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I've experienced sasquatch on many occasions.
It's real, it's supernatural.

Start there, if you want to be accurate.

It is not an animal of this earth.
It posseses abilities such as disappearing, and can travel 25 feet in less than a second.
These are facts I know.

Anyone saying different is a liar. Period.
Anyone calling you crazy for knowing this, is ignorant, or a misinformation agent.
I've seen it happen. I've filmed it happen.
Believe it or not, up to you.

What I don't know is its intent.
I do know it freaks me out, if that helps.
I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about it.
So if that it's intent. Job well done.

And bye the bye. Darwin was a masonary satan worshiper hired to mislead. He has a vested interest in his flawed theory.
He even said himself it has serious gaps, that if unfilled, render his theory useless.

So far? Useless.

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I have some good news: I have the solution.

I have formulated a multipronged action plan that puts us (conservatives, Christians, patriots and Trump warriors) on offense. It's time to play offense. It's time to counterattack.

Part I of this action plan is my new book, "The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book." With the information in this book, "once a company goes liberal and woke, we will make them go broke."

This book transforms 80 million Trump voters and patriots into the LOUD MAJORITY. The days of being silent while our money is looted, our quality of life destroyed, our civil rights stolen, are over. We can't afford to be silent any longer.

My book and this multipronged plan are both built around CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, the same strategy used successfully by Martin Luther King Jr. If it was good enough for MLK, it's good enough for us!

Taking on the biggest corporations is the key to our ability to take back America. The politicians are a lost cause. They don't care what we think. They're all bought off by China, the Chinese Communist Party and George Soros.

But the big corporations do care what we think. We are their customers. We buy their products, goods and services. These companies need us to keep buying. These companies are publicly traded. They answer to shareholders. If their sales drop, their stock declines and these CEOs get fired. We can bring them to their knees. We can put them out of business. We can get their CEOs fired. We have the power. It's time to use it.

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In many cases of high-profile individuals leaving the faith, we observe that their departures from the faith were not “de-conversions” as much as “realizations.”

As individuals who leave their faith behind tell their stories, we often see that they gradually grew uncomfortable with and eventually rejected aspects of Christian culture. They knew for quite a while that they were going through the motions and simply “playing along” with Christianity. After a while, these individuals accepted that they lacked a deep or connected sense of truth. They didn’t change their ideology, per se, only their identification.

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Virus theory is the deception of the century,

Make sure you do not use the term 'germ theory' or 'exosome' because we have to fully discredit this advanced deception. Viruses do not exist, and therefore Vaccines and Virology cannot exist - you cannot create a Vaccine.

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So I found this recent entry to RW’s Alt-Right Glossary;
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Is this true? Was #GoBaldForBLM a 4Chan prank? Or are they just scapegoating 4Chan to cover their asses? Cos they also claim on their “Social Justice Warriors” article that “most SJW nonsense is actually 4Chan’s doing” which is definitely not true.

Average rational wiki sperg
"No social justice cringe is something that 4chan does. Yes if you don't put pronouns in your bio or put BLM in your bio then yes you are racist. Sorry those are the rules now don't be a right wing bigot!!! Now anyways stop being a conspiracy and get fucking vaxxed yes those fat people are healthier than you because you're a supreme spreader now shoo!"
Picture of Le typical rational wiki user.


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(Talking about the Sasquatch/Wood Ape)

Yeah, I know the man is not lying. It's these crazy guys who don't want to go in the deep woods to @ least camp out they r chickens chickens... I never saw one w/my own eyes, but I know they r out there. Bcuz my great grandfather has spoken of them. They can brutally harm u & they also can eat ppl. They r considered evil they r not human they r part of the fallen angels. They will come out soon to rampage in all areas. B covered by the blood of Jesus meaning b prayed up b protected by Jesus Christ our Lord our Savior ppl of every Nations... B vigilant🍃📖🍃🙏🍃👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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Yes, the left won't let us say "pedophile" anymore when it comes to this perversion. We have to say "minor attracted person" now so that their feelings won't be hurt. Well what about the feelings of the children who are subjected to this abuse?

And the trans thing when it comes to children. Parents (usually woke mothers, father nowhere in sight) parading their male children dolled up in make-up and frilly dresses and showing him off and claiming he's a girl because he wanted to play with dolls a time or two or some other such thing for social media clicks and likes. Makes me sick. Don't say it's because the child wants it. No, that's all on the parents pushing it on their children. Children want to be unicorns and dinosaurs too.

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In 2020 I believed that the left was friendlier to women and children, supporting programs like paid family leave and health care, but even though it's been a few months, I'm still not really over my shock at finding out just how much hatred and contempt the left really has for women and children. I just never imagined it. If you're a woman or child and you need help, don't run to anyone on the left because they'll just take the side of the abuser if he's anything other than a straight white male who doesn't pretend to be a woman.

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Once upon a time, in 2002, there was the SARS-CoV-1 virus, for which they developed a vaccine.
Animals given the vaccine developed a robust antibody response, which is what they wanted.
But when the animals were exposed to the live virus, they all died from the pathogenic priming effect, so they discarded the vaccine.
Fast forward to 2019 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in which vaccines were developed in a rush and released as experimental vaccines - and guess what essential step was skipped? Animal trials.

A Nobel prize winning virologist predicts mass deaths within 2 years among those vaxxed.

The UK recently released a report showing that most COVID deaths are among the vaccinated.

One of many reports on UK COVID deaths:

UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave

(Note: Here is the link he posted - doesn’t look like a very authoritative source to me https://stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/09/28/uk-hospital-data-shocks-the-world-80-of-covid-deaths-are-among-the-vaccinated-covid-deaths-up-3000-after-vaccine-wave/)

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Before all this "woke" stuff, trans people would just live as if they were the other sex as much as they could because it helped their gender dysphoria symptoms, but they were still very well aware that they weren't actually that sex. It's all very different now that it's being pushed onto everyone else as if their mental disorder was the norm and everyone else has to redefine reality to conform to it and validate it.

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Eliyahu David Kay, who was killed in occupied Jerusalem today, is a white South African who recently moved to the Zionist settler colony and joined its “army” to help murder Palestinians and steal their land. He was clearly addicted to apartheid and colonialism.

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(CNN witnesses 9-year-old being sold for marriage to 55-year-old man)

It would be good if CNN explained their problem with the situation and their preferred alternative. Perhaps according to them it would have been better if the child had been butchered in the womb so as not to interrupt mom's avocation as a bar-hopping slut, or perhaps she could have been gang-banged by crackheads and raised the resulting bastard thug offspring on welfare just like everyone else.

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But why was an olive tree the only thing on top of the mountain? Why not some other tree, like a fig tree or something? The answer to this goes back to the story of Noah!

If you read my 2008 book Undeniable Biblical Proof Jesus Christ Will Return to Planet Earth Exactly 2,000 Years After the Year of His Death, or watched Part 5 of our 10 part 2028 END video series, you know what the story of Noah is about. It’s a prophetic story about Christ’s Second Coming! What happened during Noah’s flood is what’s going to happen at Christ’s return!

One righteous house of people will be lifted up into the air to safety (like Noah’s family in the Ark), while a world of ungodly people perish in a global flood of fire (like all the wicked perished in a global food of water in Noah’s story). Noah’s story is about Christ’s return.

And after the destruction is over at Christ’s return, Earth’s surface will be regenerated into a glorious paradise, where God will set back down all the resurrected righteous to live with him for 1000 years, just like God set back down Noah’s family (in the Ark) to step out on a new Earth.

And so what was the first symbol of the new Earth in Noah’s story? An olive tree! The dove brought back an olive branch.

“When the dove returned to him in the evening, there in its beak was a freshly plucked olive leaf! Then Noah knew that the water had receded from the earth.” (Genesis 8:11)

So in Miguel’s dream, the olive tree (on top the mountain) was a symbol of the new Earth after Christ’s return. And when Miguel went running for it, after his 3 day journey up the mountain, God stopped him with a tornado of fire! Why? Because before the new Earth comes, fire must come! A global flood of fire it going to destroy Earth (and all the wicked) at Christ’s return. And this will happen 2028.

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Redpill me on Christianity

I'm from one of the most atheist countries in the world. I know like 4 or 5 christians.

I have tried going to church and reading the Bible and so on. Felt nothing.

How does one find God? Or start believing? Is Christianity the one true religion?



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(Part 1)

Miguel didn’t know what the “28” in his dream was about. So he asked his pastor and he told him maybe it means something will happen when you’re 28 years old (Miguel was 26 when he had his dream back in 2017). But Miguel didn’t think that was correct. Then, just this year 2021, Miguel came across our 2028 END YouTube channel, and the light came on! It’s clear now the “28” represented the year 2028!

So God was thunderously saying, “I am coming soon”, while a whispering voice (which I believe was the Holy Ghost!) was declaring the year (2028). See, the whispering voice was not foretelling an exact “day” or an exact “hour”. No, it was only foretelling an exact YEAR (2028)! God will NEVER go against His Word, folks.

So what about the 3 day journey up a mountain? What’s that about? It represents the 3 year Great Tribulation — 3.5 years to be exact! During the Great Tribulation it will be hard for the saints, like walking up a mountain. There will be hunger, because the saints won’t be able to buy or sell, so food will be scarce. But even so, God will be right there with us, protecting us, just as He provided a cave and a fallen tree to hide Miguel in during the storm.


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The left & press are defending a convicted child molester, a convicted felon (burglary), and a convicted domestic abuser w/ a record of violence including charges for strangulation and false imprisonment who were burning black-owned businesses and all tried to kill a 17 year-old.

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There are a lot of similarities between Biden and FDR. Of course, there’s the political similarity. Both of them are progressive socialist. They both want to raise taxes and take the guns. FDR tried to pack the courts, and Biden has openly talked about court packing. It’s not hard to see why Biden would compare himself to FDR.

However, I have another answer. Now, this is a radical idea. I mean, this MAYBE has a 1% chance of actually being true. But I think I’m onto something, so PLEASE, consider it critically.

Biden is very old. He obviously has symptoms of dementia, including his extreme difficulty with speech. He often forgets obvious things, thinking he’s running for Senate instead of president. He also thought he was running against Reagan. Are those characteristics of a 77-year-old? Maybe, but Biden’s dementia is SEVERE. No, those are the characteristics of somebody MUCH older. 138 years old, to be exact. Somebody who was alive early enough to start a world war- and successfully shift the blame to Hitler.

In case it’s not obvious what I’m saying, I’ll spell it out for you. BIDEN IS FDR! Well, I’m not sure. Even I have to admit that this is pretty unlikely. But still, these are UNCANNY similarities. There’s even a physical resemblance. All FDR needs is a nose job and slightly different hair, and I can totally see him as Biden!

If we could prove that Biden is in fact FDR, then he would be ineligible to be president. Don’t get me wrong, there was fraud! But if there wasn’t, “Biden” STILL couldn’t be president because it would be his FIFTH TERM! The 22cd amendment says that “Biden” CANNOT be president. That means automatic victory for Trump.

I know that this PROBABLY isn’t true. But in the 1% chance that it is- I DON’T WANT TO LIVE UNDER THE FDR REGIME 2.0!

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Just gonna let y’all in on something: most people who are saying “Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty!” have no clue about anything going on in the case. They’re the same people who say, “CRT isn’t in schools” but couldn’t even begin to tell you what it is. They lie. It’s all they do.

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Well, guys, God has done it again! He’s confirmed, yet again, Christ will return in the year 2028. And this one He did in the year AD 2021, just 7 years from the end!

In February 2021, a young man named Timothy Whitmore (from the United Kingdom) was on a dry fast – no food, no liquids – seeking the Lord. He really wanted to hear from God! And man did he ever! Six little words God spoke to him that left him reeling, still to this day!

In the middle of praying and worshipping, Tim heard God say, “I am coming soon — 7 years!” This stunned Tim, because he thought … why would God tell me the time of His return?” So he asked for confirmation. And immediately Tim felt the warm loving presence of God’s Holy Spirit in a strong and powerful way!

Not sure whether or not pretrib rapture doctrine is true, Tim assumed God meant the pretrib rapture event would happen in 7 years (2028). But in late Aug 2021, God began speaking to Tim again, laying on his heart what He told him back in Feb 2021, and letting Tim know he misunderstood what He had told him.

So this then got Tim to thinking the pretrib rapture would happen October 2021! And a 7 year tribulation would follow leading to the end in 2028. I’m sure God was shaking his head at Tim, thinking “Well, you’re closer to the truth now, but no, you’re still misunderstanding my words. The end IS coming in 2028, but there is NO pretrib rapture!”

So there you have it, folks! God has now confirmed — with His own mouth! — the final 7 years have begun in 2021. Incidentally, I wondered why God talked to Tim in the month of February about the final 7 years beginning, and then it hit me … Feb is the only month of the year that has precisely 28 days!!! I believe God wanted the number “28” attached to his words to Tim about the end coming in 2028.


Hopefully, Tim is now learning God’s “2028 END” message, so he will know the full truth of God’s sobering words to him Feb 2021 — I am coming soon: 7 years (2028 END)!

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I hope Kyle Rittenhouse spends the rest of his life suing every single politician, business, individual and media network who smeared him as a white supremacist murderer. I genuinely hope he never ever stops collecting checks from these monsters. He was an innocent kid.