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When the Dark Forces, in very ancient times, stole the Ancient Aryan Mysteries, they got hold of the Ancient Wisdom that had been built up over thousands of years, and which was (to them) a source of might and power which they could use to control situations and people, and to further an agenda that has come to fruition in our era.

The rather idiotic term 'Woke Culture' has arisen, not surprisingly in an era of 'controlled insanity'. The term typically uses incorrect English in a way that suggests it stems either from an illiterate source, or is a kind of 'take' on what is right. These people are far from 'awake', but like the 'enlightened' or 'illuminated' they can dream! With this came the destruction of our past, our history, which started through 'Black Lives Matter', a front for a Marxist Revolution that would destroy the past, thus paving the way for a 'New World Order'.


The Great Darkness is growing, but we have passed the Yuletide of the Great Year (1933 - 1939) when the seeds of a New Order were sown, and at this time (The Winter) we can expect a period of destruction, dissolution and chaos. The Yuletide or Midwinter is the time of the Longest Darkness, so our time is when the Light Forces are waxing again and even though this is a harsh and violent time the Forces of Light will grow and grow in strength until finally the Last Avatar will appear to destroy the Darkness and Chaos.

The 'Star Wars' films were based upon the battle between Light and Darkness, Order and Chaos, between the 'Empire' and the 'Republic'. The military leader is Daath Vader, whose name is based upon 'Daath' which is the reverse-side of the Cabalistic Tree of Life - the Shadow Realm. 'Vader' is the same as our own 'wate' or 'wod' meaning 'movement'. Daath Vader uses a form of 'physical magic' through the 'Light Sabre'; above him is the Emperor who is an Evil Sorcerer. He is a 'Hidden Power' that uses Dark Sorcery, and he is the ultimate power in the Dark Empire. We should keep this in mind because this is the structure that we face within the Dark Forces.

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The first thing that popped into my mind when I read that a monster quake had rocked Port-au-Prince was, “How the fuck will they be able to tell the difference?” I mean, it’s Haiti, for fuck’s sake. They eat fly poop for all three meals and drink AIDS-tainted blood for an evening snack. What we call trash dumps, they call houses. The media response has been typically hypocritical and vomit-inducing. Amid the outpouring of vigils and prayers and drum circles and outreach projects and relief efforts and humanitarian work and charity organizations and healing and cooperation and the inevitable flood of dirt-stupid, America-hostile refugees to our shores, I don’t see many people willing to actually move there.

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[It's Over] iPhone 12 Pro lets Foids measure a guys exact height from a distance


Just when you thought technology couldn't fuck up the dating market any more jfl
now thanks to (((iPhone))) foids can just point their iphones in a crowded room and immediately detect which guy is the tallest giga chad jfl
At this rate inceldom is directly proportional to the number of new inventions coming out, as every new big tech development (tinder, onlyfans, iPhone LiDAR height measuring capabilities e.t.c) fucks sub8 men's chances at dating
To solve inceldom - foids should simply be banned from using technology. Simple

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In Corinthians 11:9 the Bible says: “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man”.

When we apply that truth to sex, we can rightly say that sex was not created for the woman, but rather sex was created for the man. Everything about woman, including her ability to give and receive sexual pleasure was created for man.

However, the difficulty emerges when the husband begins to ask for new things in the sexual arena, things the wife is not comfortable with. It is at this second stage of sexual submission that many wives will look for the escape hatch. They will say things like “I am doing what he wants with the finances and the keeping of the house and I never say no to sex anymore – why can’t he just be happy with that?”.

But the answer to these young wives is always the same. Ephesians 5:22-24 tells us that marriage was created by God to model the relationship of God to his people and in the New Testament of Christ to his church. In verse 24 of Ephesians 5 the Bible says “Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing”.

Notice the Bible does not say wives should be subject to their husbands “in every thing they are comfortable with” but rather it simply says “in every thing”. Of course, we understand that wives should not submit to sinful requests of their husbands (Acts 5:29). But a husband asking his wife to do something sexually that is outside her comfort zone does not equal him asking her to sin.

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I watched a big part of this livestream, which came up in my YT recommendations yesterday. Quite interesting, I cannot remember that this is part of other democracies, that corporations have to testimony in parliament.
One thing which was hard to believe - I, unfortunately, don't want to watch the whole thing again to find the time stamp - was from Zuckerberg, who said that "white supremacy" is in the same category as terrorism (censored, deleted).
I only thought: "what": One is a racist ideology in the head of some (many?) people (or some leftist would maybe even say the constitution of the USA), the other is a murderous threat to the life of other humans. And of course: Nobody sees a problem in this.
But I also don't know how this manifests: Are only groups who praising Hitler or the KKK banned or already single posts, who describe a difference in IQ of the race groups?

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All men are immoral opportunists with low self control and high impulsivity. See a drunk girl? Nobody is around? Oh well, unzip. He won't think twice. See a little girl playing alone? Nobody is around? Unzip. See a girl being raped? You can't seem to beat the guy? Nobody is around to see your heroic act? Unzip and join him. You're in a war? Everyone is dying? See a girl in front of you crying and screaming for her life? Unzip.

And this is why all men are rapists.

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Where did all of the billions that Black Lives Matter raise go? I STILL believe it went to Joe Biden’s campaign. I believe BLM has been a Democrat scam from its inception. They use the faces of dead black men to inspire people emotionally to give to the DNC, every election.

This would explain why we only ever hear about BLM during election cycles. The money (billions) does not go to black neighborhoods, black companies, or black children. It’s a vortex. And nobody has been made to answer questions regarding where the money ends up.

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About a week ago I reported an acquaintance to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

I was out with the crew at a game-night/hangout, and we typically meet a few cool new people at these kinds of events. "The crew" = the friend group I grab drinks with pretty much every week (it's roughly half and half men and women, pretty diverse in most other ways, and usually the same 10-12 people) really hit it off with this ginger dude, his sister, and their friend L (I will not reveal her full name), so we invited them out for drinks the following Saturday. Come Saturday, we're all having a great time. As the night went on, and we had been drinking, L shared a little bit about herself. She talked about how lucky she was to find a (comfortable) job that was willing to pay her under the table and not require verification (she was a secretary at an independent practice). She had been struggling because she was not capable of manual labor, and most desk jobs these days are very strict about verification. She said that it had been very hard for her in the months leading up to landing the job (which everyone congratulated her on), and that at one point she was almost homeless and had no idea that resources even existed for someone in her situation. In all other ways she is hard-working, kind, and amicable -- honestly just a very decent human being.

But that's the thing -- life just isn't fair. Hurricanes and fires destroy peoples' homes and lives all the time. thought about this a lot, and I did not make the decision lightly. I did some searching through groupchats that we're both in (no stalking or other gross behavior was necessary), and found all the info I needed in order to file a comprehensive report with ICE.

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Let not your hearts be troubled. Let us review what has been discovered the last few days of the election debacle, which shall be known to history as the Great American Gaslighting.

Trump did win in a landslide.

They are gaslighting you. You saw the size of the Trump rallies in the sunbelt and rustbelt states. You saw Biden could not fill up a school gymnasium.

As for voting irregularities, fraud, and miscounts, there is abundant evidence, shockingly so, almost as if the malefactors are rubbing our noses in it when they claiming there is no evidence.

This is gaslighting you again.

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In order to prevent the final implementation of the communist revolution, Trump needs to, in addition to declaring martial law and invoking the Insurrection Act, federally deputise his supporters, give them a free hand to use whatever force they deem necessary under the Defense Procurement Act and then unleash them on the bad guys under the direction of handpicked military personnel, including on pro-communist military personnel. Trump has nothing to lose and the world has so much to gain. Hopefully anyone with direct access to Trump can hard-sell this option to him.

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The 2016 presidential election will go down in history as the last. Now that one party can commit rampant vote fraud, and the other meekly accepts the fraudulent outcome, the US is a de facto one-party oligarchy. Simulated elections will still be held for show, but everyone will know them for shams. Tellingly, the only people trumpeting the integrity of the 2020 elections despite mounting proof of fraud are the same ones who shrieked about Russia rigging the 2016 race without any proof.


Don't mourn for Conservatism. At the last, it sold us out. Two-faced hacks like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and Dan Crenshaw will slither off to their rewards at the megacorps that are crushing the people who trusted them. It will be interesting to see what kind of genuine opposition to the Death Cult emerges without Con Inc. gatekeepers policing the talent pool.

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I think that the age of consent in all countries should be 5, with sex ed starting at 3 and continuing up to then. Up until 5 years old no actual penetration would be allowed (including anal), but little girls under 5 could give blowjobs and get their tiny little pussies rubbed.

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FUNNY. Liberal media claims "President Joe Biden" will have 2 figure out how to beat the virus. Beat virus? Joe Biden doesnt know his name. Doesn't know what day it is. Needs adult diapers. Wife feeds him baby food in basement. Will need a sign around neck if he ever wanders off.

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A clip uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 6 shows the hosts abruptly hanging up on Shane when the startling comment is made.

Immediately before the conversation is cut off, Harris directs the following statement to Shane: “You either have a God who sends child rapists to rape children or you have a God who simply watches it and says, ‘When you’re done, I’m going to punish you.’ If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your God.”

Shane begins his response by saying, “First of all, you portray that little girl as someone who’s innocent, she’s just as evil as you.” Dillahunty then cuts off the call and spits, “Good-bye, you piece of ****.”

It’s unclear from the clip what point the caller is trying to make, and his reference to “that little girl” is confusingly specific, as it seems up until then that the conversation had been about a hypothetical victim.

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.@FoxNews, @QuinnipiacPoll, ABC/WaPo, NBC/WSJ were so inaccurate with their polls on me, that it really is tampering with an Election. They were so far off in their polling, and in their attempt to suppress - that they should be called out for Election Interference...

...ABC/WaPo had me down 17 points in Wisconsin, the day before the election, and I WON! In Iowa, the polls had us 4 points down, and I won by 8.2%! Fox News and Quinnipiac were wrong on everything...

...The worst polling ever, and then they’ll be back in four years to do it again. This is much more then voter and campaign finance suppression!

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They Left spent 4 years claiming Trump was not their President, except, he LITERALLY is. Now they are saying that Joe Biden is President-elect, except, he LITERALLY is NOT. Leftists either have no idea how government works, or they are severely media-brainwashed and deluded.

I reject your reality!

And substitute my own!

'Mythology Chop Suey' Award

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[Excerpts from a list of demons]

Astarte – A heathen goddess of whom is known for feminist behavior in women. Causes women to feel “better” than men/ encourages them to feel better than men.

Charon – He is the boatman of Hell who takes souls across the Styx. He is a tall, dark cloaked figure often viewed as the “grim reeper” or “death” itself. He symbolizes death as is heavily worshiped as “father time” on December 31st.

Cresil – One of the seven princes of Hell, he is the demon of impurity & uncleanness. Also part of the “crest of dragons”. I believe the common household toothpaste called “Crest” originated from this demon as this demon represents uncleanliness.

Mary – In Catholicism apparitions of the virgin Mary are seen. This is merely a Masquerading Demon deceiving millions of adherents of the Mary Cult!

Murmur – He is known as the demon of music, using sound & voice to mislead and control victims. His powers are very prevalent in today’s music industry. Many “famous” rappers & singers have made packs with him to become famous, doing his bidding of subliminal messaging through music.

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Our society has been wallowing in sins that cry out to Heaven longer than most of us have been alive. God answers those cries in one of two ways: the Sodom reply or the Nineveh reply.

Sometimes God sends a Hezekiah figure to attempt eleventh-hour reforms. We got that kind of reprieve in 2016. Instead of using the extra time to root out our own sins, we largely succumbed to the worldly distractions of infighting, grifting, and superstition.


Author David V. Stewart and I went on-stream together to talk about the elections, the Christian response, and my new top 40 Christian sci fi novel Combat Frame XSeed: S

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Loki's Brood.
The Midgard Serpent - This is the World Serpent that encircles the world, and as seen by the symbolism of the serpent devouring its own tail this is a constricting force that slowly binds as it devours itself. At one level (and there are many) this could be equated to Global Finance Capitalism and the Global Bankers who encircle the world controlling everything as they do so. This same image appears in the Vedas as Vritra - the Serpent of Evil. When he is slain even fiercer enemies arise out if him.

The Fenris Wolf - This is the 'devourer' as can be seen through the image of his devouring Woden at Ragnarok. We find the same images in the two wolves that devour the Sun and the Moon. This same image appears in the Vedas as the Rakshasas who are the 'eaters', the 'devourers', the 'wolves', the 'haters' and the 'tearers' - they are the Agents of Destruction. The Fenris Wolf could thus be equated with Anarcho-Communists and other Agents of Destruction, for this is all that these people achieve in what they do.

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Whites who aren't afraid of Biden's victory are kinda like Jim Jones cult members.

In what way?

They don't feel threatened because they are white liberals, and thus they feel that their own existence is a crime and want to be killed by niggers. Like Jim Jones cult members, they don't fear death but welcome it because for them the existence of whites is unacceptable. So what they're saying by claiming "I am a white who is not threatened by Joe Biden's victory" is akin to a Jim Jones cult member saying "I am not threatened by drinking poison, I know I will go to heaven".

But not all whites are insane as they are. .

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The Reds in Weimar during the time of Stalin (although he wasn’t dictator yet) were disciplined brutal tough and masculine. Antifa and the leftists militants is a larp of this. Some deputized proud boys with local bikers and rednecks bolstering their numbers locally when needed should be able to take them if the state doesn’t intervene in their favor. The strength of the modern left is their massive dominance of institutions not their muscle. Thats why Trump needs to cross the Rubicon if need be before January 20th if all legal options for keeping the Presidency fail. The only real muscle the left has is warriors serving institutions who will follow any priestly order. Cops are far more inclined to do this then soldiers historically.

There are no riots in Florida and most Southern cities because of well armed rednecks and bikers who are fucking hoping they riot and stand your ground laws. The 1920s and 1930s German reds would have fought them anyway.

I hate the old left and the new but the left of the 1920s and 1930s were at least real men… not so anymore.

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We have maybe a few months, TOPS. Two, perhaps. And then it’s curtains. We’re going down hard and the idea of freedom will be lost except in our hearts.

Our future is to be Hong Konged and Venezueled.

And btw, our left is profoundly stupid. They already say things like there’s no reason we shouldn’t only have electricity two hours a day, look how good Cuba is for the environment. Half the country can count on freezing this winter. Fortunately for the left we’re surplus lives, so they’ll be happy.

Who is running the show? Oh, Soros is helping for sure, a man that wants to hide his hideous visage among worse crimes.

But mostly? Xin. The lab that unleashed Covid? Dr. Fauci helped finance it. He’s Xin’s creature. As are the tech lords, blinded by the idea of the “huge Chinese market.” Our politicians and media are all bought with Chinese money. They’re stupid, short sighted and have no moral compass. They were raised on stories where everyone is crooked, so they’re just “getting their own.”
They will die screaming, but that’s very little consolatioon.

Btw that Chinese Market is the true mirage. They dangled it before our eyes for indie, but of course it’s not real. China does not respect IP and even if they did their huge market is mostly penniless and illiterate masses.

And in this I’ll say we libertarians were wrong. We thought free trade would corrupt China. Instead, it allowed a very ancient, very evil regime to take us over by corrupting our institutions.

May G-d have mercy on our souls.

I’ll continue posting as long as I’m allowed on line. I’m sure it won’t be a full year.

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Once upon a time the media existed to defend the common man. To tell the stories of the people & hold the establishment accountable. Now journalists gaslight and censor the people to protect the establishment. Citizens are saying they had their votes stolen. TELL THE TRUTH.

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Trump has to stay in power. The Democratic Party of the 2020 combines the worst aspects of Nazi Germany, namely extreme racism and intolerance towards opposition (the only difference that this racism is now against whites) and Soviet Union, namely hostility towards small business. It would be a disaster if these people came to power. If Trump does lose the election he should immediately declare a dictatorship, which would enable him to mercilessly crush the left and set the stage for a peaceful partition of the US once he steps down. If I were Trump I'd just start a dictatorship after Nov 3 in any case and start a war against the left on the streets, since army would be on my side. I would not stop this war before I exterminated all of them.

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We have claimed, for Electoral Vote purposes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (which won’t allow legal observers) the State of Georgia, and the State of North Carolina, each one of which has a BIG Trump lead. Additionally, we hereby claim the State of Michigan if, in fact,.....

.....there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported!

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Dwayne Johnson: As a political independent & centrist, I’ve voted for both parties in the past. In this critical presidential election, I’m endorsing @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris. Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, KINDNESS & RESPECT. We must ALL VOTE: bit.ly/DJVote2020 pic.twitter.com/auLbc8xDBv

CapitalHillWDC: Now known as The Rock Pedo Johnson !! #Gross #PedoDems #PedoRock

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Trump showed us how a leader, leads. He is a living example of America’s famous “Can Do” spirit. Trump just showed us the attitude we all need to beat Covid. Because of Trump’s example, this economy will never close again. If a 74-year old can beat Covid while working 16 hour days, why should anyone skip work?

I told you so. NBAT: Never Bet Against Trump. The legend of Trump just grew 10,000 times larger.

Trump just became “CAPTAIN AMERICA.” And the Democrats are losing their minds.

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Respiratory Therapy

This is perhaps the most delicate of the seven therapies. I couldn’t possibly go into detail because of its delicate nature, but it is a direct necessity because of the cerebrospinal fluid waste which has caused the RH body to go progressively numb…for some, more than others…and it is directly linked to hormone waste via the same mechanics of waste.

Had you been more responsive to the first two therapies we could have had something we could work with…as it is…well…??

Numbness is a peculiar phenomenon within the human body because when the senses and body parts are numb you don’t really know about it…especially if there is an alternative…and that is what happens here. ..all the weight of the numbed RH body falls upon the LH body and this means the RH lung becomes very inefficient whilst the cerebrospinal fluid pathway through the whole body needs maximum oxygen intake…Older people display this inefficiency in their fatigue, lack of muscle tone, and a tendency to be selfish and unresponsive to new ideas, leading, ultimately, to some degree of dementia…but all of that can be dealt with…if caught in time…and it all begins with Therapy 1…Taking in the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.

However you might interpret this post it is designed to help, especially those who want or need Christian help…and where a vibrant spirit means rebirth, repair and resurrection, as the case demands, and we know this because of Jesus Christ.

The Healthy American #quack thehealthyamerican.org

Building on my research and my three pillars of connection, education and action, thousands of HEALTHY AMERICANS have take action with these encouraging results:
—> The unlawful mask mandate was reversed in Orange County, CA.
—> Those horrible “wash your hands, stay home, save lives” highway signs are down in most places around the country.
—> Several counties are terminating their unlawful local health emergencies.
—>Major retailers like Costco, Home Depot and Walmart are no longer advised to harass mask-free shoppers (Use this Costco letter if you are still having trouble.)
—> Lawsuits are being filed against retailers, schools, medical clinics and governments. Please donate if you can help us in this fight.
—> Thousands of businesses are defying these unlawful orders and are staying open lawfully. See my OPEN FOR BUSINESS educational seminar here to learn or educate others on their rights as business owners or customers who want to shop freely, without harassment.
—>Thousands of children and their families are thriving with my FREEDOM-LEARNING approach to education, which works for all ages, and all situations, regardless if you are a single parent or working parent. No experience needed, and your kids will excel beyond your imagination, while loving what they are learning!
—> We are creating FREEDOM COMMUNITIES with thousands of HEALTHY AMERICANS meeting each other offline in their local communities.
—> After my series of videos pointing out that “No governor can make a law,” I got the Governor of CA to admit on camera that he “can’t mandate anything!” See the video here.
—> We are creating freedom communities, with networks of support in areas such as legal education, emotional support, prayerful support, homeschool support, medical professionals network, and more!
None of these successes could be possible without your support.

Will you join us?

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Theaters in Japan are not shutdown. That means theaters make money in Japan. This is not rocket science. You would not see this if Hollywood had ignored the WuFlu and kept up normal operations this year, and yes I do mean strongarming theaters into remaining open as normal. The men in control there banked on the fake pandemic being fully enforced worldwide, meaning that they would survive while all but a handful of competitors would collapse- and they would have the means to converge the competitors after the fact.

This is among many miscalculations to come out of the Globohomo establishment this year, in addition to their bald-faced lying.


The Globohomo media establishment sees Japan's pop culture as an existential threat. Why? Because Japan's media culture doesn't hate its audience. Therefore they serve that audience the entertainment that said audience wants. They don't use it to propagandize, which is what Globohomo does. And yes, the rest of the non-Globohomo world has noticed.

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Sigh... yet another quiz incorrectly categorizing humans as mammals. The idea that humans are animals is based on the debunked theory of evolution. Irreducible complexity destroys the theory of evolution. I challenge any evolutionists on this site to read the arguments put forth by Michael Behe in favor of intelligent design.

Also, if humans are just animals, then doesn't that imply that a sprawling cityscape is no less natural than a bird's nest? After all, both are habitats that have been created by animals. Yet I don't know any evolutionist who would refer to an urban environment as "natural".