards, which are of course created and perpetuated by men, because man bad, woman good.

anyone who thinks virginity isn't a negative for a man is a sheltered, deluded moron

FUCK this shit is such ragefuel

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MajesticShadow104 #sexist

Re: lol, just found this at r/starterpacks


Never forget that the French were gutted - upon taking back their nation - when they found out their women were sleeping and having children with nazi soldiers. What took place after D-Day was insane, the based French started curb stomping their women on the streets. Women have no loyalty to tribe or nation, not even family

Happend everywhere in Europe after the war. Same can be said about the numerous male traitors who worked as informants, volunteers for Germany etc. Far outnumbers women, so what is your point?

Lol fuck off you dumb roastie. You can’t compare politics and women willingly having children of the enemy tribe or nation that conquered their own people

Imagine being this insecure.. Did my reply really expose the hypocrisy that much?

Men can’t have children ya dope, using your shitty strawman, why didn’t the women stop at just working as volunteers or informants instead of renting their wombs out to the enemy? Lmao you can’t be this dense

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Wooperrrr & StatusDisciplineKY #sexist

Major lifefuel. Chad ruins rostie's family just by being an alpha. Also the 16 year-old roastie is pregnant.


I bet the teen is the one who pursued the chad

From what I can gather, they have had full on penetrative sex, among other things. While I don’t blame my sister, it did seem like something she was...excited about? I believe that she has had a crush on him for several years (always innocent teenager girl stuff to me) and this was something my husband obviously took advantage of.

My moms reaction was just pure shock, my dad was just disgust. We all agreed that they would confront my sister just the two of them. They did talk to her about it when she got home, and confirmed that yes, they had sex. She says that she is in love with him.

My sister was involuntarily committed to an inpatient behavioral center late Tuesday night after she harmed herself. She is physically okay, and she didn’t do any serious damage to herself. My mom called me Friday night to tell me that she had been alerted by my sisters doctor and therapist that she is pregnant. She said that she found out and tried to contact my husband, he wouldn’t respond to her and she wanted to commit suicide because she knew my parents would “force her to get an abortion”. My husband is the only man she’s had sex with.

Imagine being so attractive that, even after you stop responding, the teenage girl is willing to die before aborting your child. Imagine how good this guy's genes must be.

Imagine having such power over women that you drive two of them mentally insane. Just from virtue of being attractive. This guy is what every man dreams to be.

On the other hand, imagine being this girl's father. Raising your two daughters with love and care, just for Chad to come along, take their virginities, impregnate both of them, leave them mentally unhinged and destroy your family. It's the ultimate humiliation, and all he did to deserve this was simply "Have two daughters."

This is what's waiting for you if you ascend. Having daughters is the ultimate cuckold.


she wanted to fuck his brains out

he took advantage of that

Female hypoagency. Its always the foid that's being "taken advantage of" for getting exactly what they want, while backstabbing their sister in the process, no less.

At this point I'd be willing to believe that Chads literally have mind control powers over women, that they'd do this, but realistically, mate poaching high status males or willing to be in threesomes or "open" relationships just to have a chance to fuck a high status male, all are things that are just natural female behavior.

She's trying to make her sister out like a victim instead of a slut and a backstabbing cunt.

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Soyiskuk & bostonianclamchowder #sexist

Re: Women Love Seeing High-Status Men Kill Low-Status Men


Whites are legit like elves to many ethnics. Just like how hobbits and dwarves saw elves as supreme beings. It seems totally logical for this type of behavior to exist in fantasy. Why not irl?

I'm native american and I see whites as elves, even though my culture is more elf-like with all the nature shit

Brutal. I wouldnt know tbqh

This is legitimate mental illness, and somehow not uncommon. I've seen an uncomfortable share of black women express similar uncomfortable sentiments including the adoration of lynched black males. All online of course so the possibility of trolling exist, but I've known of very insane black women posting in primarily black female online spacing and frenzied by the prospect of black men being considered desirable and black women not being considered immensely desirable by white men.

Most white men don’t like black women so the black women who like white dudes have to talk down about black men in order to “prove” how loyal they are to white men. It’s disgusting.

Yeah using the more nerdy parts of the internet and having been black the only time I've ever seen racism that genuinely caused me to be offended and simultaneously hurt was a black female 4chan poster (verified via timestamp) who would spend upwards of 10 hours in a given day railing against black men and praising white. Not a type of personality you'll read about when a Twitter user admonishes online racism.

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Some incels #sexist

Re: “Black women are loyal to their ra-“


it's not that they're more loyal to their race than others.

it's that, unlike noodlewhore and latina, they can't get people outside they race (usually)

This. Most black women melt when a basic white boy gives them some positive attention. Seen it first hand. These same women demand a black man who looks like Tyson Beckford.

Lol she literally just called black men animals but people won’t pick up on it because she’s black.

Also look at any black woman who calls herself bisexual or pansexual. It means she likes whites only and white dudes first. White women come second.

Lol this is what I was talking about in that other thread, the most comical part is she makes it out as though people are taking issue with her having a preference when she's describing black men as primal and stinky. I wonder if she thinks these same stereotypes do not extend to her because some white men will sleep with her.

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jeremyjimmy #sexist

This sub makes me both laugh and cry because of all the truth. There really are rare hot girls out there who maybe fuck 4 guys their entire life. I knew one who had been with 2 by age 27 (meanwhile most other girls have been with around 20-30 by then) and I know people will say I'm lying or she's lying but I know for sure she's telling the truth.

The problem here is that she seemed to LITERALLY be one in a billion because of how weird her past was combined with her becoming hot in her mid teens.

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Basedafff & von_hohenzollern #sexist

Re: Even if you somehow ascend, remember this


Lol my sister's 18 yo friend got arranged married to a 30 year old. One of my friends called this situation creepy since she was his age, and he had just started college.

I personally think the husband was based. A better decision couldn't be made.

thats the instant foid reaction to a younger girl and a older dude being together. You should see the cucked subs like /r/relationships when an OP mentions anywhere that their gf/wife is younger - they get a billion snarky comments or passive aggressive remarks about it from aging roasties in their 30s who have hit the wall hard

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JucheforWhitePeople & Swole_Prole #sexist

Re: Lifefuel for mentalcels, we are more likely to commit suicide and leave this degenerate world


Ugly mentalcels are the biggest trucels. You're basically fucked for life if you're autistic and ugly. You're doomed to spend your life as a social retard without any friends, much less a gf.

Nobody wants to help you. Worst of all, autistics foids and Chads will live normal lives because people wanted to befriend them.

Although I’m not autistic I have strong autistic tendencies, you could say, and I don’t feel like social engagement is in any way made easier for me even though I am not ugly.

I am still a friendless loser and outcast of sorts, even if I don’t have the same crippling social inability I had years ago. I take it in its stride though, mostly, but I often feel like an alien among humans.

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Charlie_truth2 #sexist

This is how taller foids react to a man shorter than them.
They cannot see the person, only the physique, the genes. This is why foids should be underfed, compared to their male counter parts, then given estrogen shots to stop their growth in their teens. The shots used to be given in the past by physicians btw

Despite reports of serious long-term effects like those Waldvogel experienced, some doctors continue to offer estrogen therapy to prevent the perceived social harms of being “too tall”–interpreted as anywhere from 5' 9? and taller, but more commonly 6 feet and up.

A 1978 survey of pediatric endocrinologists in the United States found that 71 percent of the 74 who responded had used high doses of estrogens to suppress the growth of 426 tall girls, according to a study by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine published in February in the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.

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Administrative_Worth & jeremyjimmy #sexist

Re: Manlet ingested soy and took blue pill advice and went clubbing. You flew too close to the sun, brocel. (JFL They call him a creep for even existing in their vicinity)






chad face

all rendered useless by his manletism

height > everything

I wouldn't say height over everything, but there's a minimum height requirement to even be in the game. It's a looks multiplier, everything under 5'10 gets a multiplier less than 1, eg 0.9 for 5'9.5 and gets a number higher than 1 multiplier when over 5'10, eg 5'11 =1.2x 6'2 = 1.5 6"4= 1.8x If you're below 5'5, you're multiplier score is 0, which means for all your looks, anything times 0 is zero. You're a non entity in the sexual world. It's brutal but true. You might be able to beta buxx with a very short woman

Yeah. If anything height is inverse for women. All the tall foids are always whining about being overlooked for short girls. Theyre basically tallcels

Tall foids just refuse to date short men. They're like the white women who complain about noodlewhores taking all the white men, not once considering to date a ricecel.

It's because their dating pool is guys of the same height, maybe a tiny bit shorter, and prefer taller guys. Their pool is already diminished and heavily competed over. I've dated a really short girl. years ago before I became a dsiabledcel. You could just pick her up at will, it's alot harder to do that with a tall girl.

tall girls aren't out of the market. They're just competing fo an already diminished group of society that is highy sought after. a 6'0 foid doesn't usually want a 5'11 or 5'10 guy, she usually wants 6'0 + in a much stronger way than normal foids want 6'0+. Her heightmatch is her settle. SO she has 10% of the populaton which are even acceptable beta buxxers.

Unironically this might be why. I have a very shitty frame and even I have won every fight I had with foids. They just can't throw a punch, all they do is push and kick and scream it's actually hilarious.

How many foids are you fighting man?

I'll get shit for this but I'm not an incel, I'm just suffering from being majorly blackpilled. I've been talking to girls in private about the blackpill. They confirm IT ALL. They say shit like "yeah, height is the number one thing. I want a guy to be big." A girl I know who is 4ft 11 said that. She dated a 6ft 1 guy.

Literally every single girl I've brought this up with has confirmed the height thing, that it's super important. I'll admit, this shit is important to me too, I love short girls. If they're too tall I find them less attractive. This is where society has royally fucked up, they tell the truth about male sexuality and lie, for dumb, instinctual, animal like reasons, about female sexuality and preferences. So it's resulted in all this shitty behavior from women where they talk one way and act the EXACT opposite and then punish you or try to for noticing.

That's resulted in all these movements online, the blackpill, MGTOW, redpill. Then they start screeching about those, calling them misogyny. If it's misogyny then why does every girl I've met repeat all this stuff when they're alone? They all love black/redpill videos on Youtube because girls all hate each other. I don't even dislike women, I hate the people who lie to men about this stuff. More women do need to be honest about this stuff in public though.

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incelicious #sexist

Reminder that the Nazi Waffen SS had softer racial and height requirements than modern foids do

In 1934, Himmler set stringent requirements for recruits. They were to be German nationals who could prove their Aryan ancestry back to 1800, unmarried, and without a criminal record.[20] A four-year commitment was required for the SS-VT and LSSAH. Recruits had to be between the ages of 17 and 23, at least 1.74 metres (5 ft 9 in) tall (1.78 metres (5 ft 10 in) for the LSSAH). Concentration camp guards had to make a one-year commitment, be between the ages of 16 and 23, and at least 1.72 metres (5 ft 8 in) tall. All recruits were required to have 20/20 eyesight, no dental fillings, and to provide a medical certificate.[21] By 1938, the height restrictions were relaxed, up to six dental fillings were permitted, and eyeglasses for astigmatism and mild vision correction were allowed. Once the war commenced, the physical requirements were no longer strictly enforced, and essentially any recruit who could pass a basic medical exam was considered for service.[22] Members of the SS could be of any religion except Judaism (Jewish), but atheists were not allowed according to Himmler in 1937.[23]

In other words, you could have literally been a balding manlet currycel or kebabcel living in Germany in 1938 and you would have qualified to be part of the elite SS "master race".

Check out Savitri Devi. A white Nazi woman that married a balding currycel.

For modern foids? Nah. To the concentration camps with you!

JFL that modern women have stricter standards than the Nazis did.

Interesting didn't know that, I thought they needed ultra masculine Chads, foids are worse than nazis

Ain’t that some shit? That literally the “most evil white supremacist ideology” allowed curries, Muslims, incels, and manlets to join, but modern women do not? Puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

JFL at modern fuckfoids being worse than the freakin Waffen SS! If the current trend continues, even brow-haired white men who are "only" 6'4'' tall won't be Aryan enough for "liberal" modern womyn anymore. Poor mayocels! Yesterday a king and now they are increasingly treated the same way as us ethnics, lol.

>Nazi foid in 1938 to balding currycel

"Sure, you qualify for this pussy"

>Ethnic foid in 2019 to balding currycel


lmao even I would have qualified for Hitler's Master race in 1938

>tfw you qualify to be in Hitler's master race in 1938, but don't qualify for even holding hands with a foid today

All these women who constantly talk about how much they hate nazis and think it's a sick and repugnant ideology - doesn't it sound like they're compensating for something?

These women lack self-awareness. We’ve seen enough statistics, dating profiles, tweets and other social media postings here, along with personal experiences day in and day out to know that we (and most men for that matter) are viewed as less than human in the eyes of women.

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nocehr #sexist

Manlet = social suicide. It goes way beyond just dating

Many people only focus on dating aspect of height, but it greatly affects other aspects of life as well. Being a manlet means you get no respect. And it's harder to make friends. People over certain height don't even want to befriend you because it looks awkward, and hard to talk to you since the heads are not even on the same level.

Respect is very much needed in jobs of all kinds, otherwise you'd stuck at the bottom. Good luck getting a job as police, prison guard or firemen as a manlet because they all have mandatory height requirements. Low end jobs like bouncers and security guards are closed off to you as well you're just too weak and not intimidating enough. And school teacher? Not even kids will respect you, and don't think about highschool or middle school as a manlet you'd get mogged daily by the students. Pre-school teacher is closed off as well because you'd be suspected as a pedo by the parents.

Any senior/management positions in the job market will close off to you. You simply wouldn't be "seen" as a leader, so you'd never be promoted to one. You're stuck as the nice guy, and have to do all the real works while chads and normies get promoted after a couple years and now earns way more than you, having more social prestige than you, all the while doing less work.

It sucks bad because as an incel your only way to ascend is to try other ways such as moneymaxx statusmaxx socialmaxx but if you're a manlet, as explained above, these doors are pretty much closed off to you. You will be way more likely to be stuck at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, you will have harder time to make and keep friends. All the negative reinforcements from life. Manlets = trucels. Manlet is social death. JFL at these fat foids thinking their life is hard. Manlets have it 10x harder and there's no way out.

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LeninistSkynet & Votetojudge #sexist

Re: At least I’m not an incel right ?... Nothing to do with the fact that I’m 5”3 btw

These people are cult members. They remind me of people who would willingly commit suicide if their cult member wants them to do it. Their leaders are women, of course. I mean, JFL. Late 20's, kissless virgin manlet who unironically uses "toxic and problematic" --- he can never be more than an asexual handbag for women and a an accessory they use to virtue signal. This is why we must spread incel consciouness.

The "cult" is the women are wonderful effect.

Anything that validates the women are wonderful effect and makes women seem empathetic, deep, caring of pers0nality, ect. is supported by them automatically without thought, regardless of its basis in truth.

Anything that conflicts with the women are wonderful effect and exposes women as primarily shallow, materialistic, and status seeking is automatically disputed or flat out denied without thought or care for its relevance to reality.

Women themselves can literally, by the thousands, say or do things that directly prove or support the blackpill, and indoctrinated women are wonderful effect cult members will STILL deny it emphatically and/or make excuses to protect the idea that women are better than they are.

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LeninistSkynet #sexist

Re: Foid posts a pic of Christian Bale on r/Ladyboners because according to her he looks different than other men on that sub lmao

The borg gender doesn't even realize how much they are carbon copies of each other.

Women and cuckservatives are all tehehe about how complicated women are and how no one will ever able to figure them out tehehe. But the truth is, that the opposite is the case. Men are much more complicated and much more individualistic than women. Women are like Nickelback songs. If you know one, you know them all. Socially, they are hypergamous; sexually, they are submissive; culturally, they want to virtue signal. They want tall, white, dominant high-status Chads with dark hair and light eyes to spank them in the bedroom and pamper them outside the bedroom. They are not only the meme gender, they are the borg gender.

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A_Clockwork_Kubrick #fundie

I'm actively wishing for sharia law now. I can keep my head down but these flamboyant degenerates will be rethinking their life choices as the concrete swiftly approaches their faces after being flung from the rooftops. We don't have the balls to do anything about it so I guess Islam will save the day.

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Chronosbeamz & RadiantUpstairs #sexist


Why do only soyfags and foids still try to argue against this

Because foids only think with their pussies. All their braincels went to the pleasure center and left a void in any critical thinking regions.

numales drank too much soy and it's destroyed their testosterone/estrogen balance so they're essentially a foid in a male body.

Well, get rid of the idea that there is some objective, truth-seeking drive. Maybe a few have that, but even that will develop due to some selection pressure. Organisms only do things because of pressures exerted upon them. Females have no selection pressure for anything other than seeking high-quality sperm, and they understand that the current situation allows for them to do that, so they don't want things to change.

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boomoopoo, Hellpoemer & AwareCel #sexist

Absolute fucking lifefuel. This is the great awakening brothers. Found on the front page


"handsome by society's standards"

What's up with this bullshit that attractiveness is a social construct?

Obviously the foundation of what’s attractive is genetic (jawline,muscles,height,etc). But considering that back in the 70s, men who would be tormented and Incel today, could not only get laid, but be sex symbols- it just goes to show that people’s perception of attraction is malleable. This also helps provide evidence of hypergamy as female definitions of “attractive males” keeps shifting more and more towards a hyper masculine, 90% percentile height, man.

It fills me with joy to see people awakening, but let's suppose everyone swallows the blackpill, what benefits it will bring for us? I mean, we are still going to be ugly and people can't force themselves to love somebody they don't find attractive. Maybe the awareness will make such a stir in society that people's beauty filter will worn out with the time like a vestigial organ?

We can make political demands like no questions asked euthanasia and universal basic income once other incels realize how many of us there are and how much power we collectively have.

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LDAR_666 #sexist

Re: When you “accidentally” spill your soda, waitress has to clean it up, and you leave without tipping. Fighting the good fight, frens.

I eat at the same Mexican restaurant 1-2 times a week because chips and salsa are my #1 cope. I always have the same roastie waitress and I've made it a point to never tip her. But recently I've also started to hand their acne face bus boy a couple dollars on the way out. He deserves it way more than that dumb slut. I know for a fact she's seen me do it more than once too. I'm doing my part boys.

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SpinPlates #sexist

Female nature is disgusting


Not only do womme have more academic opportunities than men, they also have the "Trophy wife" opportunity as well.

Just like they have Home Economics classes, I bet in 20 years there will be "Sugar baby" classes where they teach unskill women how to attract sugar daddies.

Life as a beautiful women is literally on tutorial mode. Just go to the gym and hang out at the golf course/Yacht club and a man will save you. She may not land a whale and live a life of lavish luxury but she will absolutely find a guy that makes 6 figues and gives her a free ride.

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KP_Plumbing_ & onecooldude321 #sexist

Why do all the trannies flock to IT? I guess because nobody in society accepts them, they can pretend to be women there.

i honestly wonder how many claims of "i'm a woman and i don't get laid ever :(" on IT are actually just fat quadruple chinned trannies

this is kind of unrelated but it's fucking hilarious to me that trannies took over twoxchromosomes too. they kicked out the last actual female mod, it's literally nothing but trannies now.


Maybe people would accept their existence if they didn't try to shove their gender dysmorphia down everyone's throats.

Nearly all of these ugly trannies who become pre-occupied with TERFS, incels, etc are doing it because they don't pass. It explains why they're all so fucking ugly, the human looking ones are out living their life and not hatereading subreddits

why even go trans if you're not going to bother to try to even remotely pass?

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spacescholar & The_Depressed_Bunny #sexist

Could it be more cliché than this?


Femenoid translator Omg it’s over I am to old for Chad now I will have to stick with my betabuxx and have the worst sex ever but I found a excuse I am going to tell him I am over this sweaty. I also hope I got a last chance to meet Chad to get his dna for my future son don’t really want betabuxx kid. I am happy to give any tips how to survive life with betabuxx tehhheee

I'm unironically gonna rope if I have to settle for 30+ females.

Call me volcel all you want, but I ain't doing all this self-improvement shit just to betabux a post prime female.

Sucks to say, but this is the truth. If you didn't find love when you were in your twenties, you'll be settling for damaged, broken women in your thirties. These women will never love you; they'll just use you for your resources.

It's unfortunate, but most women are evil, and you won't find the good one past thirty. She's either with some other lucky bastard or by herself volunteering in Africa or India or something.

High IQ comment ^

Remember lads, if you ever ascend, just pump and dump. Don't ever betabux a useless, used up, worthless, slutty, whore. I'd rather die an incel than be some beta cuck for some post prime female who spent her youth being a worthless whore.

Just don’t marry it


Lmaooo HOW DO YOU PEOPLE STILL NOT REALISE WHY EVERYONE HATES YOU. I know that some of you aren't like this but I still see you denying all the fucking time that there is anything wrong or toxic about your mindset, yet you call women cumbuckets and say they are all whores, refer to them as "it" and have posts on the front page with titles like "female nature is disgusting". Despite this you still pretend that people online pick on you solely because you are virgins hahahaha ffs take a fucking look at yourselves

Looks like we've got a live one here, fellow comrades. Mods, I suggest you ban this worthless pile of goat shit. They've been talking shit all over r/Braincels. It's probably just a normie, a foid, or some useless beta soyboy cuck. Get the fuck out of our sub, you utter waste of space and oxygen. You're just a load that should've been swallowed.

Lol thanks for the giggle and for proving my point friend :)

Get out of our sub, you walking piece of cancer.

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throwaway05566 #sexist

A teenager with a healthy social life and/or a gf isn't going to read stuff online and take the blackpill. Only those without, because it's the truth to them. The rest will think it's bullshit.

The only thing that "breeds" incels is female sexual selection. All of this is yet another way to absolve the exalted gender of all blame.

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ITtears #sexist

People say that r/teenagers is a breading ground for incels. They are right, and they won't be able to do anything about it.

Imagine being a high/middle school kid, and witnessing all the girls in your class keep going for the same two guys, and ignoring everyone else, ofc you'll be frustrated. Imagine having no one to go to prom with. Imagine having high testosterone and random boners, but you can't do anything about it. And the kids are too young to try and get rid of their toxic masculinity because their parents don't buy them soylent. Then these kids have to use reddit and go to the teenagers subreddit, because they are too ugly to use normal social media, like ig and snapchat.

And whenever they post their frustration online, soyboys and landwhales tell them they must improve themselves and take a shower. But they would never mention the underlying issue of their problems; that modern day girls only go for the top Chads.

Therefore, you can't do anything about the teen subreddit, it will always be a breading ground for incels.

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Brazi1ianSigma #sexist

The Fact That IT Deleted Their Only Thread That Discussed Tinder Height Thing Proves They Just Want To Strip Any Humanity From Us

So the other night when Tinder released the news about the new height thing, a thread on IT popped up about it. A few of the posters in the thread were surprisingly sympathetic. Others just said it would only give us more fuel. But the sympathetic ones said it was harder to date as a short man etc. And that it was body shaming. These posters were quickly drown out by the more radical ones there.

One girl there told me that there was no market for this, that it was most likely a prank. I pointed out that the girls on Tinders official Instagram page were rejoicing and claiming they had been asking Tinder for this for years.

Her reply really shows how entrenched she is in their philosophy. She said all the girls posting comments were just incels larping as girls.

I said, what do you think has the better odds? Girls that are happy they dont have to talk to short men anymore? Or that incels have alternate accounts all over the internet ready to jump into action and make women look bad?

I then said why do you have such a problem believing these are real women? Go look at their profiles, they're real.

She never replied to this. They just bury their head when they are proven wrong. Even incels don't do this.

Anyways, as more members there started posting that Tinder is fucking up and that it was wrong; the thread got removed. Imagine that. A "support forum" that could have stepped in and said, "You know, a lot of incels post misogynist and evil stuff, but this Tinder thing is something we both can agree on". But no, they didn't. The truth is, they want to dehumanize us to have someone to hate. If it wasn't us, it would just be another group on reddit.

To add to this, they removed their weekly advice thread right after that because other posters kept asking about the Tinder height thing and the new study revealing that 30 percent of men are incelibate. Their whole world view has been challenged and they have no more replies. Instead their sub will resort to just taking screenshots of the dumb ass incels here that make everyone else look bad. And taking screen shots of the fake incels here that are most like alt accounts from there.

I used to wonder sometimes if we were the bad ones and they were actually just trying to help. I no longer feel that way. They are the radical hate group.

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LeninistSkynet #sexist

Women do not have a concept of objective truth. You cannot debate with women, you can only oppress them.

No matter how much proof you give to a female, she will always just listen to her cunt, will do what makes her loose cunt tingle, what allows her to ride the Chad carousel and what to virtue signal. That's it. That's why modern academia even condemns the whole concept of objective truth as an oppressive male invention.

But the opposite is the case: women can only oppress the truth. You can hand them as many blackpills as you like, you can proof to them that everything will go down the toilet if society continues on this gynocentric path, they will not be able to see it, as women do not have a concept of truth. And they do not care about the consequences of their actions anyway. They are controlled by their pussy and their emotions and that's it. There's nothing more bluepilled than the idea of blackpilling foids. You cannot convince them, you can only oppress them.

And feminized men are the same. Or at least they have to go to great lengths to rationalize the truth away if they want to remain in female-run spaces such as IT.

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HomoheroBishii #sexist

Fucking LOL


I remember one guy getting mass reported on Tinder because he wanted to date a certain weight class of women.

There was some Asian doctor who got articles written about him because of his dating requirements. You know it's over for nonChads when a doctor can't have strict requirements, but random foids can.

Edit: His name was Emil Chynn. He started listing how his partner must be white, skinny, no kids, etc. Foids got pissed, which is funny because he's just doing his version of women's "Must be at least 6 feet tall, own a car, no Asians sry just a preference teehee" etc. Only difference is, he's a fucking doctor.

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Some incels #sexist

"Shanghai Baby", one of my first blackpill experiences: a semi-autobiographical novel about a Chinese girl in a relationship with an impotent Asian man. She then has a hot and steamy sex affair with a tall German business man she imagines wearing a Nazi uniform during sex.

This book was recommended to me in an English class btw as an "international" voice and an alternative to a white mainstream of the past etc. So it was also a blackpill for me in regards to recognizing that Asian men and Asian women are FAR from sitting in the same boat when it comes to race and "diversity"...

Why is "self-discovery" always about being as big of a whore as possible for femgroids? Such stupid, one-dimensional creatures.

Because they are nothing more than their holes. A foid is nothing but life support for it's hole and so foids entire lives revolve around their holes.

JFL at "self discovery". At the end of the story the Asian guy kills himself through heroin overdose because he couldnt take it anymore. Absolutely fucking brutal, this is what awaits us on the slim chance that we do ascend. IncelTears will argue that the German guy had a better personality and practiced better hygiene, and that the Asian guy was just a neckbeard nice guy lol


Go to Chapter 5 "Unrealiable Man"

She starts bashing her Asian boyfriend and how short he is and how disgusted she is with being intimate with him, and why she wants to leave him after seeing the tall German guy.



Book was banned in The People's Republic of China

Triggered too many asian males. If you're an Asian male, it's over. Fucking over. We're cuckolds to white men.

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CEMEH-B #sexist

One of the basic laws of free market capitalism is that unprofitable areas become deserted. This can be observed in many regions of the world which have switched from regulated or planned markets to more or less free ones: people move into the rich capital cities at rapid speed.

The same law holds for the sexual market. If social norms and conventions are strong, even males with low sexual market value will find mates. If the sexual market is completely free, females will crowd around the high-value males, creating a strong imbalance.

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arissiro #sexist

Acceptance: Realising that that perfect girl will never manifest from thin air wearing the wedding gown and hungry for your penis, but that making your inability to find a mate the centre of your life, along with the toxic ideas promoted by the incel community, renders being forever alone a self-fulfilling prophecy. The incel learns to live on his own, becomes capable of true self-improvement and, more likely than not, will eventually find love. Virgin normies are already here.

I won't nitpick your other points - but this one is worth commenting on because it reveals so much that's flawed, cowardly, and one-dimensional with you moralistic incel-in-denial types.

Let's start with the first sentence:

Realising that that perfect girl will never manifest from thin air wearing the wedding gown and hungry for your penis

No one here is "waiting for the perfect girl". Nevermind this stupid strawman of wanting her to be a personal sex slave. The fundamental recognition of this subreddit in particular is how imperfect women are. It's an oddly egalitarian recognition compared to your beta-male angelicizing of women: we recognize that women are just as much "cavemen" as men supposedly are - we recognize how important a role looks play in your day-to-day life and long-term self-development, and that lookism comes from both men and women. The only thought-crime being committed here is a violation of the "women are wonderful" effect - we have the nerve to say "women are shit too".

but that making your inability to find a mate the centre of your life

The inability to find a mate is an absolutely soul-crushing and major part of your life - it cannot be escaped. Life exists to self-reproduce, it's the fundamental instinct common to all life. Going through each successive stage of adulthood without having the most basic thing that all humans seek will absolutely be the centre of your life. Sex and intimacy is literally recognized as a basic physiological need by Maslow. What an absurdly stupid frame of mind this "stop focusing on it" bullshit is.

along with the toxic ideas promoted by the incel community, renders being forever alone a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In part this can be true - but again, it depends on who you're speaking to. If you accept the suicidal nihilism that might come with the blackpill, then indeed this is inevitable, but if you use the blackpill to your advantage and realise the complete value of improving your looks at all costs, you could come out successful. The blackpill has motivated me to make the most of my looks. How one responds to the blackpill doesn't say anything about the blackpill itself - the blackpill is descriptive, not prescriptive.

The incel learns to live on his own, becomes capable of true self-improvement and, more likely than not, will eventually find love. Virgin normies are already here.

And we finally get to the good part. This is what it's all about from your perspective. "Be a peaceful humble virgin". "Be a virgin that accepts his lot in life without protest or anger". "Just ignore the fact that women literally get into and stay in relationships with men who physically abuse them - just don't be angwy like those evil inkels and you're a good person".

I say bullshit. There is absolutely 100% legitimate reasons to be disgusted with the current sexual-social climate, gender disparities in the sexual market place, and the myriad of manners in which women are privileged and (low-value) men maligned and discarded. This is not something to accept silently and humbly, just to satisfy the moral sanctimony of your delusions. By the way - the only "true self improvement" is improving your looks and social charisma. Nothing else. Injustice - in this instance, the maligning, discarding, and mistreating of low-value men - isn't something to chuck your head in the sand over, and pretend it will just go away if you're "kind and nice" enough - at the very least it is something to be discussed.

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oneweeksurvived #sexist

How I got a blowjob as a manlet ricecel.

I managed to make a few friends with a Chadlite when I autistically lashed out against everyone on my facebook friends list. This guy I went to high school with. He asked me how I was doing and if everything was alright. I told him no. He invited me to hang out with a few of his Chad/Chadlite friends. Fast forward a few weeks, I got invited to a party by them.

One of the Chads in the group walked up to this girl and basically said "Hey, give oneweek a blowie". And the girl, without even knowing me said "sure." I basically stood in awe by the power of Chad. She took me to a corner where nobody could see and basically just sucked me off.

When I hang out with my Chad friends, it's like being a fish out of water. You'll be surprised by what Chads do instead of posting autistic shit on the internet.

I hope all of you guys can find some chad friends cause it's actually worth it.

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Some incels #sexist

They aren’t even hiding it anymore


This is sad.

Hilariously sad. They kind of deserve it though for being bullies.

Stop using sex and virginity as something that people "deserve" or "do not deserve"

Chad beats the crap out of you and cheats on every one of his girlfriends and still gets laid every week. Where is the fairness in that? How does he "deserve" that sex?

I’m willing to bet IT has a higher percentage of virginity than us. There’s a lot of people lurking here who are just blackpilled and come for the comedy. It doesn’t get lower than IT. It’s composed of in denial basement dwelling cucks and obese blue-haired whales.

See this is a remarkable point:

If this were true than it would only highlight how delusional IT and their perceptions of women/dating are and become evidence for men in general - virgin or not.

It would also raise some eyebrows to wonder why IT and counter-movements pop up only to muddle the voices of honest men, Virgin or not.

As the meme goes:

Denial - IT

Anger - MSTOW

Bargaining - The Red Pill

Depression - ForeverAlone

Acceptance - Braincels

oh we understand their """"point"""", that they're virgins but don't obsess over it unlike incels, making them morally superior and happier

the thing is it's a shit point, they're clearly NOT comfortable with it if they feel the need to constantly assert how happy and satisfied they are by comparing themselves to the bottom of the barrel, in fact it just makes them look more pathetic. not to mention that the vast majority are just coping, telling themselves they're ok with being 20+ year old virgins lmao, a normal man with a normal sex drive will not be happy about being an old virgin, he's just deluding himself

If IT is telling us that improving our personality is all it takes to stop us from being virgins, then why are they virgins themselves?

Don’t they all have better personalities themselves and aren’t evil misogynistic incels?

Don’t you see the blatant irony here, they claim that all you need to do to get a GF is shower and get and become a better person, yet the people telling us this can’t get a GF themselves and are also virgins.

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Some incels #sexist

Funny how they didn't assume that Chad was an incel, just the large neckbeard


She craves being called femoid as it reinforces her victim identity. That's her only achievement in life and she must desperately hang onto it in the face of her unending privilege. While you worked on being an interested and well rounded person, she manufactured increasingly contrived ways the patriarchy oppresses her.

A fat neckbeard literally said NOTHING to her and yet she assumes he must be a mean misogynist.

Why doesn't she assume this kind of stuff from hot-looking guys? Why not male models? Mmm

IT: incels don't look bad, it's just their personality

Also IT: all incels are fat neckbeards

Fucking brainded basement IQ fags

When a foi...I mean woman treats me like DOGSHIT, it's because she can TELL that I have a horrible person-ality, but when a man doesn't jump up to help a woman straightaway and enthusiastically, it's because HE has a horrible person-ality.


Ugly men are always to blame.

Women are never to blame.

Women detect person-alities by looking at faces.

Female oppression includes relunctantly helping a woman.

And for good measure, women are better than men because they LiTtERalLy give birth.

Well, the incel community has also changed how I see some men in real life, tbh.

Like, in college when I see ugly guys in the back row making weird comments that seem out of place, I sometimes ask myself, "Hm, I wonder if he also posts on one of the incel boards online..."

Gives me hope!

"has changed how I see some men"

Really activates the almonds.....

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Some incels #sexist

This is what happens when an incel ‘ascends’


This is the type of situation where I pray her husband is one of those beta cucked normies who roid rages at the thought his woman getting fucked by another man.

here's to hoping he follows her to one of those hotel rooms one day and goes ryan gosling Drive on both of them

I've looksmaxxed recently over the past 8 motnhs and have had some attention from my oneitis. Knowing foid mindset, I literally had like a prophecy vision, one day, maybe in our 30's/40's when she realises how weird I am, and that we've bene together for a while she will cheat. Hell so many women want to cheat, its ridiculous. They just feel like doing it.


I think its better to stay single....

It is. It really is. Any ugly/short/crippled guy is an absolute idiot if he thinks a women's "interest" in him is romantic or sexual. The only women who date unattractive men are those with other motives - settlers under pressure to get married no matter what the cost to her dignity, ugly women desperate to escape loneliness, gold diggers seeking a meal ticket, etc. When a woman prostitutes herself like this, not only is she gonna be demanding as fuck in order to compensate for the lack of attraction, but she WILL eventually resent him, and whatever table scraps of sex and affection he was getting will dry up the minute she feels she has him locked down. If you absolutely must get married, you better invest in however much plastic surgery it takes to become good looking, otherwise any marriage you get will be a miserable one. Even if it's obvious you had a lot of surgeries, fake/uncanny valley beauty is far more attractive than natural ugliness.


No it doesn't because this was written by a dude pretending to be a girl pretending to cheat.

You are very naive. Reddit has an absolutely massive female userbase and they post about all kinds of shit willingly because it's easy to stay anonymous. I interacted with a reddit foid who was a self admitted slut and told me she wanted to be my whore and I was 100% sure it was a troll, but then I asked her for a selfie and she sent one.

You are still bluepilled as fuck if you are under the impression that women don't think about sex like this.

I agree; people talk about easy mode this and easy mode that, but as soon as a story drops that is so far beyond what people are used to, they call it larp.

But in reality we are are guarding our minds, because some of us cant grasp someone living life to the fullest, and to that extend,

because we definitely dont, and they can, so we cant fathom that reality of unadulterated liberation

why do women like rough sex its weird!

It's very weird.

I was oblivious for most of my life, because I had an online gf who I sex text'd with who was into receiving oral, but 95% of women want to be dominated in some way in the bedroom. Especially if you're chad. Maybe if you're billy beta, they'll prefer to "make love" once a month.