Elijah Schaffer, Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes and Vincent James Foxx #wingnut #racist #conspiracy #homophobia #psycho angrywhitemen.org

Elijah Schaffer moderated a debate on Zionism between Adam King, Gavin McInnes, Nick Fuentes, and Vincent James Foxx[…]
McInnes[…]produced a chart to show that Jewish people aren’t a monolith[…]“Hasidim,” “Orthodox,” “Secular Zionist,” and “Secular Anti-Zionist aka ‘JINO’”[…]
Attempted to explain the difference between these four groups, and told the other participants that “Your beef is mostly with these — I call them JINOs[…]They’re mostly Bolsheviks. They’re mostly atheists.” McInnes cited[…]Soros[…]
McInnes claimed that white people fought the Civil War because they were “worried about Negroes’ rights”[…]
“So whites have this sense of self-hatred. And to blame it on the Jews is a cop-out”[…]
McInnes then said something about “fucking kikes,” causing Schaffer and others to laugh

“I thought the k-word was gonna be dropped by the other side, but let’s fuckin’ go!” King said. McInnes replied that “It’s usually niggers and chinks who say kike”[…]
Adam King then interjected to say that the media failed to cover the “capture of Gaza City”[…]Joked that Israeli realtors should sell him “beachfront property” there

When asked whether Israel was guilty of committing genocide[…]McInnes denied it. He stated that “as far as the savage animals of the Middle East go,” Israelis are the “most civilized of the hyenas”[…]
He also claimed that the Israelis are fighting “savages”[…]
“Columbus cut out their tongues when he discovered the Caribbean,” he declared. “[…]That was the vocabulary of the fuckin’ aboriginals”[…]
Schaffer asked Zherka if he had an opinion about Jewish people “Talmudically raping kids.” Zherka accused Jews of bringing “LGBT, porn, and all this degeneracy”[…]Repeated the antisemitic claim that Jews were “kicked out of 109 fuckin’ countries”[…]
Adam King had blamed the influence of Christianity[…]Foxx suggested it was because of their own behavior[…]
“Usury[…]taking over the media, pushing sexual degeneracy, taking over basically everything?”



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