CATHOLICISM: CATHOLIC PRIESTS REALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE FOUND THE “MILK” OF MARY, NAILS USED IN THE CRUCIFIXION of THE LORD, feathers used in the angel Gabriel’s wings, and similar fakeries that only fool ignorant souls who had been thoroughly brainwashed by the first church of satan; the roman catholic church. I met a street preacher who was VERY FAMILIAR with THE WORD OF THE LORD AND WITH the first church of satan. Thirty years ago he was ALREADY VERY faimiliar with THE WORD OF THE LORD. He told me that “catholics are stupid”. I am not gloating, and I do not want to make my catholic friends whom I witness to, angry. But that man is so right. NEVER FORGET THAT MARY WENT TO HELL UNLESS SHE RECEIVED THE LORD JESUS AS HER PERSONAL SAVIOR. JOB 33:31, EXODUS 12:13, LEVITICUS 17:11, ROMANS 8:5, 8; PROVERBS 23:20, 1CORINTHIANS 1:29, 5:5, 8:13, 10:20-F21, 15:50; 2CORINTHIANS 7:1, 10:3, 12:7; GALATIANS 2:16, JOHN 3:6, 2:4, 5; HOSEA 8:13, GALATIANS 3:13, PHILIPPIANS 1:22, 3:3; JAMES 5:3, 1PETER2:24; REVELATION CHAPTERS 13, 17, 18, 20:11-15