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(Note: He’s one of those guys who always tries to expose others as fake christians. At least he’s anti-calvinist, tho…)

If you have ever thought about suicide or attempted to commit suicide in this life, then you certainly do not want to go to the Lake of Burning Sulfur where every moment you beg to commit suicide and have no way to achieve it. It is a horrible situation to desire suicide and even worse to so strongly desire something that you can never complete. If you have questions about suicide and Christian belief, watch for a coming video that explains it clearly like you have never heard before.

The Lake of fire is nothing to take lightly. It is an eternal place that is bigger and more powerful than even the Devil. For that is where the Devil is cast for eternal torture and the smoke of his torture rises forever and ever. Since it was created for the Devil, imagine what it would be like for a human being to be tortured there! You DON'T want to be there. You must stop sinning! And do what is right!

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Ralph Salas, Rightly dividing the Word is the goal of this article, and it is an indispensable key to proper understanding of the Bible. The abundance of scriptural evidence detailed in the third section makes it very clear that Revelation is doctrine for Israel, which was written to Jews who believed in Jesus Christ, by an apostle of the circumcision, for direct application in the prophetic "kingdom" dispensation. At the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, God placed that dispensation in abeyance in 70 AD, to be resumed in the future tribulation. The entire book of Revelation, including chapters 1-3, is deeply rooted in Old Testament prophecy. It is doctrinally aligned with the epistles of Peter, James, John, and Jude, all of whom were apostles of the circumcision, as well as to the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Hebrews, and the Old Testament. The dispensation of grace in which we now live is revealed in Romans through Philemon, our Apostle Paul's letters to the Gentiles, with Acts being the book of transition between the two dispensations. Source: http://www.matthewmcgee.org/7church.html Israel's Kingdom Gospel and Our Grace Gospel http://www.matthewmcgee.org/2gospels.html 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/EcUrVE JESUS & His flat Earth https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/s3aKTE

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Filin, interestingly enough, it does not mention apes in that passage. "Beasts of the field" are more like cows, oxen, etc. I don't recall anywhere in Genesis where it mentions God making humanoid creatures other than man.

It does, however, mention that fallen angels entered into the earth and copulated with human women, producing distorted human hybrids. I believe this is where apes, monkeys, and other humanoid animals come from and God will promptly destroy them in the end. So yes, all of your prized monkies will burning in hell with you, as evidence of "evolution." ;-)

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(Talking about polar bears that shake their heads out of boredom in captivity…)

I've seen that before in so many bears in captivity, especially suffering bears, such as those no longer amongst the living, like Arturo the Polar Bear. But as well, I've seen another bear, do the same head dance, his feet keeping in perfect rhythm with his head, was the most beautiful dance, as though he were giving glory to God thanking Him for his life, no matter what that life may bring, good moments, and bad moments. A lesson for us all, that we could give God thanks, not only in the good times, but the bad times. Another example is the life of Job in the Bible.

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